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16 Types of Pickles

Did you know that pickle has Middle English origins from the word “pikel?” This word means a spicy gravy or sauce that you serve with meat or fowl, and it…

17 Types of Zucchini

Did you know that all types of zucchini fall into the squash sub-type? Summertime brings out a nice bounty of squash that can lend a bright flavor to any dish….

13 Types of Kale

Kale was one vegetable that many people ignored for a long time, but now different types of kale are experiencing a huge popularity spike. However, many people don’t realize that…


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Ceiling Fan Alternatives to Keep You Cool

Ceiling fans work well to keep your home’s internal temperatures down during the summer months without spiking your cooling costs, they’re distracting, noisy, and they can be unattractive in your home. They can also be very difficult to clean if…

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