When to Harvest Watermelon

Nothing is more refreshing than a slice of freshly picked juicy watermelon on a hot summer day. It tastes even better when the fruit is one that you have grown yourself. If you like growing your own watermelons but have no idea when to pick these delicious fruits, this handy guide will explain everything you

Durian vs Jackfruit – What is the Difference? 

Two tropical fruits that are similar in appearance, when it comes to choosing between durian vs jackfruit, you can be forgiven for struggling to tell the two apart. However, there are some key differences between these two tropical fruits. Once you learn how to spot these differences you will be able to tell them apart

A Complete Guide on How to Grow Bananas

Once considered an exotic delicacy today the banana is one of the world’s most popular fruits. This popularity is largely due to the fruit’s delicious flavor and creamy texture. They are also packed with nutrients such as potassium and vitamin C. A popular choice at the grocery store, but did you know you can also

15 Popular Types of Guava + Uses

Guava is a fruit that you can eat, and it’s technically a large berry. It grows on the guava fruit tree, and you’ll find it growing in warm weather in subtropical locations in hardiness zones 9b. No matter the type of guava tree you have, if the temperature dips below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, it could

How to Grow the Pomegranate Tree – A Complete Guide

Pomegranate trees produce delicious fruit, and if you live in a warmer climate and decide to grow it, they’re generally easy to maintain while not being affected by a lot of diseases or pests. The fruits have a leathery, red rind with edible, sweet seeds that are packed full of antioxidants and come with many

Growing Cantaloupe in Containers – The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever thought about growing cantaloupe but you simply don’t have the space for it? Maybe the area you have available doesn’t get enough sun to sustain the plant. Or, maybe you live in an apartment building that doesn’t have a dedicated yard for your garden, but you have a balcony or deck. Growing

21 Plants with Small Red Fruit

Small red fruit that grows on shrubs or trees can add a pop of color to any landscape or garden. Shrubs or trees with edible red berries can also work to give you a tart or sweet addition to your dishes, depending on the cultivar. Who can’t resist being able to walk outside and pluck

When to Harvest Figs

Figs are fruits that are delicious, luscious fruits that are staples in Mediterranean cuisines like Italian, Greek, and Lebanese. However, you should be happy to hear that Fig trees can grow in many parts of the U.S.and aren’t just Mediterranean treats. Of course, if you’re going to grow a Fig tree, it’s important to know

Clementines vs Mandarins – What is the Difference? 

Similar in appearance, both Clementines and Mandarins are popular citrus fruits. Smaller versions of the  larger orange, these two compact fruits are smaller, sweeter and easier to peel. But what is the real difference between clementines vs mandarins? So alike that they are often confused, the question of whether small orange fruits are clementines vs

How to Build a Grape Trellis

Did you know that there were tons of grapes produced around the United States in the past year? Just imagine how many grape trellises that were to help support all of these plants. Although it was the practice to grow grapes with the supporting grape trellis years ago, and some vineyards still follow this practice,

Citrus Fruits List – 20 Types with Photos and Facts

The citrus fruits list is very long, and they are all tangy, zesty, and packed full of flavor. The taste you’ll get with various citrus fruits ranges from sour and sweet flavors that delight, refresh, and invigorate each taste bud. There are over 100 different citrus fruit varieties available, and we’ve rounded up to the

How to Care for and Grow the Chinese Lantern Plant

The Chinese lantern plant is a hardy perennial that gives you colorful visual interest in the fall, and you can grow it in containers or in the ground without issues. It’s a clump-forming plant that produces medium-green leaves that are three inches long. Summertime brings about small but insignificant bell-shaped flowers, and the fall brings

How to Grow the Passion Fruit Plant

The passion fruit is a berry that grows on the passion fruit plant. You can get yellow or purple passion fruits, and the purple passion fruit is slightly smaller than a lemon with a deep purple hue. The other fruit is bright yellow, and this is also slightly larger at the size of a grapefruit.

Best Watermelon Varieties – Growing Tips and Photos

When you think of the taste of summer, you think of different watermelon varieties. There’s few things that are more satisfactory than biting into a ripe slice of watermelon on a hot day. It may surprise you to learn that watermelon comes in a host of more varieties than you get in the traditional supermarket,

How to Grow Dragon Fruit Plant

One of the most distinctive flowering fruit trees, the dragon fruit plant is a large climbing specimen that belongs to the cactus family. Producing elongated, thick succulent-like branches it is hard not to notice a dragon fruit plant. Sometimes called night blooming Cereus, pitaya or strawberry pear, the dragon fruit plant is popular for its

40 Sweetest Apples – Sweet Apple Varieties to Grow

The sweetest apples you can buy come from a select group, including Gala, Fuji, Golden Delicious, and Honeycrisp. These sweetest apples have a much higher sugar content than others, and it’s best to eat them when they’re in season. The sweetness level of the apple is also affected by the climate in the orchard, tree

35 Green Fruit Names – Identification, Facts, Photos

Green fruit names can help you easily distinguish between the numerous sweet and sour types available on the market. This is important because growing and eating green fruit is a great way to add nutrients to your diet. We’ve picked out 35 green fruit names that will grow well in containers or vertically, and they’re

16 Types of Coconuts and How to Use Them

Not very many years ago, types of coconuts had supposed links to a range of health problems like heart disease, clogged arteries, and cholesterol increases. This negatively impacted the reputation of all types of coconuts, and people who love the taste were very confused with these claims. However, there has now been huge amounts of

11 Popular Types of Papaya and How to Grow Them

Papaya is also called papaw, and it’s a flowering plant. Different types of papaya fall into the Caricaceae family from the Carica genus. It’s native to the southern portion of Mexico and Central America, and these trees typically grow in more tropical planting zones and get cultivated in the warmest areas on earth. The papaya

10 Different Types of Limes 

Enjoying a resurgence in popularity, nothing tastes quite like a lime. A citrus fruit, the tangy sour taste of the lime is a unique flavor. Native to southeast Asia, Arab traders introduced lime trees to Egypt and North Africa during the 10th century. Later Crusaders introduced the lime tree to the Mediterranean, where the plants

38 Different Types of Tomatoes

With a delicious range of flavor profiles and several varieties, tomatoes are arguably one of the best additions to dozens of dishes. It doesn’t matter if you want to grow tomatoes indoors or outdoors, they’re an extremely versatile addition that is great for sauteing, roasting, and grilling. You can even eat them plain as a

How To Grow an Apple Tree: Care, Types & Growing Tips

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. That might be a horrible cliché, but growing apple trees in your garden really is a wonderful way to make sure you and your family stay happy and healthy. Growing these plants in your garden could be a great way to expand your home-grown diet, without having

31 Cherry Types for Cooking and Eating

There are over 1,000 cherries in existence today, and this means that you have a cherry type available for everyone’s tastes. The most familiar cherry types include bing, maraschino, black, and rainer. The black stone cherry, chokecherry, north star, and Spanish cherry are all some of the lesser known cherry types available.  A lot of

30 Types of Peaches to Eat Fresh or Can

Peaches are very juicy fruits that come with a large stone in the middle and white or yellow flesh, just like plums. A lot of people claim that white types of peaches are usually sweeter with a lower acidity level than peaches that have yellow flesh. However, in Western countries, yellow peaches are usually more

40 Types of Melons to Add to Your Garden

Different types of melons are a tasty summer fruit that you can eat day in and day out for a sweet treat. This is one snack that is everything you want, including fleshy, juicy, and packed with a lot of vitamins and minerals for health benefits. They have a high amount of antioxidants, fiber, Vitamins

20 Types of Bananas You Can Grow and Enjoy

For the first half of the 20th century, types of bananas fell into the exotic fruit category, and they’ve continued to gain in popularity. You can purchase bananas in most grocery stores throughout the United States at a relatively low price. These are very versatile fruits in their ripe and unripe form, and they have

17 Delicious Types of Plums

A plum is very closely related to cherries and peaches, and it has a wax coating called “wax bloom” on it that gives plums the color between a yellow and blue hue, depending on the variety. Plums are part of the Rosaceae family and the Prunus genus. If you’re after fruits that humans domesticated, plums

Complete Guide to the Big Boy Tomato Plant

The Big Boy tomato is a flavor filled, smooth skinned variety of the tomato plant. A reliable and versatile option, Big Boy tomato plants thrive in most climates. They also share many of the same growing needs and preferences as other types of toms, such as cherry toms. Large, attractive and full of flavor, if

How to Prevent, Identify, and Treat Tomato Diseases

When the seasons begin to change and the last frost date nears, my excitement as a gardener explodes. I love to grow tomatoes, it’s by far one of my favorite plants to grow from seed to harvest in the garden. There is a problem, however. Tomatoes can be susceptible to a host of different bugs,

How to Grow a Pineapple: Here’s How to Plant a Pineapple Top

Planting pineapple tops is a fantastic way to create an exotic looking succulent and cultivate your own juicy, delicious fruit. The process is easy and they require little care. Not to mention that rather than purchasing seeds, you’re using the crown of the fruit which would have otherwise been thrown away, so you’re saving money

How to Grow a Salsa Garden

As the summer months approach, fresh garden salsa becomes in hot demand. After all, nothing tops the flavor that salsa from homegrown tomatoes, peppers, onions, and garlic creates. However, growing a salsa garden can be complex. How should you approach creating a garden that must provide for so many different types of herbs and vegetables?

How to Save Tomato Seeds

Growing vegetables from seed is a hugely rewarding process. But it can be expensive to buy new seed packets year after year. And once you find a variety you like, not being able to source those seeds the following spring can be frustrating. There is one way around this however. Learning how to save tomato

15 Best Tomatoes and Best Tomato Varieties for Your Container Garden

Do you want to be able to grow the best tomatoes in your container garden? If so, heirloom varieties are an excellent option to explore. Heirlooms make some of the best tomatoes because they have decades of people working to make them all about flavor and nutrition. This is different from a lot of other

How to Care for an Avocado Tree

An attractive and unusual specimen, the leathery green foliage of the avocado tree is a great way to add interest to a garden or houseplant collection. And, with a little care and patience, many varieties can even be encouraged to bear fruit. Originating in southern Mexico, the popular pear shaped fruit of the avocado tree

Ultimate Guide to Growing Jalapenos

Known for their medium hot punch, Jalapenos are a popular chili pepper. Interestingly, despite being classified as a perennial vegetable, these plants are usually grown as warm weather annuals. Members of the Capsicum annuum species along with sweet bell peppers, cayennes and habaneros, the jalapeno  shares many of the same growing likes and needs as

How to Grow and Care for a Crabapple Tree

The crabapple tree is often unfairly maligned. An attractive addition to any garden or fruit tree collection, its buds tend to be darker than the flowers, giving the tree an attractive, multi-colored appearance as the flowers open. The ornamental attraction doesn’t end with the flowers. The foliage of the plant, green in spring, slowly changes

How to Plant Cherry Seeds

If, like me you love cherries, you will no doubt have encountered more than enough cherry seeds or pits to last you a lifetime. You’ve probably even wondered if you can plant the cherry seeds and grow your own tree. Well, the good news is that you can. And, it’s easier than you think. Learning

How to Make Your Own Tomato Fertilizer

Nothing tastes as good as freshly picked homegrown tomatoes. But to get the most out of your plants they require fertilizing. Notoriously heavy feeding plants, tomatoes require regular doses of fertilizer throughout the growing season for a truly bumper crop of flavor filled fruit to form. Trying to find a good tomato fertilizer that is

How to Grow Your Own Pumpkin Plant

Pumpkins are one of the most eagerly awaited signs of fall and extremely fun to grow in the garden. Whether you want to eat, carve, or decorate your pumpkins, there’s a variety out there for you to grow. The one thing to know about growing pumpkins up front is that they do need a long

How to Ripen Green Tomatoes 

Learning how to ripen green tomatoes is a vital part of growing the fruit. Whether you are growing small cherry tomatoes or large beef toms, it is a useful skill to have. Allowing fruit to mature on the vine often results in better tasting produce that has a deeper, richer color. However, there are a

Preserving Apples: 13 Best Storage Solutions

If you have some apple trees in your backyard, an orchard nearby, or a farmer’s market that sells apples, you may end up with more fruit than you can eat. Apple season is typically short with most varieties ripening over a span of a few months. This leads to an overabundance in late fall and

How to Grow a Banana Tree

A banana tree is a great way to bring a tropical feel to your home or garden. These attractive specimens are also a good way to introduce structure and shade to an open space. Gardeners in cooler climates will enjoy more success with hardy banana tree varieties. While, these are unlikely to bear fruit the

How to Grow a Big Beef Tomato 

The big beef tomato is popular for its meaty texture and deep old fashioned flavor. Unlike smaller cherry tomatoes, they also retain their shape well after slicing. This makes them ideal for use in salads and sandwiches. The largest variety of cultivated tomato, the big beef or beefsteak is prized for its productivity and reliability.

Why Use Epsom Salt for Tomato Plants 

Considered Epsom salt for tomato plants? Growing healthy productive tomato plants is a time consuming obsession. When it comes down to producing flavor filled tomatoes every keen grower will have their own preferred methods and techniques. While some favor regular doses of a potash and nitrogen rich liquid fertilizer others spend their time working organic

Growing Cantaloupe Guide – How to Grow Cantaloupe at Home 

For many people the watermelon is their go to summer melon. However if you want a melon that is really filled with sweet, juicy flavor then why not try growing cantaloupe? Originating in Persia the cantaloupe is named after a town near Rome, Cantaloupe, where the Pope once had a villa. Easy to grow as

Pruning Tomato Plants for a Bigger Harvest

Pruning tomato plants is vital if you want to encourage lots of healthy growth and flowers. As any keen grower will tell you, the more flowers there are on a tomato plant, the more fruit they are able to produce. Whether you are growing them outside or indoors, regularly pruning tomato plants also helps to

How to Grow a Fruitful Cherry Tomato Plant

Vine-ripened tomatoes are one of the best signs of summer in the vegetable garden. They are filled with so much more flavor than store-bought options and are many gardeners favorite crop to grow. Tomatoes are easy to grow overall, but it can be difficult to get the perfect crop. In colder areas, they may not

How to Grow Kiwi Plant

The kiwi plant, or Chinese gooseberry, is well known as being a warm weather plant. It has grown wild in the warm climates of Asia for many centuries. Its love of warm climates means that many gardeners have assumed that they will never be able to grow their own kiwi plant. However, new, hardy kiwi

How to Grow an Habanero Plant

In this article we will detail how to grow an habanero plant. First, an interesting back story on the plants: In 2014, multiple news outlets across the nation reported an incident at an elementary school in Colorado. Alarming headlines spoke of evacuations, a “toxic” substance, and hospitalizations. It was major. A full-on school evacuation; police