75 Stunning Boho Bedroom Ideas 

Bohemian (boho) inspired rooms are often characterized as cozy, eclectic, artistic, and inviting. They are spaces that can evoke a sense of free-spirited traveling, while also being a warm space to call home.

Because boho bedrooms can take on so many forms, you might feel overwhelmed in deciding where to start. We’ve got you covered! In this post I’ll give you a full run-down of the elements of a boho bedroom, all the decor and organization, as well as some fully-designed rooms.

Colors Schemes

Let’s start by looking at different color combinations so you can start to get an idea of the overall bedroom design you’d like to start cultivating!

Brown Base

1. brown bedroom
Elegant boho bedroom with a rich army green background color.

This is a beautiful example of how brown can be a color foundation for other brighter and more vibrant colors to jump off of. As you’ll see, boho bedrooms incorporate lots of earthy colors- so of course brown is a good place to start!

Lots of Patterns

2. pink patterns
Photo of a bright boho bedroom in Morocco.

While you might not normally throw stripes and zig zags together, everything goes in a boho space. Boho designs are known for being crazy and lively, so there’s no combo that isn’t allowed in a boho bedroom.


3. maximalist room
Maximalist living room by Steph Wilson.

Inspired by bohemian spaces, Maximalist design has become a look of its own. Building off the “everything goes” attitude of boho design, Maximalist rooms include everything big- big plants, bright colors, huge pieces of art. Anything that emboldens you!

Minimal Color Scheme

4. minimal color scheme
Consistent color scheme and bare walls inspired by minimalist design.

However, you can also go in the opposite direction- minimalist boho bedroom. Some people say it can’t be done, that boho design is all about patterns, bright colors, and contrast, but this room shows you can take boho design and calm it down.

Dark Earthy Colors

5. dark green walls
This room uses a powerful dark green for a loud effect.

Earth tones are a vital element to any bohemian space. Using a quality paint to achieve a dark, rich earthy color like this dark green hue is a great way to achieve that pop without using tons of crazy patterns.

Monochromatic Room

6. monochromatic room
The dark blue couch in front of a similar dark blue wall also achieves a loud effect.

In fact, you can take a nice earthy tone and use it all over the room! A monochromatic color scheme is another great way to achieve that loud, powerful boho effect. Here the beautiful blue of the couch matches the blue on the wall and is a perfect, rich background.

Furniture Ideas

Now that you’ve got an idea of the colors you’ll be using, here’s some ideas for furniture you might want to add to your bedroom space.

Floor Cushions

7. floor cushions
This picture displays lush neutral toned floor cushions.

Big, fluffy floor cushions add that cozy atmosphere that boho spaces are known for. They’re a fun alternative for a couch and are also a great way to mix and match different colors or patterns.

Lots of Pillows

8. pillows
The inside of a wellness retreat that utilizes pillows and floor seating.

Instead of floor cushions you can take it a step further, and lower, and put pillows everywhere! Pillows can double as floor cushions or simply be used as pillows on top of cushions as in the previous picture.

Small Tables

9. small table big cactus
Simple white wooden table serves as a vanity and decor.

Small bedside tables or vanities like this one are great for adding functionality and a decorative touch.

Velvet Pieces

10. velvet couch
This bold velvet couch is pure boho energy.

If you’re not big on mixing lots of patterns, you can mix textures and the luxury of velvet adds to the cozy environment you’re creating. The velvet couch shown above is just one of many ways you can incorporate velvet into your boho bedroom design.

Record Player

11. vinyl player
This picture showcases how a record collection can also be a decorative element.

Record players are another fantastic way to add decor and functionality. The aesthetic of a ton of vinyl records together on a shelf adds to the combination of colors and patterns.

Centerpiece Mirror

12. big mirror

This large mirror fills wall space and adds natural light.

Given boho bedroom design is all about large statements, a huge center mirror is a great move. As this picture shows, a large mirror could better fit your design if you’re not so keen on loud colors or overwhelming patterns.

Hanging Chair

13. hanging chair
This simple macrame chair is a great way to add texture.

Since bohemian spaces usually have a lot going on, boho bedroom designs usually add in multiple layers of design. By this I mean hanging things from the ceiling, moving pieces into the center of the room, using all the space you have available!

Lofted Bed

14. lofted bed
This lofted bed allows for more storage underneath.

Continuing with multidimensional design elements, lofted beds are perfect for any boho bedroom design, regardless of age. With lifting the bed, you can maximize the space underneath and imitate the campervan space.


For those who love practical design that looks great, check out these tips for keeping your turbulent bohemian space organized.

Wicker Baskets

15. wicker basket
This wicker basket holds my extra floor cushions and a blanket.

Wicker baskets are always stylish and can be found in many shapes and sizes, perfect for blankets and pillows as shown here, but also for laundry, shoes, bags, books, pretty much anything you can think of.

Wooden Cabinet

16. wooden cabinet
Cabinet in the veranda at my house.

Wood and wicker are two standard materials in any boho bedroom. Whether it be a desk, dresser, or vanity table, a beautiful wooden piece of furniture with its natural color is a sure win.

Open Wardrobe

17. open wardrobe
Clothes hang in the open on a rack.

Having an open rack for clothes, rather than a closet, is an effortless way to add color and patterns to your boho bedroom. It also means you don’t have to purchase any new decor, just use the clothes you already have!

Big Bookshelf

18. big bookshelf
Gorgeous large bookshelf.

Large bookshelves are amazing because they’re so useful! They can fill up an empty space quickly, provide storage, display your books, pictures, and trinkets and create structure in your space. Need I say more?

Built-in Shelves

19. built in shelves
Built-in shelves made by my roommate to showcase our ceramics.

If it’s an option for your space, you can also make built-in shelves. Especially if you’re big on DIY projects, creating a sunken-in shelf may be more fun and creative than building a bookshelf!

Reflective Materials

Boxes with reflective front face create rainbows in my room every morning. Self-shot.

Storage boxes with reflective materials like these project incredible color all over your room. Try to line them up with any windows so the sun hits them just right and illuminates the whole room.


Any boho bedroom design would be incomplete without plants, you just can’t do it! So, here are several different ways you can add plants to your space, regardless of your houseplant experience.

Hanging Planters

20. hanging plant
Hanging plant in our veranda.

Hanging planters do many things for your space: they bring your plants up where you can always see them, help plants get better sunlight, add a level to decor, and give your plants space to grow! The neutral tones of the rope and the vibrant colors of your plants make it a perfect living decoration.

Hanging Snake Plant

22. hanging snake plant
Healthy Snake Plant hanging in my bedroom.

In particular, Snake Plants are great for hanging. As they grow older they expand out and down and really love the extra space below.


23. cacti
Small cacti growing in my bedroom.

If you’re a beginner houseplant owner but really love the boho, plant-filled aesthetic, cacti are the perfect beginner plants. They are amongst the easiest to care for and also add a bohemian desert aesthetic.


24. succulents
Example of various types and sizes of succulents.

Succulents are also a favorite for beginner plant owners- and are visually incredible! Check out our guide to propagating succulents and quickly fill your room with them!

Small Trees

25. bicolor dragon tree
Bicolor Dragon Tree growing in my bedroom.

For those a bit more experienced, small trees can add a big pop to a space. These are particularly great if you’re aiming for the “indoor jungle” look as you can quickly fill up space and get lots of green. Notice also the Bonsai tree on my table!

Dried Flowers

26. dried lavender
Dried Lavender I picked from my garden.

Regardless of your green thumb level, dried flowers are a beautiful accent to any space and, especially for boho bedrooms, are great natural decor.

Dangling Plants

27. hanging succulents
Tiny String of Pearls overflowing from planters.

Long, stringy plants like String of Pearls or String of Dolphins are great for adding diversity and layers to the plants you have. They would look great in hanging planters or wall sconces as pictured here.

Shelves of Plants

28. plants on shelf
This shelf holds a variety of plants in types and sizes.

You can apply the boho standard of mixing patterns to your plants- using pots of all different shapes, styles, and colors, with plants that are big, small, spiky, soft, and multi-colored. Make full use of the bookshelf I mentioned earlier in this post and fill it with plants!

In Fact, Plants Everywhere

29. alba room plants
30. lots of plants
Left: Example of plants in every space they can be. https://unsplash.com/photos/dM317CbttyY  Right: my bedroom, with plants layered and including floral designs in the wall decor.

Full boho style houseplants are nothing short of an indoor jungle, imitating nature by having a diverse mixture and placing them anywhere you can. You can place pots on the ground, on any shelf you have, hanging from the ceiling, all of the above apply for boho bedrooms.


As you’re cultivating your ideal boho bedroom atmosphere, it’s important to think about the lighting you’ll use. Different types of lighting can be decorative pieces and serve as another layer to your eclectic boho design.

Warm Light

31. wicker lights
Example of wicker ceiling lights.

While natural sunlight is the best compliment to any boho space, soft, warm ceiling lighting can resemble this. Given most boho bedrooms have natural and earthy elements, harsh fluorescent lighting will not fit the atmosphere. Bonus: these lights use wicker material which will go nicely with any wicker or wooden shelving in the room.

Sheer Curtains

32. sheer curtain
Light yellow sheer curtains make this room golden.

Sheer curtains are the perfect compromise if you want privacy yet still tons of sunlight. Especially if you have houseplants, you don’t want to rob them of precious sunlight. Additionally, you can get colored curtains that will project that color throughout the room.

String Lights

33. string lights
Pretty combination of plants of string lights.

String lights also provide a nice warm light but can distribute it better than a central hanging light and for that reason might be preferred. Or if you’d like, go for both! Nothing more boho than multiple different lights, as you’ll see below.

Mixed Lighting

34. mixed lights
This picture shows how you can mix colors and light sources.

As I’ve been saying, bohemian design is all about mixing everything together and loving the chaos. So, naturally the lighting element reflects this. In a boho bedroom this would look like a bedside lamp, string lights on the shelves, a large light overhead, and some small lamps on the desk, as in this picture above- all in different colors of course!

Hanging String Lights on the Ceiling

35. ceiling lights
Here you can see the reflection on the windows of the string lights I hung on the ceiling in my room.

To maximize the coziness of your boho bedroom, you can take string lights and hang them from the ceiling. This creates a kind of starry effect while also distributing the soft light throughout the room.


36. candle
Candle surrounded by plants and fresh eaves.

Second to sunlight, candles are probably the best boho lighting option. They are the ideal decorative and functional pieces and, of course, enhance the coziness of any boho bedroom. And incredibly easy to make!

Salt Lamp

37. salt lamp
Close-up of a salt lamp.

Salt lamps have become increasingly popular in the past few years and for good reason. Aside from the warm atmosphere created by their soft pink glow, salt lamps can make us calmer! Heating the salt leads to increased negative ions, which help us recharge.

Turkish Lanterns

38. laterns
Several Turkish lanterns light up.

Lastly, glass lanterns are quintessential boho bedroom decor. The lanterns are firstly, extremely gorgeous and colorful and they give off a very gentle glow. They look amazing on their own or  hung with others, and sometimes there are lanterns available that have several linked together. Check if you have any Middle Eastern shops around you for the real-deal lanterns (and beautiful rugs!)


Now we can get further into the little details that make a space perfectly curated and unique. This is where all the fun trinkets come in. Boho design is all about filling any empty corner or space with whatever color you can, so here are some ideas to fill up your walls.

Macrame Hanging

39. macrame hanging
Bright yellow Macrame hanging.

Macrame wall hangings, the authentic ones at least, are made from wool or cotton which adds an organic character to your decor. They come in many colors and different designs, but always have this softness that is perfect for a cozy boho bedroom.

Small Prints and Frames

40. wall decor
Various prints and framed art pieces on my wall.

If you’re willing to embrace the boho spirit, you can approach your blank wall as an empty canvas and slowly fill it with a collection of decor. True bohemian style would be to use prints, macrame hangings, framed art, mirrors- with a good mix of plants, of course!


41. books
Bookshelf filled with books and various decor items.

I love how bohemian decor accepts books as an element of design, because most of us already have some! The variety in color that comes from simply putting books together fits right in with boho bedroom designs. So, that’s one less thing to buy and you learn to appreciate the aesthetic value of books you already love.


42. dreamcatcher
Tiny dreamcatcher hanging in the middle of my room.

Hanging a dreamcatcher from your main lighting, as I did here, or anywhere in your room is another way to add multidimensional decor.

Patterned Rug

43. rug
Bright pink patterned rug pops on the stone floor.

Rugs are another way to add color or an additional pattern to your bedroom. Depending on the space you’re working with, you might find that a large rug fits best or you can try for two- or more- smaller rugs to move around your space.

Prism Crystal Suncatcher

44. hanging crystals
45. rainbows in the kitchen
Suncatcher hanging in front of my window that projects rainbows into my kitchen area.

These crystal prisms pictured above project rainbows all over your room when they are hit with direct sunlight. Although you didn’t think it’s possible, these prisms make direct sunlight in your room even more of a plus. There are many variations of the one I have pictured, so you can find whatever shape and style suits you best!

Decorative Ladder

46. decorative ladder
Old ladder becomes a stylish addition to this room.

A simple ladder can be used for so much in your bedroom- a hanger for blankets, clothes, plants, a shelf for books or pictures. In designing your boho bedroom, you should incorporate whatever you have on hand and if you have a ladder- great, that will work!

Decorative Mirrors

47. tiny mirror
Tiny sun mirror hanging on my wall.

Tiny mirrors such as this one pictured above are hardly useful and won’t gain much favor for those who prioritize practicality. However, they are simple and small decorative touches that go a long way in filling a boho bedroom.

Mirrors are a really cost efficient form of decor given they reflect other elements of the room, so rather than buying more items to fill the space, you can purchase some mirrors to reflect the decor you have already put up.

Decorative Vases

48. neutral ceramics
Beige ceramic vases in one of our built-in shelves.

Simple ceramic vases like these are a great addition regardless of the overall design you’re going for. If you’re sticking with a more minimalist boho bedroom, these will be perfect, subtle touches to your design. Even if you’re going to fill bohemian with a plethora of decor and colors, clean and natural decor like this will help to gently balance out your space.

Floral Designs

49. floral desgins
Floral and vibrant cushions.

A king of organic chaos is the aim of bohemian design and no decor does that better floral patterns. Whether it be for pillows, tapestries, paintings, anything with floral patterns adds complexity and diversity in your design.

Throw Blankets

50. throw blanket
Throw blanket adds a bit of color to this clean room

Small throw blankets are another great form of useful and beautiful decor. In any case, it’s handy to have an extra blanket in your room, but that blanket can also be a slight pop of color, as in the picture above. Inversely, if you’re going for a full-blown maximalist design, a one-tone blanket could be a good way to balance all the patterns going on around it.

Melted candles

51. melted candle
Large candle spilled wax, adding to the “aesthetic mess” on this shelf.

The craziness of bohemian design means embracing messes and including them in the aesthetic. Some say that what characterizes bohemian design is not being able to tell what was intentionally placed and what found its place by accident.

If your candles ever spill or drip wax, leave them be to create a kind of rustic or lived-in feel. Plus, tall candles with wax dribbling down the side has an effortlessly cozy vibe.

Room Ideas

Now that you’ve seen several different elements of a boho bedroom, here are some inspiring images of beautiful boho bedrooms that perfectly put them all together!

Simple and Earthy

52. simple and earthy room

This room uses a minimalist approach while still including gentle earthy colors. The macrame hangings and plants scattered around the room add to the calming, natural look of this bedroom.

Coral and Bright Lights

53. bright orange room

This room works with more color, typing in peach and coral hues with the curtains, throw blanket, and various decor on the wall and shelves.

Every Shade of Brown

54. earthy brown room

The consistent use of beige and tan with the bedding and wicker allow the dark orange to pop and the singular large tree to stand out. The wicker baskets and wooden materials give the room a very organic feeling.

 Colorful and Full of Patterns

55. vibrant boho room

This room completely embraces boho room design with the bold colors and fun floral patterns. This room’s eclectic look comes from mixing and matching various different patterns.

Cozy Corner

56. cozy corner

This cozy corner incorporates a lot of elements of boho design. The shelves have a variety of decor, there’s plants at different levels in the space, and the mirror, basket, and blanket all have decorative and practical uses.

Simple and Small Room

57. small bedroom

This is a great example of how to create a cozy environment out of a small space. While the space is simple, with no decor on the walls, the low bed and shelves with plants and trinkets make it appear very home-y.

Dark Green and Taupe

58. dark green and taupe

This room has a more boho chic style, as it’s a bit cleaner and simpler. Yet, it still uses the basic elements like a neutral and earthy color scheme and the wood accents.

Pink Colors with Wooden Accents

59. soft pink room

Here we have another example of simple boho style, with wood and wicker accents and a bright blanket. However, it’s very toned down in terms of decor.

Lively Boho Balcony

60. boho balcony

Here’s a very boho style balcony, with most of its color and variety coming from the plants. Notice, again, the compliments from the wooden table and the wicker chair and planters.

Golden Boho Room

61. gold and orange room

Here’s a vibrant boho space that makes great use of gold as a strong accent. The bright orange chair pops amongst the gold accents and plants, making the room resemble a tropical getaway. This also displays how a patterned rug can be simple and doesn’t need to be a loud and distracting pattern.

Soft Orange Room

62. soft orange room

This bedroom shows how a boho style can be both colorful and simple. The colored lights and vibrant pillows surely stand out, but not with an overwhelming amount of color. The pattern on the bedding contrasted with the pattern on the pillows creates a variety, but the blank space on the wall is like leaving space to breathe.

Neutral and Simple Room

63. neutral simple room

This bedroom uses elements of boho design like the neutral colors, plants, and string lights, but in a very simple way.

Boho Wall Art Gallery

64. boho art wall decor

Here you can see a modern twist on bohemian style wall decor. Simple colors yet a diversity of them, some green plants to add a bit of vibrance, and a simple white cabinet.

Modern and Natural Work Space

65. natural work space
Here is a boho style workspace, using lots of wood and with plants all over the place. You can see here the options of putting plants high and low, really wherever there’s space.

Boho Shelf Decor

66. boho shelf decor
This close-up of shelf decor provides a beautiful example of boho decor. With books, candles, and various ceramic pieces, this shelf is filled with pretty decor.

Cozy Boho Bedroom

67. boho room with man

This intimate photo shows a glimpse into a cozy boho bedroom. The color scheme is simple which makes the plants and wall decor pop out.

Dark Green Background with Natural Browns

68. dark green wall
This rich dark green wall color is a bold but stunning move that compliments the soft browns of the bedding very well.

Light Color Scheme with Wood Accents

69. light room with wood and blue
What this room lacks in color and vibrancy, it makes up for in accents. The wood furniture throughout the room is a gentle color addition and the light blue accents add a bit more without overthrowing the simplicity.

Orange and Green Color Combo

70. bright orange and plants

This room has a sort of naturally playful look with the bright orange and green plants.

Vibrant Green and Gold Room

71. green and gold room

This room is another example of monochromatic design- the overload of green colors is balanced by gold and pink accents, while still maintaining a powerful presence.

Dark Blue and Brown Room

72. dark blue and brown room

A beautiful combination of dark blue and shades of brown creates a very natural feel in this space. The dried branches, wicker bowls, and wooden headboard increase this.

Gray and Light Brown

73. simple room with wood and blue

The gray background here creates an overall simple setting, but the blue and wooden accents add color while the wall decor adds some variety in the room.

Modern Boho Bedroom with Dark Green Accents

74. modern room with green

While this space uses boho design elements like large trees and earthy tones, it does so in a very modern way.

Lively Orange and Gray Room

75. orange room with plants

This lively room makes use of several design elements: plant, gold lighting, bright orange accents, and varied wall decor.

In Summary…

If there’s anything I hope you take away from this post, it’s that there’s no one way to go about boho bedroom design. Use whatever elements interest you, the colors that appeal to you, and work with what you already have, because everything has a place in a bohemian space.

I know there’s a lot of information in this post, but the main elements to keep in mind are earth tones, natural materials like wicker and wood, plants, cozy blankets and rugs. Know that you can go all out and fill every shelf, corner, and wall or you can keep it simple and just use a minimal design that fits you.

What’s so great about boho bedroom design is that it’s fun, it’s playful and should be invigorating. Don’t overthink it and start putting items together!

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