About Us

At Happy DIY Home we offer expert gardening, home improvement & DIY advice and supplies. Our mission is to inspire beautiful and sustainable living, one home at a time. We also offer tailored advice and gardening workshops to engage and educate our community.

Happy DIY Home contains all the information we wish we had when we started remodeling our 100-year old home, a 4,500 sf Victorian house. From design inspiration to DIY tutorials and detailed walkthroughs, the site should prove immensely useful to anyone thinking about or in the midst of a home renovation project.

Trying to do it yourself can be daunting, but extremely satisfying when you get it done right and turn vision into reality. DIY projects can be excellent bonding for the family as well – everyone gets to play a part! Since then, we have helped many of our friends and family remodel their homes as well.

On this site, we pay particular attention to content curation. We make sure each piece of content is:

  • Tried-and-tested
  • Practical and Easy to follow
  • Fact-checked and Research-Backed
  • Written only by horticulturists, DIY and home improvement experts with significant personal and/or professional experience. Our team includes award winning authors, master gardeners, interior designers, professional contractors and more

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