How To Grow a Gooseberry Plant

You may have never heard of the gooseberry plant because it’s not a very well known berry bush, but recently it’s gained a lot of popularity with more and more gardeners becoming curious about growing gooseberries. It’s a shame that the gooseberry plant isn’t more common, since it’s super easy to grow! Gardeners who are

How to Care for a Mulberry Tree

Hugely underrated, the mulberry tree is an attractive specimen that makes a good addition to many planting schemes and landscapes. A valuable addition to a fruit tree collection, in addition to being ornamentally attractive, the mulberry tree also produces lots of flavorsome fruit. If you want to learn more about the mulberry tree, including how

14 Evergreen Trees with Red Berries

Once winter sets in, your gardens don’t necessarily have to be dreary, bare, or void of any vitality or color. Once the leaves fall for the season, shrubs and evergreen trees with red berries and fruits show up to become the stars of your yard or garden. The bright red fruit contrasts very nicely to

Complete Guide to Pruning Blueberries

Blueberry bushes are medium sized shrubs that make a great addition to any backyard garden not only because they produce yummy blueberries, but they’re also very cold hardy, making them perennial shrubs in almost all regions of the US. In general, blueberry bushes are quite low maintenance and are very strong throughout harsh winters, the

How to Plant and Grow the Ground Cherry Plant

The ground cherry plant is also called the cape gooseberry, and it is one plant that is native to several different parts of the United States. You’ll commonly see them growing alongside roads or out in open fields, and ground cherries offer deep green, large leaves with dozens of pale yellow flowers that will turn

How to Find and Pick Wild Blackberries 

Wild blackberries are one of the sweetest tastes of summer. Best eaten fresh, many generations of children and adults have enjoyed picking and eating fresh, wild blackberries. In recent decades this once common pursuit saw a decline in popularity. Happily, today, with a renewed interest in eating local, organic and sustainable food, wild blackberries are

A Guide to Growing Strawberries

Growing strawberries is a great way to get fresh fruit. It is also a pleasingly straightforward process. With just a little time and effort you will be able to enjoy your own personal supply of fresh flavor filled fruit. Many gardeners also see growing strawberries as a reliable, and productive, way to introduce ground cover.

How To Grow A Blackberry Bush

I have to admit that I love a great yard and plants but I am a LOW maintenance kind of gardener.  That is why I love my blackberry bush. I tend to it and do what is necessary, but it does not require a vast amount of effort to thrive.  Whether you are the type

Everything you Need to Know About the Goji Berry Plant

The goji berry plant (Lycium Barbarum) is a hardy, deciduous shrub. Best known as a super food loaded with antioxidants, these attractive shrubs originate in the Himalayas. Today they are commonly found growing wild in areas of China, Japan, Turkey and Russia. Also known as Chinese Wolfberry and Duke of Argyll’s tea-tree, these attractive specimens

15 Types of Red Berries that Grow on Shrubs and Trees

Red berries that grow on shrubs or trees can add a fun pop of color to any landscape design or garden. They can fill a decent amount of space and help you lower your overall landscape costs. If the trees and shrubs have edible red berries, you get the bonus of healthy, tasty fruits. However,

25 Types of Berries – Berry Types You Can Eat

Did you know that the definition of a berry is any fruit that has seeds enclosed by a fleshy pulp? Under this definition, bananas, avocados, watermelons, tomatoes, and pumpkins are all different types of berries. However, when most people think of types of berries, they’re talking about colorful, tiny, juicy, and sweet-tart berries that you

How to Grow Alpine Strawberries 

Originating in Asia and Europe, alpine strawberries are the traditional fruit that our ancestors enjoyed. Smaller and more delicate than the common garden strawberry these attractive little plants, also known as woodland strawberries can be found growing wild in many areas including North America. A member of the Fragaria vesca genus, typically wild varieties have

How to Grow and Care for an Elderberry Bush

Elderberries have become an extremely popular natural remedy. If you’ve ever tried to buy them to make elderberry syrup during cold and flu season, you might have discovered that they sell out quickly. The good news is that you can easily grow elderberries in your own garden. Then, you won’t have to worry about whether

Planting Raspberries Guide – How to Grow Raspberries

Bright, colorful and full of flavor, planting raspberries is a great way to enjoy fresh fruit in your garden. Happy to grow in a small space, raspberries can be harvested from midsummer until the first frost hits and, with a little care, the plants return year after year. If you want to add this most