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How to Grow Honeysuckle

The sweet fragrance of a honeysuckle plant is one the smells of summer. A wildly attractive garden plant, honeysuckle draws scores of wildlife to your garden with its rich smell…

How to Grow Foxglove 

The foxglove, or digitalis, is a quintessential English country cottage garden flower. Thriving in cottage garden and woodland planting schemes, foxgloves are also a great way to add height and…


Home Improvement

Best Faux Fireplace for Your Patio

Your patio is an extension of your home, and you can make it in an elegant area by adding a faux fireplace. They fit perfectly in large and small spaces, and you can find one to match your decor relatively…

Home Decor

Best Entry Table Ideas

Take a moment to look around your home and consider: where are the highest traffic areas? You might be quick to answer with the kitchen, the living room, or the…