French Drain Cleaning – Do’s and Don’ts

If you have a permanently damp area in your yard, or you find water constantly in your basement after every heavy rain or snow, there’s a solution–a French drainage system inside or outside your home will help. It’s critical that you have a good drainage system to ensure that your house stains mold-free and dry.

Top 10 Baseboard Cleaner Tools – Reviews + Cleaning Tips

Your baseboards can get dirty very quickly, and many people don’t take the time to clean them routinely because, without the correct baseboard cleaner, this can be a strenuous chore. However, we’re going to make cleaning your baseboards a quick and easy task by outlining 10 of the best baseboard cleaners on the market. You

23 Cleaning Tools Every Home Should Have

No matter if you’re just getting set up at a new home or if you’re looking to round out or upgrade your current cleaning kit, you’ll need cleaning tools and supplies. Since there are so many available, how do you decide which cleaning tools you’ll need? We’ve created a list of 23 cleaning tools, including

25 Types of Brooms to Sweep Your Floors

No matter which type of vacuum cleaner you have, nothing will touch the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of various types of brooms. This is especially true when you’re trying to get debris and dust off the edges and corners of the room. If you have pets or kids and your floors are a crumb buffet, brooms

How to Clean Stainless Steel Sink: A Complete Guide

Stainless steel sinks are a favorite for many homeowners. They are sleek, shiny and look classier than many other options. Stainless steel is also known for durability. Stainless steel sinks won’t chip, crack, or fade. However, these sinks can be difficult to clean, and it can be quite noticeable when they’re dirty. If you’ve been

How to Get Rid of Carpet Ants – Easy Guide

Have you ever been laying around your living room with your feet buried in the carpet only to get rudely stung by a carpet ant? You may dismiss the first one as random before it happens again. As you take a closer look, you notice that you don’t just have one or two ants moving

15 Paint Removal Tools to Create a Clean Slate

No matter if you’re trying to give your home a facelift or if you’re remodeling a kitchen or another area, you’ll most likely run into the issue of removing the old paint. Many people view this is a tough chore or an undesirable job, but having a host of paint removal tools at your fingertips

Best Small Washer and Dryer Reviews and Buying Guide

Bid adieu to kitchen sink takeovers, tripes to the laundromat, and overfilled laundry bags in your home. A small washer and dryer is perfect for taking on the job without eating up your floor space or draining your wallet. You can get a standard washer and dryer, a portable model, or an all-in-one washer and

DIY Face Wash: 15 Fantastic Recipes Your Face Will Love

It’s fun to try out new face washes, but they can be expensive, and most are filled with ingredients that you likely couldn’t even pronounce. This article will walk you through 15 options for a DIY face wash that should help your skin feel its best. Ranging from two ingredients and up, you might be

The Best Laundry Detergent Alternative

Which brand of laundry detergent do you use? Many people have a brand that they prefer, either for the scent or for how effective it is. Today, there are plenty of laundry detergent alternatives available, and there are also brand-name options like Bounce, Tide, Cheer, and Gain. But, what if none of these brands work

A Guide to Powdery Mildew Treatment

Powdery mildew is a common problem for gardeners in temperate zones. An unsightly issue, it can affect pretty much every plant in the garden. Typically causing white or gray spots to appear on foliage, if left untreated these grow and develop. Eventually the spots develop, covering the entire area with blight. Rarely fatal, the disease

Best Steam Cleaner – Reviews and Buying Guide

The best steam cleaner comes designed to banish bacteria, and they can be instrumental tools when it comes to keeping your homes clean, safe, and germ-free. Heat treatment is very effective for killing viruses as well, and you can use it to lift out stains and sanitize your carpet, clothing, furniture, upholstery, mattresses, pillows, and

Best Drain Cleaner for Your Home

Looking for the best drain cleaners? A clogged drain can be a headache, and it can easily lead to thousands of dollars in damage if you don’t catch it right away and you end up with a flooded room. If you have several drains or a large family, clogged drains can be a recurring issue

Dyson DC50 Animal Vacuum Reviews – Our Verdict is In

The Dyson DC50 Animal Vacuum is a workhorse, and for some of our readers the best vacuum for apartment they have come across. It looks quite impressive, with the modern and unique rollerball design instantly standing out. Further, the metallic purple accents give it a very distinctive appeal. By the end of our review, you’ll

The Best Carpet Stain Remover for Busy Households

If you have pets or kids, you have a busy household. Chances are, you’re not a stranger to stains. Even if you live alone, there is a chance that you’ve tracked mud in or spilt something at one point or another. Stains are inconvenient and unsightly, and they can be a huge hassle to remove

How to Clean Oven Racks – Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Oven Racks

Learning how to clean oven racks effectively can save you a lot of time. The kitchen is the heart of every home and the oven is its star player. You use the oven to bake cookies for loved ones and cook favorite family recipes. While the inside of the oven isn’t visible to everyone, it’s

The Best Lightweight Vacuum for Your Home

You either love or you have to vacuum. However, it’s a necessary household chore that you have to do, so why not make it easier on your body? The best lightweight vacuum cleaner is easy to maneuver, and it can make your life easier each time you take it out to tackle this chore. You’re

Dishwasher not Draining? Here’s How to Fix it

Dishwasher not draining? If you’re anything like me, your dishwasher is your greatest friend and most trusted kitchen companion. Unfortunately, it can also become one of your most frustrating enemies when it decides to act up. Like other essential appliances such as the lawnmower and vacuum cleaner, it seems like dishwashers often pick and choose

How to Clean Windows Effectively – 15 Window Cleaning Tips

This guide on how to clean windows will give you the tips you need to know on how to clean windows effectively. Windows are sometimes forgotten in the throes of spring cleaning, but they deserve just as much attention as the bathtub or the stained carpet. A clean window will result in a brighter house.

How to Clean Baseboards – The Ultimate Guide

While you’re getting into your spring cleaning, make sure to spend some time cleaning baseboards. Although they might seem insignificant, once they’re clean it’ll make a big impact. Not sure how to go about cleaning baseboards? Don’t worry, I’ve put together an easy-to-follow guide for baseboard cleaning. There are some parts of the house that

How to Clean a Bathtub

In this guide we teach you how to clean a bathtub the right way. A bathtub is often the centerpiece of your bathroom. It gets a lot of use and if it’s supposed to clean you, you need to make sure that it is clean, too. Over time, grime, soap scum and mildew can build

Best Insecticidal Soap and How to Make Your Own

If you’ve ever dealt with pests in your garden, you’ve probably tried any number of supposedly effective home remedies that don’t actually work and just harm your plant, leaving the insects fat and happy. Or, you may have tried something more extreme by going down the route of toxic pesticides and been shocked to find

Best Pond Pumps to Keep Your Pond Clear and Clean

Having a pond can add something special to your garden, and moving water can be downright enchanting when you have time to sit down and listen to it. However, there are a few parts and a lot of maintenance that quietly goes on in the background to ensure that your pond stays fresh and clean,

How Much Does Yard Clean Up Cost?

Maintaining your yard and general yard clean up can take a lot of work. The larger your yard is, the more time you’ll spend doing general yard clean up to make it look nice and boost your home’s curb appeal. Luckily, there are dozens of companies around that specialize in yard clean up if you’re

Best Small Shop Vac to Clean Your Garage or Workshop

A traditional vacuum isn’t equipped to clean dust, pet hair, debris reserves, and all of the other spills and odds and ends you find on your garage or workshop floor. However, the best small shop vacs take cleaning power to the next level. You may know them as wet/dry vacuums, and they’re very versatile and

Best Battery-Powered Leaf Blower to Clean Up Yard Debris

Oak, birch, and maple. While these are all gorgeous trees, they drop a lot of leaves during the fall months. The best battery-powered leaf blower is an essential piece of backyard equipment that can make it quick and easy to clear out the mess and get your yard looking neat and tidy once again without straining

Best Grout Cleaner for Your Kitchen

Grout is common in kitchens because tile is relatively easy to clean, it looks nice, and it can blend in with a variety of decors. However, your kitchen is a very busy area that sees a lot of traffic every day, and this can lead to unsightly grout stains that make your entire floor, wall,

Best Deck Cleaner to Keep Your Deck Spotless

You love spending time out on your deck, but it can fade and look worn out with sunlight exposure and heavy traffic. Even if you make a point to routinely maintain it, you’ll need a high-quality deck cleaner on hand and ready to use to bring the rich hues out in the wood and make

Best Pond Vacuum to Clean Your Pond

If you have a pond, you know how challenging it can be to keep it clear, free of debris, and healthy when the sun’s out and shining directly on it for a large part of the day. You could clean it manually, but this can take hours out of your day, and it can be

How to Clean Brass and Make it Look Brand New

In this guide we teach you how to clean brass the right way. Brass brings a warm layer of gleam to common household items. Its light golden color elevates the look of furniture and accessories. Vintage lamps, cabinet pulls, decorative vases, flatware, and coffee tables instantly look posher with a bit of brass. Unfortunately, as

How to Clean Vinyl Siding 

Looking for a guide on how to clean vinyl siding? Spring is upon us. The weather is getting warmer and that makes it easier to take care of outside chores. With social distancing being the norm, for now, we have more time on our hands to tend to oft-neglected tasks around the house like cleaning

Stink Bug Infestation? How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs at Home  

A few months ago, when the weather started getting colder, stink bugs started appearing around my house. I would find them everywhere–crawling on my succulents, dropping from the lights, even sauntering along the dining room table. The stink bug is a common nuisance pest for homeowners every fall and spring. However, because I was able

The Best Vacuum for Apartment Living

Looking for the best vacuum for apartment living? When I was looking for my first apartment, I remember being shocked at how many apartments had carpet. Having suffered from allergies for my entire life, I wanted an apartment I could easily clean. I knew from experience that carpeted floors are often allergy traps. Dust and

The Best Air Purifier Reviewed

Did you know that the average American spends the majority of their life indoors? On average, we spend close to 80-90% of time either in our houses, in a place of work, or in other indoor locations such as bars, restaurants, and gyms. With that in mind, getting the best air purifier makes a lot

How To Get Rid of Paint Smell

Want to learn how to get rid of paint smell? Painting is such a fun, easy, and quick way to spruce up anything from nightstands to kitchen cabinets or your entire living room. But it does have a downside – the smell. You feel a sense of triumph for a job well done but that

How to Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger

Just how to unclog a toilet most effectively? We’ve all been there, standing in the bathroom anxiously watching the toilet water swirl but not flush. It’s a minute of holding your breath, hoping the water won’t flow over the bowl and onto the floor. Whether or not the water makes its way onto the bathroom

15 Common House Bugs and How to Get Rid of Them

What’s the most difficult thing about being a homeowner? Whether you own a house or rent, you face many difficulties. House bugs are one of the problems that nearly everyone faces at some point. There are many kinds of bugs that can make their way into your home. Luckily, you don’t need to put up

How to Clean Grout – Best Way to Clean Tile Grout

In this guide on how to clean grout we will teach you how to clean grout in the most effective way possible. Grout: it’s one of those things you don’t really think about. You don’t think about it, that is, until you see the difference between a tile framed by clean grout, making it even

How to Get Rid of Mold in Shower 

Want to get rid of mold in shower? What is black, brown and green and grows from neglect? Mold. And though it is from the fungus family, which also produces very healthy types of edible organisms like mushrooms, mold in your shower can be seriously harmful to your health. The best way to stop mold

How to Fix Scratches on Wood

How to fix scratches on wood? Ah, it’s always the same with wood. You see a beautiful wooden piece in a woodwork shop, or at a furniture store, and you just have to have it. You get it home, and it looks just stunning in its chosen location. The right wood compliments everything around it,

How to Get Nasty Stains Out of Every Kind of Furniture and Flooring

Nothing quite ages your house and its contents like nasty stains. But you can’t possibly spend all your energy trying to prevent them — stains are just a natural part of wear and tear in the household, and unless you’ve got everything plastic-covered (and we hope you don’t!), they’re unavoidable. Well, there’s good news. Whether