What is the Cheapest Way to Build a Garage?

Where can you safely store all of your vehicles, bicycles, boats, lawn equipment, or other odds and ends? Most people don’t have space for these items in their home, and their sheds may already be packed full. A garage makes a very convenient place to store these items, and it may even give you more

16 Types of Garages to Add to Your Home

You most likely know that there are plenty of garage door designs and garage doors, but there are also many types of garages available. Some are better suited for families with a single car while others are huge enough to double as a workshop on top of storing your car without running out of room.

Best Garage Heater

Nights can get chilly, and winter temperatures make it very difficult to work on projects out in your workshop or garage. Trying to wrench on a project or fiddle with tiny screws, bolts, and nuts with cold fingers  This is where the best garage heaters come in. There’s a broad range of the best garage

19 Garage Storage Ideas to Transform Your Space

Maximizing your storage space in your garage can be very tricky, especially if you’re someone who is passionate about mechanics or woodworking and you love to fix common issues by yourself. You’ll need solid garage storage ideas if this is the case to help keep all of your tools and materials neat, organized, and ready

What is the Average New Garage Door Cost?

When you build a garage, a lot of people don’t really consider how much a new garage door costs. However, this is a very valuable piece of your garage as you’ll typically use it several times every day, and it enhances your home’s curb appeal while helping to secure everything inside the structure. You can

How Much Does a Garage Door Opener Installation Cost?

If you want to build a garage or update an existing structure, you might be looking at a garage door installation cost. You can do this as a side project, or you can include it when you renovate or remodel the structure. They’re very convenient to have, especially when you live in an area that

What is the Average Garage Conversion Cost?

Converting your garage into another living space is a great way to boost your home’s curb appeal and add more space to live. Your garage can feature storage areas for your tools or sports equipment, have home gyms or work areas, or you can use it to add to your functional living space if you

Best Small Shop Vac to Clean Your Garage or Workshop

A traditional vacuum isn’t equipped to clean dust, pet hair, debris reserves, and all of the other spills and odds and ends you find on your garage or workshop floor. However, the best small shop vacs take cleaning power to the next level. You may know them as wet/dry vacuums, and they’re very versatile and

How Much to Build a Garage and What are Your Options?

A new car garage can prove to be one of the best investments you make as a homeowner. Apart from the usefulness of added storage room, it also serves as a great way to keep your car secure and protected from the elements and can add significant value to your property, but how much does