How to Prune Pepper Plants for Improved Yield 

One of the most popular members of the vegetable garden, cultivating a healthy and productive pepper plant is a largely straightforward process. If you do not want to harvest the fruit of these reliable specimens, there are also a number of attractive, ornamental varieties that are just as easy to cultivate. Knowing how to prune

23 Types of Broccoli and How to Use It

Broccoli is a well-known vegetable crop that prefers to grow in cooler weather over hot temperatures, and you can plant one or more types of broccoli In your garden through the spring and autumn months. Depending on your location and climate, it’s even possible to grow types of broccoli in the winter months. Broccoli has

How to Grow Hanging Tomato Plants

Hanging baskets packed with pretty blossoms are a common sight in the summer months, but how about hanging tomato plants? Yes, you can create hanging tomato plant containers if you don’t have space for a traditional garden. They’re great for people who have space on the patio but not in the yard, and tomatoes will

How to Grow the Bush Beans Plant – The Ultimate Guide

Bush bean plants are one of the best crops for any beginner gardener to grow, and starting them from seed is very easy. They also don’t require trellises for support, and you get a nice return on your investment when they start to grow and produce the beans. There’s also nothing quite like watching the

Growing Onions from Seed – How to / Better than Planting Sets?

One of the most popular plants in the vegetable garden, cultivating a crop of onion bulbs is a reliable, fairly low maintenance task. Many growers chose to cultivate their onion crop from sets. However you can also grow the plants from seed. There are a number of benefits to growing onions from seed. Not only

How to Grow Black Beans + Uses

The common black bean is also called the turtle bean because it comes with a very hard shell attached. It’s a very versatile legume that you grow from a bean plant called Phaseolus vulgaris, and you can grow it at home in bush or pole bean varieties. If you’re wondering how to grow black beans,

The Stages of Pumpkin Growth and Popular Cultivars + Uses

In New England, pumpkins are some of the best bumper crops you can grow, and they have a reputation for producing overflowing patches of the orange gourds in the fall as they go through the stages of pumpkin growth. But, how do you get to the point that you have large pumpkins to harvest? In

Spaghetti Squash Growing Guide + How to Use and Harvest It

Spaghetti squash is a type of winter squash, and it makes a nice pasta substitute if you’re trying to add more vegetables to your diet and eat healthier. When you pull the interior apart using a fork, you get a noodle-like and stringy consistency that mimics pasta. The mild flavor of this squash tastes good

How to Grow Cucamelon

If you are looking for a slightly more unusual plant to include in your vegetable garden, why not try a cucamelon? A reliable vining plant, the small fruits can, as the name suggests, resemble a small cucumber or watermelon. Also known as the mouse melon, sandita or Mexican sour gherkin, the cucamelon is increasingly popular

10 Best Tomato Cages (+ How to DIY Your Own)

Tomato cages can be very helpful tools in the garden to encourage your tomato plants to grow in an upward fashion and keep the tomatoes well away from the ground so they don’t prematurely spoil. The top tomato cages give plants all of the support they need to grow strong and tall while producing a

How to Grow Glass Gem Corn

Everyone is always on the lookout for the next big thing, and glass gem corn has seen a huge popularity burst recently. It almost looks like someone photoshopped it, but they’re real. Also, they’re easy to grow in your garden, and the seeds are readily available to buy online and in some stores. Harvesting your

13 Best Corn Varieties to Grow at Home

When it comes to different corn varieties and how they taste fresh picked from the garden, there is no substitute. Adaptability to the garden climate and flavor are the biggest considerations to keep in mind when you’re deciding which corn variety you want. You can choose from standard corn, supersweet corn, synergistic, or sugary enhanced

How to Grow Roma Tomatoes – The Complete Guide

Roma tomatoes are arguably one of the most well-known and desirable tomatoes on the market, and you’ve probably seen them listed as ingredients in an Italian recipe or seen them as canned goods. In terms of care, roma tomatoes aren’t that different from traditional tomatoes, but when you choose to grow this specific cultivar, there

Growing Lentils Guide – How to Grow Lentils In Your Garden

Lentils are considered to be one of the most nutrient-dense foods available. They come packed with dietary fiber and protein, and many people believe that they are a superfood. Growing lentils dates back to ancient times, and it was one of the first crops to be domesticated. In common religions like Judaism, lentils are very

How to Grow a Cardamom Plant at Home

Did you know that cardamom is one of the most unique and expensive spices in the world? If you live in a humid, warm climate or in planting zones 10 to 12, you can grow a cardamom plant. You can plant new seeds inside and let them get a headstart for a few months so

16 Easy Vegetables to Grow in Pots

Even if you have a small yard or no yard at all, this doesn’t mean that you can’t garden. You can easily pick out the best vegetables to grow in pots and start a small container garden on your patio, porch, or balcony. You can grow virtually any vegetable you want in a container, but

20 Types of Radishes 

Crisp and spicy, the radish is one of the earliest cultivated crops. Believed to originate in southeast Asia, it was also one of the first European vegetables to be introduced to the Americas. A member of the Brassicaceae or mustard family, the radish is, in my opinion, one of the most versatile inclusions in the

How to Grow Vanilla Beans

In this guide we will show you how to grow vanilla beans. Today, there are over 150 different kinds of vanilla. It is the most popularly used spice in the world and 2nd most expensive, second only to saffron. The plant kingdom’s Orchid family is the second largest family of flowering plants. About 28,000 different

20 Types of Sweet Potatoes to add to Your Garden

Sweet potato fries may have started to gain popularity a few years ago, but sweet potatoes have been a staple in many people’s diets for decades. You can get types of sweet potatoes that range from orange to cream-colored to purple and red, and they have a history stretching back over 5,000 years. They’re now

How to Store Leeks 

A popular fall vegetable, the leek is one of my favorite vegetables. A surprisingly versatile vegetable, the leek is ideal for stir fries, soups and salads. Pleasingly easy to grow, a mature leek has a pleasant, subtle flavor which contrasts nicely with its stiff texture. This guide to how to store leeks will explain to

10 Brilliant Types of Cauliflowers 

The humble cauliflower is an often overlooked vegetable. Reliable and easy to grow these cool weather loving plants with their tightly packed white heads are a staple of the vegetable garden. However, did you know that the cauliflower comes in a range of eye-catching colors, shapes and flavors? This guide to the different types of

10 Tasty Types of Beets

The humble beet is one of the most reliable members of the vegetable garden. A member of the Amaranthaceae family, along with spinach, amaranth and celosia, the beet has been cultivated as part of the vegetable garden for centuries. A herbaceous vegetable, the beet, or beetroot, is native to the Mediterranean, the European Atlantic coast

25 Different Types of Carrots 

Easy to grow from seed and packed full of flavor, a crop of long orange carrots are a common sight in both the vegetable garden and on the dinner plate. But did you know that there is actually more than one type of carrot? In fact, the carrot comes in a range of shapes, sizes

35 Types of Spinach You Can Grow

Spinach is an incredibly versatile plant when it comes to cooking. There are thousands of different kinds of dishes you can make using different kinds of spinach. What makes spinach so versatile is the fact that there are so many different types to choose from. You may find yourself curious about what kinds of spinach

16 Types of Pickles

Did you know that pickle has Middle English origins from the word “pikel?” This word means a spicy gravy or sauce that you serve with meat or fowl, and it has direct relations to a Middle Dutch word “pekel” that means a spiced brine that you would use to preserve or flavor food. Today, there

17 Types of Zucchini

Did you know that all types of zucchini fall into the squash sub-type? Summertime brings out a nice bounty of squash that can lend a bright flavor to any dish. The crisp, juicy flavor of the different types of zucchini add a pop to roast or stir-fry, and this is where zucchini excels. They’re also

13 Types of Kale

Kale was one vegetable that many people ignored for a long time, but now different types of kale are experiencing a huge popularity spike. However, many people don’t realize that there are many different types of kale available on the current market, and some may suit your tastes better than the current one you’re eating.

3 Types of Peas and Growing Guide 

A heavy cropping vegetable, the humble pea is the staple of many allotments and vegetable gardens. As well as being filled with flavor and nutrition, they are also pleasingly easy to grow. But did you know that there is more than one type of pea? In fact there are 3 main types of peas. This

Ultimate Guide to Growing Cucumbers in Pots

Fruit and vegetables taste best when you grow them yourself. Growing cucumbers in pots is a great way to enjoy their fresh, homegrown. It is also a great choice if space is limited or your soil is poor. If you are growing cucumbers in pots, you can also better control the heat and moisture levels

How to Grow Carrots

A cool weather crop, carrots come in a range of colors from the traditional orange to yellow, purple, white and crimson. They can also be grown in containers and raised beds. This makes this root crop a great choice for gardeners with limited space. With the help of this guide on growing carrots you will

When to Harvest Radishes

The radish plant is a reliable member of the vegetable garden. Quick and easy to grow, with a little luck and effort you can be harvesting fresh radishes within 4 weeks of sowing the seeds. But when is the best time to harvest radishes? If you are new to gardening it can be difficult to

Growing Squash Guide – Summer Squash and Winter Squash

Growing squash is an exciting journey. Unlike root crops that grow underground, here you can watch the growing squash slowly emerge and swell. They are also pleasingly easy to grow. This guide will take you through everything you need to know about growing squash. Growing squash in the garden is a fascinating journey. The endless

How to Harvest Rhubarb

In this guide we teach you how to harvest Rhubarb plant. Rhubarb is an old-time plant with tangy, edible stalks. Though technically a vegetable, it’s most commonly used to make jams, jellies, pies, and other desserts. You’ll often see it paired with strawberries for a classic combination. The rhubarb plant is a perennial that grows

Common Cucumber Plant Problems

The cucumber plant is one of the most popular vegetable garden plants. Like peppers and tomatoes, for many they are a staple of the summer vegetable garden. The number of different shapes, sizes and flavors on offer has helped to increase this crop’s popularity. If you need help choosing a cucumber plant variety, this is

How to Grow Beets – Ultimate Growing Beets Guide

A popular member of the vegetable garden, beets are pleasingly easy to grow and harvest. A brilliant choice for northern gardeners, beetroots will happily survive frosts and almost freezing temperatures. Our guide to growing beets will take you through everything from choosing the right variety of beets to harvesting and storage. Beetroot is a pleasingly

Ultimate Guide to Growing Cabbage

For many a crop of growing cabbage plants are a cornerstone of the vegetable plot. A versatile vegetable, cabbages have a variety of different uses. A brassica, or cruciferous vegetable you can grow cabbage plants throughout the year, meaning that with some successional sowing these resilient crops can play a vital role in your quest

How to Grow Horseradish Plant

The horseradish plant may not be the most attractive member of the garden but, thanks to the distinctive flavor of its peppery root, it is a popular addition. Grown for over 3000 years the horseradish plant (Amoracia rusticiana) is part of the cruciferous vegetable family, meaning that it is distantly related to the cabbage. A

Ultimate Guide to Growing Artichokes

With their large leaves and sturdy rosettes, the artichoke is a distinctive plant. A herbaceous perennial, artichokes are part of the asteraceae family alongside sunflowers, thistles and dandelions. These unusual, architectural vegetables are commonly grown for their edible flower buds that are harvested before the flowers open. But they also have ornamental value. Despite looking

19 Winter Vegetables to Grow in Your Winter Garden

In some planting zones, winters tend to drop to a deep freeze that gives you a much shorter growing season to work with each year than in other regions. There is also a lot of unpredictability with the weather, and this can lead to people seeking out winter vegetables that will survive and thrive in

When to Harvest Garlic

Full of flavor and easy to grow, garlic is a great addition to the vegetable garden. While it may be easy to cultivate large, flavorsome bulbs, it can be difficult to know when to harvest garlic. If you harvest your garlic bulbs too early they will be small and lacking in flavor. Allowing the bulbs

20 Best Cucumber Varieties to Add to Your Garden

Cucumber varieties are warm-weather plants that you can grow in the ground or in containers anywhere you have a hot to warm summer season. Most cucumber varieties take 60 days from the date you plant them to be ready to harvest, and this makes them ideal to grow in environments that have hot weather for

How to Grow Romaine Lettuce – Ultimate Guide

While there are many different lettuce varieties if you want a thick crisp leaf with a good crunch, nothing beats the romaine lettuce. Romaine or cos lettuce (Lactuca sativa var. longifolia) is known for producing plants with upright heads and robust, long leaves. The densely packed leaves have a distinctive thick midrib. One of the

A Guide to Growing Collard Greens

A popular vegetable crop in the south of the U.S., collard greens are actually native to Asia Minor and the eastern parts of the Mediterranean. A member of the Brassicaceae or Cruciferous vegetable family, these low maintenance, no fuss crops thrive in most USDA Zones and climates. Like kale, these leafy vegetables are best described

15 Best Full Sun Vegetables for a Summer Garden

Planting vegetables in the right spot in your garden is one of the keys to getting a bumper crop. Some love the sun, others start wilting if they get too much sun, and so on. Thankfully, you can find a vegetable that will grow well in just about any type of garden. If you have

How to Grow and Care for the Pea Plant

Packed with flavor and full of nutritious goodness, the pea plant is an elegant addition to the vegetable garden. As well as introducing height and structure, a row of peas is a great way to shade, low growing, cool weather specimens. They are also pleasingly easy to grow. Adding to the attraction of the pea

A Guide to Harvesting Potatoes

A popular member of the vegetable garden, the potato is one of the easiest crops to grow. A low maintenance, versatile crop potato plants help to suppress weed growth and cultivate your soil. They are just as happy growing in containers and raised beds or planters as they are in the ground. But when are

Growing Swiss Chard in Your Garden

Swiss chard is one of the most ornamental vegetables you can grow in your garden. It has colorful, edible leaves that are highly nutritious and good for both fresh eating and cooking. Swiss chard is also an easy green to grow. It tolerates heat much better than other salad plants like lettuce, arugula, and spinach.

Growing Parsnips Guide: Planting, Care, and Harvest

If you’ve never tried parsnips, you’re missing out. They have a lovely sweet and mild flavor that is excellent roasted with other root veggies, added to soups and stews, baked as fries, or sauteed. If you have tried parsnips and love them, you may be wondering how easy they are to grow in the garden.

How to Grow Garlic in a Pot

Growing garlic is a satisfying process. Not only does it provide you with a supply of fresh garlic cloves, it also enables you to experience a far wider range of varieties. Far more than you could ever find in your local grocery store. Additionally, growing garlic is a relatively easy process. It doesn’t require much

Ultimate Guide to Growing Leeks

If you are looking for a hardy, low maintenance vegetable to add to your winter garden, why not try growing leeks? These pleasingly trouble free vegetables produce attractive, nutritious stems from fall until spring. Providing you with a reliable crop of versatile, fresh vegetables when other harvests are thin on the ground. Gardeners in nearly