Why is My Ivy Dying? 5 Potential Causes and Solutions

Hedera helix, otherwise known as English ivy, is a beautiful houseplant that is known for its foliage and minimal maintenance. English ivy was my first houseplant, and after a few weeks of having it, the leaves started to turn brown. You may have the same issue, and are wondering, “why is my ivy dying?”. It

How to Grow the Swiss Cheese Vine 

A popular houseplant, the Swiss cheese vine (Monstera adansonii), is so called because its large, heart-shaped leaves develop holes, similar to Swiss cheese, as the plant ages. This process, known as fenestration, gives the plant a distinctive appearance that helps it to stand out in any houseplant collection. Despite its show-stopping appearance, Monstera adansonii is

How to Make a Moss Pole + Uses

Do you want to give your indoor plant support with a moss pole to help it climb? While you can go out and buy moss poles from online retailers or your local nursery, they’re an easy DIY project you can make at home for a fraction of the cost. Plus, making it yourself allows you

How to Grow Spear Point Ivy

Spear point ivy is also called Hedera helix ‘Spear point’. It’s a very pretty evergreen climbing type of ivy, and it produces foliage that looks stunning no matter if it’s trailing or climbing. It produces many aerial roots that they use to climb up anything you give them, and they look stunning climbing up a

28 Edible Vines for Your Large or Small Garden

Did you know that vertical gardening is a very productive way to get edible vines to produce a host of food items with limited space? It allows you to use any fences or walls to gain more protection and privacy as the plants fill in. There are also several cool upcycling techniques you can use

Ivy Plant Care – The Complete Guide

If you’re after a houseplant that is easy to care for, ivy is a fantastic option. Ivy plant care is generally very straightforward, and it’s a hardy plant that can thrive indoors with the correct conditions. In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about ivy plant care to ensure yours does

22 Best Flowering Vines to Add to Your Garden

Vines add height and interest to the garden. They are a great option for making use of vertical space in small gardens but are also a great addition to any size garden. You can use them for privacy, to cover up bare walls, and simply for their ornamental appeal. Flowering vines go above and beyond

How to Grow and Care for a Clematis Vine

Clematis is sure to become a favorite of any gardener who successfully grows it. The long vines and large, colorful flowers can be show-stopping and have a romantic air about them. Unlike some other vines (morning glory, for example), clematis is well-behaved and not invasive. It won’t take over your garden but is still vigorous

22 Easy Indoor Vine Plants and Climbers to Grow

Indoor vine plants can trail and climb to create eye-catching elements in your home. Trailing houseplants are very popular because they allow you to introduce a nice green element into your home. It gives your space a green, live backdrop, and they can help improve your indoor air quality. Under the correct conditions, indoor vine

20 Different Types of Ivy to Grow Indoors or Outdoors

When you picture different types of ivy, you most likely picture evergreen vines that climb up walls and houses, and they offer a gorgeous addition to your yard or garden. Depending on what you want from your plant and your climate, you have many types of ivy to choose from. They come in different colors,

How to Grow Your Own Loofah Plant

If you’ve ever used a real loofah sponge (not the synthetic version), you know how great they can be for exfoliating your skin while you wash it. They have just enough softness to not be harsh, yet get a good lather to scrub away dirt. There’s a misconception that loofah sponges come from the ocean,

How to Grow and Care for the Wisteria Vine

Sweetly fragrant, the wisteria vine is one of the most aromatic garden plants. It’s fragrance coupled with the plant’s lavender or violet blue flowers also makes it one of the most distinctive garden plants. If you can keep their vigorous growth habit under control the plants are also pleasingly easy to grow. This is your

How to Grow Dipladenia – Ultimate Guide

Dipladenia is an intriguingly bushy plant with an unusual, downward growth habit. Initially reaching upwards, once the plant reaches a certain height its vines begin to cascade downwards. This makes it ideal for planters, containers and hanging baskets as well as the edge of raised beds or borders. The small, pointy foliage of the dipladenia

How to Grow Bougainvillea: Everything I Know After 20 Years of Growing

One of the marks of a conscientious gardener is a desire to research and educate oneself on the species being planted. This applies to novice and expert gardeners alike. Plants are similar in many ways but some species are unlike any other plant and have certain aspects about them so unique, even the most knowledgeable

How to Grow Honeysuckle

The sweet fragrance of a honeysuckle plant is one the smells of summer. A wildly attractive garden plant, honeysuckle draws scores of wildlife to your garden with its rich smell and sweet nectar filled tubular flowers. There are over 180 known varieties of honeysuckle, many of which grow in every state in America. While some

Mandevilla Vine: A Beginner’s Guide To Growing Mandevilla

A member of the dogbane family, the mandevilla plant, hails from South and Central America. There are over 120 members of this genus. It produces vines and fast-growing, beautiful flowers in an array of shades of white, pink, yellow, and mandevilla red. The vines can reach 10-20′ feet in length. This tropical plant thrives in

A Guide to Growing Ivy in Water

Growing ivy in water is an easy and reliable way to propagate the plant. The most commonly found version is Hedera helix or English ivy. An easy to grow plant, it can be grown as an attractive indoor plant, or incorporated into flower gardens. Ivy is also a great way to add structure to a