Pine Tree Identification Guide: How to Identify Pine, Fir and Spruce Trees 

At first glance conifer trees can all look the same. However, each variety of conifer has its own growing preferences and requirements. They also bring different benefits to your garden. Learning the skill of pine tree identification, as well as being able to identify the other types of conifer, can have numerous benefits for both

How to Grow a Macadamia Nut Tree

If you are looking to add an attractive evergreen tree to your garden, look no further than the macadamia nut tree. This majestic glossy broadleaf specimen, the foliage of which is similar to that of the holly bush, is an increasingly popular garden design choice. A versatile choice, these specimens can be used in a

How to Grow and Care for Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar

The weeping blue atlas cedar is a very majestic ornamental specimen to have as part of your landscape design. The sculptural form of lightly cascading branches make a very eye-catching display, and the bluish-gray coloring on the foliage is also very unique. It’s a perfect specimen plant to add a dramatic focal point to your

How to Plant and Grow the Loquat Tree

Grown as a shrub or the loquat tree, this fruiting plant is very interesting. It’s a relative to the rose, and it produces small fruits that taste like a mixture of mango, citrus, and peaches, and many people claim it has a honey note. However, most people have never tasted this fruit and know virtually

19 Pretty Small Palm Trees

Small palm trees are a great addition to your patio or garden landscape if you live in a sunny, warm climate. However, some small palm trees are also surprisingly cold-hardy. Dwarf palms fall under the palm classification if they stay under 20 feet tall at full maturity. Most small palm trees grow from a single

Killing Tree Stumps with Bleach – Methods, Benefits, and Drawbacks

Everyone wants a fast, affordable, and easy way to kill tree stumps using remedies they can put together at home. This is where killing tree stumps with bleach comes in, but does it work? Depending on the type of tree you’re aiming to kill, it may be enough to do the trick. Killing tree stumps

How to Grow the Mexican Redbud Tree – Complete Guide

The pretty, early spring blooms of the Mexican redbud tree are a welcome sight for gardeners who have spent the long winter months looking forward to the first signs of spring. This tree is very striking with the foliage, flowers, and form, and this makes it a very versatile addition to your garden. It grows

Dogwood Tree Fertilizer – How, When, and Why to Fertilize

There are over 60 dogwood species available on the current market, so it makes sense that there is a shrub or tree to accommodate all tastes, space available, and soil types. As a bonus, keeping them healthy and thriving is easy if you have the right dogwood tree fertilizer. The ever-changing nature of the dogwood

What Does a Pecan Tree Look Like? Identification Guide

Pecan trees are native to the southern portion of the United States, and they have a very rich history attached to them. They are a type of hickory tree, and there are hundreds of different types of pecans that produce pecans. But, what does a pecan tree look like? The Native Americans were the first

How to Harvest Walnuts + Storing Walnuts for Freshness

We’re now in mid-September, the temperatures are dropping and the squash are growing larger. As such, walnut harvest is right around the corner! Walnuts are staple fall harvest crops, along with apples, pears, and pumpkins. Walnut trees grow very well all over the U.S., so it’s not uncommon to find one on your property or

How to Grow and Maintain a Weeping Pine Tree

Weeping pine tree is a dropping cultivar, and it’s a very eye-catching tree to have in your yard, even if it doesn’t appeal to everyone’s taste. This tree offers a twisting, unique form with draping branches and pretty greenish-blue needles that helps it stand out in your landscape design. It’s a slow-growing, compact tree with

Sycamore Tree Balls – What are They + Uses

The sycamore tree is a very fast-growing, hardy, deciduous tree that thrives when you plant it in zones four to nine. This tree is also referred to as the buttonball or planetree tree due to the spiky, brown, sycamore tree balls you’ll find. These seed balls appear on the tree during the winter months and

19 Weeping Evergreen Trees to Add Year-Round Interest

The branches on weeping evergreens droop downwards, as you may have gotten from the name, to help create a very graceful profile. This weeping habit is usually the result of mutations focused on through selective propagation where you take cuttings of certain species and graft them onto a standard species’ rootstock. You can’t propagate weeping

How to Grow Dwarf Lemon Tree 

Cultivated for thousands of years, citrus plants are popular for their shiny evergreen foliage, fragrant flowers and colorful edible fruit. Whilst they are versatile, attractive plants that are suitable for growing in a range of conditions, not all types of citrus plant are ideal for cultivating in small spaces. Luckily the dwarf lemon tree is

How to Make a Coconut Bonsai Tree

Coconut Bonsai trees take a funky twist on the traditional aesthetic of Bonsai trees that you normally see. Rather than the perfectly pruned and shaped miniature trees that we imagine when thinking of bonsai trees, Coconut Bonsai trees are a bit lop-sided and have a more playful look. If you didn’t know, you can actually

15 Best Plants for Under Pine Trees – Facts and Photos

You’ve most likely heard that nothing grows under pine trees, but this isn’t necessarily true. Instead, you just have to find plants for under pine trees for them to do well. Many plants can get sick and die in this environment, and they won’t sprout under conifers and the matte habit. Also, fallen pine needles

19 Indoor Fruit Trees You Can Grow

Did you know that it’s possible to grow indoor fruit trees in virtually any planting zone? Besides working to enhance the overall look of your home, growing indoor fruit trees can help create and circulate clean air in your home while giving you fresh fruit. This is a win-win all around. However, it’s important that

24 Different Types of Maple Trees with Photos and Facts

A lot of people choose to plant types of maple trees because they work well as specimen, street, and shade trees. Maples are known for their pretty autumn coloring, and many types of maple trees will give you a show of brilliant yellows, reds, browns, and oranges each autumn. Some trees can have leaves with

How To Grow Lime Tree + 12 Types of Lime Trees to Consider 

If you’re trying to grow more of your own food and want to add a citrus tree to your garden, try out a lime tree. Limes add a wonderful pop of freshness to any dish or drink, and it doesn’t get any fresher than right off the tree from your garden! They do require a

How to Care for Hibiscus Tree 

Popular for its showy trumpet-like flowers, the hibiscus tree blooms in a range of colors and sizes. A great way to bring exotic interest to the garden, with the right care these are reliable, durable specimens. Popular with butterflies and hummingbirds, the colorful hibiscus tree is a great way to introduce life to your garden.

How To Grow and Care For the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

If you’ve heard of or seen the gorgeous Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, you might be thinking about growing one yourself. However, these trees aren’t exactly beginner friendly. Read our complete guide to see if the finicky Fiddle Leaf Fig is a good fit for you! Get to Know the Plant The Fica Lyrata, commonly called

20 Beautiful Potted Palm Trees to Add to Your Garden

Growing a potted palm tree is a nice way to add a touch of the tropics to your yard or garden. Many dwarf, miniature, and small palm trees grow well in a container garden, and living in a semi-tropical or tropical environment allows you to grow them all year-round outside. In temperate growing zones, you

23 Beautiful Trees with Purple Flowers

You can enjoy the unique pop of color that trees with purple flowers offer on any landscape, even if you have a very small yard that requires more compact or dwarf cultivars. The trees with purple flowers on the list offer shades of violet, purple, lavender and more, and they can contrast nicely with the

30 Cheerful Shrubs and Trees with Yellow Flowers

Landscaping your backyard with shrubs and trees with yellow flowers can boost your property’s aesthetic value. Low-maintenance varieties are a nice investment, and they give you years of enjoyment. No matter if you want to increase your privacy, boost the shade cover, or cover an eyesore, you can find the best shrubs or trees with

How to Grow Japanese Maple – Growing Guide, Photos, and Tips

With a huge range of colors, sizes, and leaf shapes, it’s difficult to get an accurate description of the Japanese Maple, but these attractive trees offer a refined growth habit that make them a welcome asset to your yard or landscape. This tree is known for the finely-cut, lacy leaves, stunning fall coloring, and very

22 Tropical Types of Palm Trees – Photos and Facts

When you think of palm trees, you think of warm and sunny climates, tropical beaches, and gorgeously landscaped gardens. You recognize different types of palm trees by their feather or fan-shaped fronds and fiber-covered stems or trunks. Most types of palm trees prefer to grow in warmer planting zones. However, there are some species that

How to Grow an Almond Tree 

Elegant and attractive, the flowering and fruit producing almond tree is a fabulous addition to the garden. Interestingly, the almond tree belongs to the same family as many other fruit trees including apricots, cherries, plums and peaches. A versatile addition to the garden, the almond tree (prunus dulcis) is believed to be native to central

25 White Flowering Trees – Facts, Photos, and Growing Tips

Are you searching for white flowering trees? There are dozens of white flowering trees you can add to your landscape design that offer spring, summer, and fall blooms. White hued flowers work to brighten up the garden day in and day out, and some will produce smaller and more delicate flower clusters while others offer

How to Grow and Maintain the Pawpaw Tree

The pawpaw tree is a deciduous species that yields the biggest fruit native to North America. This plant is part of the Annonaceae family, and this is the biggest family in the magnolia order and it has mostly tropical plants. However, the pawpaw tree is native to the eastern portion of the United States, and

25 Flowering Fruit Trees 

Flowering fruit trees are a great way to add interest to your garden. Colorful and fragrant, these specimens also provide a reliable way to introduce shade and privacy to open spaces. Many also produce edible fruit, providing further benefits. The following flowering fruit trees are some of the most attractive. 1 Apple Delicately colored apple

76 Types of Trees Identification – Names, Facts, Photos

Every type of tree plays a key role in the ecosystem, and they provide shelter, shade, oxygen, and they can produce fruit. To date, there are over 60,000 types of grees available that come in a host of sizes and shapes. Identifying the tree types means looking at the bark and leaves because some come

36 Beautiful Types of Bonsai Trees and Tips for Beginners

Various types of bonsai trees have been extremely popular with outdoor and indoor gardeners for centuries, and the miniature size gives them a very whimsical feeling. They would blend perfectly in a fairytale. However, in spite of the enchanting look of different types of bonsai trees, some people believe that they’re extremely difficult to maintain,

12 Types of Juniper Trees 

An attractive flowering evergreen, the juniper is an integral part of many different garden planting schemes. These range from low growing ground cover plants that can also be used for edging to flowering shrubs and trees. The differing specimens also develop in a range of shapes including rounded forms, narrow columns and tight pyramids. Short

24 Types of Coffee Beans to Start Each Day

Coffee can be hot or cold, but it’s a brewed beverage that comes from roasted “beans” or seeds that come from the coffee plant. Even though there are different types of coffee beans, the coffee plant itself is a shrub that is native to several subtropical regions in Asia and Africa, but you can now

20 Types of Pecans and How to Grow Pecan Trees

Pecans are very meaty, rich nuts that people love and can incorporate into a huge range of dishes, with pecan pie being at the top of the list. There are also several types of pecans available, and each pecan has something a little unique and different from the other. There are roughly 500 pecan tree

7 Types of Mesquite Trees for Your Desert Landscape

Mesquite trees are thorny, short, shrub-like trees that have yellow or white flowers, feathery leaves, and seed pods. You’ll commonly see this type of tree grown in shrublands throughout Arizona, Texas, and other states in the southern US. Honey, velvet, and screwbean mesquite trees are the most common options you can get. In several states,

20 Different Types of Magnolia Trees

One of the most elegant and showy flowering trees, the magnolia is an attractive addition to the garden. Popular for their spring flowers that often set before the leaves emerge, despite their showy appearance the magnolia is a surprisingly low maintenance plant. A versatile specimen, all types of magnolia trees grow in a range of

10 Types of Fig Trees 

Elegant and productive, fig trees bring lots of ornamental interest as well as produce to the garden. Cultivated for over 5,000 years, fig trees are mentioned in many major religions. In the bible, Adam and Eve famously used the leaves of the plant to cover themselves, while Buddha was said to have obtained his knowledge

10 Types of Redbud Trees

Redbud trees are a great way to add height, structure and color to the garden. During the spring and summer months redbud trees fill the garden with rich, heart-shaped foliage and brightly colored buds. An ideal way to bring color to the spring garden, for many redbud trees bursting into life are an indication that

14 Types of Cedar Trees

Different types of cedar trees are native to the Himalayan region, and they also grow very nicely in the Mediterranean and several other parts of the world that have mild to moderate planting zones. These trees are evergreen, and they have needles that grow throughout the year as one of their defining qualities. The needles

The 15 Best Hedge Trees

Hedge trees are a great way to add color and structure to your property. They can also be used to increase your privacy without resorting to walls or fencing. Our list of hedge trees contain suggestions suitable for almost every type of garden. While some, such as box, have been used in gardens for over

25 Types of Fruit Trees to Try in Your Garden

Fruit trees are a great choice to add ornamental interest, structure height and even soft privacy to an outdoor space. Single specimens can also be used to create a shady focal point in the center of a sunny lawn. As well as providing lots of ornamental interest, and a food source for bees and pollinators,

10 Common Willow Trees

Willow trees are a popular choice for people wanting to introduce structure to an outdoor space. While large specimens bring height and drama to a garden, smaller willow trees have a shrub like growth habit, making them ideal for borders, soft privacy or even containers. Our list of 10 common willow trees is designed to

How to Grow an Ironwood Tree: Mother of the Sonoran Desert

I’m super excited to be writing about this particular species because it is my absolute favorite tree. I fell in love with desert ironwood (Olneya tesota) at the very beginning of my landscaping career. I was managing a large property that had just one on site, a big specimen located in a wide expanse of

How to Grow a Jacaranda Tree

When you stand out in a family full of lookers, you know you’re something pretty special. Such is the case with the Jacaranda tree, Jacaranda mimosifolia. As a member of family Bignoniaceae, it shares space with other notable ornamentals such as Cape honeysuckle, orange jubilee, African tulip tree, desert willow, catalpa tree, trumpet creeper, and

How to Grow an Indoor Orange Tree

An indoor orange tree is a great way to add greenery and fragrance to your home. As well as helping to improve air quality houseplants are also good for our mental health. Even the smallest houseplant can help to reduce your stress levels and improve your state of mind. An indoor orange tree is a

How to Plant a Hazelnut Tree

Growing fruit and nut trees is a great way to introduce height, structure and a little natural privacy to a space. It also provides you with a supply of fresh produce and is one of the quickest and easiest plants to grow. Attractive plants, the fuzzy, serrated heart shaped leaves are complimented in the spring

15 Flowering Trees to Add to Your Yard

Flowering trees are focal points in many yards because they allow you to make a bold statement. Additionally, their flowers often herald the return of spring and warmer weather if you live in a northern planting zone, so they can be a nice boost for any garden. Although any tree can be a backbone for

15 Columnar Trees for Narrow Spaces

Let’s face it. Most gardeners won’t have endless space at their disposal for all of their trees, shrubs, flowers, or other landscaping designs. Small yards, limited amounts of time to tend these spaces, and tight quarters with neighbors can make it difficult to strike a balance between privacy and a truly beautiful landscape, and this

How to Grow Olive Trees

For thousands of years, humans have been growing olive trees, harvesting them, and eating them. They’re valuable for their fruits and oils, but not all olive trees will bear fruit. So-called fruitless olive trees are actually sterile, so they flower and make a great ornamental addition to your front yard landscape, they will produce no