25 Types of Knives Explained

Knives are one of the oldest tools known to mankind, surviving their purpose as an eating utensil, weapon, and even hunting tool. Today, knives are a part of every kitchen, and depending on how often you cook in your household and what your favorite foods are – you might need to supply some different types

26 Walk In Pantry Ideas to Maximize Your Storage Space

You’re most likely well aware that your countertops and cupboards only have so much room. So, for bulk shoppers, foodies, and people who love kitchen gadgets, walk-in pantry ideas to help extend your space can be critical. These smaller rooms give you extra storage space for dry foods, canned goods, snacks, beverages, and a range

Cost of Installing Laminate Countertops – The Complete Guide

Laminate countertops are a very low-cost and attractive way to update your space. Laminate counters are made using several layered plastic pieces that get laminated together to form a very durable surface, and this leads a lot of people to wonder what the cost of installing laminate countertops is. Also, the fact that they come

What is the Cost to Install a Gas Stove?

The single biggest factor when you’re figuring out the cost to install a gas stove is whether or not you already have a gas line installed or if you need to add one. For this post, we’re going to assume you already have a gas line installed and there is electricity if you need it.

30 White Cabinet Kitchen Backsplash Ideas 

White cabinets are very common and actually the most popular color for kitchen cabinets, so of course there’s lots of ideas about how to pair a backsplash with the cabinets. In general, there’s many ways you can design a kitchen backsplash and what’s so great about white cabinets is that they can be styled with

16 Different Types of Plates and Their Uses

There are several things that go into understanding how to properly set a table. There are various types of drinking glasses, silverware etiquette, and how to properly place different types of plates. Choosing your dinnerware and the correct plate materials for your space can be slightly intimidating, but anything is better than choosing to only

16 Types of Spatulas and Popular Uses

Spatulas originally started as versatile cooking tools, but just like any other utensil from spoons to forks to bowls in a more modern kitchen, they’ve slowly become specialized. Now, there are several types of spatulas on the market available in different materials that you use for various cooking things. These differences are much more than

40 Types of Drinking Glasses for Your Kitchen or Bar

Drinking isn’t all about the drink you choose, but it’s also about the experience you have, and your type of drinking glass will play a huge role. If you want to relish your experience to the fullest, having the correct types of drinking glasses on hand makes all of the difference in the world. From

20 Types of Bowls to Have in Your Kitchen

Did you know that different types of bowls have been the primary food vessel for many cuisines for centuries, but they only really caught on in the United States in 2016? The rise of bowl eating ushered in a new wave of cookbooks and fast food chains that wanted to capitalize on this new trend,

15 Sturdy Types of Kitchen Floor Tiles

When it comes to buying flooring for your kitchen, you have massive options available. It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices you have. In other rooms in your home, you typically have the choice of carpet or hardwood flooring, but your kitchen has other factors that come into play with

22 Beautiful Types of Backsplash for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

The earliest types of backsplashes were designed to be more functional than decorative. It was made out of ceramic or glass tile, and it was only four inches high. It was designed to help protect the walls from grease and water splatters and other kitchen accidents. So, it makes sense that they were only installed

22 Basic Types of Pots to Outfit Your Kitchen

In your kitchen, you most likely have a decent-sized collection of different types of pots and pans. But, if you’re just starting out, you may not know which are the best types to have and use when you cook in your kitchen. Using the microwave may be very convenient, but it doesn’t give you the

21 Types of Stoves and Cooktops to Upgrade Your Kitchen

One of the most used appliances in most people’s kitchens are their stoves, but the use frequency can vary from person to person. Additionally, the type of stove you pick out will also depend on your kitchen’s style. No matter if you’re someone who loves the more traditional four-burner gas stove or a trendy homeowner

20 Kitchen Styles to Suit Every Type of Cook

There is a huge range of kitchen styles to consider if you want to do a kitchen remodel. You can easily create a look that’s traditional, contemporary, farmhouse, rustic, and much more, and picking different styles for your cabinets can help pull the whole look together. Sometimes, your kitchen style is an easy decision, especially

9 Popular Types of Kitchen Faucets

When you think of all of the areas in your kitchen, the faucet is arguably the one that gets the most use. There are several types of kitchen faucets that work to provide you with virtually every function you may need, and a faucet change as part of your kitchen remodel is a great way

55 Luxury Kitchen Designs and Ideas

A kitchen is often one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s where you spend time cooking each meal, where guests gravitate when you have them over, and where countless memories will be made. You no doubt want this space to feel special and unique. There are countless ways to spruce up a

Learn the Parts of a Sink to Keep it in Good Working Order

No matter if you rent or own your home, you should know the various parts of a sink to ensure that you can tackle any problems that come up without having to resort to calling in a plumber. Problems can crop up in several ways, and they could be anything from a clog in the

27 Types of Spices That are Essential in Your Kitchen

Spices are aromatic flavorings that come from bark, fruits, seeds, rhizomes, and a host of other plant parts that you use to preserve and season food. Spices also have a place in medicines, perfumes, and dyes, and they’ve been a very high-priced trade good for centuries. Spice derives from the Latin species, and this means

Best Kitchen Faucets to Give Your Space a Fresh, New Look

When you’re tackling a kitchen renovation project, new appliances and cabinetry are usually two of the biggest budget eaters available, especially if you want the best kitchen faucets and fixtures. New fixtures and other smaller design choices can make a huge impact on your cooking space’s aesthetic. The faucets are some of the most used

19 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Create the Perfect Entertainment Area

When the weather turns pleasant and warms up, there’s few things more satisfying than being able to cook and eat a meal outside on your patio. Implementing one of these outdoor kitchen ideas allows you to prepare and enjoy your food while you’re out under the stars or under the sun, and they come in

How Much do Marble Countertops Cost?

Marble is a type of stone featuring mostly calcite, and it gets formed when limestone undergoes a huge amount of pressure and heat to give you a very durable and hard stone that you can cut, polish, and shape to create stunning countertops. Marble features color veins that run across the surface, and no two

What are the Average Kitchen Island Prices?

If you want to make your kitchen layout more functional, versatile, or attractive during your kitchen remodel project, figuring out kitchen island prices and adding one in can help give you a solid starting point. These islands can be small and come designed to give you extra storage space, or you can have a larger

Complete Countertop Installation Cost Guide

Countertops give you a nice working surface for preparing or cutting food, and they also work well for storage. Your countertop installation cost will depend on whether you want them to be decorative to enhance your kitchen decor or strictly functional, and they’re the perfect thing to do during a kitchen remodel to help keep

How Much Does Backsplash Installation Cost?

You can add decorative touches to your kitchen by adding a colorful backsplash, and they serve as a protective barrier to protect the wall behind your cooktop or faucet from food splatter. The backsplash has evolved into an optional touch to add to your kitchen remodel, and you wonder how much this backsplash installation cost

Best Marble Countertop Alternatives That Look Stunning

Thinking of renovating your kitchen soon? It might be hard to pick the right choices, especially when it comes to finding the best kitchen surfaces for your upcoming renovation. Marble countertops have been a favorite for years, and reasonably so. Marble is a natural stone with a high price tag that looks amazing and provides

What is the Average Cost to Install Kitchen Cabinets?

Adding new cabinets to your kitchen is a nice way to refresh your room’s look while making it more functional, and this can lead a lot of people to wonder what the cost to install kitchen cabinets is today. Whether you just want to install cabinets or you’re going for a full kitchen remodel, the

Kitchen Remodel Cost – How Much Does a New Kitchen Cost?

In this kitchen remodel cost guide we share everything you need to know about how much does a new kitchen cost. Ask that question to five different kitchen fitters, and you’ll get five very different answers, often varying by thousands of dollars. After all, with so many different factors at play, the frustrating truth is