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You use your garden equipment like lawn mowers, weed wackers, chainsaws, and loppers all season long, and keeping them in good shape is key to helping them last as long as possible. To do this, your machinery needs proper lubrication for bearings, fittings, and other components. This is where the best grease gun comes in. They were originally very popular in vehicle repair shops and workshops, but they’ve slowly made their way into gardening when people realized how easy it was to use one to keep their tools lubricated and in excellent working order. However, picking out the best grease gun takes time, especially if you’ve never purchased one before. 

The best grease gun will help you lubricate all of your gardening tools, and I’ve done the research for you to help pick out 10 great options. I’ve reviewed each one, and this allows you to compare each one side-by-side to find the one that works best to suit your needs. Additionally, the short buyer’s guide will ensure you have all you need to make an informed decision when it comes time for you to pick out the best grease gun for your needs and equipment type. 

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You need the best grease gun to keep your gardening equipment in good working order, and this is especially true if you live in an area with a lot of humidity or moisture. Grease can coat your lawn equipment to prevent rust, and it can also make it run better. 

Milwaukee 2646-20 Grease Gun – Top Pick 

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My top pick for the best grease gun goes to Milwaukee. This dual-speed grease gun delivers excellent versatility and maximum pressure each time you use it to lubricate your push mower components. It offers an impressive 10,000 PSI max operating pressure, and it comes equipped with a patent pending pre-set grease counter. This counter allows you to disperse the precise amount of grease you need to help avoid making a mess or not getting enough where you need it. Its dual-speed design factor gives you the ability to pick between max flow rate and max pressure. 

This best grease gun comes packed with additional features to help make the entire process of using it effortless. For starters, you get an on-board LED light to ensure you get the grease in the exact spot you need. It also has a lock on and lock off trigger function to help reduce hand fatigue, and a plunger rod that comes with markings on the barrel to show you how much grease you have left at a glance. You get a stand up design, but you can also attach it to a shoulder strap to increase the portability. It also comes with a 48-inch flexible hose to improve your maneuverability. 


  • Pre-set grease counter dial
  • Dual speeds
  • 48-inch flexible hose
  • Can attach to a shoulder strap 
  • M18 REDLITHIUM Battery pack
  • Air bleed valve allows quick priming
  • Lock on/off trigger reduces fatigue 


  • Tubing is very thin

DEWALT Cordless Grease Gun – Step-Up Pick 

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My step-up pick for the best grease gun gives you a host of features at an affordable price point, and it comes from DeWalt. You get a very powerful motor that effortlessly delivers 10,000 max PSI to help you work though clogged grease fittings without a problem, and it gives you a high-volume pump that can easily push up to 5.0-ounces per minute, and this gives you 16 cartridges on every charge. It runs on a single DeWalt 20v Max battery, and you can swap batteries out if you have other tools that take the same one to extend your work time. The variable speed trigger is another nice feature that boosted this product as the step-up pick. 

You’ll get precise control of your grease flow with this trigger, and the 42-inch extra flexible and long hose helps you reach deep into your lawn equipment’s components. The bright LED lighting on this grease gun helps you see small grease fittings, and you can effortlessly work in low-light conditions like a shed. The filter screen on the pump will prevent debris from slipping through and clogging anything as you work, and this is important if you use it out in your yard or garden. The no-mar foot design lends stability, and there is an air-bleed valve that helps you prime the pump after you change the filters. 


  • Fast charger
  • Comes with a shoulder strap kit
  • Available in two styles
  • Comes with the battery and charger
  • Pushes 5.0-ounces per minute 
  • 10,000 max PSI
  • 16 cartridges per charge


  • Plunger is challenging to operate.

Lincoln 1162 Pneumatic Grease Gun – Mid-End Budget Pick

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If your lawn shears are sticking and you have a slightly tighter budget, Lincoln’s best grease gun can help meet your needs. This is a fully automatic pneumatic-style grease gun that comes with a 30-inch whip hose that allows you to get up inside your gardening equipment and maneuver around larger pieces of equipment without a problem. This is a fully automatic grease gun that comes with a variable speed trigger to help you get excellent control over your grease flow each time you use it to help you avoid spills or accidents. You get continuous grease flow and operation to reduce operator fatigue. 

There is an accessible check valve on this best grease gun that allows you to remove contaminated or hardened grease and clean the entire gun between uses quickly and easily. The air bleeder with the filter coupler lets you bulk fill your grease tube before releasing any trapped air to keep your grease gun’s pump primed and ready to go. It offers a 6,000 maximum PSI grease pressure to help push through any clogs and keep you working at a steady pace. The field-proven check valve assembly reduces the chances of this grease gun failing with hard use. 


  • 30-inch whip hose
  • Fully automatic design 
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Easy to bulk fill 
  • Pneumatic design 
  • 6,000 PSI
  • Accessible check valve 


  • Odd threaded fittings

ABN Pistol Grip Grease Gun – Bargain Budget Pick 

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You won’t have to worry about trying to get your hands up into hard-to-reach places with this best grease gun from ABN. This product easily dispenses the grease in the correct amounts. You can use it for lubricating your lawn mower, tractor, snow blower, auger, and more. You get a mini grease gun kit when you order this product, and it goes from 6,000 to 8,000 PSI with precision control to help avoid messes while delivering the correct amount of grease. It has a three-way loading option with a 400g bulk load option, 14-ounce cartridge, and a dispenser. 

No matter if you’re a novice gardener or a professional mechanic, this best grease gun comes with a pistol grip that is ergonomic and easy to grip for large projects. It has a cast head, tough rubber seal, and a steel barrel to increase the product’s life and withstand heavy usage. You’ll get the grease gun, 18-inch grease hose, and a 6.5-inch spout when you order this product, and this allows you to work on large and small lawn and gardening tools with a single grease gun. It’s easy to clean, and you can store it between uses on a shelf or in your shed. 


  • 6,000 to 8,000 PSI
  • Full kit 
  • Three-way loading option 
  • Pistol grip 
  • Steel barrel with a cast head
  • 6.5-inch spout
  • 18-inch hose


  • Can get stuck or clog

REXBETI Grease Gun – Best for Small Projects

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Do you routinely use a lawn sweeper to keep your yard tidy and you noticed that it squeaks or doesn’t seem to work as smoothly as it once did? If so, Rxbeti’s best grease gun can help lubricate the sweeper’s connection points and handles so it runs smoother each time you take it out. This product comes with a solid steel barrel that puts out up to 6,000 PSI to help push through any clogs or stubborn areas you have. The orange rubber sleeve gives you something to grip onto if you spill grease or your hands get slippery with extended use. The bright orange coloring is also easy to see in low-light situations. 

There is a strong handle on this best grease gun that gives you plenty of leverage when you use it while keeping you comfortable and reducing your fatigue levels. There is a small amount of lubricating oil on this product that prevents it from rusting, and there is a thickened steel spring inside the barrel that won’t wear out  or break. The air release valve helps you prime the pump every time you fill it for a smooth operation, and it comes with a simple operation that is great for beginners. 


  • 6,000 PSI
  • 18-inch flex hose 
  • Two extension tubes
  • Orange rubber sleeve improves grip
  • Strong handle 
  • Easy to use
  • Reduces user fatigue 


  • Can leak around the hose

UTOOL Grease Gun  – Best for Lubing up Your Lawn Mower

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Utool’s best grease gun gives you an impressive 7,000 PSI of maximum working pressure, and the iron die-cast head ensures it lasts a long time while giving you a consistent output. The enhanced sealing on this product helps to prevent leaks that can make it difficult to get a firm grip on this tool. It has an ergonomic design with a pistol grip that lets you use it one-handed while you steady your lawn or garden equipment with the other. This is especially useful if you’re trying to reach into your lawn mower because it frees up a hand. The rubber sleeve increases the friction to help boost your safety factor. 

This best grease gun come with a bright yellow paint job that makes it very easy to see in all lighting conditions, and you get two metal hoses, three grease couplers, and one flex hose that allows you to effortlessly adapt to most working conditions without having to contort or stretch to reach it. The air bleed valve has a newly redesigned body that will release any air pockets with the push of a button to keep the pump primed. You get a six-month warranty from the date of purchase on the product and the accessoires. 


  • Iron die-cast head 
  • Pistol grip with an ergonomic design 
  • Bright coloring 
  • Air bleed valve is redesigned 
  • Six-month warranty 
  • Rubber sleeve 
  • Spring guard


  • Zert fitting is difficult to get into place

Bravex Pistol Grip Grease Gun – Using on Small Garden Tools

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Any small garden tools you use like shears or pruners can use this best grease gun from Braves to keep them in top working order. This product comes with a canister that has a cold-drawn steel tube to give it a high durability factor. It has a low variance ID that helps prevent grease leaking when you use it for bulk applications on larger tools or machinery. The O-ring sealed high pressure pistons come designed to stop grease from escaping by the pump head, and there is an air bleeder valve that will get rid of air pockets. 

There is a non-slip rubber grip on this best grease gun that gives you an improved grip to prevent accidental slips. It has a working pressure up to 6,000 PSI to help power through projects of all sizes. There is an 18-inch heavy-duty reinforced flex hose with a coupler and a spring guard on this product for added durability and maneuverability. The 5 ½-inch hard metal extension tube comes with a sharp nozzle to let you reach in tight areas, and you get three ways to load the grease. It has a standard 14-ounce cartridge, bulk suction fill, or a filler and dispenser pump. 


  • Low variance ID
  • Non-slip rubber grip 
  • 6,000 PSI
  • Heavy-duty flex hose
  • 5 ½-inch hard metal extension tube 
  • Three ways to load grease 
  • Cold-drawn steel 


  • Coupler can cause problems 

Lumax LX-1152 Pistol Grease Gun – Best for Old Equipment

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Lumax’s best grease gun is a heavy-duty pistol-style grease gun that comes with an 18-inch flex hose to improve your maneuverability as you work around bigger equipment or objects. It comes with convenient one-handed operation that frees up your other hand to hold your garden tools, and the flex hose allows you to reach difficult areas without a problem. It has a chrome-plated finish on the handle that resists rust and corrosion while making it very durable. The oil-resistant contoured grip ensures it won’t slip out of your hand when you use it, and it reduces your fatigue levels. 

You can load the grease into this best grease gun one of three ways. You can use a cartridge, grease pump, or suction. The air bleeder valve will help you vent out air pockets to get the pump to prime each time you need it. The 18-gauge steel barrel adds to the product’s durability, and there is a follower rod lock that prevents the grease from accidentally discharging when you hold it. It’s easy to load, easy to use, and cleaning it will take no time at all due to the functional design. 


  • Contoured grip
  • 18-inch flex hose
  • One-handed operation 
  • Flex hose
  • Chrome-plated finish 
  • Three ways to load grease
  • 18-gauge steel barrel 


  • Difficult to remove from a grease fitting

THINKWORK Grease Gun Kit – Best for Well-Maintained Garden Equipment

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Reel mowers are popular for small yards, and this best grease gun by Thinkwork allows you to keep it in excellent working condition. This is a pistol grip-type oil injection gun, and it incorporates high-quality processing technology to give you a maximum pressure up to 8,000 PSI. There are two standard connectors, three extension tubes, and one pointed mouth connector in each order. The O-ring seal comes designed with a high-pressure piston that prevents the grease from leaking out or overflowing into the metal tank stable, and the press-type outlet valve design prevents clogs. 

The handle on this best grease gun has an ergonomic design with a very comfortable grip that reduces operator fatigue for larger projects. There is a protective cover that attaches directly to the bottle body that prevents it from slipping when you use it while buffering the pressure. There is reliable customer service with this company, and there is a satisfaction guarantee attached to each purchase. The steel tube body is very durable, and it resists rust and corrosion. You can use it on a broad range of applications without having to twist your body or bend. 


  • Comes with three extension tubes 
  • 8,000 PSI
  • Press-type outlet valve 
  • Protective cover 
  • Ergonomic handle design 
  • Satisfaction guarantee 
  • Responsive customer service 


  • Nozzle is difficult to remove 

GreaseTek Pistol Grip Grease Gun – Best for Beginners

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If you’ve never had a grease gun before, GreaseTek’s best grease gun is an excellent choice for beginners because it comes outfitted with an array of features with a newly improved grip. The pistol grip is very easy to grab and hold without it slipping, and this improves your safety factor. There is an advanced priming gasket on this product that makes it easy to prime the pump each time you use it while cycling out air bubbles. The knurled barrel also prevents it from slipping if your hands get greasy, and there is a bulk filer valve and a bleeder valve included. 

The dual-position grease loader on this best grease gun lets you easily switch up your usage position to accommodate different working conditions without having to prop up the machinery or contort yourself. It’ll deliver one-ounce of oil per 40 strokes, and you get an 18-inch house with a coupler, extension nozzle, and another coupler. The sleek black and silver design makes this an elegant tool to have, and the metal design resists rust and corrosion with heavy use. It’s easy to attach and detach the extension hose or long nozzle, and it’s also very easy to clean. 


  • Array of features included 
  • Pistol grip 
  • Advanced priming gasket
  • Knurled barrel 
  • Dual-position grease loader 
  • Extension nozzle 
  • Easy to clean 


  • Can leak and cause a mess

Best Grease Gun – Buyer’s Guide 

The best grease gun enables you to keep all of your large and small gardening equipment in great working order all year round. There are many brands and styles available, and this can make it difficult to pick out the best one. However, once you pick one, you can use the best grease gun on your chainsaw, tractor, or smaller gardening tools like pruning shears or weed wackers. This short guide will help you narrow down the products to make your final choice. 


The PSI is the maximum operating pressure your grease gun puts out. Grease guns come designed to deliver varying amounts of pressure when you squeeze the handle, and this is the PSI. A gun that can put out a higher PSI will allow you to tackle a broad range of projects. One that puts out a lower PSI comes slightly more limited in the applications it can tackle, so consider how much PSI you need and what you plan to work on when you start shopping. 

Grease Gun 2 PSI
The best grease gun will prevent your machinery and tools from locking up and sustaining damage. It’s a good idea to make a routine of checking your gardening and lawn equipment before you use it for the season and using the best grease gun to lubricate it each spring.

Hose Length 

You’ll quickly find out that the best grease guns have a broad range of hose lengths. They start at a shorter 10-inches long and go up to over 40-inches long. Ideally, your gun will have a hose that is at least 30-inches long because this will give you enough room to maneuver without being too long to store in your shed. It’ll allow you to get into your tractor or lawn mower or work on smaller machinery without getting in the way. 


You’ll most likely be using this best grease gun a lot to keep all of your equipment ready to use and in good condition, so there should be a high usability factor. It should be easy to clean, break down, and open to replace the grease when you run out. Look for a gun that comes with a set of features that improve the usability like multiple grease loading options and heavy-duty air bleeder valves to help you get the pump primed as quickly as possible. 


Take a look at each gun’s grip when you start shopping. It should be ergonomic, and it should offer you a comfortable, proper, and safe grip. It should contour to your hand, and some come with anti-slip sleeves or properties that make it safer to use. It won’t slip out of your hand when you’re using it to lube your weed wacker or pruners. The grip should extend to the lever too, and it should be easy to hold the grease gun while you press the lever. 

Grease Gun 3 End
A grease gun gives you superior control when compared to grease or oil cans. They allow you to get closer to your parts or machinery without worrying about anything spilling, leaking out, or making a mess. 


As a general rule, the best grease guns are highly portable because they’re small and compact. However, longer hoses make it slightly more difficult to pack these guns up into your toolbox or bag and carry with you. Double-check all of the sizes before you buy and make sure you can carry it around. You also want to make sure you have space to store it where it’s ready to get when you need it. 

Bottom Line

The best grease gun can be a very handy tool to have in your arsenal. My reviews of the 10 best grease guns give you examples of high-quality products you can consider. The reviews allow you to compare them side-by-side, and the short buyer’s guide highlights the important pieces you can consider when you try to narrow down your choices and make the best pick based on your needs and wants. 

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