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How to Grow Shasta Daisy

If you want a flower that combines the look of the traditional daisy with evergreen ,year round foliage then look no further than the shasta daisy. This bright summer flower…

Agapanthus Growing Guide

Agapanthus are attractive, typically violet flowers that are common in warm climates. Ideal for butterfly gardens, these elegant plants produce long, lance-like leaves. Above the foliage, stems up to 3…

How to Plant a Hazelnut Tree

Growing fruit and nut trees is a great way to introduce height, structure and a little natural privacy to a space. It also provides you with a supply of fresh…

15 Plants that Grow in Water

Plants that grow in water may sound unusual or exotic or even difficult to grow. You may think that you need lots of specialist equipment. But this is simply not…


15 Columnar Trees for Narrow Spaces

Let’s face it. Most gardeners won’t have endless space at their disposal for all of their trees, shrubs, flowers, or other landscaping designs. Small yards, limited amounts of time to…

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What is the Cost of an Extension?

An extension offers a potential bump in your home’s value, added versatility for your home, and more room. They range from building walls and laying foundations, to plumbing, electrics, and plastering. Other features such as interior design and unique flooring…

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