10 Causes of Peace Lily Yellow Leaves + What To Do

The stunning white flowers of the Peace Lilly and their low maintenance nature has made these plants very popular houseplants- especially for beginners. Yet, the many different causes for yellow Peace Lily leaves can leave new plant parents confused on what to do. Even though Peace Lilies aren’t very demanding plants, they still have their

Growing Aechmea – The Ultimate Guide

Aechema is one of the most popular house plant bromeliads available on the current market. This is a very stately looking plant that has strappy, wide green leaves that appear to be lightly powdered. The leaves offer backward curing spines that can hurt if you touch them, so be careful when you pick them up.

20 Croton Types with Photos and Care Tips

There are over 100 croton types available. The foliage comes in a range of colors and shapes, including yellow, red, orange, copper, green, ivory, pink, and brown. These colors will spread over the entire leaf to create a very pretty plant. Most require very brightly lit locations and moist soil to do well, but they’re

Blue Star Fern Care Tips + How to Grow it

Ferns are some of the most beautiful and diverse plants on the planet with hundreds of different species available, and many people consider them to be shade-loving plants. While this may be true, there are also ferns that thrive in full sun locations, and others, ilke the blue star fern, do wonderfully in indoor environments.

How to Grow Heuchera

One of the garden’s best loved secrets, Heuchea is a colorful perennial which is commonly grown for its foliage. An ideal way to add color and interest to shady spots, Heuchera is a traditional foliage plant new cultivars of which are developed every year. While the leaves of Heuchera are the primary interest, in the

How to Care for and Grow the Plumosa Fern

Plumosa ferns are an ornamental perennial that has soft, long leaves that grow in fun feathery clumps, and this is where the fern gets the name. However, this plant is actually part of the Asparagaceae family, and it’s not actually a true fern. You may also hear the plumosa fern referred to as the climbing

Red Peace Lily Growing Tips and Care Guidelines

Red peace lilies are a very common houseplant because they’re beautiful and very easy to grow and maintain. At times, this plant can be very temperamental, but once you know how to care for them, a red peace lily makes a fantastic addition to any collection of houseplants. Below, you’ll find everything you need to

15 Types of Holly Bushes

One of the most iconic winter plants, the glossy green leaves of the holly, with their fine serrated edges or spiny teeth, and colorful berries are instantly identifiable. But did you know that there are numerous types of holly bushes? A reliable evergreen, all types of holly bushes and trees belong to the Ilex genus.

21 Beautiful Types of Red Leaves Plant – Photos and Care Guidelines

A red leaves plant brings bold and dramatic shades of maroon, burgundy, crimson, and deep pink to your garden or home. Any plants that have green and red leaves will  brighten up your rooms and add some warmth, and you’re surprisingly spoiled for choice when you start to look for various red leaves plants. Some

Growing Staghorn Fern: How to Grow and Care for Staghorn Fern

Staghorn fern was one of the first plants in my “home jungle” – a bit of the tropics in my own little New England apartment. It’s a weird-looking plant – it has the outward spiral pattern like other members of their family, but doesn’t have the same feathery, finely-toothed leaves its cousins do. The leaves

16 Best Hosta Varieties for a Shady Yard

When you’re searching for a gorgeous perennial that’s easy to care for, durable, and perfect for your forest garden, hosta varieties come to mind. You can choose from a host of different sizes, colors, leaf textures, and shapes, and this allows you to easily mix and match to create a stunning foliage-heavy focal point in

25 Different Types of Ferns You Can Grow Indoors or Outdoors

Did you know that several different types of ferns make excellent closed terrarium plants, and you can grow them both indoors and outdoors? Ferns are also one of the oldest plants on the planet, and they date back hundreds of millions of years. They’re extremely popular for use in shaded areas, and they do very

A Guide to Caring for Bromeliad Plants

An exotic houseplant, the bromeliad is a surprisingly easy to care for plant. It is also an easy way to introduce color and texture to your home while improving your mental health. The variety of bromeliads on offer means that there is something for every home and person. Despite its interesting appearance these are pleasingly

How to Plant Hostas – Guide to Growing Hosta Plants

The Hostas plant can be an excellent plant for many gardens. They are one of the best plants for damp shade, especially on heavier, more moisture-retentive soils. There are a wide range of different varieties of hosta plants to choose from, a few even thriving in very different conditions – even in full sun. So