33 Different Types of Arches Used in Construction

There are several types of arches available, and this is largely due to the fact that people have been designing arches for thousands of years. While they’re not used all of the time in everyday construction, they do lend a nice charm that some spaces need. Functionally speaking, various types of arches are used to

Five Sleek Stone Siding Types to Boost Your Home’s Look

You can use natural stone siding  to get a sustainable and gorgeous look for your home, no matter the style. Utilizing stone siding gives you a very distinct look for your home. It’s more durable than wooden siding because wood can rot over time due to being porous, and it’s very long-lasting. Natural stone siding

Use 17 Wood Siding Types to Create a Rustic Look

Wood siding types are very popular for homeowners to install on their home exteriors because they work to create a classic, timeless look. It can help homeowners feel secure and grounded, and wood is also biodegradable so it’s a nice way to have a green lifestyle. A lot of homeowners save on the costs for

25 Popular Wood Grain Pattern Types

It’s hard to beat how beautiful natural wood looks in your home. There was a time when every house had hardwood flooring installed with varying wood grain patterns. The floors were durable and sturdy, but people eventually started covering them with carpeting. However, one of the newer home improvement trends is to uncover the wood

Create Beautiful Arrangements with 25 Types of Bouquet Flowers

Fresh flowers make the perfect gifts, and the world has acclaimed giving flowers for centuries as a simple love language. No matter if it’s a birthday party, wedding ceremony, funeral service, or an anniversary, presenting different types of bouquet flowers is a way to bring a smile to their face. They can uplift the mood

8 Different Types of Fireplaces to Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Throughout history, fireplaces have had a place both inside and outside of the home to help provide hot food, heat, light, and a centralized location to gather with family and friends. In more recent years, homeowners have gotten several types of fireplaces to choose from that include different visual effects, structures, and fuel types. Some

11 Types of Carpet and Carpet Styles

For many people in recent years, hardwood flooring has seen a massive rise in popularity. However, different types of carpet offer several nice benefits that make it very well-suited to different areas of your home more so than tile, wood, or laminate flooring. Carpeting can add a softness to your flooring that is difficult to

29 Types of Curtains You Want for Your Home

Everyone wants to dress up the windows in their home with pretty curtains, drapes, and shades. Different types of curtains add color and style to your windows while making it more private and preventing rays of direct sunlight from streaming into your room and heating it up. If you think about it, different types of

13 Types of Blinds and Shades to Spruce up Your Home’s Interior

Any living space or home usually has windows of some type in different areas of the space. You don’t want to leave them open, so you could spend a decent amount of time looking at types of blinds. But, which types of blinds or shades will work best for the bedroom or living room? What

26 Popular House Styles

Suburbs and cities throughout the United States have several different architectural house styles available. No matter if you’re looking for an investment property or a new home, you’ve most likely noticed that there are lots of terminology surrounding house styles in general. Understanding what people mean when they use this specific terminology can help you

Best Stud Finder to Hang Your Outdoor Decorations

Outdoor decorations add a touch of whimsy to your garden, shed, or home. Trying to get them to hang straight can mean taking them down, rearranging and adjusting them, and putting them back up. If you’re trying to accomplish this on your own, it’s very easy to get frustrated because it’s hard to gauge whether

Best Essential Oils and How to Use Them

The best essential oils became mainstream several years ago and for good reasons. They have many different uses and provide a variety of benefits. Essential oil therapy, also known as aromatherapy, has been around for decades. Essential oils are plant-extracted, concentrated liquids that were traditionally used in beauty and cleaning products, but recent studies have

How to Decorate a Large Wall

That huge wall you have in your room might have you feeling intimidated and not knowing how to decorate it so it doesn’t look empty. However, you definitely shouldn’t be scared, as there are tons of ways to decorate your large wall that are both easy to do and look just as good. You can

What is the Average Wallpapering Costs to Update Your Decor?

Wallpaper is a more traditional wall covering, and it is severely underrated for the times that you want to update your room’s decor during a living room or kitchen remodel without spending thousands. It’s easy to justify wallpapering costs when you realize that it makes your walls more durable, and it also holds up very

How Much Do Blinds Cost to Install When You Redecorate?

One easy way to refresh your room while you’re remodeling your kitchen is to update your blinds, and this is something a lot of people forget about when they concentrate on the bigger projects they have going on. This is a type of window covering that lets you control how much light gets into the

25 Beautiful DIY Fall Decor Ideas

As the seasons change, are you the type of person that redecorates your home along with it? If you are, here you’ll find 25 simple and stylish DIY fall decor ideas for beautiful fall decor that you can create at home, as you also transition your garden from summer to fall. The weather is turning

Best Spray Paint for Metal to Revive Your Yard Decor

Your garden decor may look fantastic the first year or two you have it out, but it’ll eventually start to peel, chip, and fade due to normal wear and tear as well as exposure to the elements. While there’s not much you can do to prevent this except keep it inside, you can use spray

25 Gorgeous DIY Apartment Decor & Home Decor Ideas

Many of us are finding that we have a bit more time on our hands. While this is a great time for gardening and cleaning, it’s also a great time for DIY projects. Look around your home living room for supplies you might already have, or make a quick run to the dollar store, with

Mexican Décor Ideas – How to Design Mexican Style

Looking for a home improvement project or a creative way to change your home? Need Mexican decor ideas for how to decorate a new space? Want to completely redesign your house this spring? Interior design inspired by Mexico’s rich cultural history is both beautiful and unique. If you’re considering Mexican style house decor, you probably

25 Interior Design Styles Explained 

There are so many different interior design styles when it comes to selecting an interior design style for your home decor. And it’s an important choice! The interior design style you choose has the power to improve your life, reflect your personality, share your tastes with friends and family and bring you endless pleasure. But

The Best Sewing Machine for Beginners

Looking for the best sewing machine? I got my first sewing machine as a wedding present from my mother-in-law. It’s a Singer Slant-O-Matic from 1957 with a million bells and whistles. The index lists features such as border designs, buttonholes, corded applique, embroidery, and more. I’d used my mom’s Singer machine a few times growing

DIY Vase Decorating Ideas – Beautiful DIY Flower Vase

Looking to make a DIY vase? It’s taking longer for the sky to turn dark and the chilling bite of icy weather is fading away. Spring is in the air. A great way to welcome the season is to make your delightful home a haven for all things bright and cheery. The easiest and most