How Much Does a Garage Door Opener Installation Cost?

If you want to build a garage or update an existing structure, you might be looking at a garage door installation cost. You can do this as a side project, or you can include it when you renovate or remodel the structure. They’re very convenient to have, especially when you live in an area that experiences bad weather throughout the year because these systems allow you to open the garage door by smart device, remote, or keypad without having to get out of the car, be in the bad weather, and manually open the door. You can also justify the garage door installation cost by knowing that many modern models come with security features that prevent forced entry. 

Some openers will automatically close the garage door if you forget it open for a period of time too. You can choose from several models to have them stand out or blend into your home’s design, and many of them have several smart features embedded in them. However, since there are so many different choices available, this will make your garage door opener installation cost fluctuate. What someone ends up paying for this project can be far less than what you pay, or vice versa. 

Your garage door opener installation costs will depend on where you live, the features on the opener, the type, and the motor’s horsepower. The average garage door installation cost starts at $300 and goes up to $950. Most people will pay $480 to install a belt-drive opener with a ¾-horsepower motor. If you want a ½-horsepower chain-drive model, your garage door opener installation cost can easily drop down to $250. On the high end of the price spectrum, you could pay around $1,500 for your garage door opener installation cost if it’s a Jackshaft-drive opener with 1-horsepower and smart features. 

You’ll pay between $150 and $500 for parts for your garage door opener installation costs, but the rest will go to labor at a rate of $65.00 to $85.00 an hour. More complex projects will drive your prices up even more. If you’re considering this project and you would like to get a rough estimate on your garage door opener installation costs so you can budget for it, this guide will help you. We’re going to outline the biggest components to keep in mind when you create your budget to ensure your estimate lines up with professional quotes. 

1 New Keypad Opener
There are several different types of garage door opener systems available, and you have to figure out which one is more convenient for you to have installed. Some people like the pin pad options and others like to have remotes so they don’t have to get out of their cars.
14th St. Electric Garage Door Opener by / CC BY-NC 2.0

Garage Door Opener Installation Costs by Type 

If you’re converting a garage, you’ll have to have a garage door opener put on if you intend to keep the garage door. Many choose to remove it. Garage door openers come in several types, and each one can impact your garage door opener installation costs. Some have high marks for longevity while others offer better noise control over overhead space. This gives you a broad cost range, but the most popular types of garage door openers include: 


Short for alternating current, this opener’s motor gets controlled by several components instead of a traditional circuit board. Openers with this type of motor have been around much longer than openers with direct current motors, so they have a history of dependable use. These motors are usually the noisier option of the two, and they’re usually too heavy to allow you to add new components to them like a battery backup or technology that’ll allow you to connect your smartphone. Your garage door opener installation cost will range from $130 to $270 with this pick. 


These quiet openers use a belt instead of a more traditional chain to open the door when you engage it. They have less vibration and run quieter than other picks on the list. They do need slightly more maintenance to keep them running well, and the belt tends to slip more if you live in a humid or high-temperature planting zone. They have a slightly higher cost with a lower lifespan, but your average garage door opener installation cost will range from $170 to $350. 


This type of opener features a chain-running assembly unit that attaches directly to tension springs that lower and raise the door. This is one of the most popular options because the garage door opener installation costs are much lower. They’re very durable and strong, and they work well with heavier garage doors like insulated or wooden options. They can be noisy to run though, and they won’t usually work out well if your garage is below your living area. They also need more maintenance to keep running well, and you’ll pay between $130 and $200 to install it. 


Direct current openers come with an electronic circuit board on them that controls the amount of power the motor gets when you engage it. They’re quieter, lighter, faster, and operate more smoothly than several other options. A lot of them come equipped with a battery backup, and you can choose from several stop and start speeds. They also use less energy each time they run. If you like your motor to have internet connectivity, this is your only option. The lifespan is only around one-third of other motors, and they tend to have higher garage door opener installation costs associated with them. You’ll pay between $300 and $350 for it. 


This type of opener only uses a motor to open the garage door instead of a screw, belt, or chain. They’re very reliable, quiet, and they have very low maintenance needs associated with them. They also come with lifetime warranties. However, they have a higher garage door opener installation cost attached to them, and they’re more difficult to find because they’re relatively new to the United States. If you find one, your costs will range from $300 and $500. 


You’ll install this opener on the side of your garage door. This keeps the ceiling free for your tool storage ideas. They come with a motor that drives cables and pulleys that will rotate the torsion bar to raise your door. They work very well if you have larger doors and if your garage has a very low or high ceiling. They’re also relatively quiet, but belt-driven models are quieter. You can easily outfit them with other security options and high-tech features, but this will increase your garage door opener installation costs. They also only work on sectional doors, and the average price fluctuates between $550 and $650. 


You’ll get a threaded metal rod that rotates just like a screw to close or open your garage door. They have moderate price tags on them, and they have fewer moving parts overall. So, there is a lower chance of them breaking down as long as you lubricate the screws correctly. This is also a less reliable option when it comes to opening one-piece, heavy doors, and it won’t do well with constant temperature fluctuations. They’re relatively quiet, and your garage door opener installation cost with this model ranges from $150 to $250. 

2 Type of Garage Door Opener
Choosing a type of garage door opener will be one of the biggest cost factors to contend with because some are far more expensive than others. You have to decide which features you can live without and which you want to have, like Smart technology.
Installing a garage door opener by Brian Brooks / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

How the Type of Garage Door Opener Remote Influences Costs

Another garage door opener installation cost factor you want to consider is the type of remote you pick out. When you use a remote, a transmitter will send a signal to your garage door motor to tell it to close or open your garage door. You can attach them to car visors or keychains, and many come with security features embedded that make hacking them more difficult. 


This small model will fit into the palm of your hand, and it’s a very powerful way to control your garage doors. It can come with one or more buttons on it, and you can easily program them to respond to different doors. This is also a more inexpensive model. You either have to pair them specifically with your opener or it has to have a universal remote design to work correctly. Radio frequencies can interfere with this opener, and this can shorten your keychain’s effective range. Your garage door opener installation cost will range between $15.00 and $30.00 for this option. 


You can install a keypad to open your garage door. You’ll typically install this keypad on the wall right alongside the door. You’ll have to enter a PIN to get into the garage instead of using a remote. It also allows you to set a temporary PIN to give anyone you like access to your home, and it’ll expire after a set time to keep your home secure. There are remote keypads as well that use the exact same code as the keypad on your wall. However, you do have to remember the PIN. The keypad is also outside, so this makes it more prone to damage or vandalism. This will add $40.00 to $55.00 to your garage door opener installation costs. 


Smart MyQ technology lets you control your garage door opener from anywhere you have data using your smartphone. You won’t need to have any extra remotes to keep track of with this option. If you forget to lock up before you leave, you can do it through your app too. You can share access to your home with other people using the app, and it can send alerts when your garage door opens. You will need an internet connection for it to work, and it has a higher garage door opener installation cost than radio-controlled options. You can expect to pay around $50.00 to $90.00 on average for this pick. 

Visor Clip

This is a very similar model to a keychain remote. You can get several buttons on one remote that open different sections of your garage. You could have a button for your toy storage area, car space, and more. They use radio frequency and clip onto your car’s visor, but they can have radio frequency interference. You can get them specific to a particular door or they can be universal, but they’ll add between $25.00 and $35.00 to your total garage door opener installation costs. 

Horsepower Rating and Prices

Another big factor in your garage door opener installation cost is the horsepower rating of your opener’s engine. The rating directly relates to the motor’s lifting capacity. The heavier and larger your garage door is, the greater horsepower rating you want on the motor. 

Purchasing the minimum horsepower rating that your garage door needs will lower your garage door opener installation costs upfront, if you have extra horsepower, it’ll lift it more easily. It can also last longer and experience more wear and tear, so it helps to justify the higher costs. The most popular horsepower ratings are: 


If your garage door comes outfitted with a ½-horsepower motor, it can lift residential, steel, or aluminum single or double garage doors as long as they hit 300 pounds and lower. They should also measure roughly 8-feet to 12-feet wide. This is a very popular motor size, but you’ll have to replace it more often than one that comes with a higher horsepower rating. It’ll add to your garage door opener installation costs by $120 to $200. 


This size motor is much more suitable for oversized doors or any door that uses a heavier material like wood for the build. You can also use it with aluminum doors if you want to have less generalized wear and tear to help it last longer. If the door weighs over 500 pounds, it won’t work well. A ¾-horsepower motor will increase your garage door opener installation costs by $160 to $350. 


If your garage door weighs over 500 pounds, you’ll need a one-horsepower motor or higher to work it correctly. This is popular in commercial garage door systems. Any opener that has a one-horsepower motor will last longer than a ¾-horsepower motor, but it’ll add more to your upfront garage door opener installation costs. They average between $180 and $400. 

3 Horsepower
It’s always a good idea to have more horsepower than you need with your garage door opener so you can reduce the wear and tear on the unit each time you use it. Ask your installer which horsepower they recommend for your garage door dimensions and weight.
Garage Door Opener by Miss Shari / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Price Points for Different Brands

There are several manufacturers available that offer quality garage door openers. Every brand has benefits and drawbacks associated with it, and not all brands make every type of opener. But, they will all impact your garage door opener installation costs, and the most popular ones are: 


Chamberlain is a very popular brand that uses smart technology and has a host of security features. You can get various openers for direct-drive, belt-driven, and chain-driven systems, and they all come with battery backup and Wi-Fi. Some of the models have encryption technology and automatic locks. You do need a very strong Wi-Fi signal for this brand to work properly, and the average garage door installation cost for this brand ranges from $200 to $250. 


This brand has a reputation for making very reliable products in a variety of designs like Smart technology, chain-driven, and belt-driven. Some of the models use a tri-frequency that prevents interference from other appliances. Most models also have an automatic closure after you leave the door open for a period, but a lot of them don’t work with HomeLink. The Internet Gateway could also be separate. It’ll increase your garage door opener installation cost bY $200 to $250. 


This is another very popular brand with several options. It’s slightly more budget-friendly, but you’ll pay for it because several models require  you to have rail extension kids or Smart connections packages. These cost extra and you have to purchase them separately. The garage door opener installation cost range for this brand runs between $150 and $250. 


This company has a very long history of creating reputable products with an added focus on safety. It makes several types, including belt, Jackshaft, and chain-driven systems. There are a broad range of options too. It does sell the Internet Gateway separately, and you’ll have to have professional installation with this product. Your prices vary, so your average garage door opener installation cost with this brand starts at $250 and goes up to $400. 


This brand operates under Linear, Pulsar, Allstar, and Allister. They have a reputation for innovation and performance with their models, and the remotes have a universal design that will work across many different manufacturers. Linear is the parent company that makes a broad range of openers. They only come from professional installers, and they’ll increase your garage door opener installation costs by $350 to $400. 


Ryobi is another company that has a reputation for innovation. It offers a belt-driven opener with an LED light and a 2-horsepower motor. You can control it from a smartphone, and it comes with a lithium-ion battery back for backup. However, it’s very new so it’s hard to say how it stacks up against other brands. The garage door opener installation cost with this brand ranges from $250 to $400, but adding accessories can increase it very quickly. 

Cost to Repair a Garage Door Opener

The amount of maintenance your opener will need will depend on the type you pick out. Chain-drive-style openers usually mean more maintenance. You have to routinely lubricate the chain and adjust the limit, keep the rails greased, tighten loose hardware, and clean the light. The repair costs will depend on the scope of the repairs needed and how long you let it go. 

A new trolley will cost around $25.00 while a new torsion spring can cost anywhere from $40.00 to $100. You’ll want to factor maintenance into your garage door opener installation costs and consider spending a little more upfront to avoid problems down the line. If the door refuses to open or close entirely, you hear excessive noise, the door sags, your energy bills go up, or it’s slow to respond, you could need maintenance. 

Cost to Replace a Garage Door Opener

There are two general circumstances where you could need to worry about garage door opener installation costs. Either you have to replace the current one due to damage or age or the garage lacks one completely and you want to put one in. A direct replacement is usually less expensive to install than a brand new setup. Existing openers will already have some of the components in place and ready to go. The installation will involve removing the old opener and installing the new. 

As long as you don’t plan on changing the size of your setup and the new opener is compatible with the one you already have, your garage door opener installation cost will be lower. Generally speaking, this project usually comes in at around $400. The more structural changes involved in the project, the more time-consuming and expensive it is. 

Labor Costs

How long it takes a company to install a garage door opener will depend on a few different factors. Do you plan to replace a current opener? Maybe you’re going to install one from scratch. What type of opener do you want for your garage? When you take on this project yourself, it can easily take between four and six hours, but your garage door opener installation costs will be lower. A professional usually takes between two and four hours, and they charge an hourly rate between $65.00 and $100. When you add the opener cost to the labor costs, your average garage door opener installation costs run around $500. 

If you want to install one of the most popular openers, like a chain-driven residential double garage one, the installer will assemble the rail first. They’ll then fasten the rail to the motor unit before installing the chain. There is lumber that anchors everything to the framing above the doors, and they’ll install this next. It’s called the header bracket support. Then, they’ll hang the door and install the door bracket and arm. Finally, they’ll add in any electronic components, program your opener, and test it to ensure it’s working correctly before handing it off to you. 

Where to Find a Garage Door Opener Installer Near You

It’s essential that you read the packaging and figure out if you get a company-branded kit where they have to have specific workers come out and perform the install, or if you can pick one of your own. You want to use reputable companies and get a few quotes for this project, and you can start here: 

Frequently Asked Questions 

4 Garage Dor Opener Installation FAQs
When you start to narrow down your choices for garage door openers, you’ll get a much clearer picture of the various price points. This will help you create a working budget for this project.
Remote control door opener by Alpha / CC BY-NC 2.0

1. What is the average lifespan for a garage door opener?

Generally speaking, your garage door opener should last for 10 to 15 years. Check and see how long the warranty lasts before you buy it because this can give you extra protection and perks to keep it in good shape and extend the lifespan. 

2. Can you install a garage door opener yourself?

You can, but it can take twice as long for a non-professional to do it. Also, some products do require a professional installation. If you install it yourself, this will void the warranty. 

3. Why go with a well-known brand?

Your garage door opener should come from a well-known brand with a solid reputation. If it does, this can help ensure that they use high-quality components in the build. They usually also have more options to choose from and offer more extensive warranties. 

4. Is it better to go under or over with horsepower?

If you can afford it, get more horsepower than you strictly need. This will help ensure that your opener can support the weight of your door, and it’ll also help reduce the overall wear and tear on the entire system to help it last longer. 

Bottom Line

Your garage door opener installation cost has a wide range of factors attached to it. Knowing which ones apply to your situation can help you come up with a solid estimate and give you a better understanding of your project’s scope when you go and get estimates. If you get it right, you’ll have a functional addition to your home that makes your day a little more convenient. 

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