4×8 Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Layout Ideas

A raised bed vegetable garden is a great growing solution for many people. Ideal for a range of growing environments, planting a 4×8 raised bed vegetable garden provides a good way to grow your own food if your soil is poor. This growing solution not only enables you to make the most of limited space,

10 Easy Garden Fence Ideas 

When we think of our gardens, most people tend to focus on their flowers, vegetable crops, fruit trees or immaculate green lawn. However, what surrounds your outside spaces is just as important. Garden fencing or walls can help to secure a space, keeping people out and your pets in. The right structure can also be

17 Vegetables and Fruits to Grow in in 5 Gallon Bucket Garden

Many people don’t have access to large plots of land to grow a garden, and a lot of people have to make do with a balcony or porch. However, if you don’t have a lot of space and you still want to experience picking fresh fruits and vegetables from a garden, you can try growing

24 Pretty Shade Perennials for Your Forest Garden

Everyone loves a sunny garden with bright and bold flowers. However, shady gardens also deserve the spotlight. There are a range of shade perennials that have stunning leaf colors with exotic, delicate flowers, and some come with very memorable names. You should pick plants that grow in your hardiness zones, and read the plant label

11 Stunning Trees with Blue Flowers for Your Garden

Blue is a very relaxing color that makes you think of tropical seas and clear skies, and trees with blue flowers are a prize to have in your garden. Small touches of purple in blue surrounded by the green foliage gives you a very unique and eye-catching look that draws people to it. They can

12 Yellow Perennials for Your Garden 

Planting yellow perennials is a great way to introduce vibrant color to the garden. With a little care the plants return every year, providing you with a reliable source of outside interest and color. When it comes to selecting perennials, it is important to choose plants that are suitable for your garden. Our guide to

How to Use Eggshells in Garden 

Eggshells are a common piece of kitchen waste. Did you know that you can use eggshells in garden soil? Prepared and used correctly eggshells can have a range of benefits from enriching the soil to boosting growth and even feeding the birds. During the course of this article we will not only look at how

24 Beautiful Yellow Small Shrubs for Your Garden

Growing yellow small shrubs or any trees with yellow flowers is a fantastic way to brighten up your landscape. Shrubs that have yellow flowers, foliage, or berries give you a bright splash of color that complements the greenery around it very well. Even on overcast, drab, dreary days, evergreen yellow small shrubs continue to give

15 Low Maintenance Flowering Bushes and Shrubs for Your Garden 

Low maintenance flowering bushes are suitable for almost all types of garden or landscape. Easy to care for and versatile, many low maintenance flowering bushes require little to no pruning and are disease resistant. They also flower heavily and reliably, adding, in return for minimal maintenance, color to your garden and attracting scores of birds,

The Best Garden Journal – 10 Best Reviewed

Getting organized when it comes to your garden can seem like a huge task to take on, but a gardening journal helps to make the whole process easy. We’ve picked out 10 of the best garden journals available on the current market and reviewed them for you so you can compare them side-by-side to see

20 Types of Gourds You Can Grow in Your Garden

Gourds are also called pumpkin or squash, and they’re a kind of hard-shelled fruit that you grow on edible vines. Gourds fall into the Cucurbitaceae family, and this family includes various types of gourds, cucumbers, and watermelon. Gourds are one of the oldest grown plants that have served a huge range of purposes outside of

46 Beautiful Purple Perennial Flowers to Grow in Your Garden 

As you’ll see in this list, there’s an incredible variety of purple flowers with different shapes, sizes, and shades of purple. So there’s something for every gardener! There are some very powerful and bold purple flowers, as well as some dainty and delicate flowers. Even if you’re not necessarily lacking a purple flower in your

25 Tall Perennials to Add Height to Your Garden

We love how the layered look turns out in the garden when it’s filled with various textures and color, and this means that you have to incorporate different heights into your design with tall perennials in the back of the beds and groundcover or smaller, mounding plants in the front. The point of setting up

10 Best Self Watering Planters for Your Garden

No matter if you use a watering can or hose, watering is one of the most important parts of gardening when it comes to determining how healthy your plants are. Even though it sounds like a simple chore, there are so many things that can go wrong. The container can have inadequate drainage, and this

25 Low Growing Perennials for Borders or Garden Edges

There are lots of spaces in your landscaping ideas or plan where you can stick low growing perennials and have them look amazing. Some work wonderfully in flower beds placed in front of taller plants while others look nice used as edging planting lining driveways and sidewalks. Still, others work well as ground covers to

28 Edible Vines for Your Large or Small Garden

Did you know that vertical gardening is a very productive way to get edible vines to produce a host of food items with limited space? It allows you to use any fences or walls to gain more protection and privacy as the plants fill in. There are also several cool upcycling techniques you can use

27 Beautiful Star-Shaped Flower Types For Your Garden

Native American plants that fall into the Eurybia genus are well-known for having star shaped flowers. The flowers come in various colors, but they are most often, white, yellow, or red. So, it’s common for many people to call them Eurabia stars or starry Eurabia. Generally speaking, star shaped flowers are bilaterally symmetrical. They can

The Ultimate Guide to Cottage Garden Plants

The cottage garden planting style features a jumble of annuals, bulbs, flowering shrubs, perennials, and climbers. In sharp contrast to a manicured border, cottage garden plants are much more informal affairs that include brightly colored flowers in an informal planting scheme. You typically mix the colors up instead of sticking to one strict color scheme.

20 Beautiful Potted Palm Trees to Add to Your Garden

Growing a potted palm tree is a nice way to add a touch of the tropics to your yard or garden. Many dwarf, miniature, and small palm trees grow well in a container garden, and living in a semi-tropical or tropical environment allows you to grow them all year-round outside. In temperate growing zones, you

21 Plants That Grow Fast to Try in Your Garden

Having plants that grow fast in your yard or garden is great if you’re an impatient gardener or if your yard doesn’t have the structure and vitality older plants offer. You shouldn’t have to wait years for your plants that grow fast to mature, and this will draw wildlife to the area much quicker. You

24 Privacy Plants to Enclose Your Yard or Garden

In your garden, privacy is a very big concern. You most likely have a neighbor or two close to your house unless you live in a rural area, and having private space outside near your pond or patio is difficult. Most people don’t want to build a full-scale privacy fence around the yard, but privacy

30 Beautiful Garden Path Ideas

A walkway is a necessary part of the garden. It should be both practical and functional. But it can also be attractive, enhancing the planting scheme and surrounding space. A path affects how a garden is experienced. You can use it to map out a journey, highlight key features or showcase a certain area. The

How to Grow a Balcony Garden – The Best Plants, Ideas and Tips

If you live in an urban city, it can be challenging to find enough space to carve out a garden. So, you’ll have to get creative with the limited space outside you have, like window boxes, porches, patios, or a balcony garden. If you’re someone who only has a roof terrace or balcony, it can

Growing Lentils Guide – How to Grow Lentils In Your Garden

Lentils are considered to be one of the most nutrient-dense foods available. They come packed with dietary fiber and protein, and many people believe that they are a superfood. Growing lentils dates back to ancient times, and it was one of the first crops to be domesticated. In common religions like Judaism, lentils are very

20 Beautiful Purple Plants for Your Garden

Purple plants are a great way to add color to the garden. Whether you choose to plant annuals or perennials that return every year making them a reliable, colorful investment, purple plants help to make your garden a naturally soothing space. Calming the soul and clearing the mind purple plants come in many different shades

20 Types of Bees You Can Find in Your Garden or Yard

Bees are vital to the ecosystem balance around the world, and they help pollinate a huge amount of flowering plants, vegetables, fruits, and nuts grown throughout the United States. Most people picture the common honeybee when they think of bees that pollinate these plants, but honey bees are actually only a very small segment of

16 Best Herbs for a Herb Container Garden

If you’re someone who likes to use fresh herbs to season your meals, it’s hard to beat growing your own. Most herbs require little care or nutrients to survive, and a herb container garden can fit nicely on your windowsill. Not only that, but herbs can keep producing year-round. Cultivating your own herb container garden

39 Creative Container Plants for a Small Patio Garden

Once the air gets that autumn chill to it, gardeners usually propagate, discard, or find a home in the ground for their outdoor plants. However, this can result in a huge waste of plants and effort because there are many container plants and shrubs that can live for years in the house or in a

20 Types of Sweet Potatoes to add to Your Garden

Sweet potato fries may have started to gain popularity a few years ago, but sweet potatoes have been a staple in many people’s diets for decades. You can get types of sweet potatoes that range from orange to cream-colored to purple and red, and they have a history stretching back over 5,000 years. They’re now

Ultimate Guide to Gardening with Dogs

If you’re like most dog owners, you like doing everything possible with your dog. And your dog loves doing activities with you even more. One of the greatest benefits of owning a dog is that it encourages you to be active and to get outdoors. Gardening can be a great way to enjoy time outdoors.

25 Prettiest Bulb Flowers: List for Gardeners

Bulbs are one of the easiest ways to add beauty and color to your flower beds, woodland or prairie landscapes, yards, and home gardens. You won’t have to worry about germinating seeds. Additionally, if you want to treat your bulb flower list as annuals you add back in each year, you will have a very

Malva Plant Guide for Gardeners

The malva plant, or common malva (Malva neglecta) is one of the most underrated garden flowers. Unfairly considered by many to be a nuisance or a weed, the malva plant is, in fact, an attractive and useful addition to the garden. Also known as French hollyhock or tall mallow these are grand, old fashioned flowers

30 Moss Types to Add a Whimsical Touch to Your Garden

Did you know that moss types are one of the oldest species in the world? They have a diverse and broad range of types, and there are currently over 20,000 ones to choose from. A lot of people find moss in their gardens and consider it to be a nuisance because it tends to grow

24 Types of Artificial Grass For Your Garden

Types of artificial grass are changing how people in hot and sunny planting zones maintain their beautiful green yard without having to spend on professional services, fertilizers, and constant upkeep. With different types of artificial grass, you can avoid these tasks and still get a green, beautiful lawn for your pets and kids to play

14 Types of Shovels for Your Garden Projects

There are so many types of shovels available that choosing the correct one for the job can make the difference between an easy and simple task and a long day of hard labor. Shovels are fantastic garden tools, and some get specially designed to tackle one job while others are more versatile workhorses that you

52 Cheerful Types of Tulips for Your Spring Garden

Gardeners have a huge amount of choices from thousands of different types of tulips when they first start shopping for these bright flowers to fill in their gardens. Many companies organize their various types of tulips into groups to make it easier to pick out the best choices for your needs. All of these flowers

11 Essential Digging Tools for Your Garden Projects

A critical step in gardening is to dig the right hle. You don’t want to hinder your plant’s growth or suffocate the roots with holes that are too small or too shallow. In the same vein, many garden beds give you excellent results if you dig deeper holes. You’ll need the correct digging tools to

17 Azalea Varieties to Plant in Your Garden

In several parts of the United States, especially throughout the Southeast, springtime wouldn’t be the season it is without flowering azalea varieties. They put on a brilliant show of color in woodland gardens starting in late March and going until early April. Because this plant has been selectively bred for centuries, you can now choose

26 Types of Scissors to Use Around the Garden

Scissors are any tool that you use to cut materials like cloth, paper, hair, grass, and much more. A pair of scissors usually has two sharp blades that connect in the middle with a screw with dual extending levers that work like handles, and this general design works for most types of scissors. The handles

Types of Sprinkler Heads: Which is Best for Your Garden?

Choosing the best types of sprinkler heads for your gardens’ water management can feel impossible. There are so many different kinds, and some stores have dedicated aisle upon aisle to stocking every sprinkler ever made. But just because options exist doesn’t mean they’re viable or worth considering. In fact, we’re going to skip right over

79 Most Useful Garden Tools Names – The Complete List

Gardens are great places for creative expression. There’s unlimited free reign to create unique and unusual designs in every corner of your garden, from the flower beds to the groundcover. How great is it to step back from your creation and look down at your soil-covered hands, and know that you brought your design to

40 Types of Melons to Add to Your Garden

Different types of melons are a tasty summer fruit that you can eat day in and day out for a sweet treat. This is one snack that is everything you want, including fleshy, juicy, and packed with a lot of vitamins and minerals for health benefits. They have a high amount of antioxidants, fiber, Vitamins

How To Start A Permaculture Garden

Anyone concerned with sustainable living will at some point sooner or later come across the concept of permaculture. Permaculture is notoriously difficult to define, but the term is a portmanteau of the words ‘permanent,’ and ‘agriculture,’ although it was later expanded to include ‘culture,’ as it encompasses much more than just agriculture. Permaculture was started

Different Types of Zinnias for Your Garden

A mainstay of the flower garden, the zinnia is a great way to fill your garden with long lasting color. Popular for their large, colorful blooms, the zinnia is one of the easiest flowers to grow. When planted in favorable conditions the plants produce masses of attractive, long lasting, bright blooms. Easy to grow from

20 Different Types of Gardens

Gardens come in a range of shapes, sizes and colors. From small windowsill boxes to sprawling flower gardens or productive vegetable gardens there are many different types. Here is a list of some of the most productive, versatile or beneficial types of gardens. Many of the gardens outlined here can be adapted for either a

12 Types of Begonias for Your Garden 

Originating in tropical and subtropical areas, begonia plants are prized for their asymmetrical, variegated or patterned foliage which, along with their large blooms, adds color and interest to shady areas of the garden.  Thriving in flower beds, planters, hanging baskets and window boxes, these attractive specimens can also be grown indoors as office or house

Best Wood Burning Kit to Create Garden Signs

Garden signs can be necessary to have if you want to keep track of everything you plant, and this is especially true in larger operations. It can get very expensive to buy multiple garden signs, but you can easily make your own with a few pieces of scrap wood and your own wood burning kit.

Best Raised Planter Boxes for a Small Garden

Creating a garden in areas with hard or clay-like soil can be challenging because it’s difficult to dig it up and it’s lacking in nutrients. You could say the same for very sandy soil. Raised planter boxes give you the chance to have the garden you want without having to dig up the yard. They’re

4 Types of Marigolds and Why they Benefit Your Garden

One of the most attractive flowers, the marigold is also pleasingly easy to grow. A good companion plant, bringing a myriad of benefits to the garden or vegetable patch, even the most inexperienced gardeners can have success growing these cheerful little flowers. But did you know that there is more than one type of marigold?

The Best Whetstone to Sharpen Your Garden Equipment

Your gardening tools will naturally grow dull with repeated use, and it can make it frustrating or even dangerous to continue to try to use them in this dull state. If you’re always working around your yard or garden and use weeding tools to help you cut away weeds or stray grass, you appreciate how