10 Easy Garden Fence Ideas 

When we think of our gardens, most people tend to focus on their flowers, vegetable crops, fruit trees or immaculate green lawn. However, what surrounds your outside spaces is just as important. Garden fencing or walls can help to secure a space, keeping people out and your pets in. The right structure can also be

Concrete Resurfacing – A Complete Guide

Concrete resurfacing is a nice way to improve the look of your business or home, and it can boost your property value. Resurfacing concrete is a project where you remove the top layer of concrete and replace it with a new one, and you can hire someone to do this or do it yourself. If

What is a Mansard Roof? 7 Advantages Of These Roofs

In the simplest form, a mansard roof is a combination of a gambrel and hip roof in terms of design, and it’s also called a curb or French roof. If you’re not 100% sure what a gambrel roof is, it’s a modified form of the gable roof, but until the gable roof, it has two

25 Door Lock Types with Uses

Door locks are essential for keeping your space, no matter if it’s your home or workplace, safe, secure, and they ensure privacy. So, it’s critical that you pick out the best door lock type for your home to help reduce the chances of theft or property damage. From elegant to simple, there is a huge

DIY Metal Roof – The Complete Guide

No matter if you’re going to replace an existing roof or add a roof to a new building, metal roofing can be a great choice over more traditional asphalt shingles. A DIY metal roof is strong enough to survive hurricanes, wildfires, and hail. It’s an extremely durable material that offers a lifespan of 50 years

13 Shutter Styles to Boost Your Curb Appeal

There are many shutter styles you can choose from, and some will be a much better fit for your home than others. One of the first things you want to consider is your home’s architecture because this will give you some direction when it comes to picking out the correct shutter style for your home.

15 Popular Gutter Styles to Protect Your Home

Rain gutters do a lot more than protect the foundation of home from downpours. They work to channel water out of the way and to a location away from your home, and different gutter styles help to minimize the risk of damaged siding or basement floods that can cause serious issues. Also, if you plan

19 Sturdy Types of Roof Shingles

Did you know that 30 years ago you had the choice of clay, wood, asphalt, or tile types of roof shingles and that was it? Most people choose to go with asphalt as the material. Once they picked out a material, they had to decide on a color scheme. Today, you have many different types

8 Screen Door Alternatives

Screen doors are nice to have during the hotter summer months or in the spring months when you want to allow the sunshine and fresh air to stream through. However, not all homeowners like how traditional screen doors look, and this can send them looking for screen door alternatives that have the same benefits. But,

Learn the Parts of a Door

If you’re going to install a new exterior door or build one and you’re overwhelmed with the dozens of terms floating around concerning the parts of a door, this is for you. We’ll break down the parts of a door so you can get a good understanding of how all of the pieces and parts

8 Gutter Alternatives to Protect Your Home’s Structure

A gutter is an essential piece to ensuring that your home’s structural wellbeing stays intact. While it’s true that most homes have gutters, you may want a gutter alternative that is easier to maintain and has better aesthetics. Gutters function to keep rainwater or stormwater away from your home’s foundation, and they work to deflect

17 Door Latch Types to Secure Your Home

There are many cases where you’d want to know the different door latch types, which ones are the most secure, and how they all operate. If you’re moving into a brand new house, you want to make a mental note of which door latch types they have on the front and back door of the

24 Parts of a Roof and Their Functions

While the foundation is arguably the most important part of your home, the roof comes in at a close second. Your home’s main function is to protect you from the elements, and it’s your roof that will or won’t help you accomplish this goal. A sturdy roof that is in good repair will protect you

13 Different Types of Siding for Your House

When you want to ensure that your home has great curb appeal and is strong, you have to think of the different types of siding you could have. There are several factors you want to consider before you take the step of making your final choice, including knowing the different color options and materials that

Best Wireless Doorbell for Your Home

Wireless doorbells have been around for several years now, but they’re recently replacing wired doorbells at a very rapid rate. They offer a quick and simple install, and you get a greater degree of flexibility because you can install them anywhere you like in your home. There are so many things you want to consider

Roof Types 101 – The Complete Guide

When you build a new house, add an addition, or retrofit an existing one, picking out the correct roof type can be much more challenging than many people realize. Roofs do so much more than just serving their most practical and basic purpose of protecting everyone inside the house and the house itself from the

Two Top Roof Insulation Options and Costs

If your home is located in a colder planting zone and you don’t have the proper roof insulation handy, keeping it warm can be very expensive during the long winter months. Prices for heating oil or natural gas can rise in the winter due to increased demand, putting further strain on your finances. Depending on

How to Build Shed Doors

Many people often wonder how to build shed doors for their new sheds, and it’s surprisingly easier than you think. Some designs have been in use for thousands of years, and being able to use ready-made screws, panks, steel hinges, and nails make this project much easier than it would be than if you had

How Much Do Seamless Gutters Cost

Seamless gutters are exactly what they sound like; they’re a gutter system without any seams between the sections like you see with traditional gutters. Having seamless gutters on your home reduces the chances of having leaks, and it also allows you to easily clean out your gutters each season since there are fewer places for

How to Build a Barn Door

If you’ve ever wanted to add a rustic flair to your home, you’ve probably wondered how to build a barn door as an interior door in your home. You may have shopped for one, but this can easily bring on sticker shock because it’s not usual for them to run in the high hundred or

How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?

If you live in a planting zone that has four distinct seasons and gets cold during the winter months, you probably know all about the importance of weatherproofing your windows. Double glazing can work to keep more or your home’s heat inside, and this is why many people wonder about the average double glazing cost.

How Much Does Vinyl Siding Cost to Install and Maintain?

Vinyl siding was first created in the 1950s as an alternative to wood that had lower maintenance needs, and it’s now one of the most popular types of siding. Vinyl siding is a type of plastic that gets color added through each piece, and this means that you won’t have to worry about painting it

What is the Average Metal Roof Cost?

Metal roofs are quickly gaining in popularity with homeowners, and one of the biggest draws is that they require very little maintenance over traditional roofs. You can install your metal roof over your existing roof, they last between 40 and 100 years, are energy-efficient, durable, will not be affected by rot, termites, mold, or mildew,

How Much do Storm Windows Cost to Install and Maintain?

When you’re worried about energy costs or bad weather and you’re looking at replacement windows, wondering about the average storm windows cost is normal. Storm windows work to help insulate existing windows, stop energy transfer and airflow, and they work best when you install them over single-pane windows. You can choose from several different sizes,

What is the Average Cost to Replace Siding on Your Home?

Next to the roof, your home’s siding is arguably one of the most important features. Stucco, vinyl, and other siding works to protect your home from the elements, plays a role in energy efficiency, and it also keeps out the snow, wind, and rain. This means you want to keep it in good condition, so

Bay Window Prices – The Ultimate Guide

A bay window has a way of making your space seem versatile and dynamic, but they give you a small and comfortable space to sit and relax too. They let more light stream into your home, add volume to the area, and they’re the perfect addition if you add an extension, and this is why

How Much Does Stucco Siding Cost?

Did you know that stucco is one of the oldest siding materials available that is popular for use on both residential and commercial buildings? It has an ancient history that can make you wonder as to what the actual stucco siding cost is today. Originally, this material had lime in it as a base, and

What is the Average Tile Roof Replacement Cost?

Tile roofing is expected to last an entire lifetime, but you may find yourself in need of a tile roof replacement or repair due to leaks caused by damaged flashing, sagging tiles, cracks, worn-out underlayment, or slipping. Repairing the issues as soon as you notice them is one way to avoid a full roof replacement,

What is the Average Cost for Window Frame Repair?

Even though your window frames are an essential part of your home, many people make the mistake of overlooking them because they blend right into your replacement windows. Window frames help keep your home insulated to help save on your heating and cooling bills, and you may need to look into window frame repair if

How Much Does an Egress Window Cost to Update Your Home’s Look?

Egress means a path out or to emerge, and this is what egress windows do in any home. You can install these windows in specific locations in your home like in a basement to provide an emergency exit in case of an accident or fire. Since they’re so useful, many people wonder what an egress

What is the Average Gutter Guard Installation Cost?

If you have gutters on your home, it’s a good idea to install a gutter guard as this is a cover that will work to stop branches, leaves, and other debris from getting in and clogging your gutters. There are many gutter guard styles available, and this makes your gutter guard installation prices fluctuate. Each

Gutter Installation Cost Guide

Gutters work to help drain water away from your home’s foundation to help with soil erosion and damage, and they make it easy to harvest rainwater for your garden. The gutter installation cost you’ll pay depends on a broad range of factors, and they come in a host of styles and materials that can complement

What is the Average Cost to Install Exterior Door?

Exterior doors are typically on the back, front, or sides of the house and you use them to enter and exit your space. They can be a focal or statement point of your home’s exterior that can spruce up your entryway, but budgeting for the cost to install exterior doors can be difficult because there

What is the Average Roof Replacement Cost?

If it’s either getting to or past time to replace your scrappy old roof, you may start wondering about the average roof replacement cost. On average, most people in the United States can expect to spend around $8,087 for the total roof replacement cost. However, the range typically starts at $5,353 and goes up to

51 Front Door Ideas to Spruce up Your Entryway all Year-Round

We take a lot of pride in our homes, and it all starts with a welcoming front door and walkway. You could have a well-manicured lawn, an elaborate porch, or a nice patio. It’s the first thing people see on your home, and they can look in from the road as well, so it can

How Much Do Hurricane Proof Windows Cost

In this detailed cost guide we walk you through everything you need to do know how much hurricane proof windows cost, the different types of hurricane windows and the pros and cons. First, starting with the basics. What are Hurricane Proof Windows? Hurricane Windows are designed to receive impact, usually caused by severe weather –

How Much Will a New Roof Cost to Replace?

Ask any number of roofing contractors how much will a new roof cost to replace, and the answer you get could range from as little as $7,000 to upwards of $100,000 or more. Either way, there’s no escaping the fact that roof installations are one of -if not the- most expensive things you’ll ever pay

Damp Proofing Cost Guide: How Much Does it Cost to Damp Proof a Wall

On the face of it, a seemingly simple question like how much does it cost to damp proof a wall should have a simple answer. Yet if you’ve ever tried getting so much as a rough estimate from a contractor, you’ll soon find that damp-related property damage can be a complex problem with no one-size-fits-all

Best Replacement Windows Cost Guide

Want to understand the cost of replacement windows? There you were, idly gazing out of the window when it suddenly it hit you: Those windows seriously need replacing. Perhaps those tired-old frames have simply lost their luster and no longer lend your home the kind of aesthetic charm they once did, or maybe there’s a

10 Best Draft Stopper Ideas to Keep Your Home Warm

If you live in an older house, you may love the rustic charm that comes with it. However, you most likely don’t like the drafts that seem to find the smallest cracks to sneak in. Drafts are a very common occurrence around windows and doors, especially in older houses where the wood starts to warp.