16 Unique DIY Wall Covering Ideas

When you start looking at wall covering ideas, you quickly realize that there are dozens of options available. Picking out the correct wall covering can quickly and easily upgrade your interior without you having to do a complete remodel. It could surprise you that several people forget about wall covering ideas when they’re trying to

How to Soundproof Floor – Soundproofing Floor Guide

This soundproofing guide will teach you how to soundproof floor and floorboards properly. Hearing screaming babies and the loud thud of furniture moving around comes with the territory of apartment living. You know how noisy it can get when your neighbors upstairs decide to throw a party and pump music so loud you feel like

How to Get Rid of Brown Spots on Leaves

Seeing a brown spot on your plant’s leaves can be frightening, especially since it may be hard to identify the cause. Brown spots are common among indoor and outdoor plants and should always be investigated. The brown leaves may be from watering, light, or heat issues, or a pest such as a bacteria or fungus.

Patio vs Balcony – What’s the Difference? + Uses

A pretty landscape design that flows and invites people in to sit and relax is everyone’s wish. We’d all love to have an outdoor haven for any season, and this is why many people debate on having a patio vs balcony installed in their yard. It gives you a great place to enjoy all of

How to Germinate Seeds Quickly + Things to Avoid

Growing your plants from seed takes time, but it’s a great way to start your garden earlier in the season and get the most bang for your buck in terms of plants. If you’re wondering how to germinate seeds, you’ll need some simple equipment and the right light, but it’s not a hard process from

10 Causes of Peace Lily Yellow Leaves + What To Do

The stunning white flowers of the Peace Lilly and their low maintenance nature has made these plants very popular houseplants- especially for beginners. Yet, the many different causes for yellow Peace Lily leaves can leave new plant parents confused on what to do. Even though Peace Lilies aren’t very demanding plants, they still have their

40 Nature Bedroom Ideas

If you’re out in your garden as often as possible and find yourself bringing in more and more houseplants, you’re probably trying to recreate the same atmosphere you have outside, but inside. While it’s nice to have the shelter and comfort of the indoors, it’s certainly possible to make the two better blended. Whether you’re

60 Stunning Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Coffee table decor is so versatile and diverse that there’s a thousand different ways to do it for each interior design style. This is one thing that’s so fun about coffee table decor – that you can use and work with anything! But I understand that this can also create stress about how to decorate

How To Grow Lime Tree + 12 Types of Lime Trees to Consider 

If you’re trying to grow more of your own food and want to add a citrus tree to your garden, try out a lime tree. Limes add a wonderful pop of freshness to any dish or drink, and it doesn’t get any fresher than right off the tree from your garden! They do require a

Little Lime Hydrangea Care Guide

While you may have heard of the incredible Limelight Hydrangea and probably know the large, iconic cone-shaped flowers that it creates, you might not know about its dwarf version- the Little Lime Hydrangea. As the name implies, the Little Lime is a smaller, more compact version of the full-grown Limelight Hydrangea. The Little Lime Hydrangea

75 Stunning Boho Bedroom Ideas 

Bohemian (boho) inspired rooms are often characterized as cozy, eclectic, artistic, and inviting. They are spaces that can evoke a sense of free-spirited traveling, while also being a warm space to call home. Because boho bedrooms can take on so many forms, you might feel overwhelmed in deciding where to start. We’ve got you covered!

How to Increase Nitrogen For Plants – 9 Ways that Work

Garden soil is layers and layers of vitamins and nutrients that all work together to nourish and grow your garden. Nitrogen for plants is one of the most essential nutrients to worry about as a deficiency will show in your plant’s growth patterns and coloring very quickly. If you think you have a nitrogen deficiency

12 Types of Axes to Help Clean Up Your Yard

Various types of axes are ancient tools that have a very rich history attached to them, and they were originally used as weaponry, hunting animals, and felling trees. Today, the axe is very commonly used out in outdoor pursuits or in the yard, and many people take them camping. However, the type of axe you

Five Sleek Stone Siding Types to Boost Your Home’s Look

You can use natural stone siding  to get a sustainable and gorgeous look for your home, no matter the style. Utilizing stone siding gives you a very distinct look for your home. It’s more durable than wooden siding because wood can rot over time due to being porous, and it’s very long-lasting. Natural stone siding

20 Colorful Coneflower Varieties and How to Grow Guide 

The coneflower has long been one of the most overlooked flowers in the garden. In recent years that has started to change. Breeders have spent more time and effort developing new varieties with better resistance, more versatility and a wider range of colors and shapes. This has led to the native wildflower enjoying a much

26 Types of Scissors to Use Around the Garden

Scissors are any tool that you use to cut materials like cloth, paper, hair, grass, and much more. A pair of scissors usually has two sharp blades that connect in the middle with a screw with dual extending levers that work like handles, and this general design works for most types of scissors. The handles

Best Hedge Trimmer for Overgrown Hedges

Hedges make a wonderful privacy fence around your home, but they require care and maintenance to look nice and stay healthy. A hedge trimmer is a must-have tool for anyone who has large or small hedges on or around their property. You can get them in a broad range of sizes, weights, and power levels.

Best Raised Planter Boxes for a Small Garden

Creating a garden in areas with hard or clay-like soil can be challenging because it’s difficult to dig it up and it’s lacking in nutrients. You could say the same for very sandy soil. Raised planter boxes give you the chance to have the garden you want without having to dig up the yard. They’re

Best Sheds for Outdoor Storage

Sheds provide you with an excellent storage opportunity out of your home. You can get them in several shapes and sizes, and the best sheds come with multiple storage opportunities like shelving or wide open spaces that are perfect for both large and small items. You can store everything from large pieces of lawn equipment

Best Weed Wacker

When it comes to keeping your yard looking the best it can all spring and summer long, having the right tools on-hand can make all of the difference in the world. A quality weed wacker will keep your lawn looking groomed and trimmed.  Even better, the best weed wackers can work as mini-mowers and edgers

Best Ultimate Frisbee Discs to Set up Your Course

Do you have the best ultimate frisbee gear available? It’s surprising how many people go out to play a game and find themselves unprepared. The best ultimate frisbee discs and other equipment can make a huge difference in how well you play, and it can impact your overall performance. You could run well, but your

The Best Lightweight Vacuum for Your Home

You either love or you have to vacuum. However, it’s a necessary household chore that you have to do, so why not make it easier on your body? The best lightweight vacuum cleaner is easy to maneuver, and it can make your life easier each time you take it out to tackle this chore. You’re

How To Grow Your Own Food All Year Round

Want to grow your own food? Growing your own food all year round is a very worthwhile gardening pursuit and actually not that difficult if you know how. Some gardeners make the mistake of thinking that gardening is mostly a spring and summer pursuit. But when you plan accordingly, and make certain additions to your

23 DIY Patio Furniture Ideas to Inspire You

Summertime is just around the corner, and you can boost your home’s curb appeal or spruce up your entryway by coming up with your own DIY patio furniture. The weather is excellent for spending time outdoors with your family and friends, and you can create DIY patio furniture for focal points and to give everyone

How Much Does Yard Clean Up Cost?

Maintaining your yard and general yard clean up can take a lot of work. The larger your yard is, the more time you’ll spend doing general yard clean up to make it look nice and boost your home’s curb appeal. Luckily, there are dozens of companies around that specialize in yard clean up if you’re

21 Best Late Summer Vegetables to Plant This Year

Things may quiet down in your flower garden during late summer, but it’s a great time of year if you’ve planted a vegetable garden. You might think that not much will happen during the hottest months of the year, but that’s not true at all. For most gardeners, late summer is the space of time

How to Improve Clay Soil for Better Gardening

If you’ve ever tried gardening in heavy clay soil, you know what a challenge it is. Digging is back-breaking work, and you might end up with plants that don’t grow very big or just struggle and die. This doesn’t mean that clay soil is the worst thing ever. Clay actually has some benefits that are

Best Electric Snow Blower to Clear Your Driveway

Winter is well on the way in certain parts of the United States, and this means that you’ll have to fight to clear your driveway after each snow. Sometimes, manual shoveling isn’t possible or feasible, and you need the best electric snow blower on the market to help you clear out the snow so you

How to Grow Your Own Loofah Plant

If you’ve ever used a real loofah sponge (not the synthetic version), you know how great they can be for exfoliating your skin while you wash it. They have just enough softness to not be harsh, yet get a good lather to scrub away dirt. There’s a misconception that loofah sponges come from the ocean,

Best Router Table for DIY Woodworkers

If you’re looking to upgrade your current woodworking tools, the best router table is a must-have. Routers are very versatile pieces of equipment that can help you create unique shapes and curves in wood, and you can also use them to dig indents and grooves into the wood to create unique designs. In order to

Best Battery Powered Lawn Mower for Yard Work

The best battery powered lawn mower is a versatile tool that has enough power to take on large and small projects around your yard. It gives you the freedom and flexibility that comes with using a gas mower without the harmful emissions, and this is better for the environment as a whole. You can get

How to Grow Salvia Plant

Salvias are some of the most versatile and low-maintenance plants you can grow. With over 900 different species of salvia to choose from, there’s sure to be a favorite for your garden. Though they have a reputation for being tough and durable plants, salvias also look beautiful. Plants bloom with tubular flowers in shades of

Best Manual Aerator for Your Yard

One handy tool any gardener needs in their arsenal is a manual aerator. This tool helps to stimulate healthy growth on your lawn to turn it into a lush and green landscape. The process of aerating your lawn is commonly thought of as a popular solution for helping solve stunted lawn growth. This is true,

15 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas 

Designing a bathroom with the goal of achieving an aesthetically pleasing modern design isn’t difficult. As a matter of fact, updating your bathroom using modern design techniques is a lot of fun. Many people enjoy the visual appeal of modern bathroom designs. They find it alluring because contemporary styles are simple and minimalist. Instead of

25 Balcony Ideas To Elevate Your Space

Many homes and apartments come with one or more balconies, but far too often these spaces go underappreciated. You may be using your balcony to store a bike or extra boxes. Maybe you have a plastic chair or two, or a single potted plant. Maybe your balcony is completely empty. No worries! I’ve gathered some

25 Gorgeous DIY Apartment Decor & Home Decor Ideas

Many of us are finding that we have a bit more time on our hands. While this is a great time for gardening and cleaning, it’s also a great time for DIY projects. Look around your home living room for supplies you might already have, or make a quick run to the dollar store, with

14 Tin Can Crafts for the Whole Family

Every time you take a trip to the store, you bring home canned food. When you use this food, you leave the empty, used tin cans that you throw away, recycle, or they just take up space. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Have you ever thought of doing tin can crafts on

How to Grow and Care for the Oleander Plant

The oleander plant (nerium oleander) is a very versatile, beautiful shrub. This is why it’s so popular in coastal and southern landscapes. It can easily tolerate a large range of conditions like severe pruning, high pH levels, salt spray, difficult soil, drought, and heat reflected from the environment. However, it can’t withstand temperatures that drop

20 Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas  

Looking for teen boy bedroom ideas? Decorating for teen boys is fun. You have so many cool designs, colors, and styles to choose from. Then there are the themes. From rock and roll to sports-inspired, there’s a theme that’s sure to keep your teenage boy happy. It’s no secret that teens are hard to please.

25 Interior Design Styles Explained 

There are so many different interior design styles when it comes to selecting an interior design style for your home decor. And it’s an important choice! The interior design style you choose has the power to improve your life, reflect your personality, share your tastes with friends and family and bring you endless pleasure. But

25 Fun Backyard Games to Play with Your Kids

Backyard games are one great way to create and spend quality time with your children. Aside from the fact that backyard games allow your kids to enjoy their time away from addicting gadgets, backyard games can help strengthen their stamina and enrich their creativity. Also, don’t forget to personalize the backyard games or outdoor games

Refinishing Hardwood Floors – The Ultimate Guide

Hardwood floors are a beautiful and durable addition to any home, and this is why they’re so popular. They can add an understated elegance or warmth to a room, and they’re relatively easy to clean and maintain for years at a time. However, even the most durable hardwood floors need regular upkeep to remove any

Christmas Cactus Care Guide – How to Grow Christmas Cactus

In this Christmas Cactus care guide we teach you how to grow Christmas Cactus. Christmas Cactus plants are a popular choice for gifts and houseplant collectors. Their bright, tubular flowers adorn numerous windowsills and shelves. Like some other houseplants, the Christmas Cactus is largely easy to care for. However, many people wrongly assume, partly because

19 Stunning Landscape Timbers Ideas

From patio decking to planters and raised garden beds, a little landscaping timber or landscape timbers can go a long way in completely transforming your outdoor space. Doesn’t it always seem that any time you mention landscape gardening to someone, the conversation inevitably turns to landscape timbers? Whether it’s breathing a whole new lease of