Pine Tree Identification Guide: How to Identify Pine, Fir and Spruce Trees 

At first glance conifer trees can all look the same. However, each variety of conifer has its own growing preferences and requirements. They also bring different benefits to your garden. Learning the skill of pine tree identification, as well as being able to identify the other types of conifer, can have numerous benefits for both

15 Dwarf Shrubs for Full Sun

Commonly used as a foundation plant in many different styles of landscape and garden, shrubs are a great way to provide long lasting interest and color. While large shrubs can provide masses of color and interest, they also require a lot of space. If you only have a small garden or patio, you need to

21 Plants with Small Red Fruit

Small red fruit that grows on shrubs or trees can add a pop of color to any landscape or garden. Shrubs or trees with edible red berries can also work to give you a tart or sweet addition to your dishes, depending on the cultivar. Who can’t resist being able to walk outside and pluck

21 Pretty Mock Orange Varieties

Philadelphus coronarius or mock orange is a deciduous shrub that has a rounded, dense growth habit. Most mock orange varieties feature serrated, oval, dark green leaves with pretty, four-petal, cup-shaped flowers in late spring or early summer. These shrubs come with a fairly quick growth rate that can easily grow two feet or more a

25 Plants that Survive Winter Outside

A winter garden doesn’t have to be a dreary, barren landscape. There are plenty of fascinating plants that survive winter outside. To ensure the longevity of your plants, pick plants that are hardy one or two zones below your climate. These will be good candidates to survive winter outside in your zone. Keep in mind

14 Evergreen Trees with Red Berries

Once winter sets in, your gardens don’t necessarily have to be dreary, bare, or void of any vitality or color. Once the leaves fall for the season, shrubs and evergreen trees with red berries and fruits show up to become the stars of your yard or garden. The bright red fruit contrasts very nicely to

27 Beautiful Star-Shaped Flower Types For Your Garden

Native American plants that fall into the Eurybia genus are well-known for having star shaped flowers. The flowers come in various colors, but they are most often, white, yellow, or red. So, it’s common for many people to call them Eurabia stars or starry Eurabia. Generally speaking, star shaped flowers are bilaterally symmetrical. They can

Little Lime Hydrangea Care Guide

While you may have heard of the incredible Limelight Hydrangea and probably know the large, iconic cone-shaped flowers that it creates, you might not know about its dwarf version- the Little Lime Hydrangea. As the name implies, the Little Lime is a smaller, more compact version of the full-grown Limelight Hydrangea. The Little Lime Hydrangea

How to Grow Star Jasmine in Pots 

Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum Jasminoides) is an attractive flowering plant. The star-shaped white flowers contrast nicely with the plant’s rich green leaves. When fully open the flowers of this fast growing climber emit a pleasing vanilla-fragrance which is reminiscent of a real jasmine plant. Also known as Confederate Jasmine, these plants are ideal for providing floral

The Ultimate Guide to Cottage Garden Plants

The cottage garden planting style features a jumble of annuals, bulbs, flowering shrubs, perennials, and climbers. In sharp contrast to a manicured border, cottage garden plants are much more informal affairs that include brightly colored flowers in an informal planting scheme. You typically mix the colors up instead of sticking to one strict color scheme.

How to Grow Stock Flower

One of the most popular cottage garden plants, the stock flower is prized for its colorful blooms and clove-like scent. Heritage varieties are particularly fragrant. Said to have been introduced to the United States by Thomas Jefferson in the late 18th century, these distinctive flowers were a popular plant during the Victorian-era. In England these

15 Flowering Shrubs for Shade  

For flower lovers, shade can be a nightmare. Finding colorful, floral plants that thrive in low light spaces without too much care or assistance can be difficult. You may think that your options for filling shady spots are limited. However, you could not be further from the truth. The following flowering shrubs are all ideal

21 Plants with Virtually Black Flowers – Facts and Photos

Black flowers have a very unique appearance, but it may surprise you to know that it’s impossible for a plant to be completely black. Instead, what you see as a black flower is usually a very deep shade of blue or purple. Because they’re so rare, having a darker colored flower in your garden or

28 Best Small Pot Plants for Your Home

Smaller container gardens are getting more popular now that the tiny house revolution has really caught on. One thing that really makes people sad when they move into studio apartments or tiny homes is that they lose garden space. However, there are several small pot plants you can get to spruce up  your decor, and

76 Types of Trees Identification – Names, Facts, Photos

Every type of tree plays a key role in the ecosystem, and they provide shelter, shade, oxygen, and they can produce fruit. To date, there are over 60,000 types of grees available that come in a host of sizes and shapes. Identifying the tree types means looking at the bark and leaves because some come

21 Practical and Pretty Ground Cover Flowers

Ground cover flowers are what many landscapers consider the holy grail. They offer function and beauty, and this will help to give your yard a blanket of color while helping you fight weed growth and control erosion on hilly terrain. If you’re looking for a pretty solution to your problem areas, ground cover flowers can

20 Closet Alternatives to Help Save Space

The right closet alternative can really save you a big amount of space if you have a studio apartment or a tiny dorm that doesn’t have a traditional closet. You have to be able to organize your clothing and keep them neat in a type of storage, so what do you do? In small rental

22 Basic Types of Pots to Outfit Your Kitchen

In your kitchen, you most likely have a decent-sized collection of different types of pots and pans. But, if you’re just starting out, you may not know which are the best types to have and use when you cook in your kitchen. Using the microwave may be very convenient, but it doesn’t give you the

17 Types of Coffee Makers to Help You Start Your Morning Right

Starbucks is the world’s biggest coffee chain, and they sell billions of cups of coffee every year. However, even what they sell doesn’t compare to the billions of cups of coffee that people drink every day. Most people can’t afford a daily Starbucks habit, so you look for a type of coffee maker that allows

How to Create Your Own Living Fence

A living fence is a great way to introduce both security and privacy to an area. Not only does a living fence provide an attractive ornamental addition to the garden, it can also provide food and shelter for a myriad of garden animals and insects. Not a new idea, the increasingly popular living fence is

79 Most Useful Garden Tools Names – The Complete List

Gardens are great places for creative expression. There’s unlimited free reign to create unique and unusual designs in every corner of your garden, from the flower beds to the groundcover. How great is it to step back from your creation and look down at your soil-covered hands, and know that you brought your design to

28 Types of Chairs for Your Home

There are several different types of chairs on the current market that come in several sizes, styles, and price points that we’d need dozens of pages to properly list and explain them all. Instead, we narrowed the list down to the most popular 28 types of chairs for all interior design styles that are unique

The Best Small Coffee Maker

Cutting boards, canisters, and miscellaneous utensils all litter the counter, and this makes it hard to find counter space to work without adding a big coffee maker to the mix. This is where the best small coffee maker comes in, as it allows you to have delicious coffee whenever you want it without taking up

27 Types of Spices That are Essential in Your Kitchen

Spices are aromatic flavorings that come from bark, fruits, seeds, rhizomes, and a host of other plant parts that you use to preserve and season food. Spices also have a place in medicines, perfumes, and dyes, and they’ve been a very high-priced trade good for centuries. Spice derives from the Latin species, and this means

The 15 Best Hedge Trees

Hedge trees are a great way to add color and structure to your property. They can also be used to increase your privacy without resorting to walls or fencing. Our list of hedge trees contain suggestions suitable for almost every type of garden. While some, such as box, have been used in gardens for over

Best Insecticidal Soap and How to Make Your Own

If you’ve ever dealt with pests in your garden, you’ve probably tried any number of supposedly effective home remedies that don’t actually work and just harm your plant, leaving the insects fat and happy. Or, you may have tried something more extreme by going down the route of toxic pesticides and been shocked to find

16 Pretty Foundation Plants to Increase Your Home’s Security

Some of the best foundation plants you can pick out are low-growing evergreen shrubs that provide both visual appeal and a little more security. They work well planted right around your home’s perimeter, and they can enhance your home. The foliage and the shorter heights on these foundation plants work wonderfully to enhance your landscaping,

15 Columnar Trees for Narrow Spaces

Let’s face it. Most gardeners won’t have endless space at their disposal for all of their trees, shrubs, flowers, or other landscaping designs. Small yards, limited amounts of time to tend these spaces, and tight quarters with neighbors can make it difficult to strike a balance between privacy and a truly beautiful landscape, and this

16 Best Flowers for Pots

To any gardener, all plants are stars. However, the best flowers for pots can shine just a little brighter, especially when you combine several types of flowers in your containers to create a show-stopping arrangement. Maybe you pick out plants that have colorful foliage, beautiful flowers, or graceful trailing stems to them. Or, maybe you’re

21 Best Shade Bushes for Your Yard

Shade bushes are a diverse addition to your yard, and they can easily inject interest in color in a darker corner of your forest garden. These shade bushes range from tall hedges to shorter bushes, and they can be deciduous or evergreen. Some bushes will produce blossoms while others have gorgeous foliage to display. They’re

20 Dwarf Evergreen Trees for Your Landscape

If you’re looking for something small to fill in your front yard landscaping that gives you visual interest all year-round, dwarf evergreen trees are a great option to consider. They have virtually no maintenance needs except moderate watering, and this allows them to look nice without adding a lot of stress on you to constantly

25 Beautiful Landscaping Rocks Ideas

When you want to create a backyard that is a mix of practicality and beauty, try incorporating landscaping rocks. Using elements you find in your local landscape helps to add originality or authenticity to your design, and landscaping rocks come in several sizes and shapes that allow you to create unique areas throughout your yard.

How to Grow a Big Beef Tomato 

The big beef tomato is popular for its meaty texture and deep old fashioned flavor. Unlike smaller cherry tomatoes, they also retain their shape well after slicing. This makes them ideal for use in salads and sandwiches. The largest variety of cultivated tomato, the big beef or beefsteak is prized for its productivity and reliability.

How Much Does a Koi Pond Cost to Install and Maintain?

Adding any type of pond to your landscaping in your backyard can be a beautiful and relaxing addition. The sound of water trickling and the tranquility the pond lends to the atmosphere make it a very attractive feature for yards of every size, and it can get you wondering about the average koi pond cost.

Complete Countertop Installation Cost Guide

Countertops give you a nice working surface for preparing or cutting food, and they also work well for storage. Your countertop installation cost will depend on whether you want them to be decorative to enhance your kitchen decor or strictly functional, and they’re the perfect thing to do during a kitchen remodel to help keep

16 Types of Lemons and How to Grow Them

Lemons are a slightly sour citrus plant that originates from China, northeast Myanmar, and northeast India in Asia. People started cultivating different types of lemons as early as in the first century AD, and Argentina, Brazil, India, China, and Mexico currently hold the title for being the top five countries for different types of lemon

23 Autumn Trees to Add Splashes of Color to Your Landscape

Did you know that several different types of trees give you gorgeous colors in the fall months? Many autumn trees give you something all year-round. This can be lush and full looks in the spring and summer before shifting to a brilliant display of color. For example, a maple tree is an excellent source of

Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Roses

Did you know that different types of roses work very well in cut flower bouquets? The sheer variety you get makes them extremely popular for home gardens, and you can even grow them indoors if you get miniature roses. They produce beautiful blooms in an array of beautiful colors, and they can last for several

25 Easy Flowers to Grow for Novice Gardeners

Do you think that you can’t grow flowers? Maybe you’re not sure what the easy flowers to grow are, and this leads to frustration on your part because you get stuck with challenging species that refuse to bloom like they should. Whatever the reason, you’ll need to start out with easy flowers to grow to

28 Best Evergreen Shrubs for Landscaping Your Yard

If you live in an environment that experiences four seasons with a colder winter period, evergreen shrubs can add dots of color in an otherwise dreary and dull landscape. They make very low-maintenance landscaping ideas, and you can choose from a huge range of styles and types. For example, some of them will produce eye-catching

30 Most Common Types of Bushes

There are several different types of bushes that you can plant around your yard or incorporate into your landscape design. Many people call bushes and shrubs small trees, and you can make a tree look like a shrub if you take the time to train and prune them correctly. Most types of bushes are full,

How to Plant and Care for a Dogwood Tree 

Dogwood trees have an intriguing and storied history. It has been said that Native Americans would make daggers from the tree. Its very name seems to confirm that. Dogwood is derived from dagwood, a name that connects the material used with the tool created. The exceptionally strong wood made great swords, walking sticks, and other

The Best Giant Jenga Games for the Summer

Jenga is a fun strategy-based game involving large blocks that can keep small groups entertained for hours at a time. For children, it’s a fun way to improve their mental and physical skills starting at a younger age. Although the rules for traditional giant jenga are the same, there are now specialty sets you can