30 Plants That Don’t Need Sun to Survive

Are you ready to brighten up those shady corners of your home or garden? Look no further! In this article, we’ll introduce you to 30 remarkable plants that don’t need sun to survive. Yes, you heard it right – these botanical wonders have adapted to lower light conditions and will add a touch of greenery

A Guide to Fiddle Leaf Fig Propagation 

A gorgeous addition to the home, the lyre-shaped leaves of the Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata) have helped to make it one of the most popular houseplants. Its glossy, lyre or violin shaped green leaves make it a great addition to a room. Taller varieties, which can grow up to 6 ft tall, can also

How to Grow Hydrangea in Pots – The Complete Guide

If you’ve ever gotten a hydrangea in a pot, you probably enjoyed how it looked for a few weeks then watched as it faded and slowly died off. This experience may have led you to believe that hydrangeas in pots aren’t a good idea, but this isn’t necessarily correct. Most gifted, potted hydrangeas don’t thrive

17 Types of House Fern Plants

With their lush coloring and elegant fronds, types of house ferns are some of the most popular and sought-after houseplants on the market. They’re also some of the oldest plants on the planet. They’ve been prominent throughout history too, from the Victorian area’s fern fever to the 1970s craze, along with today’s popularity. There are

How to Grow the Snow Queen Pothos 

The gorgeous Snow Queen Pothos is one of the many varieties of Pothos you might come across, this one with amazing white variegation on its foliage. The Snow Queen Pothos grows as a trailing vine, so it’s perfect for hanging planters or dangling down your wall. You’ve probably already seen the Snow Queen, or other

How to Care for Philodendron Squamiferum 

One of the rarest houseplants currently available, Philodendron Squamiferum is popular for its pretty foliage, attractive climbing habit and easy going nature. In fact, for many Philodendron Squamiferum growers, tracking down one of these tropical plants is often the hardest part of the task. Part of the large Philodendron plant family, Squamiferum specimens are increasingly

How to Care for Peperomia Obtusifolia 

Peperomia Obtusifolia is an attractive low maintenance plant. Popular for its thick, glossy green leaves, this fast growing specimen, also known as the Baby Rubber Plant, is an ideal houseplant. Happy in a pot on a windowsill or table, forming part of a living wall or even in a terrarium, these compact specimens are ideal

15 Best Cat Repellent Plants

No matter if they’re neighborhood cats, feral cats, or your own cats, the last thing you want is to have them in and digging up your garden. If you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle with keeping the cats out, it’s time to look for cat repellent plants. You should note that there is

How to Grow Neon Pothos

As one of the most eye-catching and popular pothos varieties available, neon pothos is a very low-maintenance houseplant that can brighten up any space or small corner of your room. It’s native to the tropical Solomon Islands, and this plant gets characterized by bright neon green leaves that grow in an attractive heart shape with

How to Propagate Pothos 

Pothos is a popular, unfussy houseplant. Thanks to its interesting vining habit and attractive foliage the plant has become a fascinating addition to any home or plant collection. Often described as an ideal plant for beginners, this low maintenance specimen thieves in low light positions and tolerates some neglect. If you want to learn more

Six DIY Indoor Greenhouse Ideas

If you’re trying to create a home for your vegetables, fruits, flowers, or herbs, but you don’t have the yard space for a full-scale greenhouse, an indoor greenhouse can be a viable solution. To create your indoor greenhouse, one of the first things you’ll have to do is to decide the size and design you

How to Care for Pink Syngonium

The Pink Syngonium (Syngonium Podophyllum) is a popular indoor plant. Prized for its attractive, patterned foliage and easy to care for nature, these plants are an essential part of the houseplant collection. The Pink Syngonium is an adaptable houseplant, suitable for a range of indoor growing positions. Many cultivars are also ideal for low or

How to Grow and Care for the Monstera Minima Plant

The Monstera Deliciosa- also called the Swiss Cheese Plant- has become one of the most popular houseplants in the past few years, known for its large presence and huge, iconic split leaves. But did you know it has a minimature lookalike? As its name implies, the Monstera Minima looks very much like the Monstera Deliciosa,

Paraiso Verde Care – The Ultimate Guide

If you’ve ever seen a paraiso verde, you’ll know how pretty this rare type of philodendron is. It’s a very sought-after tropical plant that has heart-shaped, elongated leaves in a range of stunning colors. However, while this is a more rare houseplant, paraiso verde care isn’t nearly as difficult as you would guess. It does

How to Grow and Care for Pink Quill Plant + Tips

The pink quill plant is known as Tillandsia cyanea, and it’s a very versatile, easy-to-care-for, hardy, tropical houseplant. As part of the Bromeliad family and unlike the majority of plants in this species, it can grow as an air plant and in a pot. Under the right conditions, this plant will give you a showy

How to Propagate String of Pearls Plant 

One of the most distinctive succulents, String of Pearls is an increasingly popular addition to the houseplant collection. A versatile specimen, Senecio Rowleyanus is equally at home in a pot on a light windowsill as it is in a hanging basket, where its long stems, covered with pearl-shaped leaves can elegantly fall downwards. An intriguing

31 Popular Philodendron Types + Pictures and Facts

Did you know that philodendron means “tree loving?” This is due to the fact that most philodendron types that are vining “embrace” the tree trunks they like to grow on in rainforests in South America. There are over 700 philodendron types that live in filtered shade or sun under those canopies, and it makes sense

Potted Dahlia Care – Detailed Guide with Tips

There are dozens of dahlia varieties to choose from, and most of them are stunning. They range in size from so-called “dinner plate” varieties down to small and compact, but they can only reach their full potential with the correct potted dahlia care. They go from simple to bold colors and forms, including small pompoms

How to Grow the Purslane Plant

Have you ever found something out about a plant that changed the way you looked at it from then on? This is what happens a lot of the time with the purslane plant as many people see it as a weed. However, what a lot of people don’t know is that the purslane plant is

How to Grow String of Pearls Plant 

The String of Pearls plant is a unique vining succulent. Easily recognized by its small pea-shaped leaves which grow over the long elegant stems. Resembling a string of pearls, albeit a green one, this distinctive appearance has made the String of Pearls a popular houseplant choice. For a particularly attractive effect, the leaf covered stems

21 Plants That Grow Fast to Try in Your Garden

Having plants that grow fast in your yard or garden is great if you’re an impatient gardener or if your yard doesn’t have the structure and vitality older plants offer. You shouldn’t have to wait years for your plants that grow fast to mature, and this will draw wildlife to the area much quicker. You

How to Care for the Umbrella Plant

Schefflera is a big tropical plant genus that has two species that form stunning tropical houseplants. The bigger version is called the Schefflera actinophylla, or the umbrella tree or umbrella plant. It has shiny, long, oval-shaped green leaves that will droop from the central stalk to look like an umbrella. A mature umbrella plant can

How to Grow and Care for the Croton Plant

You’d be hard pressed to find a houseplant that matches the vivid and striking looks of the croton plant. When you look for beautiful, bright, multicolored houseplants, this ones’ broad, glossy green leaves are splattered or striped with yellow, orange, red, cream, black, or pink coloring. The croton plant is native to Australia and Southeast

How to Grow and Maintain the Dragon Scale Plant

The dragon scale plant looks like something straight out of a fairytale with textured, shimmering foliage that actually looks like it was made out of granite. This pretty plant is a great addition to your houseplants, and even though it has some care demands, it’s easier to grow than many Alocasias. We want you to

22 Best Peperomia Varieties

Peperomia varieties are old favorites that have gone in and out of style dozens of times over the years, and they’re currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity. This smaller plant is great for modern living spaces, and they can do well on a shelf, desktop, or windowsill. It’s a diverse but beautiful family that is

10 Plants that Reduce Humidity 

Looking for plants that reduce humidity? Humidity in the home can make a space feel uncomfortable. Too much humidity can also cause damp or mold to develop as well as turning fabrics musty, surfaces clammy and causing wallpaper to peel away from the walls. Finally, too much humidity may also affect your health, causing respiratory

24 Hoya Varieties – Care Tips, Facts, and Photos

Hoyas are beautiful and strange plants to see and have as a houseplant, and it’s quickly gaining in popularity. Besides the pretty foliage, flowers, and fragrance, many Hoya varieties make excellent plants for beginners. They do have a reputation for being finicky, but there are some easy-grow varieties available. Hoya varieties are very diverse, and

20 Stunning Types of Prayer Plants

The prayer plant got the name from Bartolomeo Maranta, and he was an Italian physician and botanist who was alive in the 16th century. The beauty the maranta leuconeura species offers makes it a very common and well-loved houseplant, and there are many types of prayer plants to choose from when you shop. This is

28 Best Small Pot Plants for Your Home

Smaller container gardens are getting more popular now that the tiny house revolution has really caught on. One thing that really makes people sad when they move into studio apartments or tiny homes is that they lose garden space. However, there are several small pot plants you can get to spruce up  your decor, and

How to Grow A Philodendron Plant

For many years philodendron has been a popular interior plant. Its rich, green foliage is a great way to add color and interest to your home. An easy to care for plant, whether you are an experienced gardener or completely new to the hobby, philodendron is a great place to start. Did you know that

How to Grow Polka Dot Plant 

An eye-catching, evergreen shrub, the Polka Dot Plant is native to Madagascar, East Asia and South Africa. Also known as ‘Freckle Face’ due to its spotty foliage, the polka dot plant is a member of the Hypoestes family. The polka dot plant can reach a height and spread of 3ft if grown in optimal conditions.

Growing Lavender in Pots – How to Grow and Care for Potted Lavender

Want to master growing lavender in pots? Lavender is an extremely versatile herb.  It is grown both in northern Africa and in the Mediterranean mountains. While there are hundreds of varieties of lavender out there, they all come with many uses and benefits including the fact that they’re fragrant, aesthetically pleasing and fairly easy to

16 Tropical Plants to Grow Indoors

Growing tropical plants  like birds of paradise is a wonderful way to introduce a little exotic flair and beautiful colors into your home. This is especially true if you live in a colder climate. Some people love tropical plants for their brilliant colors, but other people have them because they have large, variegated or unusually

A Simple Guide to Indoor Plant Care 

A single plant or a collection of houseplants is a great way to add color and interest to an otherwise plain space. As well as a great way to compliment your interior decoration, taking the time to care for an indoor plant is also good for your mental health. As an extra bonus some varieties,

15 Types of Pothos for Your Plant Collection

Pothos is a tropical vine plant that offers trailing, long stems with heart-shaped leaves. They’re a favorite of gardeners because most types of pothos are very beginner-friendly. They’re easy to grow indoors without a huge amount of maintenance. Also, they can grow in pots or they look stunning in hanging baskets because they tend to

How to Grow and Care for Spiderwort

Spiderwort is a very underrated garden flower. It brings lovely shades of blue, purple, and pink to the landscape from spring to early summer and has an easy going attitude. If you’re feeling put off of this plant because of its name- don’t worry! Spiderworts don’t look anything like spiders and won’t attract any eight-legged

How to Care for Oxalis Triangularis

Oxalis Triangularis is a popular houseplant choice because it is a distinctive houseplant that enjoys a reliable, prolific growth habit. Easily identifiable thanks to its eye catching purple foliage, when in flower the plant produces delicate small trumpet shaped blooms usually in shades of white or pink. The largest member of the Oxalidaceae family, contributing

15 Rare Houseplants You Will Love 

Nowadays when you visit your friend’s house (or see their surroundings on a Zoom call), you see the familiars involving the plant world. Spider plants, succulents, or monsteras seem to have made their way to all houseplant shelves. Rare houseplants may seem hard to come by. Even snake plants, Tradescantia zebrina, and Hedera helix are

How to Grow and Care for Kalanchoe Plant

An attractive succulent, known for its long lasting flowers, it is not surprising that the Kalanchoe is such a popular houseplant. Pleasingly easy to care for, with just a little effort the plants can be encouraged to repeat flower throughout the year. Great as a single houseplant or as part of a wider collection, whether

15 Colorful Houseplants to Grow at Home 

Placing flowering plants inside your home is a great way to bring color indoors. Place them in a dark corner or dull area of your house to create a much more lively environment. Getting a houseplant to flower can be a difficult job at times – but many of these plants are bought fully grown,

How to Grow Your Own Indoor Coffee Plant

Coming in a range of flavors, sizes and styles, coffee is one of our favorite hot drinks. But did you know that you can also grow your own coffee plant? In fact it is considered one of the easiest houseplants to grow. As well as providing ornamental interest, when fully mature the tree also produces

35 Best Indoor Plants That Clean the Air and Remove Toxins

Houseplants are a fun and easy way to green up the indoors, but did you know that they can also help clean and remove toxins from the air? Out of all of the common houseplants, 35 of the best indoor plants excel at this task. I’ve created a comprehensive list based on a study NASA

25 Common House Plants that are Low Maintenance

There are so many different types of house plants out there – it can be difficult to know where to start. This guide will walk you through the top 25 best and most common house plants that are low maintenance, what they require and how to help them thrive indoors 1. Kalanchoe This type of

How To Care For A Nerve Plant

Trying to decide which houseplant to pick up on your next trip to the greenhouse? This care-guide might convince you to pick up a nerve plant. Or, if you already have a nerve plant and just want to make sure you’re taking care of it well, this guide will help you identify problems and change

How to Care for a Lipstick Plant 

Lipstick plant (Aeschynanthus radicans), with its attractive displays of scarlet flowers, is a popular indoor plant. It is easy to see, when looking at the flowers, how these plants get their more common name. Originating in Malaysia and Indonesia the lipstick plant is an attractive vining houseplant. The lipstick vine is also suitable for outdoor

16 Ideal Closed Terrarium Plants 

The range of plants currently available can make choosing closed terrarium plants a confusing process. Narrowing down the options until you find something you both like and is suitable can be an overwhelming process. Luckily for you, this guide is on hand to help. We are going to narrow down your options by identifying only

How Often to Water Houseplants

Knowing how often to water houseplants can be difficult. In general most plants require watering between once a week and once a fortnight. However, some plants need watering more frequently than others. How often you need to water houseplants doesn’t just depend on the type of plant you have. Factors such as the position of

How to Grow Pothos Plants – Plant Care Guide

For all of you novice gardeners (or notorious plant murderers), there’s a plant that might work for you: the pothos (epipremnum aureum). The internet is awash with perfectly-filtered snapshots of beautiful living spaces: bright living plans with handmade pottery, a conveniently placed coffee cup, and the swiss cheese leaves of a Monstera deliciosa hanging over

Rex Begonia Care Guide: How to Grow Rex Begonia Indoors

The flamboyant foliage of the Rex begonia plant is an eye-catching choice for a houseplant. Their rich, variegated foliage is a great way to bring color and interest into your home. You can also grow them as part of a container garden or, in flower beds and borders. When planted in the ground they are