How to Measure Cabinet Hinges

Learning how to measure cabinet hinges correctly is essential, no matter if you’re simply replacing current hinges or installing brand new ones. They come in different shapes and sizes, and some are much more suitable for your cabinets than other ones. The most common method of learning how to measure your cabinet hinges involves opening

Stair Remodel Cost – The Ultimate Guide

Interior or exterior staircases make a huge first impression and reinforce your home’s architectural style. Remodeling your staircase can change the look and feel of your entryway, and fixing issues in your older staircase like loose or squeaky steps can make them safer and get rid of annoying defects. But, what is the average stair

How to Pour Self Leveling Concrete + Uses

Self leveling concrete can be a fast, efficient, and cost-effective solution if you need to smooth, repair, or raise a floor. Self leveling concrete is a mixture that mimics normal concrete. However, unlike concrete, it sets up much quicker and flows better. Usually, you mix it with water, pour or pump it into place, and

18 Types of Rope to Have on Hand

Different types of rope have been used throughout the world for centuries. As far back as prehistoric times, ropes featuring twisted vines were considered an essential tool for several purposes like hunting, climbing, carrying, and lifting. In 4000 B.C., the Egyptians made types of rope using animal hair, grass, leather, and water reeds. The Chinese

15 Bricklaying Tools for Your Next Blocklaying Masonry Project

Just like any trade, bricklaying looks deceptively easy until you actually break out the bricklaying tools and materials and try it for yourself. Knowing the basics of masonry will give you a leg up on this project, and it helps if you’ve ever watched a mason lay bricks when they build a retaining wall or

Grease Trap Installation and Maintenance – The Basics

Cooking with any amount of grease can be a very messy process. If you leave it unchecked, this waste can build up to form a gross sludge that blocks your pipes and makes it very hard for the water to drain. You may even have to call in a plumber to take your pipes apart

31 Types of Drills for Your Home Improvement Projects

Different types of drills are tools that use a chipping or rotating motion to create a hole. This is a very simple and open definition that includes everything from tunnel boring machines to dental drills. We’re more interested in types of drills you can use on your projects around the house, like building a deck

Nine Popular Types of Water Heaters

If you’re the type that loves to take a hot, long shower to relax and unwind after a tiring day, you should know about the types of water heaters that are available. It’s one of the most hardworking appliances in your house. However, it’s not odd if you don’t know much about the various types

27 Concrete Alternatives for Your Outdoor Projects

Good concrete alternatives align with our overall goals. Sustainability is huge today, and it’s quickly becoming crystal-clear that everyone has to do whatever they can do to help keep the planet as green as possible, and this involves looking at and using healthier alternatives to historically traditional building elements like concrete. In this instance, concrete

16 Popular Concrete Block Types for Construction Projects

No matter if you’re planning on starting a construction project, preparing for an event, or adding an extension onto your existing house, you’ll need one concrete block type or another at some point during the project. Concrete blocks are a popular construction material, and they’re also known as a masonry unit. They’re made up of

27 Types of Bolts

All types of bolts function as mechanical fasteners that feature external threads and get used in conjunction with a nut to join parts using tightening torque. The fasteners work by getting inserted through holes that are pre-drilled in the material you want to join together, like two pieces of your deck or porch. Unlike screws

29 Screw Head Types – Comprehensive Guide

Did you know that there were wooden screws in olive oil and wine presses in the first century B.C. in the Mediterranean region? Europeans have a history of affixing two objects together using metal screws since the 15th century, and the first screw-cutting lathe was invented in the 1700s by Jesse Ramsden, an instrument maker.

38 Types of Hammers for Your Home Improvement Project

A hammer is a very useful tool to have around when you take on your range of projects like kitchen remodels or simple deck upgrades. You can use it to bend or straighten metal, pound nails, riveting, forging, and chipping projects too without a problem, and there are many types of hammers to assist with

12 Brick Sizes and Types of Bricks for Construction Projects

Different brick sizes get used regularly in residential, industrial, and commercial construction because they’re long-lasting, durable, and decently fireproof building materials that resists heat. However, the type of brick and the brick sizes you pick out can make a huge difference, even if it’s for a smaller masonry project like building a small patio, putting

The Best Sculpting Clay for Your Projects

No matter if you’re someone totally new to sculpting or if you’re someone who is very experienced and you want to branch out to other types of sculpting clay, this quick guide is going to outline everything you need to know about sculpting clay. The goal is to give you the exact idea on which

16 Types of Keys for Locks and Their Uses

If you’re like most people, you don’t give a lot of thought to keys in general. However, you most likely use several types of keys every day. Think about it, you have a house key, car key, and probably a key for work or something else around your home, like a greenhouse or shed. These

14 Types of Ladders to Complete Your Projects

No matter if you’re painting the walls in your home to refresh the look or changing out a light bulb, having any type of ladder at your disposal is a must to help you accomplish a host of other tasks in and out of the house. They’re popular for household tasks, but many people use

3 House Foundation Types

Every house you see has a foundation, but not every house features the same type of foundation because there are a host of house foundation types to choose from. The house foundation type you end up with will depend on your geographical area, the house design, soil, climate, your budget, and the moisture conditions. House

How Much to Plaster a Room

Plaster is one of the most common forms of interior décor and finishing in a house. It is used to create plain, smooth surfaces for door surrounds, windows, and walls. The cost of plastering a room is based on the area to be covered. The cost for each square foot increases with how difficult it

19 Shoe Storage Ideas to Keep Your Entryway Tidy

Do you have a lot of pairs of shoes? If you’re someone who has many more than you can count on one hand, you’ll need a ton of shoe storage ideas to keep your entryway tidy. Whether this means putting your shoes by your entry table or creating a hidden shoe storage idea, either one

20 Clever Retaining Wall Ideas to Prevent Soil Erosion

If you’re someone who has uneven ground outside of your home that is prone to eroding, you’ve probably already thought of a few retaining wall ideas. A well-built retaining wall can help keep the soil on one side of the wall while allowing for a lower floor level on the opposite side. Traditionally, most retaining

20 Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

When you don’t have a lot of storage space available, you have to get creative with your storage ideas for small spaces. No matter if this is in  your home or garden shed, being organized and thinking outside of the box are the two biggest gifts you can give yourself. However, thanks to the rise

How to Install Electrical Outlet – Replace Electrical Outlet Yourself

A standard 120-volt electrical receptacles typically have one of two amperage ratings to them: 15 or 20-amp. They look very similar, but the 20-amp outlet is the one with the “T” shape for one of the vertical slots. This shape allows special plugs on a few appliances to fit that require more power. Standards appliances

What Does a Carport Cost to Build?

If you own a home and you don’t have a traditional garage but you want a way to keep the rain, sun, and snow off your car, figuring out your carport cost is a good solution. A carport is an open structure that attaches to your home or is freestanding. They could be something as

How Much Does Geothermal Cost to Install?

If you’re after an environmentally-friendly and efficient way to cool and heat your home, you want to start considering geothermal costs. This heating method involves knowing that the temperature below the frost line stays close to 50-degrees all year-round. It works to transfer heat out or into your home, and it exchanges it with the

Pellet Stove Installation Guide – How to Install a Pellet Stove

A pellet stove is an economical, efficient, and aesthetic way to heat your entire home, and they’re available in several styles and sizes that you can install in your home, garage, or in a new extension. Pellet stove installation is pretty straightforward, and it’s very similar to a more traditional wood stove in the fact

Chimney Sweep Cost – How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Chimney Sweeper?

A chimney gives you a way to release toxic exhaust gasses from your fireplace out of the home, and they’ll leave soot and tar when they leave the house. This means that routine cleaning is necessary to keep it safe to use, and you’ll want to know the average chimney sweep cost to come out

How Much Does a Garbage Disposal Cost to Install?

A garbage disposal is a very convenient way to get rid of smaller portions of food waste instead of dropping it into the garbage and allowing it to end up in a landfill. A garbage disposal will grind the waste up into tiny pieces that you can flush into your sewer or septic system without

How Much Does a Home Elevator Cost?

Installing an elevator in your home can be life changing for many people because they help reduce the strain that comes with carrying things down or up the stairs, help aging homeowners stay in their homes longer, and help people with mobility issues get around the house. You can factor your home elevator cost in

Water Line Replacement and Installation Cost

One of the most important parts of your home’s plumbing is your main water line, and it brings fresh water from your supply to your home. This could be from a well or from the city’s supply, and you want to know the average cost for water line replacement and installation if something were to

What Does a French Drain Cost to Install and Maintain?

If you’re a homeowner or landlord who has a property where water slowly leaks into the basement or you have a soggy yard with damaged bushes or flowers, you may want to get estimates for a French drain cost and install it to help dry things out. This is a very simple setup that will

How Much do Hurricane Shutters Cost to Install?

Any homeowner who lives in a hurricane zone has to take additional steps to help protect their homes from any inclement weather that comes up, and this can lead to wondering about hurricane shutters cost to help protect their windows. You can install hurricane shutters over windows of all sizes and styles, but this can

Sump Pump Cost to Install and Maintain – Detailed Guide

A sump pump is a small pump you’ll put in a crawlspace or basement to help prevent the area from flooding and causing a host of issues related to water damage. Your pump will get installed in a pit that is at the lowest level of your basement, and this unique installation leads many people

What Does a New Boiler Replacement Cost?

If you heat your house with a radiant heat flooring system, hydronic radiator, or steam, a boiler is the main component producing the heat. Boilers work to heat water and push the hot steam or water through a pipe system to the radiant heat systems or radiators to heat your home, and they’re comfortable, efficient,

How Much Does a Chimney Liner Cost to Install or Maintain?

Professional and federal safety organizations have recommended that homeowners install a liner inside their chimney as an additional protective measure, and this makes people wonder about a chimney liner cost if they don’t have one currently. These liners work to protect any masonry or brick chimneys from creosote build-up and decay. They can also work

How Much Are Gas Fireplace Installation and Conversion Costs?

Having a gas fireplace in your home is a very energy-efficient way to heat it, and gas fireplace installation is usually much more straightforward than wood-burning ones. They’re an excellent retrofit for people who want a fireplace because they cost less to run, and they can be a nice apartment decor idea if you want

Concrete Foundation Cost Guide

No matter if you want to build an extension or if you’re building a new home, you have to start with a solid foundation, usually concrete. The foundation of your home is one of the most important parts of a new build, and it supports the structure’s weight, so it’s important to know about the

How Much Does Gas Line Installation and Maintenance Cost?

If you want to swap over to natural gas to heat your home and run your appliances like a gas fireplace, or if you currently use it, your gas line will have to be functional, and this can lead you to wonder about gas line installation if you need one. Your gas line starts right

Mold Remediation Cost Guide

When it comes to mold remediation cost, there are several factors that will impact how much you end up paying. Unlike mold in the shower, a severe mold growth can easily present a health hazard along with corroding the structure it’s growing on. Also, your mold remediation cost will fluctuate depending on whether or not

Septic Tank Cost for Installation and Replacement

A septic tank acts like an important wastewater solution for your business or home if it attaches to a municipal wastewater system, and it’s essential that you take careful stock of your septic tank cost when you budget for it so you can get high-quality installation to prevent yard contamination or leaking and a lot

Tankless Water Heater Cost & Pros and Cons – Are They Worth It?

Water heaters are extremely important to your plumbing system, and this goes for both residential buildings and commercial spaces. Many people are turning to newer options, and this can lead you to wonder what a tankless water heater costs because this style of water heater will only heat up the water you use. Traditionally, water

What is the Average Cost to Frame a House?

If you’re planning on adding an addition or extension to your home or building a house, you’ll need to know roughly how much it costs to frame a house. The project will go forward using stages, and each stage has a cost and timeframe associated with it. After you plan and draw out your new

How Much Does it Cost to Demolish a House?

If a house is in a spot and a new developer buys the land and wants to put another structure there, they could demolish it. Additionally, if a house has too much damage to fix and it’s not structurally sound, you could start wondering about the cost to demolish a house to get rid of

What Does it Cost to Replace Electrical Panel?

For people who live in older homes, your current circuit breaker might not be strong enough to meet all of your electrical needs, or maybe you’re planning on rewiring your home and your current setup won’t be sufficient. If so, you might need to replace or upgrade your setup, and this can lead you to

How Much Does it Cost to Build a House?

Do you envision a brand new home for yourself and your loved ones? The market looks ripe for borrowers who have the funds. But maybe you’re wondering, “How much does it cost to build a house?” Many factors will come into play to determine your bottom-line price. You’ll need to consider where your home will

Best Grease Gun

You use your garden equipment like lawn mowers, weed wackers, chainsaws, and loppers all season long, and keeping them in good shape is key to helping them last as long as possible. To do this, your machinery needs proper lubrication for bearings, fittings, and other components. This is where the best grease gun comes in.

Best Orbital Sander for Home Improvement Projects

Of all of the metalworking or woodworking projects you complete around your home or office, you’ll most likely agree that sanding is one of the most time-consuming and unpleasant ones to tackle. However, an orbital sander can help make this job much easier and faster to accomplish. Not only will it streamline your processes, but

How to Organize Your Home with the KonMari Method Checklist

Figuring out how to tidy your home effectively? Worry no more because we have a helpful guide you can follow that will transform not only your home but also your life. With the KonMari Method, you can learn about the unique ways of decluttering and organizing that also fit well into a minimalist interior design

How Much Does Chimney Breast Removal Cost?

If you’ve reached this guide at the end of your research, then you don’t need us to tell you what a frustrating experience it can be trying to figure out exactly how much chimney breast removal costs. Search online, and you’ll find that most contractors and home renovation experts want to talk to you about

How Much Does a Home CCTV Installation Cost?

For anyone looking into buying their first home security system, it often comes as a surprise to discover that home CCTV installation costs are generally much less than they might imagine. Sure, you could still find yourself paying anywhere from $300 to $1,000 for the camera system with just as much money going on professional