What is the Average Wallpapering Costs to Update Your Decor?

Wallpaper is a more traditional wall covering, and it is severely underrated for the times that you want to update your room’s decor during a living room or kitchen remodel without spending thousands. It’s easy to justify wallpapering costs when you realize that it makes your walls more durable, and it also holds up very well under normal wear and tear. You can choose from an infinite number of styles, colors, textures, and materials to update your room or tie your design aesthetic together. Wallpaper adds excellent depth and dimension to your wall, or it can make it pop and stand out. Wallpapering costs will fluctuate, but they usually don’t have a huge price range associated with them. 

In turn, this makes budgeting for your wallpapering costs relatively easy. Your wallpapering costs will vary depending on your location, size, and the material you choose. Coated-fabric wallpaper is also more expensive than paper-backed or vinyl-coated solid sheet picks. So, it’s a good idea to have a design and wallpaper type in mind before you start this project. You can install the wallpaper yourself to save on your wallpapering costs, or you can hire a professional to do it for you. 

The average wallpapering costs range from $800 to $1,200. The majority of people who take on this project pay right around $1,000 to wallpaper a standard 12-foot by 18-foot room with vinyl wallpaper. This includes installation costs. Wallpapering prices can be as low as $250 to apply an accent piece on a 10-foot by 12-foot room with non-woven material, or it can up upwards of $2,000 to cover a 15-foot by 18-foot room with more expensive material. The labor works out to between $1.00 and $7.00 a square foot. If there are any repairs needed, your wallpapering costs will rise. 

If this is a project you have on your list and you’re ready to create a budget for it, this is for you. We’re going to highlight everything you need to know about this project to ensure that you can get the final finished look you need while staying inside your price points. 

1 Removing Old Wallpaper
Adding new wallpaper to a room is one way to update and brighten up the space very quickly and easily. There are dozens of types, styles, and textures to choose from. This allows you to mix and match to update your decor or tie your design aesthetic in.
Joshua is a wall-paper removing machine by Robin Zebrowski / CC BY 2.0

Price Points for Different Wallpaper Types

One of the first things you have to do to figure out your wallpapering costs is to pick out a type. There are many types available, and the one you pick out can get determined by how it’s installed, the location, or the coating that goes over the material. The following wallpapering costs are for materials alone, and they don’t include professional installation fees. 


Per roll, your wallpapering costs for embossed will range from $70.00 to $105. This is a unique choice that you can easily paint over. It works very well for covering up areas of the ceiling or wall that may contain light damage. It has a texture, and this will easily add depth or volume to any room. It’s popular to add to ceilings to give your room a Victorian-era look. 


Per pack, liquid-style wallpaper has a price range of $25.00 to $50.00. This doesn’t come in rolls, and this makes it another unique choice. The liquid features natural materials like cotton fibers and cellulose. It works well in arches or in any areas of your home where it’s difficult to install traditional wallpaper. It’s easy to repair, and it can come lightly textured. You get dried packs that equal out to around one roll of traditional wallpaper. 


Mylar wallpaper has wallpapering costs that fluctuate between $80.00 and $230 a roll. It comes with a polyester film coating that allows you to wash it. So, it works very well in high-traffic areas of your home where it could get dirty from touching it. It has a tricky installation process because it’s easy to crease on accident. However, removing it is relatively simple and straightforward. 


Also referred to as self-adhesive wallpaper, your wallpapering costs for this style will range from $20.00 to $45.00 a roll. It’s nice for easy removal and installation, and it’s a very versatile choice. All you have to do is pull off the backing and stick it to your wall. People routinely use this type of wallpaper from anything from traditional walls to basements, bookshelves, or bathrooms


Your wallpapering costs will range from $20.00 to $80.00 a roll with this type. It comes with an inactivated, dry adhesive on the back. This is supposed to make installing it easier. You have to spray this wallpaper with water to activate the dry adhesive before you stick it to the wall. It’s a solid choice if you’re a DIYer who wants to save on the labor portion of your wallpapering costs. 


You’ll pay between $30.00 and $50.00 for a pre printed roll of wallpaper. It comes digitally printed, and this makes your wallpapering costs slightly lower than other options. It has a huge number of pattern and color choices, but it can tear very easily. This means that you may find yourself doing repairs or replacing it more often than you would other picks. 


On average, your wallpapering costs for textured versions will range from $50.00 to $120 a roll. It can be thicker and come in panels because it’s not possible to roll it, and it’s three-dimensional. You can get designs that are printed to look 3-D, or it can have physically raised portions. It’s nice to add depth to your room, but it’s harder to clean. If you get pressed paper or vinyl, you won’t be able to clean it properly without risking damage. 


If you’re adding a bathroom and not sure what to use for wall covering, consider a water-resistant wallpaper. Your wallpapering costs will range from $45.00 to $75.00 per roll. Most vinyl or paper-based wallpaper can have this coating added to it during the construction process. However, you can’t add it to velvet, bamboo, foil, or grasscloth without ruining it. It works well in high-traffic areas too. 

2 Different Wallpaper Types
Picking out the correct wallpaper type for your room’s unique needs will help ensure that it lasts for years without pulling away from the wall or peeling. Some wallpaper types can’t withstand moisture without damage.
Wallpaper by monday as usual / CC BY 2.0

Wallpapering Costs by Material

Alongside type, the material is one of the biggest cost factors. Your materials have a broad wallpapering cost range to them, and every material will give the room a unique look. The following prices don’t include installation, only materials. 


Per square foot, your wallpapering costs with bamboo will range from $6.00 to $8.00. This works out to $210 to $280 a roll. It uses natural bamboo mounted on a paper backing. Bamboo is very durable, but it can also contract and expand with moisture exposure, and this means that you can’t clean it. It will also keep the same coloring, and it’s an eco-friendly choice. You can find a range of colors, but no two rolls will ever be the same due to the natural material makeup. 


You’ll pay between $105 and $175 per roll or $3.00 to $5.00 per square foot for your wallpapering costs if you go with fiberglass. It’s also called grasscloth wallpaper, and it uses tightly woven grass fibers in the makeup. The yarn can have different thicknesses, and this lends a unique look. It’s very strong, and it works well in high-traffic areas like kid’s bedrooms or living rooms. It can last up to 30 years, and it has fire-resistant qualities. 


Foil has slightly higher wallpapering costs than standard wallpaper at $75.00 to $95.00 per roll or $2.14 to $2.70 a square foot. It uses a very thin metallic foil that comes in several colors, textures, and patterns. It can make any room pop, and it’s a bold choice. However, it tears easily, is very thin, and the foil’s shine will magnify the defects. This makes it extremely hard to install. 


On average, your wallpapering costs for Grasscloth will range from $90.00 to $140 a roll. Per square foot, this is between $2.47 and $4.00. It uses natural fibers in the makeup like seagrass, hemp, joot, bamboo, arrowroot grass, and rafia. It’s handwoven to increase the price, and the backing is unpasted rice paper. Each roll of grasscloth will have a unique look to it due to the handwoven design, and you don’t want to get it wet. It can hold scents, and it’s challenging to install. 


This is a more cost-effective choice at $0.50 to $1.50 a square foot. Your wallpapering costs average out to $18.00 and $40.00 a roll, and it was originally created to make the removal process easy. This wallpaper comes with a paper backing that is environmentally-friendly and washable. There is no vinyl in the makeup, and you can easily put it in high-traffic areas of your home because water won’t damage it when it comes time to clean it. 


Better known as paper-backed vinyl, this option costs between $65.00 and $85.00 a roll, or $1.85 to $2.40 a square foot. It has a solid decorative surface on it with a paper backing, and it is an extremely durable choice. It’s easy to clean and it’s moisture-resistant, but you want to keep it away from areas of your home where it could sustain physical damage. 


You’ll pay between $90.00 and $160 a roll for your wallpapering costs with textile, and this averages out to $2.50 to $4.50 a square foot. You can get natural or synthetic wallpaper with this option. Synthetic wallpaper uses synthetic fibers. Natural wallpaper uses laminated natural fibers on a paper back. They can also have an acrylic backing. You can’t clean it with water to avoid moisture damage, but there are dozens of patterns, textures, and colors available. 


Velvet is an old-school wallpaper type that works well in small bedrooms. Your wallpapering costs will range from $175 to $245 a roll or $5.00 to $7.00 a square foot. It is very elegant and soft, and it’s fire-resistant while providing excellent thermal insulation. It’s easy to maintain and clean, and there are several patterns, textures, and colors available to make it look unique. 


Vinyl wallpaper costs between $60.00 to $80.00 a roll or $1.75 to $2.30 a square foot. This is a popular pick because it has very low maintenance costs, and it’s easy to clean and keep looking nice. It uses a water-resistant finish that makes it nice for kitchens and bathrooms, and it comes in a range of textures or colors. You can increase your wallpapering costs by custom designing it. 

Vinyl-Coated Fabric

Per roll, vinyl-coated fabric costs between $90.00 and $105 a roll. Your wallpapering costs will work out to $2.50 and $3.00 per square foot. This is very similar to solid-sheet vinyl wallpaper, and it uses a fabric backing instead of a paper one. It’s usually meant to be decorative since it’s so beautiful, and it’s popular in lower-traffic areas like your dining room. It can be very extravagant and artistic. 

Vinyl-Coated Wallpaper

Your wallpapering costs are slightly lower with this choice at $1.65 to $2.25 a square foot or $58.00 to $78.00 a roll. This is a more durable option, and it uses a paper base with a vinyl coating over the top. This coating allows you to wash it, and you can use it in areas with a higher moisture content like your laundry room or bathroom without worrying about damaging it. 


You’ll pay between $60.00 and $80.00 per roll for woven wallpaper, or $1.75 to $2.30 a square foot. This wallpaper features polyester fabric with a woven texture and pattern. It doesn’t work well in high-traffic areas or places where there is a higher moisture content. It also won’t work well on walls that were previously painted or textured because it has its own texture. 

3 Wallpaper Material
Wallpaper has an excellent way of hiding problems with the wall underneath. It can help get rid of damage and imperfections, and it can create a water-resistant seal on the wall to help everything hold up well and look nice for years.
A wallpaper 001 by RegulusAlpha / CC BY-SA 2.0

Wallpaper Installation Costs

If you don’t want to install your wallpaper by yourself, you’ll have to hire a professional to come in and do it for you. This can increase your wallpapering costs, especially if you have a difficult location or choose one of the more difficult materials. The minimum wallpapering costs for labor starts at $250  and goes up to $2,000. The larger the job is, the higher up on the price spectrum you’ll be. 

Wallpapering Costs for a Room

Did you know that different rooms have different wallpapering costs associated with them? Some wallpapers work better for specific rooms. For example, vinyl will do well in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, or basements. Bamboo can’t be around a lot of moisture, so it won’t do well in your kitchen or bathroom. The following wallpapering costs include the installation process and the materials: 

  • Bathroom – $650 to $1,200
  • Bedroom – $1,100 to $2,100
  • Ceiling – $350 to $700
  • Garage – $1,900 to $3,600
  • Kitchen – $1,500 to $2,700
  • Living Room – $1,600 to $3,250
  • Outdoor Patio – $1,000 to $4,000

Prices Per Square Yard 

If you choose a vinyl-coated wallpaper, your wallpapering costs per square yard will range from $3.70 to $8.20. You can usually buy and install wallpaper by square foot. It’s a very common process because every area, wall, or room is different. Having the ability to customize how much material you need can help save on your wallpapering costs. You can roughly expect to pay: 

  • 5-feet by 8-feet (40/sq ft) – $150 to $330
  • 7-feet by 8-feet (56/sq ft) – $205 to $460
  • 8-feet by 10-feet (80/sq ft) – $300 to $660
  • 12-feet by 12-feet (144/sq ft) – $535 to $1,180
  • 12-feet by 20-feet (240/sq ft) – $890 to $1,970

Cost to Hang Wallpaper Per Roll

Per roll, your wallpapering costs will fluctuate between $90.00 and $150. This includes picking out a medium-priced wallpaper like vinyl-coated and installation. Rolls are the most common way for manufacturers to sell wallpaper, and a standard roll covers 28 to 30-square feet. You can also get double rolls that are between 56 and 60-square feet. You can also only buy it in even numbers, including: 

  • 2 Single/1 Double – $180 to $300
  • 4 Single/2 Double – $360 to $600
  • 6 Single/3 Double – $540 to $900
  • 8 Single/4 Double – $720 to $1,200
  • 10 Single/5 Double – $900 to $1,500

Wallpaper Replacement and Removal Costs

It’s more expensive to replace wallpaper than to install it for the first time. You’ll have to remove the old wallpaper first before you put up the new. If it’s not done correctly, it could damage the wall. It can also be very labor-intensive to do. Some wallpaper is easier to remove than others too. On average, you’ll pay between $0.75 adn $2.00 a square foot to remove it. This doesn’t include installing new wallpaper. There could also be a disposal and handling fee that adds between $50.00 and $75.00 to your wallpapering costs. 

If you wanted to completely remove and replace wallpaper from a 12-foot by 18-foot room, your wallpapering costs for materials and labor would run between $1,160 and $1,430 from start to finish. 

Wallpapering Costs Per Room

If you want a more exact measurement for how much it’ll cost to wallpaper a certain room, this section can give you rough estimates. The rooms are in square feet or square yards, and it’s relatively easy to figure out how much wallpaper you need. 


Your wallpapering costs, including materials and installation falls between $650 and $1,200 if your bathroom is around 170-square feet. The wallpaper here has to handle moisture, and you should be able to clean it without damaging it. Choosing solid-sheet vinyl wallpaper is a good choice, and it’s important to note that not many materials could handle the demands of this space without falling apart. 


On average, you’ll need around 300-square feet to decorate your bedroom. Your wallpapering costs will range between $1,100 to $2,100 for installation and materials. This is a great time to customize the space to your tastes and create a unique look. There isn’t much chance of moisture damage despite it being high-traffic. Vinyl-coating wallpaper is a good choice. 


If your ceiling is 100-square feet across, your wallpapering costs for a vinyl-coated paper will range from $370 to $700 for materials and installation. Wallpapering your ceiling is a great way to make your room stand out. It’s not very common to do, but it can be very decorative and tasteful. The durability necessity could change, depending on which room you put it in. 


If you’ve built a 500-square foot garage, your wallpapering costs will range between $1,900 and $3,600. This is another unique opportunity to install wallpaper. If it’s a temperature-controlled and finished space, you can install nearly any wallpaper you like. You’ll need a more durable option if it’s not. 


If you have a standard kitchen that is around 385-square feet, your wallpapering costs will range from $1,500 to $2,700. Kitchens are very similar to bedrooms with the wallpaper needed. It has to resist water, be durable, and it should be able to handle higher traffic. Since this is usually one of the most-used rooms in the home, your wallpaper will have to withstand a lot while still looking nice. 

Living Room

If you pick out a vinyl-coated wallpaper, your wallpapering costs will vary from $1,600 to $3,250 if your living room is around 450-square feet. You won’t need as durable of a wallpaper for this room as others, but it’s still a higher traffic area. You could splurge for a more decorative choice here over functionality. Non-woven wallpaper is a solid pick for this area. 


Usually, this project won’t require a permit of any kind. This is especially true if it’s in your own home as part of a redecorating project. However, you could need a permit if you’re doing a larger remodeling project or working in a commercial building. It’s a good idea to double-check with your local town or city hall before you start working to avoid problems later on. 

Where to Find Wallpaper Installers Near You

Many companies can take on wallpapering projects, but it’s a good idea to go with a local option because they can give you the best advice as to which wallpaper will perform best in each room of your home. You can start here to find local wallpaper installation pros: 

Frequently Asked Questions 

4 Wallpapering Costs FAQs
Asking the same set of questions when you contact the different professionals in your area will ensure that you get an accurate price estimate across the board. 
Norman Copenhagen chandelier kit by Ron Frazier / CC BY 2.0

1. How much wallpaper will you need for a single wall?

The amount of wallpaper you’ll need will directly depend on how much of the wall you want to install it on and the wall’s size. Wallpaper gets measured by area, and it’s important to get more wallpaper than you need because you’ll need more around the edges and corners. If you get a non-random pattern, you’ll need more to ensure it matches up correctly. 

2. Can you layer wallpaper over wallpaper?

Usually, you shouldn’t add another layer of wallpaper or existing wallpaper. The adhesive on the wallpaper won’t stick well to other wallpaper. Also, a lot of wallpaper varieties have a coating on them that will stop the glue from sticking. You want to remove the wallpaper before adding more. 

3. Is wallpaper or paint cheaper?

Generally speaking, wallpaper is more expensive than paint. This goes for both the labor required for the project and the materials themselves. However, wallpaper will usually last longer and you won’t have to deal with peeling or chipping. 

Bottom Line 

Your total wallpapering costs will depend on a range of factors, including the area, room size, materials, and type of wallpaper you choose. If you choose to DIY instead of hiring in a professional company, this can potentially cut down on your costs. However, there is a larger chance of making mistakes. Decide which wallpaper will be best for you and build your budget before calling and getting estimates from local companies. This will help you get a realistic picture of the project’s scope. 

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