How to Get Rid of Brown Spots on Leaves

Seeing a brown spot on your plant’s leaves can be frightening, especially since it may be hard to identify the cause. Brown spots are common among indoor and outdoor plants and should always be investigated. The brown leaves may be from watering, light, or heat issues, or a pest such as a bacteria or fungus.

Symptoms of Root and Stem Rot + How to Prevent It

You may have dealt with root and stem rot before if you’ve had a plant that was seemingly quite healthy, until it suddenly wasn’t and quickly died. Stem rot happens when a fungus takes over the root system of your plant, suffocating it and causing very fast wilting and decay. Root and stem rot can

19 Apple Tree Diseases and How to Treat Them

Keeping apple tree diseases in check is a basic part of proper care for your fruit trees. There are dozens of diseases that can attack your apple trees, and they vary from bacterial infections to fungal infections and viruses. Some apple tree diseases will only cause superficial damage, but others can be devastating once they

How to Save a Dying Tree

Stately and elegant, trees are an integral part of many landscapes and planting schemes. Providing structure, shade and color, many specimens are also a valuable source of food and shelter for wildlife. All of these benefits means that trees are a valuable part of your garden’s ecosystem. But what happens if your tree starts to

How to Prevent, Identify, and Treat Tomato Diseases

When the seasons begin to change and the last frost date nears, my excitement as a gardener explodes. I love to grow tomatoes, it’s by far one of my favorite plants to grow from seed to harvest in the garden. There is a problem, however. Tomatoes can be susceptible to a host of different bugs,

Why are my Tomato Leaves Turning Yellow?

Many gardeners enjoy growing their own tomatoes. For me, the taste of freshly picked, home grown tomatoes is one of the highlights of summer. They are also attractive plants. Their bright flowers and red fruit sit nicely against a backdrop of rich, green foliage. However, the plants can sometimes develop unsightly, yellow leaves. This can

Common Cherry Tree Diseases and Insect Infestations

The cherry tree has a long and colorful history, and this bright tree is very popular with homeowners and business owners because cherry tree diseases are relatively easy to treat and spot. There are several species of cherry trees available, and the cherry trees produce the eye-catching pink flowers when they bloom in the spring.