How To Grow A Tropical Garden

A tropical garden is all about the feelings that it evokes. They typically are extremely inviting and offer a sense of serenity to whoever looks at them. If you’re missing you’re usually tropical getaway in recent times, why not consider trying to grow your tropical oasis? You don’t necessarily have to live in the tropics

25 Red Flowers for Your Garden

Red flowers are a great way to add color and interest to a flower bed. Heavily laden with symbolism, red flowers are also used to display love and compassion. When planted in the garden these eye-catching blooms color and warmth to a space. Many red flowers also have other benefits, such as attracting pollinators and

25 Types of Fruit Trees to Try in Your Garden

Fruit trees are a great choice to add ornamental interest, structure height and even soft privacy to an outdoor space. Single specimens can also be used to create a shady focal point in the center of a sunny lawn. As well as providing lots of ornamental interest, and a food source for bees and pollinators,

25 Orange Flowers for Your Garden

Orange flowers can be a great way to add color and vibrancy to an outdoor space. Our list of 25 orange flowers is designed to highlight some of the most versatile blooms. Many of our suggestions are suitable for growing in a range of conditions and spaces, from large mixed flower beds to windowsill planters

​​How to Grow a Mediterranean Garden

If you want to summon the spirit of the Mediterranean to where you live, why not consider growing a Mediterranean garden? The climate of the Mediterranean is hot and dry in the summer with mild and wet winters. The layout of the garden and the choice of plants reflect this pattern, with drought-tolerant plants being

Best Flooring Options to Restore Your Garden or Yard Walkways

The walkways in your yard or garden can wear down over time with repeated use and exposure to the elements. You can restore them by choosing different flooring options and installing them one weekend over your existing walkways. There are dozens of different options available that mimic the look of stone or wood, and they

Best Motion Sensor Light for Your Yard and Garden

The correct outdoor lighting can provide you with an excellent peace of mind while heightening your security. They’re also great for illuminating walkways and your backyard when you go out after dark. If you get the correct type, your motion sensor lights can keep your electricity usage low while they warn you of any potential

How to Start a Community Garden

Community gardens have been in existence for some time but have seen a huge spike in popularity in the last decade, and in the last few years especially. And it’s about time, some might say. After all, the benefits of community gardens are numerous and, by now, well known: making fresh produce accessible for everyone,

22 Beautiful Pink Flowers – Annuals and Perennials for Your Garden

The color pink continues to enjoy its rebirth as a multi-tasker with mass appeal, no longer relegated to the nurseries of newborn baby girls or cotton candy. It’s a trendy fashion statement for men and women alike, is synonymous with causes like breast cancer awareness, and tints our gold jewelry and electronics accessories. Not one

Best Work Gloves for Yard, Garden, and Home Projects

Going shopping for a new pair of work gloves isn’t as easy as you may think. There are so many price points and styles available that it makes it hard to pick out the correct pair of work gloves to help you tackle all of your yard, garden, and projects around the house. Do you

Best Solar Garden Lights

Using the best solar garden lights to illuminate the pathways around your garden can turn the space into an attractive area after dusk, and it can do so without costing you hundreds in energy bills. Since these lights rely on the sun for their power, they’re a sustainable way to light up your garden and

Best Wheelbarrow for Gardening Projects

A wheelbarrow is a very useful tool to help you haul soil and other garden equipment and tools around your yard and garden. They’re durable, versatile, and you can get them in a variety of sizes and styles from traditional horizontal designs to vertical ones. They help you easily cart larger loads around, and the

Best Outdoor Chalkboard to Keep Your Garden Organized

Anyone who has a larger garden can tell you that it can get extremely confusing when you try to keep everything organized. This is especially true when it comes time to plant and everything looks the same. The best outdoor chalkboard can be a huge plus in helping  you stay organized. You can get a

Best Pump Sprayer to Fertilize Your Plants, Lawn, or Garden

If you have a large lawn, garden, or a lot of plants, it’s not feasible to spend hours trying to fertilize them without the help of the correct tools. The best pump sprayer is a fast and efficient way to give your plants or lawn an even dose of fertilizer in a relatively short amount

Best Potting Benches for Your Garden

Potting benches are better known as gardening tables. These outdoor workbenches help you complete all of your planting tasks and gardening by giving you a convenient place to store your tools like your scissors or potting soil right next to your work station. This is a dedicated and elevated workspace that makes it easy to

How to Use the Back to Eden Gardening Method

Growing and working in a garden can be a rewarding experience. Especially when you enjoy the bounty of your own harvests. But with a productive vegetable garden will come the chores: weeding and watering. But using the Back to Eden method can reduce how much you have to manually water your plants as well as

Best Weeding Tool for a Tidy Garden

Weeds can be an unsightly problem in your yard or garden, and the best weeding tool is something you want to have on hand. This tool can help reduce the strain on your body and make weeding much quicker. Some tools can even pull the roots and the plant out in one go to prevent

Best Garden Hose Reel to Store Your Hose

You need your expandable garden hose to water all of your plants and vegetables to keep them healthy and happy throughout the growing season. But, this can lead to having a very bulky tool laying around your yard that easily becomes a tripping hazard if you’re not careful. Storing it can be a hassle if

10 Bog Plants To Help Filter Your Garden Pond 

Garden ponds can bring a unique beauty to your yard and give you a place to relax and enjoy the tranquility of nature. Adding plants to your pond can increase its beauty and bog plants can help filter the water to keep it clear and more appealing to fish and other creatures who may call

Vegetable Garden Layout Ideas and Tips to Maximize Space in a Small Garden

Let’s face it: everything tastes better when it’s freshly picked.  Growing your own vegetables is a great way to get outside, stay active, and feed your family delicious, nutritious veggies all summer long. It’s an amazing summer hobby that will leave you happier and healthier.  But what do you do if you don’t have a

Coffee Grounds in the Garden – Uses, & When NOT to Use Them

Can you reuse coffee grounds? In this guide we will go through the potential uses for used coffee grounds and dispel a few myths along the way. Can Coffee Grounds Be Used To Boost Plant Growth? There is a plethora of articles out there acclaiming used coffee grounds as a miracle substance for plant growth.

Straw Bale Gardening – A Beginner’s Guide

Whether you want to create new raised beds in your garden to save your back, or protect the soil, straw bale gardening is one of the interesting options to consider. Straw is an agricultural byproduct that is often readily available in agricultural areas. Hay bales can often be bought cheaply, and small numbers can sometimes

How to Grow Dill Plant and Add to Your Herb Garden 

The useful dill plant makes a great addition to any kitchen garden or herb spiral. A popular culinary herb Dill can be used either fresh or preserved. Additionally its fragrant foliage and bright yellow flowers add interest to any floral display or herb garden. Despite its delicate appearance dill is also surprisingly hardy. This growing

How to Get Rid of Slugs in your Garden

One of the most commonly found pests, slugs in garden and allotment areas can do significant amounts of damage in a surprisingly short amount of time. Capable of wiping out a collection of young flowers or vegetables in a night, they are often described as the gardener’s worst nightmare. Keeping slugs in garden and allotment

How to Grow a Salsa Garden

As the summer months approach, fresh garden salsa becomes in hot demand. After all, nothing tops the flavor that salsa from homegrown tomatoes, peppers, onions, and garlic creates. However, growing a salsa garden can be complex. How should you approach creating a garden that must provide for so many different types of herbs and vegetables?

How to Plant a Fall Garden

When people hear the word “garden,” many think of a lush, green patch in the heat of summer. Truth be told, gardens are a year-long thing. It will just look different with each season. Several simple steps can be taken to prepare for your fall garden. As soon as the heat dies down and the

How to Make a Butterfly Garden

Wondering how to make a butterfly garden? Butterflies are admired for their bright colors and graceful movements. Butterflies are not just attractive insects, but they can help pollinate plants. If you’d like to see more butterflies around your yard, you should consider starting a butterfly garden. A butterfly garden does not just attract butterflies to

How to Plant a Bee Garden – Design, Flowers, and More

With many bee species becoming endangered, more and more gardeners are opting to keep our buzzing friends in mind when planning out their gardens. I know that my concern for the declining bee population has had an impact on my plant choices in the past few years. Bees are so incredibly important to our ecosystems

18 Pond Plants to Fill in Your Water Garden or Pond

If you have a pond in your yard, no matter the size, do you have pond plants? If the answer is no, it could be a great time to consider adding them. Pond plants are interesting, gorgeous, and they can be relatively easy to keep healthy when you get them into your pond. They can

19 Low Maintenance Shrubs for Your Garden

Whether you’re planting more shrubs into your front yard landscape or putting in a new shrub bed, getting low maintenance shrubs are a must in today’s packed schedules and busy homes. Low maintenance shrubs are beautiful options that require very little shaping or pruning, bloom reliably, are disease and pest resistant, and do well in

18 Beautiful Vertical Garden Ideas

If you’re someone who loves to garden but you’re short on space, a vertical garden can allow you to scale it down to fit in virtually any space inside or outside of your home. Creating a vertical garden such as a plant wall is a great way to incorporate flowers, vegetables, herbs, or other plants

15 Best Tomatoes and Best Tomato Varieties for Your Container Garden

Do you want to be able to grow the best tomatoes in your container garden? If so, heirloom varieties are an excellent option to explore. Heirlooms make some of the best tomatoes because they have decades of people working to make them all about flavor and nutrition. This is different from a lot of other

19 Winter Vegetables to Grow in Your Winter Garden

In some planting zones, winters tend to drop to a deep freeze that gives you a much shorter growing season to work with each year than in other regions. There is also a lot of unpredictability with the weather, and this can lead to people seeking out winter vegetables that will survive and thrive in

20 Best Cucumber Varieties to Add to Your Garden

Cucumber varieties are warm-weather plants that you can grow in the ground or in containers anywhere you have a hot to warm summer season. Most cucumber varieties take 60 days from the date you plant them to be ready to harvest, and this makes them ideal to grow in environments that have hot weather for

20 Creative Backyard Garden Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

When it comes to your backyard, everyone has a host of different needs and thoughts on backyard garden ideas. Will you design and maintain your backyard garden ideas yourself or hire someone to come in and do it for you? Do you want a setup that changes from year to year or something that stays

No Till Gardening Guide – How to Create a No Dig Garden

One huge mistake many new gardeners make is that they underestimate just how important soil is to the survival of their plants. The soil forms your base for your garden, and no till gardening is all about ensuring you have plenty of soil available. You’ll use no till gardening to learn how to take care

14 Best Outdoor Garden Fountains – Stunning Garden Water Fountains

The soothing sound of water flowing and moving has been a very desirable feature in gardens, and this is why many people choose to put in a pond. However, this can be a large undertaking, so you could opt for a simple garden fountain instead, and you won’t need many pieces or parts to get

15 Best Full Sun Vegetables for a Summer Garden

Planting vegetables in the right spot in your garden is one of the keys to getting a bumper crop. Some love the sun, others start wilting if they get too much sun, and so on. Thankfully, you can find a vegetable that will grow well in just about any type of garden. If you have

How to Create Your Own Cut Flower Garden

Have you ever dreamed of filling up vases with freshly cut flowers or making your own floral arrangements? Either of these is the perfect reason to grow your own cut flower garden. Buying flowers at the store is nice for special occasions, but it’s a lot more expensive than picking flowers fresh from right outside

Best Garden Carts to Hold Your Gardening Tools

Working in your yard and gardening requires moving around a lot of heavy items, and this can put a lot of stress and strain on your back, hands, and joints. This is especially true if you have a large yard or garden to tend, and garden carts are one nice way to help you complete

Growing Swiss Chard in Your Garden

Swiss chard is one of the most ornamental vegetables you can grow in your garden. It has colorful, edible leaves that are highly nutritious and good for both fresh eating and cooking. Swiss chard is also an easy green to grow. It tolerates heat much better than other salad plants like lettuce, arugula, and spinach.

The Best Fall Crops for your Garden

You can be forgiven for thinking that the fall is a slow season in the vegetable garden. A time when your crops are coming to the end of their growing season and your garden transitions from the vibrancy of summer to the dormancy of winter. However, this need not be the case. There are plenty

22 Best Flowering Vines to Add to Your Garden

Vines add height and interest to the garden. They are a great option for making use of vertical space in small gardens but are also a great addition to any size garden. You can use them for privacy, to cover up bare walls, and simply for their ornamental appeal. Flowering vines go above and beyond

How to Plant a Moon Garden: Design, Layout, and Plant Selection

The sun is one of the plants’ required food sources, one of three they need to survive, grow, and reproduce. They also need it for photosynthesis, which is the chemical reaction that converts carbon dioxide and water into the oxygen we need to live and breathe, and the glucose that results in energy-giving carbohydrates for

How to Use Perlite for a Beautiful Garden 

Perlite is one element you don’t want to overlook when planning your spring garden. Growing flowers, fruit, or vegetables will be so much easier when you add this key component to your soil mix. Dive into this post for a breakdown of everything you need to know about this mighty mineral and why your garden

How to Improve Clay Soil for Better Gardening

If you’ve ever tried gardening in heavy clay soil, you know what a challenge it is. Digging is back-breaking work, and you might end up with plants that don’t grow very big or just struggle and die. This doesn’t mean that clay soil is the worst thing ever. Clay actually has some benefits that are

How to Grow Snowdrops in Your Garden

Snowdrops are an attractive, early spring or late winter flower. When planted in swathes, either alone or alongside other early season bulbs such as daffodils and crocuses, they bring early season color to winter gardens. The snowdrop (Galanthus) happily grows in moderate and colder climates. These are hardy low maintenance, bulbs, ideal for planting in

25 Low-Light Succulents for Indoor Gardens

When people think of succulents, they usually think of tiny plants that sit in terrariums and need a lot of sunshine and light to grow and thrive. However, did you know that there are plenty of beautiful low-light succulents available? These plants will grow very well in dim conditions, and some can even handle more

Best Garden Hose for Larger Gardens

One of the biggest aspects of keeping your plants alive and healthy is watering them, and this can be challenging if you have a large or sprawling vegetable garden layout. You have to find the best garden hose that is long enough to reach every area of your yard, flower beds, or gardens, and it

How to Add a Hawthorn Tree to Your Garden

Hawthorn tree (Crataegus) is a reliable and stately addition to most spaces. A deciduous ornamental plant, it’s glossy foliage and white flowers provide interest from early spring through the height of summer and into fall. The hawthorn tree is also known as May blossom, or May flowers. The rhyme “here we go gathering knots of