Best Weed Wacker

When it comes to keeping your yard looking the best it can all spring and summer long, having the right tools on-hand can make all of the difference in the world. A quality weed wacker will keep your lawn looking groomed and trimmed.  Even better, the best weed wackers can work as mini-mowers and edgers

Best Dandelion Killer

When you were younger, seeing the happy yellow dandelions in your yard probably made you very happy. But, now that you’re grown up, seeing these dandelions ruin your beautiful green yard most likely fills you with dread. They can be difficult to get rid of, and this is why you need the best dandelion killer

Best Weeding Tool for a Tidy Garden

Weeds can be an unsightly problem in your yard or garden, and the best weeding tool is something you want to have on hand. This tool can help reduce the strain on your body and make weeding much quicker. Some tools can even pull the roots and the plant out in one go to prevent

How to Control Burdock Weed

Common burdock weeds are invasive plants. They are commonly found growing along roadsides or in pastures. The ability to quickly grow and spread means that if they get into your garden they can quickly overrun a lawn or flowerbed. Our guide to controlling burdock weed is designed to help you manage the weeds before they

How to Make Homemade Weed Killer – 5 Natural DIY Weed Killer Ideas

Looking for a homemade weed killer? Weeds are every gardener’s worst enemy, weaving their way through our perfectly planted gardens and reeking all kinds of havoc en route. So, with spring just around the corner, it’s no wonder you’re now trying to work out how to make homemade weed killers that eliminate these persistent pests

Best Weed Eater

An essential part of any serious gardener’s tool kit, a good quality weed eater can help you keep your lawn and other outdoor spaces looking trim, tidy and pristine right year round. Ready to buy but not sure which is really worth your money? This comprehensive best weed eater buyer guide reveals all. You take