25 Types of Beds to Upgrade Your Room

When it comes to types of beds, it can be difficult to imagine what is available to you. Due to the fact that there are several material varieties out there, you can easily mix and match to fit seamlessly into your design style. Maybe you need something glamorous to match your flashy home, or you need something more vintage and old-school. Whatever the design, there is a type of bed or two to match. We’re going to outline 25 popular types of beds, and you can select the one that goes best with your decor while meeting your wants and needs.

1 Rustic Bed
There are dozens of types of beds available, and it’s not uncommon for people to not know what options they have. In turn, they may not make the best choice based on their needs.
Bed by Jennifer C / CC BY 2.0

1. Adjustable Bed

If you like using things like a kindle or laptop or reading in bed, you should consider this type of bed for your next purchase. As the name implies, this bed adjusts using a motor to different reclining and sitting positions. You can even go a step further and get a bed that allows you to adjust each side individually. So, you could have it reclined to sit up and watch television while your partner keeps their side down to sleep.

2. Air Bed

You don’t want to confuse this type of bed with an air mattress, even though they work well for sleeping needs. Are beds work as a more permanent form of air mattress, and they’re meant for in-home use. You can find them used as regular beds or in pull out couches. They’re excellent for helping heal certain pains and aches because you can manipulate them from soft or hard or vice versa to get the perfect sleeping experience.

3. Bunk Bed

Adults don’t normally buy this type of bed to use in the master or primary bedrooms. However, they are very popular in kid’s rooms or in smaller bedrooms because they don’t take up a huge amount of floor space while giving you dual sleeping areas. They’re great for any kids that share a room too. This bed will give you a nice way to keep an additional bed in your home without eating up your valuable floor space. Also, kids love climbing up to the top bunk to sleep. There are also several styles to choose from, including ones with desks or stairs, L-shaped, doubles, loft-style, and smaller models.

4. Canopy

Canopy beds are types of beds that are more decorative, and they’re very similar to a four-poster or poster bed. One example of this bed features postse at each of the four corners that rise up above the mattress. Decorative or ornate fabric drapes stretch across the upper space between the posts to create a ceiling or canopy that covers the sleeping area. It lends a romantic feel to the room.

5. Convertible Sofa Bed

A convertible sofa bed is a sleeper sofa form, but it’s not the same thing as the pull-out sofa bed because it has no separate mattress for your bed. Instead, you fold the sofa seat and the cushion to create a bed mattress when it folds down. With this type of bed, the soft back will slide downward to create a flatter surface area for you to sleep on. This makes it a nice cross between a futon and a pull out sofa bed.

6. Cottage

Cottage-style types of beds usually have lavish and large headboards on them. You’ll see some carving into the wood or other decorative elements on the headboards, and there are usually painted elements to make it the focal point of the room. They can lend a very feminine, light look to your space, despite the larger size.

7. Daybed

Daybeds are popular types of beds for lounging, sleeping, seating, and reclining. You usually put them in your common rooms, and the frames can be made out of metal, wood, or a combination of these materials. The shape of this bed is a unique cross between a couch, chaise lounge, and a bed. They come in a range of sizes and colors, and they tend to be on the lighter side.

2 Daybed
A daybed is a great type of bed for anyone who wants more seating area during the day for guests but needs a bed at night to sleep in.
July 10, 2017 by Osseous / CC BY 2.0

8. Divan

A divan type of bed is a great solution for anyone who has very limited space. A lot of models come equipped with drawers that get built right into them for storage purposes. If you can’t fit a nightstand or dresser into your room due to space issues, this is a great alternative. If you want one without any drawers, you can pick out a standard divan. This model will get custom made to your space. You have a softer headboard that makes sitting up in the bed much more comfortable while you watch television or read.

9. Folding Bed

Folding beds are types of beds that come with hinged frames on them that you can store in a smaller space. The beds are very commonly put in guest bedrooms and spaces where you don’t plan on using it every night. One type of folding bed comes on a wheeled frame so that you can easily slip it into the closets, and other types fold into enclosures that you can display. The cot or cot bed is one common type of folding bed.

10. Futon

A futon is a terrific space-saving type of bed. Just like most pieces of furniture, you can find a range of futons available when you shop. They range from small to large and everything in between, and you can choose from a large range of styles. Some of them can be fairly expensive, but they can look nice and last for years. It’s a great choice if you have guests over, and it gives you a seating area when you have it folded up.

11. Hanging

Hanging beds are unique types of beds. As the name implies, you attach them to the ceiling and connect them to the floor using a ladder. They’re great for smaller rooms where space is at a premium because you can use the space under where you have the bed hanging for a bookshelf or desk if you hang it high enough. You can also hang it lower to the ground if that is more your speed.

12. Industrial

The industrial type of bed has a very utilitarian aesthetic to it. It was originally inspired by the look of production centers and factories, so it has a very straightforward design. Typically, you’ll get very clean lines, and the whole thing is made out of wood, metal, or a combination of both with a mattress.

13. Mission Bed

The mission type of bed is a design that puts a big emphasis on the vertical and horizontal lines. It also has flat panels that work to accentuate the wood grain used to make it. You’ll find the roots of this style dating back to the Spanish colonies in North America, including in California. The name of this bed originated from Catholic missionaries that came from Spain with the mission to convert the North American natives.

14. Murphy (Wall) Bed

Murphy or wall types of beds come designed to save space in a very unique way. They work to save floor space by hinging the frame of the bed so that you can tilt the bed vertically and store it in a closet or cabinet. This is very popular in studio-style apartments where you can fold them up during the day to open up the floor and fold them back down at night to sleep.

15. Panel Bed

As the name suggests, this type of bed has a footboard and a headboard that has flat panels of wood in the design. The panels are framed with grooves or raised molding that mimic the look and feel of traditional wood paneling or wainscoting. The footboard and headboard get connected using wooden rails. A lot of companies offer this bed in wood-stained or painted finishes, and you can find headboard-only pieces. They’re a great option for people who have oddly-shaped or smaller bedrooms, and they remove the part of the bed that takes up space while allowing people to sit on the edge of the bed to give your area more seating room.

16. Platform Bed

A platform type of bed comes with a base that has level, raised, and horizontal solid framing. It usually comes as a section that has row after row of flexible wooden slats. You may have these slats laid in a more intricate lattice structure that supports the mattress. The platform will give you flexible, adequate support while ensuring that your mattress has great ventilation. THis removes the need to have a second mattress or box spring as a foundation.

3 Platform Bed
A platform bed allows you to quickly and easily elevate your bed while keeping it very stable and sturdy.
Platform bed by sputnik / CC BY 2.0

17. Poster Bed

A poster or four-poster bed gets built using four vertical columns with one column being in each corner of the bed. Sometimes, the posts support an upper panel too, but this is optional. If you do get this type of bed with an upper panel, it’s a canopy bed. Traditionally, this was an extremely ornate type of bed made out of carved oak, but you can now find a huge range of designs and materials.

18. Pull-Out Sofa Bed

This type of bed is a form of sleeper sofa, and it comes with a mattress that folds into the sofa so you can use it for seating during the day or whenever you don’t need it laid out. You can pull the mattress out to switch it into a bed as needed. This is a fantastic space-saving choice for anyone who has a smaller home. However, you should know that these are extremely heavy furniture pieces, and it’s common for them to top out at over 100 pounds each.

19. Santiago Bed

This type of bed is a very old-world design that has a crown-shaped, decorative headboard. It’s also on the heavier end of the spectrum due to the headboard, but you can choose from a broad range of styles.

20. Scandinavian

Scandinavian types of beds are usually very simple designs. In turn, they fit very well with the minimalist design style without sacrificing function. You can find this bed in many different shapes, but they usually lack the typical flourishes that many other styles tack on. They also won’t have anything added purely for aesthetic reasons.

21. Sleigh Bed

The sleigh type of bed has scrolled or curved footboards and headboards that mimic the sides of a sleigh. They usually feature a very heavy wooden design, and this style came about as a result of the American and French Empire period during the early 19th century. Today, this bed features a broad range of materials, including steel, iron, wood, or aluminum. They also tend to have less exaggerated curves at the headboards and footboards now.

22. Standard Bed

As the name suggests, a standard type of bed is one that has a very simple metal frame that you place a mattress and box spring on it. You can add a headboard if you like between the wall and the bed. This will give it an elevated look that mimics the headboard-only panel bed style. This standard bed frame is very low-maintenance, and it comes in a huge range of sizes.

23. Storage Beds

For smaller spaces, you really have to get creative with your storage options. This type of bed comes with drawers or other concealed storage areas built under the bed itself or around the mattress. Some of these models may even come outfitted with a hinged frame where you can lift up the entire sleeping area to reveal a larger storage area underneath it.

24. Trundle Bed

The trundle style of bed is usually a pair of beds with one standard bed frame and a secondary frame on casters that slides under the main upper bed. This is another great space-saving design idea, and it allows you to have a second bed on-hand when you need it without wasting space when you don’t need it. Kids love these beds as they work very well for sleepovers.

25. Water Bed

Finally, waterbeds are one type of bed that people still use today. They get filled with water, and they were originally intended for medical therapy. However, they slowly made the transition to domestic use. They give you great support for your body while being ideal for people who turn and twist in their sleep. They could even be considered an orthopedic bed by some people. You can choose from a huge range of sizes, and they have different frame options available.

4 Waterbed
A waterbed is nice in theory, but you can have a mess if it decides to spring a leak as there is no quick way to get it out of your home.
Waterbed by Erin G / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Understanding Bed Sizes

Now that you know 25 popular types of beds, you really want to get a good grasp on the bed’s sizes. Knowing this will help you decide which one will work best for your space without taking it over.

California King Bed – 72-inches by 84-inches

The first bed size on the list is the biggest. This is the single biggest type of bed you can have without getting into custom bed range. At an impressive 84-inches long by 72-inches wide, it offers more than enough space for several people. However, you also have to have sufficient space in your room. It’s a great choice for taller people.

Double Bed – 54-inches by 75-inches

A double or full type of bed was commonly used for two adults to sleep in it 30 to 40 years ago. This was a time when bedrooms and homes in general were built smaller and the people were smaller in general. Today, this bed is usually sufficient for a single person or for a smaller guest room. It can be a snug fit for two adults, and the frame is the same length as a twin bed’s frame. Most couples go for the slightly larger queen bed than the double or full size. However, the double bed has found immense popularity in the apartment for rent program in Ho Chi Minh City following the home stay apartment trend.

King Bed – 76-inches by 80-inches

A king type of bed is the same length as the queen sized bed, but it adds an impressive 16 inches to the width when you compare them. If you have the space available in your bedroom, you can add a standard king bed to ensure you have enough room for a couple to sleep. This is also a great choice if your pets or kids routinely share your bed with a couple. However, if you’re on the taller side, you may want to consider ordering a California King because it measures 72-inches by 84-inches, so you’ll have enough space to stretch out and relax without anything hanging off when you sleep.

Queen Bed – 60-inches by 80-inches

The queen type of bed is arguably the most popular size available on the current market. It’s a great choice for two adults who want to save space or who don’t quite have enough space for the king bed. The queen size is also immensely popular amongst single people who like to sprawl out when they sleep, or if they have animals that like to sleep in the bed with them.

Twin Bed – 39-inches by 75-inches

Better known as the single bed, this type of bed is generally made to be large enough for a single adult or for a child. Tall adults should consider getting a Twin XL because it adds five inches to the length to make it more comfortable. It’s a nice choice for very small guest rooms, daybeds, bunk beds, and more where floor space is at a premium. You can get a range of frames for this type of bed from simple to ornate too.

Twin-XL Bed – 39-inches by 80-inches

The final size for beds is the Twin XL, and it stands for extra long. It adds five inches onto the normal twin bed’s dimensions. It’s a nice choice for fully grown adults or taller kids. The frame for this bed is the same length as the frame you’d use on a king or standard queen bed. If you put two dual twin XL beds side by side, it’s equal to the size of a standard king bed frame.

Popular Bed Frame Materials

5 Bed Frame
Bed Frame Assembled by rick / CC BY 2.0 No matter which design, style, or other considerations you keep in mind when you shop for your new type of bed, the frame can come made from a host of materials. Each material has benefits and drawbacks associated with it, and we’re going to outline them for you below.


One of the most popular bed frames currently are metal frames. They’re a more modern occurrence, and they lack both the familiarity and the warmth that traditional wooden bed frames bring to the table. However, a metal frame can be a lot lighter than wood, and this makes it easier to move around. Metal frames are also much more versatile when it comes to changing up the bed size. They fit very well into the more contemporary design style.


Surprisingly enough, pallets are a popular material for your bed frame. A lot of people DIY these frames with pallets they sourced for cheap or free. They are actually so popular when it comes to making beds that you could technically put this style into its own category for bed frames. You can make this type of bed with or without wheels, and it can be built to fit any bed size. They can be elevated or low to the ground, and they create a platform for you to put your mattress.


Wicker or rattan is a structure where the company weaves a material to a hard surface when they create it. It can use plastic or plant-based materials, and it’s usually very firm while staying lightweight. Rattan or wicker lets you quickly and easily get a cottage or coastal look in your space. However, it’s relatively easy to damage this material, and you have to replace the whole thing instead of just replacing a portion if something happens to it.


The final material for bed frames is one of the oldest and most common materials on the market, and wood is exactly what most people picture when it comes to envisioning a bed frame material. Wood is what people used to create very ornate and hand-crafted beds. However, wood is also very heavy, so it can be difficult to move one of these frames around by yourself to switch up your room. However, it’s extremely solid and very durable to help offset the price point.

Bottom Line

We’ve outlined 25 popular types of beds for you to consider when you shop. You can look through the list and decide which one is going to work best for your space. Some will require more floor space than others, so consider your room’s dimensions when you shop to ensure you get something that is going to be functional while giving you a very good fit. 

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