When do Naked Ladies Bloom?

Naked ladies are popular for their eye-catching flowers. Despite their showy appearance these are versatile plants that, with the right care, are equally at home in the garden as they are in your home. Properly called Amaryllis Belladonna, the name naked lady refers to the plant’s habit of flowering after its foliage has faded. This

When to Plant Naked Lady Bulbs

The naked lady is an attractive, fragrant flower that makes an ideal addition to the home or garden. Versatile enough to sit in the garden or in a pot in your home, despite their showy appearance these are surprisingly easy to care for flowers. In fact, one of the most difficult care aspects is knowing

How to Grow and Care for Pink Lady Flowers 

Pink lady flowers, or Amaryllis belladonna, are a showy addition to the home or garden. Producing fruitily fragrant clusters of pink trumpet-like flowers on long stems, these eye-catching plants also make good cut flowers. A popular ornamental plant, if you want to grow pink lady flowers, this guide is packed with all the information that

How to Grow and Care For The Surprise Lily 

Producing fragrant lily-like white or rose pink flowers with a hint of lilac the surprise lily is a welcome addition to late summer and fall gardens. Pleasingly easy to care for, these low maintenance plants will reward your efforts with eye-catching, colorful floral displays. If you want to learn more about the surprise lily, including

How to Grow and Care for the Red Spider Lily 

If you want to add late season color and interest to your garden, why not try the red spider lily? This is a distinctive flowering bulb that attracts scores of pollinators, butterflies, bees and birds to the garden. The plants also reliably provide you with color and interest just when other flowering bulbs are fading

Jersey Lily Flower Care Guide

The Jersey lily flower is a late season plant which brings exotic elegance to the garden. Colorful and fragrant, these attractive plants are as popular with pollinators as they are with gardeners. A versatile plant, you can also grow the Jersey lily flower in pots either outside or in your home. If you would like

How to Care for Easter Lily

The Easter lily is popular for its large, fragrant flowers. As the name suggests, a popular Easter plant, learning how to care for the Easter lily, a type of naked lady lily, enables you to enjoy these eye-catching blooms in your homes or flower beds year after year. The large trumpet-shaped flower of the Easter

When to Divide Amaryllis Belladonna

One of the naked ladies, the amaryllis belladonna is an attractive ornamental bulb flower. Easy to care for, learning how and when to divide amaryllis belladonna is an important part of plant maintenance. This guide to when to divide amaryllis belladonna will take you through the entire process, explaining exactly how and when to divide

How to Care for Asiatic Jasmine

Many jasmine plants are not true jasmine plants. Instead, they are named jasmine, because they look similar, or produce similarly shaped, fragrant flowers. One such plant is Asiatic Jasmine (Trachelospermim Asiacticum). However, don’t let the fact that this is not a true jasmine plant put you off. Asiatic Jasmine is an attractive, sprawling vine that

15 Ideas for Hanging Basket Flowers

Hanging baskets are a great way to fill your patio, balcony or even doorway with long-lasting, colorful floral displays that don’t take up too much space. But what flowers are suitable for your hanging basket? It can be difficult to know what flower combinations to plant. This guide to hanging basket flowers will take you

6 Benefits of a Wildflower Lawn & How to Grow

Transforming your outdoor space from a green desert to a bustling oasis of wildflowers is relatively straightforward to achieve, and the change you make has a significant impact on the environment surrounding you. The focus is shifting away from traditional garden flowers toward pollinator-friendly blooms with medicinal properties, such as echinacea and plantain. Your wildflower

When to Cut Back Irises

A popular ornamental spring flower, did you know that there are over 300 different types of iris? These different varieties come in a range of different shapes and colors, from large border filling specimens to smaller container plants. Part of the Iridaceae plant family the iris is not only visually attractive it is also easy

How to Plant and Care for Blazing Star

Liatris, also called gayfeather or blazing star, is a perennial wildflower that has a long blooming period and is native to the eastern part of North America. It’s a member of the bigger, Asteraceae family, but it doesn’t have the daisy-like blooms most plants in this family produce. Instead, you get very unusual flower heads

How and When to Cut Back Peonies 

One of the most popular flowers in the garden, peonies are popular for their large, showy blooms. While the peony flower is not one of the longest lasting blooms, they are certainly one of the showiest flowers, providing your garden with lots of colorful, frilly interest. Surprisingly easy to grow, particularly as a cut flower,

How to Plant, Grow, and Maintain the Globe Amaranth Plant

Globe amaranth is a tropical annual that has globe-shaped blooms that last for a long time, and they come in a range of colors. They work well in rock gardens, beds, borders, and xeriscapes as they’re very tolerant to drought. This plant is one of the 90 Gomphrena species of flowering plants that you find

How to Make Your Own Flower Food – DIY Recipes

If you’ve just bought or received a bouquet of flowers, you’ll want to get them into water to make sure they last as long as they can. If you don’t get a food packet to go into the flower’s water to make them last longer, you can make your own flower food with a few

How to Grow Wax Begonia

Wax begonias are a very popular smaller plant. It’s a very versatile begonia type that you can use as an annual in colder climates, a houseplant in any climate, or a perennial in warmer climates. They have waxy-looking, glossy leaves that can be bronze, green, or maroon. The flowers come in shades of pink, white,

11 Stunning Trees with Blue Flowers for Your Garden

Blue is a very relaxing color that makes you think of tropical seas and clear skies, and trees with blue flowers are a prize to have in your garden. Small touches of purple in blue surrounded by the green foliage gives you a very unique and eye-catching look that draws people to it. They can

Pruning Rose of Sharon Step by Step How to Guide

Rose of Sharon is also called Hibiscus syriacus, and it’s a pretty flowering shrub that produces stunning purple, pink, or white blooms. It’s a very low-maintenance plant, but pruning rose of sharon can help it thrive and give it a much more attractive and eye-catching look. You should get in the habit of cutting back

13 Pretty Flowers That Look Like Tulips

When people imagine tulips, they usually think of the traditional Dutch tulips with the unique shapes and bright coloring. However, there are several other flowers that look like tulips that you can plant too. We’re going to go over 13 great flowers that look like tulips you can try, and then we’ll highlight a few

15 Tips for Growing Winter Pansies

When the bright colors of late summer and fall start to fade the garden can begin to look dull and drab. Winter pansies provide a great way of adding color and interest to the garden during dark days. Pleasingly cold tolerant, there are not many plants that are happy to grow let alone flower during

How to Grow Black Eyed Susan in Pots + Uses

Easy care and dependable, black eyed susans have become a very popular feature in gardens across the United States. They produce daisy-like bright yellow petals with darker centers that sit high above ovate green leaves with a rougher texture. This wildflower is native to the central United States, and you can see it growing in

Are Pansies Perennials? Will They Come Back Every Year? 

One of the most popular garden flowers, colorful pansies make for a bright addition to the spring flower bed. Available in a range of colors, as well as variegated or bicolor varieties the availability of these cheery little plants has only helped to increase their popularity. But are pansies perennials? If you are considering adding

Tropical Plants, Red Flowers – 25 Stunning Choices

Tropical flowers are hugely popular, but going out and purchasing one at random is usually not a good idea. If you want to create an eye-catching scene outside of your home, think of tropical plants, red flowers. They’re bold, attractive, and you can get a huge range of sizes and types to make them pop.

How to Grow Container Peonies – The Complete Guide

Today, cottage gardens are widely popular. As a fun part of this trend, you may see container peonies popping up as a big component of these gardens. It’s true that the popularity factor with these plants isn’t new as they’ve been staples for decades, but there is a new group of gardeners who are taking

21 Pretty Mock Orange Varieties

Philadelphus coronarius or mock orange is a deciduous shrub that has a rounded, dense growth habit. Most mock orange varieties feature serrated, oval, dark green leaves with pretty, four-petal, cup-shaped flowers in late spring or early summer. These shrubs come with a fairly quick growth rate that can easily grow two feet or more a

5 Gorgeous Rose Trellis Ideas

If you’re brand new to planting climbing or tree roses, you may have no idea that they need a rigorous support system to be healthy and thrive. They don’t just magically climb up the wall, and you’ll need to have a few rose trellis ideas on hand that you can use to give them the

120 Beautiful Flowers That Start with S

Suppose you are looking for some new additions to your gorgeous garden. In that case, you should feature some great plants that start with the letter “S”. With so many beautiful flowers to choose from, ranging from shrubs to succulents – you will undoubtedly find something up to your standards in this list. With detailed

30 Best Flowers to Dry

Dried flowers, plants, and seed pods are a stylish way to bring texture and charm to a room. These everlasting beauties have dusted off their old-fashioned reputation and made a trendy comeback as low-maintenance, environmentally-conscious décor accents for your home. The best part is that it’s oh-so-easy to dry your botanical beauties at home. The

Hydrangea Not Blooming? 12 Reasons Why and What To Do 

One of the most popular ornamental flowering shrubs, hydrangeas are suited to a range of different planting schemes and styles. This versatility coupled with an easy going nature and prolific blooming habit has helped to make the plant one of the most popular in the garden. These are popular ornamental shrubs.  But what do you

6 Different Types of Birds of Paradise

Upon hearing the name Birds of Paradise the mind conjures up images of exotic, colorful tufted flowers that rise above silky green foliage. But did you know that there are many different types of Birds of Paradise flowers? In fact there are two entirely different species bearing the same name. These exotic looking plants are

What to Plant With Knockout Roses and What to Avoid

As lovely as the blooms are, roses can be very tricky for you to grow, and this is why you want to be very careful with companion planting around these delicate flowers. You may also wonder what to plant with knockout roses to ensure that the companion plants don’t deplete the resources. Even though knockout

49 Most Beautiful Colorful Flowers

No matter if they’re out in your front garden, in a bouquet you give a friend or family member, or simply along a garden path, colorful flowers can bring joy in a huge amount of ways. They’re also some of the most colorful plants on earth. If you’re looking to add colorful flowers to your

How to Grow the Red Lotus Flower + Symbolism and Meanings

Although the symmetrical form and brilliant colors of the red lotus flower are head-turners, there are much deeper meanings and symbolism attached to the different lotus flower types. In fact, lotus flowers in any shade are considered to be sacred in parts of the world, especially in Eastern culture. So, what makes the red lotus

Columbine Flower Meaning + Symbolism and Colors

Columbines are a pretty flower that gets between two and three feet tall in the correct growing conditions. It comes in a host of colors, and the various columbine flower meanings include ascension, endurance, good fortune, risk-taking, peace, and faith. We want you to get a good understanding of the Columbine flower, so we’re going

16 Pretty Types of Petunias + Uses

Various types of petunias have been a fan-favorite in the garden for decades. This is an annual flower that blooms virtually non-stop from spring until summer, and traditional petunias hail from the Solanaceae family, like the Chinese Lantern Plant. They require constant deadheading and cooler weather to thrive and bloom. More recent cultivars, like wave

11 Types of Hibiscus Color + Why Color Changes

Hibiscus is a pretty genus of sun-loving small trees and shrubs that have showy and tropical-looking flowers in bold shades of red, pink, white, pastel orange, and yellow. Hibiscus flowers are very easy to recognize by their large papery petals, funnel shape, and the range of hibiscus colors you can see with the sharply contrasting

37 Hardy Texas Perennials (North and South Texas Perennial Flowers)

There are certain Texas perennials that are much hardier than others, and they can really make or break your landscape design when you put them in. This is why it’s so important to pick out hardy and pretty plants that will come back year after year, and we’ve rounded up the best Texas perennials for

Is Poisonous Oleander Toxic to Humans? 

Popular for its vibrant flowers, the Oleander plant is a vibrant addition to the garden. A versatile specimen, its tolerant nature, meaning that it is able to withstand salt spray and drought makes it ideal for planting in a range of difficult conditions such as coastal gardens. Sometimes called the Jericho Rose, these plants can

How to Grow Alstroemeria Flower

The Alstroemeria flower is an elegantly attractive addition to the garden. Sometimes called the Peruvian Lily because of their lily-like flowers, these colorful plants are ideally for inclusion in mixed floral beds or cottage garden planting schemes. Popular with pollinators, they are also reliable cut flowers. Easy to grow, the Alstroemeria flower is increasingly popular

46 Beautiful Purple Perennial Flowers to Grow in Your Garden 

As you’ll see in this list, there’s an incredible variety of purple flowers with different shapes, sizes, and shades of purple. So there’s something for every gardener! There are some very powerful and bold purple flowers, as well as some dainty and delicate flowers. Even if you’re not necessarily lacking a purple flower in your

20 Flowers that Start with K

Flowers are beautiful and add texture, height, and color to a space. There are hundreds of thousands of options to choose from that start with each letter of the alphabet, and we’ve covered a few already. Now, we’re going to outline 20 flowers that start with K in this article. You might learn about several

Cornflower Growing Guide and Care Tips

It’s hard to go wrong when you put old-fashioned cornflowers in your garden. It produces 1 ½-inch double blooms that look a lot like miniature carnations, and they’re very easy to grow and maintain. They were originally a native Asian and European pasture flower, and cornflower was naturally eradicated from the natural habitat using modern

17 Types of Tree Roses and Growing Tips

Tree roses are very unique plants to have in your garden, but they don’t come about naturally. Generally speaking, tree roses are plants that have a minimum of three parts all grafted together. You’ll get a hardy rose rootstock, a rose cane that serves as the plant’s trunk, and a very showy hybrid rose at

27 Beautiful Star-Shaped Flower Types For Your Garden

Native American plants that fall into the Eurybia genus are well-known for having star shaped flowers. The flowers come in various colors, but they are most often, white, yellow, or red. So, it’s common for many people to call them Eurabia stars or starry Eurabia. Generally speaking, star shaped flowers are bilaterally symmetrical. They can

How to Grow and Care for Star Flower

The star flower is a wildflower that is native to the forests and woods of North America, and you can find it growing in tamarack and birch bogs. It also grows in sandy swap rises, and in sandy soil that you’ll find around the edges of woodlands. Star flowers tend to do very well in

How to Grow Star Jasmine in Pots 

Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum Jasminoides) is an attractive flowering plant. The star-shaped white flowers contrast nicely with the plant’s rich green leaves. When fully open the flowers of this fast growing climber emit a pleasing vanilla-fragrance which is reminiscent of a real jasmine plant. Also known as Confederate Jasmine, these plants are ideal for providing floral

How to Overwinter Geraniums 

A garden favorite, the tender geranium, commonly known as the pelargonium, is a colorful addition to the flower bed or container garden. Typically cultivated as annual plants, pelargoniums are hardy in USDA Zones 10 and warmer, such as the warm climates of Southern California. This means fans of the pelargonium in cooler climates must purchase

32 Flowers That Bloom at Night – Facts and Photos

We all want to get gardens that are packed full of texture, color, and visual interest during the daytime, but have you ever given a thought to what your space looks like at night? When the sun goes down, many flowers close, and this allows the garden to lose some visual appeal after dark. This

How to Grow Stock Flower

One of the most popular cottage garden plants, the stock flower is prized for its colorful blooms and clove-like scent. Heritage varieties are particularly fragrant. Said to have been introduced to the United States by Thomas Jefferson in the late 18th century, these distinctive flowers were a popular plant during the Victorian-era. In England these