37 Easy Ways – How to Cool Down a Room without AC

How to Cool Down a Room without AC? It’s a hot summer night and a heatwave is in full effect. Temperatures have reached an insane degree, turning your home into a sauna. The muggy, humid air drains you of your energy, leaving you sluggish and fatigued. You’d get some sleep if it wasn’t for the

17 Small Bedroom Ideas for Your Home

Looking for small bedroom ideas? It’s sat there for far too long. A cramped little small space in the corner of your home that serves as little more than a dumping ground for all the assorted junk you have nowhere else to put. But that was then and this is now. Now, you’ve got a

Vermiculture Guide – How to Start Vermicomposting at Home

As an organic gardener, one of the most important jobs is making compost. Composting is crucial. It allows us to take organic matter from the garden, kitchen scraps and biodegradable household waste and return their nutrients to the natural system. This can help us to grow our plants, and keeps the soil ecosystem healthy and

How to Grow Pot Marigold

The bright yellow and orange flowers of the pot marigold. A stand out plant in any garden decorating flower beds with bright, daisy-like flowers. Different from the similarly named marigold, pot marigold (Calendula officinalis) is also known as Calendula, common marigold or Scotch marigold. Part of the Asteraceae family along with daisies and chrysanthemums it

19 Stunning Landscape Timbers Ideas

From patio decking to planters and raised garden beds, a little landscaping timber or landscape timbers can go a long way in completely transforming your outdoor space. Doesn’t it always seem that any time you mention landscape gardening to someone, the conversation inevitably turns to landscape timbers? Whether it’s breathing a whole new lease of

19 Tips on How to Attract Birds to Your Backyard

How to attract birds to your backyard? With their bright, colorful plumage, the sweet melody of their song, and the simple joy they bring just watching them hop about the place, birds can make truly wonderful visitors to your garden. Yet personal enjoyment isn’t the only reason why you might want to start looking at

How to Grow Mediterranean Spices – Care, Types, and Growing Tips

If you are a keen cook, you will no doubt be familiar with the main Mediterranean Spices that are commonly used in Mediterranean cooking and that are part of the Mediterranean diet. These Mediterranean spices are not only great additions to a store cupboard, they are also fantastic additions to your garden. While your climate

How to Grow Quinoa – Care, Types, and Growing Tips

Quinoa is very much a wonder food. Derided by some as the ultimate in green yuppie chic, this is actually a very useful and healthy plant to grow. This grain, seed or pseudocereal is not only nutritious, it is also relatively easy to grow in many climates, and can be a great addition to a

How to Build a Bug Hotel

Want to learn how to build a bug hotel? The average garden can be home to thousands of different bugs and insects. While some of these creatures, such as aphids, can be harmful or destructive, others are more helpful. For example ladybugs will predate aphids, helping to keep their numbers down and your plants safe.

How to Make Lavender Oil

Want to learn how to make lavender oil? With a host of holistic benefits, lavender has proven to be one of the most bountiful herbs in the garden for creating beauty products. No wonder it’s being added to so many lotions and potions on the shelves! The good news is the perennial, evergreen plant is

How To Make a Herb Spiral

Growing your own herbs is a great way to enliven your home grown diet and stay fit and healthy. A herb spiral design is one solution as you grow herbs that you could consider for your garden. In this article we will examine herb spirals in a little more depth, and you will learn how

Plum Tree Care Guide – How to Grow Plum Trees

Want to grow a plum tree? Growing plums can be a valuable addition to a home-grown diet. These fruits are delicious either fresh or cooked in a wide range of recipes. The right plum trees, placed in the right location, can provide an abundant source of these healthy fruits for many years to come. Some

Best Rain Barrel for Your Backyard

The best rain barrel can significantly reduce the amount of water you need to use to tend to your plants and garden. In this comprehensive buyer’s guide, we reveal the best five barrels available, and offer helpful tips on how to choose the model that’s best for your outdoor space. Did you know that the

15 Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

There is nothing quite like cooking outside over an open flame. Many of us think of this as something we only do when we are camping. But when you have a fire pit in your garden, you can do this whenever you want in your very own backyard. We’ve put together these fire pit ideas

35 Shade Flowers that are Low Maintenance

In this guide we share 35 best shade flowers that are low maintenance. Flowers might not be the first thing you think about when considering a forest garden. But they are an important part. Some may be edible themselves, and add to the bounty of the low maintenance ecosystem. But others may benefit the system

How to Plant Hostas – Guide to Growing Hosta Plants

The Hostas plant can be an excellent plant for many gardens. They are one of the best plants for damp shade, especially on heavier, more moisture-retentive soils. There are a wide range of different varieties of hosta plants to choose from, a few even thriving in very different conditions – even in full sun. So

How to Make Rose Water and Rose Oil

Want to learn how to make rose water and how to make rose oil? You know that famed fountain of youth everyone always talks about? It may very well have been filled with rose petals. The rose features prominently in historical beauty texts, with Cleopatra famously having taken to the ritual of bathing in a

How to Grow Lavender Plant:  Care, Types, and Growing Tips

How to grow lavender plant? The Lavender plant is a very popular garden plant, and one which rewards richly those who know how to grow lavender. It is a plant that grows well in many gardens, and which can fit in with a wide range of different types of garden. Read on to learn more

How To Build a Pond – DIY Pond Ideas

How to build a pond? Building a wildlife pond in your garden is one of the very best things you can do for the many creatures who visit your space. Having such a feature will increase biodiversity – increasing the range of plants and animals your garden can support. This, in turn, will make it

Best Weed Eater

An essential part of any serious gardener’s tool kit, a good quality weed eater can help you keep your lawn and other outdoor spaces looking trim, tidy and pristine right year round. Ready to buy but not sure which is really worth your money? This comprehensive best weed eater buyer guide reveals all. You take

How To Grow Aloe Vera Plant

Thinking about growing aloe vera plant? I still remember when I was a clumsy little girl, practicing gymnastics in the backyard, all those times I scraped my knee or cut my hand on a sharp blade of grass. I’d go running to my mom, who would give me a hug and then head straight for

How To Grow Comfrey Plant: Care, Types & Growing Tips

The Comfrey plant is one of the most useful plants to grow in an organic garden. If you are interested in taking care of our planet, its people and wildlife, and creating a way of life that is truly ethical, green and sustainable, this is one plant to include in your growing scheme. In this

How to Make a Gravel Driveway – DIY Gravel Driveway Guide

Looking for how to make a gravel driveway? There’s a good reason why the DIY gravel driveway has enjoyed a significant surge in popularity over the last few years. The perfect combination of decorative charm and durable functionality, the gravel driveway offers a quick, cost-effective way to make a dramatic transformation to your outdoor space.

Lithops Care Guide: How to Grow and Care for Lithops

Adding a few plants is a great way to add color and interest to both outdoor and indoor spaces. While many are grown for their attractive foliage or delicate flowers others are cultivated for their medicinal or culinary benefits. However if you want to add something a little bit different to your home or garden

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