How to Grow and Harvest Dead Nettle

Dead nettle is a valuable shade-loving, perennial ground cover that will quickly spread out and fill in an area of ground that may stay bare except for weed growth. In sheltered areas of your yard or warm regions, dead nettle can be an evergreen. In other places, depending on the environment, it’s very likely you’ll

21 Practical and Pretty Ground Cover Flowers

Ground cover flowers are what many landscapers consider the holy grail. They offer function and beauty, and this will help to give your yard a blanket of color while helping you fight weed growth and control erosion on hilly terrain. If you’re looking for a pretty solution to your problem areas, ground cover flowers can

How to Grow Phlox

A perennial favorite. Phlox is a great choice if you want to add ground cover as well as floral color to your garden. The plant’s star shaped flowers appear in pleasingly fragrant clusters, drawing attention to the flower bed. Taller varieties of the plant are also a great way to introduce height and soft structure

How to Grow Dusty Miller

For a truly fabulous flower bed you can’t just think of the flowers. Foliage is also key. The right foliage provides a lush backdrop to help show your blooms off to the fullest. One of the best plants for interesting foliage is Dusty Miller. Its attractive silver dust colored leaves provide a good contrast to

Ultimate Guide to Growing Creeping Phlox

Creeping phlox (Phlox stolonifera) is an attractive, low growing mat like plant. Ideal for providing ground cover, creeping phlox can also be used in rock gardens or planted in wall and paving crevices. These striking ornamental plants look particularly effective tumbling over the sides of stone walls and pots. Flowering from late spring until early

24 Evergreen Ground Cover Plants to Add Year-Round Landscaping Interest

An evergreen ground cover plant is a fun and unique way to add interest all year-round, especially if you live in cooler climates where most of your plants die off in the fall. They can help to lower your yard maintenance, suppress weeds, and they fight erosion to help keep your yard looking healthy and

15 Best Plants for Ground Cover for Shade

Ground cover for shade can be a tricky problem. Identifying plants that thrive away from the sun, and in your planting zone, can seem a difficult or restrictive task. However this is simply not the case. Even the darkest areas of the garden can support some plant life. This list will provide you with a