20 Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas  

Looking for teen boy bedroom ideas? Decorating for teen boys is fun. You have so many cool designs, colors, and styles to choose from. Then there are the themes.

From rock and roll to sports-inspired, there’s a theme that’s sure to keep your teenage boy happy. It’s no secret that teens are hard to please. Decorating can present a challenge.

It’s important to get your teenage boy’s feedback so he’ll be able to express his creative freedom. He’ll be proud and happy to have a personal space that perfectly reflects his personality and style.

Sure he may not jump up and down with the infectious excitement of a four-year-old, but that’s okay. He’s a teenage boy.

Talking with great enthusiasm about anything not related to girls and sports isn’t happening. But at least your teen boy will have his own space to shut out the world or just hang out with his friends.

Of course, there are practical matters to consider as well. Where will your teenage boy study? How much will it cost to redecorate?

Once you tackle these issues, you’ll be ready to move onto the fun part – decorating. To help you with this process, this article shows you 20 teen boy bedroom ideas that you and your teen boy will love.

Create a multi-functional space where your teen boy can work and sleep. He’ll be happy with his updated haven. It will feel like a sanctuary where your teen boy can get lost in his own world for a while. A bedroom with a work space like the one pictured here is a good example of how you can add a desk with a small computer and a couple of shelves for a place to store books and homework assignments.

Check in With Your Teen

What kind of teen boy bedroom ideas does your teen have in mind? He may already have his design laid out in his head. If he doesn’t know what he wants, be the sounding board he needs.

You can help your teenage boy figure things out. Between the two of you, you’ll be able to come up with a fun, edgy, and amazing room. Don’t be a stick in the mud. Throw the rules out.

It’s your son’s room and should reflect his personality, not yours. Every corner should ooze the style of your teenage boy.

Of course, it’s still your house, so spray painting the walls with graffiti might not be up for discussion. Then again if you’re a laid-back parent who lets your edgy teenage boy express himself in a myriad of ways, feel free to grab a can of spray paint yourself and help your teenage boy out.

Key to all Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas: Function First

Think about what your teenage boy needs his room for – besides sleeping and eating. Your teenage boy needs to feel safe. It’s his sanctuary from a crazy outside world.

When your teenage boy needs private space, this is the fort he will retreat to. When your teenage boy needs to hang out with his friends, this room will turn into his hang out lounge.

Expressing his individuality separate from the family is important. He’ll need plenty of space to display collections and hang up posters and cool wall art.

3 wall artLet your teenage boy get creative and play around with different types of wall art. He may want posters Or he may want to create a collage of smaller photos like the one you see here. The arrangement of the smaller photos gives it visual appeal and makes it look like one larger piece of art. The accent colors he uses to decorate his room with could also show up in the artwork for a cohesive look to the room.

But, your teen boy need a study space too so when he’s cramming for exams he can hit the books with ease. Good storage and a nice desk area will help him accomplish this.

Think Ahead

Your teen boy will go through many phases with these teen boy bedroom ideas. The wallpaper he picked out when he was 13 will be incredibly embarrassing as he gets older. The tastes of your teen boy are bound to change as he gets older.

For this reason, you want to make sure that you agree on a wall color that’s easy to live with. It’s much easier to give a room a new vibe by switching out accessories than it is to re-paint a room.

It will keep you from having to redo the room every few years. On the other hand, if you have an adventurous teen boy who is willing to put in the blood, sweat, and tears of re-painting a room whenever it strikes him, then, by all means, let your teen boy go wild with the colors.

At the end of the day, it’s only paint. Plus, when he’s old enough to get a part-time job he can pay for his supplies. But, if your teen boy would rather eat dirt than paint a room, you’ll appreciate these teen boy bedroom ideas.

Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas 1: Start With Neutral Walls

If you’re not thrilled at the thought of hitting up Home Depot every year for a new dose of color to pacify your temperamental teen, then do yourself a favor and keep things simple. There’s nothing wrong with a blank canvas.

4 white walls
This teen boy room is a perfect example of how classic white walls are. They’re perfect for a teen who will change his style over the years. Keep the walls simple and use accessories to add color. It’s easier to change out small decor items than it is to repaint the walls.

White walls are classic. Introduce moody neutrals in striking combinations of black, white, charcoal gray, and beige.

These colors offer versatility making it easier for him to transition into his more mature stage as he develops. Throw in some awesome geometric accessories for a dose of youthful flair.

To balance out the monochromatic look consider a bright duvet or framed graphics with plenty of visual interest to capture his restless attention.

Add a touch of whimsy with a feather patterned wallpaper or a rattan headboard. Whimsical elements let a teen’s creativity soar.

Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas 2: Add a Splash of Color

How does acid yellow strike you? What about nuclear neon green? You may hate the sight of those colors, but your teen boy may love them.

It seems that boys are hardwired to pick all things blue. Why not give traditional shades of blase blue a break? Throw in a shot of color to spice things up.

Use it as an accent color on the base of a lamp. Or opt for a brightly printed headboard or outrageous throw pillows for effect. The key is to do it in small doses so it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

That small pop of color can keep the teen boy room from looking dull. For that eye-catching “wow” factor, accessorize the teen boy room with a neon sign.

5 pop of colorThis shows a great way to add pops of color. Bright orange and multi-color pillows bring a punch to the decor. Also, check out the touch of yellow on the wall behind the lamp. It really adds warmth to the space. It’s such a strong color that you don’t have to use it all over the room. Just add a bit of a bright color to add more flavor to the bedroom. You’ll also notice that the other wall is white which helps to balance the look of these strong, beautiful colors.

Infusing the teen boy room with a perfectly placed pop of color will make it feel youthful, without looking juvenile. You can also energize the room with a wash of deep orange. Paint one wall with that striking color to bring life to a cool monochromatic look.

An accent wall can add depth to the bedroom. Going with a dark, deep color will make the space appear larger. This is a great visual trick to use to maximize a small space.

One vibrant color is all that’s needed to make a room look vivacious. If your teen boy enjoys an active, fun lifestyle, he’ll appreciate that same kind of energy in his room. Turn his drab room into a cool hangout spot with some mind-blowing color, and your teen will feel like a rock star.

Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas 3: Spruce Up Dated Flooring

Depending on your budget and your teen’s level of activity, you might want to consider revamping the floors for the teen boy. Over the years, busy growing boys can easily track in a lot of dirt.

Stains from mud and spilled drinks can take on a life of their own especially when they’re left to fester. If the floors are starting to look like a mess but carpet isn’t an option, consider painting the floor.

It allows you to keep things simple. Plus, it covers a multitude of sins.

Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas 4: Put Down a Rug

Granted, replacing flooring or installing wall-to-wall carpeting isn’t cheap. There are other teen boy flooring options at your disposal. Rugs are a fantastic option.

6 geometric rugNotice the geometric pattern in the rug. It features the same blue accent color you find in the room. This is a great example of how to develop a cohesive look. The rug is playful but polished. 

Think of an area rug as an accent fabric under your feet. Introducing a rug into the bedroom is a great way to play with oversized graphics and prints.

Let your teen boy play with some masculine patterns in his bedroom. Simple, casual shapes work well. Your teen boy might love hexagonal or asymmetrical patterns.

He can repeat the same pattern in the wallpaper for a cool and cohesive look. A rug can easily be changed out so it can be as dramatic and bold as your teen would like it.

It’s portable, so when he gets tired of the big and bold look, it can be tossed. Yet, if budgets are still tight, keep the rug on the more muted spectrum of things.

Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas 5: Pick the Furniture

Teen branded furniture lines are fine. But rest assured, you do have other options. You can find affordable and stylish offerings anywhere. Hit up Target, Joss and Main, Wayfair, or your local consignment store.

When it comes to furniture, your teen boy will be better suited to styles that you would see in an adult’s room. Now that your baby teen boy is turning into a grown man, you can buy furniture in materials that aren’t stain-resistant or spill-friendly.

7 furniture spacious areaThis room is a good example of how you can open up a space by keeping furniture to a minimum. Don’t clutter a room with unnecessary items. A bed, side tables, a chair, and desk are what’s really needed.

If your teen boy room is small, opt for fewer pieces of furniture to create a spacious look. A sturdy bed with a comfy mattress, desk, wardrobe, and storage area are the important pieces most teens will need.

Depending on the amount of space you have to work with, you can add cabinets, chests, and shelves to store instruments, books, or sports equipment. A narrow floor plan calls for a creative layout.

Instead of putting the bed in the middle of the room, put it against the wall. When you put a bed against the wall and place a writing desk on the other side of the room, you create a spacious area in between.

Place a rug in this area to warm it up. Add some hanging decorations or wallpaper on the wall next to the bed for extra charm. Another option is to place the writing desk at the foot of the bed.

Your teen boy will have a cozy seating area to chill. Also, consider a high-sleeper bed. This multifunctional piece of furniture works miracles in a small space.

It can double or triple as a place to sleep, to study, and relax. Toss in some cozy bean bags for extra seating and you’re off to the races. Your teen boy and his buddies need privacy.

They don’t want to hang out in your living room and be interrupted every few minutes. Using bean bags is an inexpensive way to create a cozy ambiance in your teen boy bedroom. It’s very flexible and can be put anywhere in his room.

8 hanging out bean bag

The friends of your son are like your son – private. So give your son and his friends the space they need. Bean bags don’t take up much space. Plus, it’s a fun and comfy seat. Teens can easily do things they enjoy like surfing the web or taking adorable selfies while sitting on the bean bag.

Bean bags are the perfect addition to a small room. Brighten up the room with vivid colors like red, blue or yellow.

Or let the bean bags draw out the colors of the rug. Another perk to using bean bags is that they can match a variety of styles like industrial or modern.

Idea 6: Use Accessories

Try An Oversize Map

World maps can serve a twofold purpose. They’ll help your teen ace his geography test. Plus, they provide a great visual element in the room. It’s a great way to accessorize the wall.

Pin or frame it to the wall in front of the working table. Keep the rest of the wall simple. For a pulled-together look, stick to two or three primary colors to decorate the room with.

If your teenage boy doesn’t like maps, then opt for large-scale art. Adding large-scale art is a great way to make a room feel more sophisticated.

If your teen still isn’t feeling that option, introduce the idea of a blackboard wall. He’ll be able to schedule everything from soccer practice to study time.

Display Cool Collections

Is your teen boy a baseball fan or a star on the basketball team? Add elements of his favorite hobby or collection into his design scheme.

Let him decorate his space with baseball caps from his favorite teams. He can place them on hooks for visual appeal.

9 skateboard
Let your teen boy put his skateboard to more than one use. After he’s done turning tricks on it, have your teen boy add it to his collection of skateboards that he hangs up as wall art.

Display his collection of skateboards or turn surfboards into wall art. He’ll love that he’s able to display his passion into his personal space in a way that’s not childish.

Idea 9: Plants and Lighting

Using light correctly can make cheap accessories look like a museum find. It can turn consignment store pieces into dynamic objects with beautiful form and structure.

Well-placed pools of light add a divine ambiance to any bedroom. Arcs of light on beautiful wall color enliven a space. The great thing is that you can do this without calling an electrician.

The best ambiance features a combination of elements. You want just as much light shooting up from the floor as you have coming down from lamps and overheads.

Use a can up-light. They’re available everywhere. You can also get them online. The Catalina lighting can is a great option. This is where a well-placed plant comes into play.

Put a lighting can behind a small tree. It will cast a soft shape and shadow that’ll cover the newly painted ceiling of your teen boy bedroom like an umbrella.

High-quality faux plants can look just as nice as real ones. Plus, it’ll give the illusion that something fresh is living and growing in your teenage boy room.

Idea 10: Make the Most of the Window Area

The window is a great spot in your teen boy bedroom. Add a curtain for a fresh look. Putting the bed next to the window can work wonders for a small space.

10 bed by windowNotice how placing the bed next to the window opens up the room. Plus, the white walls create the illusion that the room has more space to offer.  This design would be perfect for a small room. 

Plus, if your teen boy loves a lot of light he’ll like having his bed near a window. Add some seating space in the window frame if you have a bay window to play with.

If your teen boy plays an instrument like a guitar, it could be a cool place for him to work out his melodies. Or it could be a nice place to get caught up on some reading.

Maximizing the window will make his room feel more spacious. You can also put his working space next to the window to make the most out of natural light. The room will feel bigger and brighter.

Idea 11: Create a Smart Work Space

Speaking of workspaces, your teen boy will need to have an area where he can hit the books in comfort and style. Those teen years will be full of exams.

He needs a place that’s neat and well-organized so he can bang out those lessons and hopefully snag a scholarship to a top college. Get a sturdy desk of good quality with a chair.

Fit some shelves above the desk area. Your teen boy will need plenty of space to store coursework and books.

If your teenage boy bedroom has raised floors you can create a separate space for work and sleep. Put the bed on the raised part of the floor and the working area on the lower level.

Idea 12: Have Fun With Bedding

Let your teen boy pick out his bedding. This is an item that’s very easy to swap out.

11 bedspread in blueYour teen boy may want to keep things simple when it comes to experimenting with color, texture, and pattern at first. If that’s the case, take inspiration from the above pic. It’s a straightforward style of bedding. The duvet is a lovely shade of blue that goes well with the simplicity of the room.

He can have a lot of fun experimenting with different colors, textures, and patterns to express himself.

He’ll love being able to select colors and patterns that reflect his style. It will also be a simple and affordable way of making simple updates as he gets older and his style changes.

Idea 13: Use Good Storage Options

Storage is a key element of any room. The smart use of storage space can help your teen thrive in a calm, well-organized space.

Clever storage will make things look clutter-free – even if it’s just on the surface. As a result, the entire room will look aesthetically pleasing and clean to boot.

Throw up some floating shelves and hooks to declutter a room. Add floor to ceiling bookshelves or wall units to sort books. You can also use a triple-tiered side table as a vertical solution to the clutter.

Idea 14: Repurpose Timeless Pieces

Repurposing those old treasured pieces, again and again, is an excellent way to breathe new life into an old space while injecting it with your the distinct personality of your teen boy.

But to keep it from feeling old-fashioned, spice things up with new and interesting accent pieces and bedding. As your teen matures, he can style his space in a new way.

Idea 15: Put a Statement Piece on Display

Punctuate the space of your teenage boy with a marvelous statement piece. Let him go bold with a few pieces. Perhaps a hanging rattan chair is up his alley.

12 bold phone accentAdd a touch of whimsy with an old-school style phone in a fun, vibrant color like this bold shade of blue. It’s attention-getting without overloading the senses.

Add visual interest by combining different styles. Mix modern and boho for a fun yet posh look.

Idea 16: Design with Time in Mind

As the years tick away, your teen’s style will change. To keep up with his many phases, keep things simple. Go with neutral pieces to anchor the room like a classic dresser.

Keep the window treatment simple. Use versatile tones that will work with a variety of styles.

Your teen will appreciate the flexibility of his room as the years pass. It’s much easier to toss bold posters, throw pillows and bright patterned rugs than it is to re-paint an entire room.

Idea 17: Use Frames

The proper use of framed photos adds a touch of polish to a teen boy’s bedroom. Plus, it makes a lovely transition into those mature years.

Framing photos and art prints is easy. Framing artwork and beautiful photographs will add a touch of sophistication.

Idea 18: Get Creative With Lighting

Have fun creating a playful ambiance with string lights hanging from the ceiling. Or, string them along the wall. Your teen boy can get creative and use them as a place to pin photos.

Well-placed lighting can be an incredible way to add more panache to a room. A big hanging lamp in the center of the room is another great option.

Make sure it’s in alignment with the bed. The style of the lamp should match the theme. Industrial, classic, and modern styles are great options to select from for a growing teen’s bedroom.

13 string lightsCheck out this string of lights. It adds just the right touch of ambiance to the room. It complements the lighting from the small side table very well.

Idea 19: Beef Up the Texture

Add texture for visual interest. Suede, leather, and metal objects will add punch to the bedroom of your teen son.

Your teen will appreciate having softer, comfortable materials on his bedding that feel plush but not frilly. If he spends a ton of time in his room, he’ll like feeling like a king in his little castle.

Idea 20. Use a Fun Theme

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

If your teen boy is all about sports, this is a perfect opportunity to let him indulge in his favorite pastime without leaving the house. Sure you can add posters and framed jerseys to his room.

But why stop there? Drape a sports style quilt over his bed in cooler months. Any sports accent can be used to create a theme.

Hang up a lightweight basketball hoop on the back of his bedroom door for play. Pull colors from the sport and his favorite team into the decor scheme.

You can do this equally well with baseball, hockey, football, or soccer. If your teen boy ends up with a lot of sports decor on his walls, tone things down a notch by keeping the floor and bedding simple. Use neutral colors in natural fabrics.

Time to Rock and Roll

Why not have fun with a music theme? A lot of teenage boys are into music. You can use their instrument collection as accessories.

14 guitarTake that bass guitar and add it to the decor on the wall for a rock and roll feel. When your teen boy is ready to play a few songs he can easily take it down and start jamming.

Hang up the ever growing collection of electric guitars of your teen boy. They’ll make a cool and bold statement on the wall. Let him hang up posters of his favorite bands.

Go Down With an Industrial Bedroom

Keep things simple with a basic industrial style for the bedroom of your teenage boy. It fits the needs of young teens and older ones. Your teen boy will appreciate the masculine vibe it brings to the room.

Add industrial elements to play into the room’s character. Black steel and wood are wonderful materials to use for this type of style. Plus, it’s easy on the wallet.

Wrapping Up the Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas

So, there you have it. These are 20 teen boy bedroom ideas that can help your teen boy elevate his room.

Get him involved in the process as much as you can so he feels that his room is a true expression of who he is. Keep things simple with the teen boy bedroom ideas. Buy pieces that are easy to exchange so his room can change as quickly as his mood.

Have fun playing with different teen boy bedroom ideas and styles based on your budget and the needs of your teen boy. Get it right and you’ll give your teen boy a haven he can feel proud to show off to his friends.

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