How to Remove Linoleum

Learning how to remove linoleum flooring isn’t as easy as putting a new one down or removing vinyl, and one workaround you can consider is laying the new floor directly over the current one. However, this will raise your floor height by at least ¼ inch or more, and this can create a tripping hazard.

14 Lasting and Beautiful Types of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is arguably one of the most most beautiful flooring types you can install without blowing your budget. Many people consider various types of laminate flooring to be the next big trend, and it can easily imitate tile, wood, or stone flooring. The flooring features layers of adhered fiberboard that has an image imprinted

15 Sturdy Types of Kitchen Floor Tiles

When it comes to buying flooring for your kitchen, you have massive options available. It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices you have. In other rooms in your home, you typically have the choice of carpet or hardwood flooring, but your kitchen has other factors that come into play with

17 Types of Tiles to Install Around the House

The types of tile currently available can be staggering, especially if you fall into the rabbit hole of sub-categories. For floors, vinyl and carpet were originally the reigning materials, but tile has steadily taken over as the luxury option. You can also use tile on your walls, and it’s very popular in the bathroom for

15 Beautiful and Timeless Types of Hardwood Floors

One of the oldest choices for flooring materials is still one of the most desirable ones, and it goes with contemporary, classic, and eclectic design styles. Different types of hardwood floors can complement your existing decor while adding value to your home. This flooring is natural, durable, and renewable, and you can choose from a

19 Elegant Types of Marble for Your Flooring

Marble has always been on the more expensive end of the spectrum, and historically, the wealthy and rich were the only ones who could afford it. It was also a highly desired and preferred material used by the Romans and Greeks for creating architectural marvels and sculpting. Eventually, different types of marble became a symbol

The Best Tile Removal Tools on the Market

If you’re trying to make improvements to your home, updating your tiles is a fantastic way to give the room a facelift while avoiding an entire remodel. Tiles, whether they’re on the floor or wall, set the feeling for the rest of your interior design style, and dated tiles can make your room look old-fashioned,

Six Types of Flooring – The Comprehensive Guide

Choosing a new floor can be a very stressful process, especially if it’s during a kitchen or home remodel where you have a lot going on at one time. It gets even more complicated when you realize that there are many different types of flooring to choose from, and some types work better for certain

Best Flooring Options to Restore Your Garden or Yard Walkways

The walkways in your yard or garden can wear down over time with repeated use and exposure to the elements. You can restore them by choosing different flooring options and installing them one weekend over your existing walkways. There are dozens of different options available that mimic the look of stone or wood, and they

14 DIY Patio Flooring Ideas to Spruce up Your Space

You’ll want to consider multiple options when you think of your patio flooring, no matter if you’re planning to redesign your current one or create a new design. Lucky for you, there are dozens of creative and stunning options other than plain concrete. You can even DIY if you’re confident enough in your abilities or

How to Remove Vinyl Flooring

Wood flooring and vinyl flooring both look great when you first install it, but it can eventually get worn out and start to look shabby or dated. Torn or worn vinyl flooring isn’t effective or easy to repair, and this may lead you to wonder how to remove vinyl flooring.  Usually the best way to

How to Paint Tile Floor

A decorative tile floor can add an element of elegance to your space, but this can be an expensive project to have someone come in and do for you. This is why paint tile floor projects can be DIY, and it can help you avoid the hassle, time, and money that comes with ripping out

Bamboo vs Hardwood: Which Flooring is Better?

Flooring is one of the most important aspects of every house, and whether you are looking to increase your home’s value or simply remodel – the best way to invest your money is in good, quality flooring. However, there are many choices for you to pick from, and how could you possibly make the choice

What is the Average Cost to Install Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is a type of floor that utilizes multiple layers of synthetic materials that get fused together using the lamination process, and it can mimic the look of tile, stone, or wood flooring with a photographic layer encased in a clear protective layer. Additionally, this flooring can last for up to 30 years, so it

How Much Does Wood Flooring Cost? 

Wood flooring cost is a very important factor to consider before hitting the store to choose samples. The price you pay will depend on different things. This article will show you the variables you’ll need to bear in mind that will influence how deep you need to dig into your pockets to fund your dream

How Much Does it Cost to Tile a Floor For Your Home?

Trying to determine the cost to tile a floor can often prove to be such a chore that it’s enough to put you off the very idea altogether. Talk to a handful of contractors, and the quotes you receive can range from as little as a few hundred dollars to in excess of $2,000. Opt

How Much Does Underfloor Heating Cost?

Often known as radiant heating, underfloor heating systems make a luxurious addition to any home. Not only do they eliminate the need to clutter your walls with unsightly radiators, but they also bring whole new levels of comfort to every room, evenly distributing the heat across the surface of your floor so that every step

How to Soundproof Floor – Soundproofing Floor Guide

This soundproofing guide will teach you how to soundproof floor and floorboards properly. Hearing screaming babies and the loud thud of furniture moving around comes with the territory of apartment living. You know how noisy it can get when your neighbors upstairs decide to throw a party and pump music so loud you feel like

Refinishing Hardwood Floors – The Ultimate Guide

Hardwood floors are a beautiful and durable addition to any home, and this is why they’re so popular. They can add an understated elegance or warmth to a room, and they’re relatively easy to clean and maintain for years at a time. However, even the most durable hardwood floors need regular upkeep to remove any