19 File Storage Ideas for Your Home Office

Sorting through your email takes a decent amount of time, and this is just one type of document you deal with on a daily basis. Add in medical information, tax forms, and even a few of your kid’s drawings and it’s easy for everything to get buried or cluttered very quickly if you don’t have

7 File Cabinet Alternatives for your Home Office

The days are long gone where functionality was responsible for holding everything in place. This caused a massive downswing in the need for mass-produced and commercially-made filing cabinets, especially when people started valuing aesthetics as much as organization potential. This led to them looking for file cabinet alternatives that seamlessly combined function and beauty to

20 Types of Desks for Your Home Office

Desks are one of the most commonly used pieces of furniture in the world, and this includes for both residential and commercial use. Chances are, you have a type of desk in your home, right alongside your other common pieces of furniture like your table or sofa. The Latin word desca is believed to be

7 DIY Desk Ideas to Make Working From Home Easier

Looking for DIY desk ideas? Working from home can be difficult. Whether you work remote full-time or are currently working from home due to quarantine; you need to find a work space to help separate work space from the rest of your life. I’ve been working from home for the past two years. While I