What is the Cost to Install a Gas Stove?

The single biggest factor when you’re figuring out the cost to install a gas stove is whether or not you already have a gas line installed or if you need to add one. For this post, we’re going to assume you already have a gas line installed and there is electricity if you need it. The average cost to install a gas stove usually ranges from $300 to $1,500.

These stoves are powered by propane or natural gas, and this means that they heat food using a flame. Along with more rapid heat, this type gives you total control over the heat level to lend more flexibility to your cooking. Generally, cooking using a gas stove is cheaper than using an induction stove or an electric one because it uses less energy. However, since you’re working with open flames, this isn’t the safest choice. Cleaning it can also be more difficult when you have a gas stove because of the pan supports and open burner design.

The work involves removing the existing cooktop and cleaning the connection points before wrapping the pipe with PTFE tape to ensure you get a leak-free connection. Then, you’ll secure the gas line to the appliance and test that it works correctly. Leveling it may be necessary, and if you have a vented appliance, you’ll connect the vent at this point. If your home has propane, installing a conversion kit will increase your cost to install a gas stove. We’ll break down the costs below.

1 New Gas Stove
Gas stoves are a more industrial or commercial-grade look to them, but they also offer more control over the cooking process.

Gas Appliance Installation Overview

You can use natural gas with several different appliance types, like ovens and stoves, water heaters, clothes dryers, gas logs, fireplace inserts, and complete gas fireplaces. Some of them have to be vented, but others will operate fine without a vent because they burn fuel very efficiently, so there are very little byproducts or carbon monoxide created.

Gas appliances generally use natural gas to run, and they get set up in the factory to burn NG. In more rural areas where you need propane with a conversion kit, and you’ll also need to pay your installation fees. The following cost guide includes all supplies and retail costs, and this will help you get a better handle on the total cost to install a gas stove. In turn, you can decide if this is in your budget or not.

Stove Installation Cost

Low End: $375
High End: $3,000
National Average: $650
Average Range: $500 to $1,000

Stove Prices by Size

Stoves are available in a large range of sizes from 12 inches to 36 inches, and you can find larger sizes too. However, this also increases the cost to install a gas stove. Typically, a 30 or 36-inch unit are the most common options. To buy a stove that fits your desired location, first measure the width, height, and depth of the stove, making sure you measure the widest points.

Size Average Unit Cost
12-Inch $150 to $400
21-Inch $300 to $800
24-Inch $400 to $1,000
30-Inch $600 to $1,200
36-Inch $650 to $2,500
45-Inch $700 to $2,750
48-Inch $750 to $3,000

Stove Prices by Material

You have to pick out surface material too. Because the surface of your stove is largely visible, it impacts the appliance’s looks and function. The prices will fluctuate depending on the size and material you pick out. The below table will outline the average cost for a four-burner stove made from the specific material, not including the installation.

Material Average Unit Cost
Ceramic Glass: $400 to $800
Enamel: $400 to $800
Porcelain: $400 to $1,200
Stainless Steel: $300 to $800

Ceramic Stove

Ceramic stoves are also called glass stoves, and they cost between $400 and $800. They use induction or electric, depending on how much you have in your budget. This material gives you a few advantages. First, it gives you a very flat surface that takes up less space than coil burners on traditional electric stoves and cast iron grates you’ll find on gas stoves. They are generally easier to clean and offer a very modern appeal because of the smooth surface. However, there are a few disadvantages, like it’s easier to accidentally burn yourself, scratch the surface, and it needs special cleaning with a specialized set of pots and pans.

Enamel Stove

Enamel stoves have a price range from $400 to $800, and they can use electric or gas heat. This material comes in many colors, and it’s much easier to clean than almost any other material. It can be prone to damage if you’re rough with it, despite the fact that the outer surface looks strong and hard.

Porcelain Stove

Porcelain stoves are more expensive, and their price ranges from $400 to $1,200. Like enamel stoves, you can use gas or electric to run them, and they come in a range of colors. This material is very easy to clean, harder to scratch, and heat-resistant. However, it’s more likely to sustain damage if you drop something heavy on it by accident.

Stainless Steel Stove

Generally speaking, a stainless steel stove will cost between $300 and $800. If you decide to go with a gas stove, stainless steel should be the material of choice. They come with a few advantages like they’re easy to coordinate with your existing decor, they have a lower price point, and they’re long-lasting as a general rule. Although it’s easy to clean with polish and a rag, stainless steel will show smudges and fingerprints.

2 Gas Stove Materials
There are several materials you can pick out for your gas stove, and they’ll play a role in your cost to install a gas stove with some being much more expensive than others.

Stove Cost by Number of Burners

Most homeowners have a stove with four burners of varying sizes, typically gas or electric. However, you can easily source specialized cooktops with additional burners, depending on your family’s size, how much space you have, and your family’s size. These additional burners can include simmer burners that only get to a low temperature to keep your food warm or simmering. They can also come with high-heat burners that are designed to reach temperatures over what your standard burner can reach.

1 Burner $10.00 to $300
2 Burners $30.00 to $1,000
3 Burners $40.00 to $1,500
4 Burners $100 to $2,500
5 Burners $300 to $2,700
6 Burners $500 to $3,500

Stove Installation Cost by Type

The cost to install a gas stove is based on the type of contractor you pull in to help, whether you need countertop modifications, outlets, electrical wiring, or gas shut offs and gas lines run. On average, your labor costs start at around $75.00 and go up to $350. For both labor and materials, your cost to install a gas stove ranges from $375 to $2,750. Below, you’ll find the average costs you can end up paying for installation and labor, depending on the type of stove you pick out.

Installation Type Average Labor Costs Average Total Costs
Electric + Modifications $75.00 to $150 $375 to $1,150
Gas + Gas Lines $100 to $175 $400 to $1,675
Induction + Modifications $225 to $350 $1,225 to $2,850

Electric Stove Installation Cost

Very similar to gas units, the process of installing electric cooktops is straightforward. The average labor costs to install an electrical cooktop runs from $75.00 to $150, and the total labor will range from $375 to $1,150. However, you’ll need a junction box by your desired installation location, and most electric stoves require a 240 VAC junction box. When you replace an older unit, a junction box, that is an enclosure that houses the electrical connections, is already there most of the time.

However, it’s recommended that you hire a licensed electrician to perform the install if you move it to a new location or swap from gas to electric. Also, ensure that the new unit has the same amperage as the old one or you’ll end up paying for wiring. A lot of the older units have a 30-amp circuit, and newer stoves have a 40 or 50-amp circuit. If you need to bring in an electrician to install new wiring or junction box, your cost to install a gas stove will go up. On average, to install a junction box, you’ll pay around $200.

Gas Stove Installation Cost

When you install a gas cooktop, the process is relatively straightforward. You can expect to pay between $100 and $175 for labor costs, and the average total cost to install a gas stove ranges from $400 to $1,675. This is especially true if all you need to do is drop the stove into a precut opening and hook up the gas line. It’s recommended that you hire a licensed plumber to run the supply and gas lines if you’re moving the unit or installing them from scratch.

Induction Stove Installation Cost

On average, you’ll pay between $225 and $350 for labor costs to install an induction stove, and the total project costs range from $1,225 to $2,750. Installing an induction stove is very similar to installing an electrical unit, but this requires a little more work, especially if you install it in a new location. Just like electrical stoves, induction stoves require a 240 VAC junction box with 40 or 50-amp circuits. It’s recommended that you pay for a professional electrician to perform the modifications when you install your induction cooktop in a new spot.

3 Induction vs Gas vs Electric Stove
Induction burners are very sleek and modern, and many people have a hard time deciding between this and a more traditional gas stove.

Location and the Cost to Install a Stove

Stoves give you the flexibility in the kitchen because you can install them on top of a kitchen island, countertop, or outside. The installation costs will vary too, depending on where you want to install it. Most commonly, they get installed on top of a countertop because the necessary power or gas lines are usually already in place.

Location Average Price with Lines Installed Average Price with Adding Lines
Countertop: $625 to $700 $875 to $1,050
Island: $800 to $1,300 $1,100 to $2,000
Outdoor Kitchen: $1,300 to $2,400 $1,700 to $3,000

Counter Stove

The average person spends roughly $625 to $700 for a basic countertop gas stove installation when ventilation and gas prices are already in place. If you need to add ventilation and gas lines, the cost to install a gas stove is between $875 to $1,050. They most commonly get installed on top of a countertop because the necessary power or gas lines are already in place, and this is a fairly straightforward process. The installation costs vary, depending on the type of stove you want. There can be more costs if you have to install a new power or gas line.

Island Stove

Your cost to install a gas stove is between $1,100 and $2,000 as an island cooktop if you need to have ventilation and gas lines installed, and $800 to $1,300 if they’re already in place. Installing a cooktop on an island will give you much more working room and a modern aesthetic. The installation process is very similar to a countertop stove, but it may require more money. If you already have an island in your kitchen, the necessary power or gas lines to have a stove are not there. On average, it’ll cost roughly $2,000 to have an electrician make these modifications. However, the cost can go up more, depending on different modifications.

Also, with island stoves, it is more likely that you’ll need to add a ventilation system, and this increases your cost to install a gas stove even more. The two most common types of ventilation systems are downdraft or hood vents. For a gas unit that has a hood vent, including the cooktop and gas line installation, you’ll spend roughly $1,100. For a gas cooktop with a built-in downdraft system, you’ll pay $1,600.

Outdoor Stove

To install a gas cooktop from scratch outside, you’ll pay between $1,700 and $3,000, and the cost to install a gas stove is even more when you include ventilation and gas lines. If you don’t need ventilation or gas lines, your prices drop to between $1,300 and $2,400. Outdoor kitchen setups are very common for people who live in warmer climates, and they offer a few benefits over cooking inside. For example, it keeps all of the cooking smells outdoors, is great for entertaining, and it can lower your energy usage. However, appliance installation and outdoor kitchens can be expensive in general.

If you want to install an outdoor kitchen, you’ll need to make sure any material you pick out can withstand exposure to the elements. You should also consider your power source, electrical or gas, because it has to go from the house’s main lines and underground. The installation cost and process will vary on the cooktop if you choose and if you have to make modifications. This cost can be a lot higher because it requires a much more in-depth process, and the starting prices are around $1,000.

Outdoor stoves are also available as stand-alone, portable units that you can place on the ground or on tables. Most commonly, it comes as a gas option with two burners, and the costs to install a gas stove will fall between $75.00 and $150, depending on the brand. You can also get induction portable units ranging from $100 to $300.

4 Outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor kitchens are very popular in warmer climates where there isn’t any snow, and they make great gathering spaces.

Stove Replacement Cost

Replacing your existing cooktop is much less expensive than paying the cost to install a new one because your work is already done. If this is a direct replacement, you want to make sure the dimensions for the new cooktop match the old model so that the new unit fits nicely in place. A licensed electrician can take care of the installation process for $75.00 to $150, and this is roughly an hour’s work. When you have a replacement, there is usually a removal cost of roughly $75.00 to $100. The cost for replacement depends on the type.

Type of Replacement and Cost to Replace a Stove

Replacement Type Average Cost with Installation
Replace Gas with Electric: $750 to $950
Replace Electric with Gas: $800 to 1,000

Gas Stove Replacement Cost

Hiring an electrician to remove your old gas stove and install a new one costs roughly $150. For a very basic electric unit with installation, the average person will pay between $750 and $950. Replacing older gas units with a new one that is the same size is the least expensive choice rather than swapping over to an induction or electrical unit.

When you want to replace your gas stove with an induction or electrical unit, the process gets much more complicated and you’ll need a licensed electrician. Gas units need 120 volts, and most newer electrical and induction ones need 240 volts. This means that you’ll need new electrical lines and a junction box installed for you to install an induction or electric stove. You should expect to pay between $200 and $400 to replace your gas lines with the wiring necessary for an induction or electric stove.

Replace an Electric Stove with a Gas Stove

While electric cooktops are the most common, a lot of people choose to swap to gas if they already have a gas line in their home. It will cost between $800 and $1,000 for a basic gas unit installation and replacement. Gas is much more efficient and can heat your food more evenly, and you get a faster cooldown and startup speed.

Converting from an electric stove to a gas stove isn’t challenging. You can easily find units that are identical in size, and this makes replacing countertop units easy. Extending the gas line to your new gas stove is the main cost influence. If you have a gas-powered stove in the kitchen, your plumber can T off this line relatively easily to rut it to the new stove. If not, the line has to go further. On average, you’ll pay between $10.00 and $15.00 a linear foot to install your gas line. Typically, this is between two and four feet, and you can usually hide the gas line in your kitchen cabinets. The time it takes to install will vary according to the distance the plumber has to run the line, and it usually takes between two and six hours.

Stove Ventilation Cost

In most instances, when you’re installing any type of stove, you’ll need a ventilation system. There are different ventilation systems, and the two most common ones are range hoods and downdraft vents. Some units come equipped with a downdraft ventilation system. This system has a vent in the very back, and it rises from a flush surface and pulls steam and smoke downward and out a vent. This system is very good if you have a system installed on an island, peninsula, or in another spot where you can’t have a traditional hood vent. Generally, a stove with a built-in downdraft vent starts at $1,600 and goes up to $2,200.

If you decide against getting a model with a downdraft ventilation system, you have to install a hood vent. Range hood vents work to pull grease, particles, and smoke out of the air generated when you cook. There are several styles available, from unobtrusive to commercial-grade. Typically, your costs will run from $500 to $1,000.

Optional Special Features for Your Stove

Along with the material and size, there are other ways you can personalize your new stove, but they’ll increase your total cost to install a gas stove. No matter if it’s safety, technology, or temperature, you can get a broad range of special features on your stove, and the most popular options include:

Special Feature Price for the Stove Alone
AutoChef: $1,500 to $2,800
Automatic Reignition: $800 to $2,000
Bridge Burner: $750 to $2,00
Digital Touch Controls: $950 to $2,200
Dual Burner: $350 to $1,000
Glide Touch Controls: $1,000 to $2,500
High-Heat Burner: $650 to $,1400
Hot Surface Indicator Lights: $630 to $2,000
Simmer Burner: $650 to $1,400


AutoChef is a feature that is available on some Bosch stoves that costs between $1,500 and $2,500 to buy the unit. This design comes with the ability to regulate the cookware temperature to ensure you get precise cooking. No matter if you’re pan searing or simmering, it won’t overheat. To use this feature, you’ll also need to buy compatible cookware that has the sensors required to stay at the correct temperature.

Automatic Reignition

Stoves that come with this feature are usually more expensive than the average stove, and the prices will range from $800 to $2,000. Some gas stoves come equipped with an automatic reignition. If a burner happens to go out, the unit will automatically reignite the fire if the burner is still on. Also, this feature lowers the probability of gas leaks and sparking.

Bridge Burner Stove

Generally speaking, units with a bridge burner feature range from $750 to $2,000. A bridge element will connect two or more burners for one big cook surface for griddles or larger pieces of cookware. This element removes the heat loss the surface can have. There is a slight cost increase if you want a stove equipped with a bridge burner, but most brands are still affordable with it.

5 Bridge Burner
Bridge burners are very popular with people who have larger families and have to cook in larger quantities because they give you more cooking space.

Digital Touch Controls – Digital Stove

Generally, digital touch control stoves come with a higher price attached, and they generally run between $950 and $2,200. Some units operate by dial, and some come outfitted with digital touch controls to give you precision burner control. This unit is known for the safety features, and it comes with built-in sensors that help you adjust the heat to the pan’s size, and it has a control-lock feature that is designed to prevent you from accidentally activating it. They’re also usually easier to clean.

Dual Burner Stove

The price for a dual-element burner ranges from $350 to $1,000. Dual-element burners are also called multiple-element burners, and they have several heating elements in a single burner. The two burners get stacked on top of one another, and this makes them adaptable to different sizes of cookware. For simmering, the flame is right near the burner’s base and on the smaller side. For boiling or higher-temperature applications, the upper ring will ignite and give you two flames.

Glide Touch Controls

When you pick out a stove with glide controls, you can expect to pay between $1,000 and $2,500 for the unit. Glide controls are very similar to electronics like smartphones and they require touch-control heating elements on the stove. The appliance comes outfitted with a digital pad that uses static electricity from your finger to move it. All you have to do is swipe the device to turn on the burners and set them to your temperature.

High-Heat Burner

Stoves with a high-heat burner have a range from $650 to $1,400. High-heat burners are also called power burners, and they give you precision temperature control. Also, they come with specific settings that allow you to maintain high heat easier. Any stove with a high-heat burner has higher wattage, and this boils water much quicker. You’ll find this option on the front left of your stove or cooktop.

Hot Surface Indicator Lights

Stoves that have a hot surface indicator light will cost between $600 and $2,000. As the name suggests, these lights indicate if your cooking surface is hot after you turn the burners off, and this is nice to have if you have kids. For induction or electrical units outfitted with this feature, a hot surface light will swap on when the glass around your bruner or burners gets 150-degrees Fahrenheit. Even if you switch the unit off, the light will stay on until the unit cools below this temperature, and this takes roughly 20 minutes.

Simmer Burner

Stoves with specific simmer burners will run between $650 and $1,400. Like the high-heat option, simmer burners will give you much more control over the temperature. It has specific settings that are designed to keep a lower heat level. Simmer burners are great for specific jobs, like melting chocolate or butter. Also, this burner helps to keep your dishes warm for hours without burning or boiling.

Bottom Line

Now you know the average cost to install a gas stove and what options will make the price fluctuate. These stoves are generally a decently cost-effective appliance that allows you to have a higher level of control over your cooking process.

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