Cost to Regrout Shower – Complete Cost Breakdown

If you have an older tile shower that is in great condition except for the grout, regrouting it may allow you to keep it as-is and prevent an expensive replacement while making it look brighter and clearer than it was. This is where you dig out the grout and replace it with new, and the

How Much Does it Cost to Add a Half Bathroom?

Adding a half bathroom somewhere in your home is a great way to upgrade if you don’t have the space or budget to add a full bathroom. But, how much does it cost to add a half bathroom and what should you consider price wise? We’re going to break down how much it costs to

How to Retile a Shower – Step by Step Guide

Have you been wanting to retile your shower but you’re not sure of the cost? Maybe you’re an avid DIYer who wants to learn how to retile a shower, and you can save money doing it yourself. Decor styles come and go, so this is a very common project to take on to turn a

How to Add a Bathroom in a Garage

No matter if you want to add a shower, toilet, or a full bathroom in a garage as part of a remodel project or if you want to make the space more functional, you have a big project on your hands, and you most likely realize this already. The biggest issue you’ll face is drainage,

22 Types of Toilet Seats for Your Bathroom

Think about it, you spend a lot of time in your bathroom. And being comfortable in this setting, especially when you’re on the toilet, is important. You don’t want to have to sit on various types of toilet seats that are falling apart or uncomfortable each time you go to the bathroom. This is why

The Best Soap Scum Remover for a Sparkling Bathroom

When hard water and soap combine, you can get a white, filmy residue in your shower, tub, and sink that is called soap scum. It’s even more noticeable when it shows up on tile, metal fixtures, and grout. This buildup can be very hard to remove and it needs daily and weekly maintenance to keep

24 Bathroom Styles to Refresh Your Space

A bathroom, especially your primary bathroom, is much more than just a simple washroom. It’s a place of refreshment and renewal. It’s a sanctuary of sorts away from everyday life stressors, a haven that is far from the chaos of the everyday grind, and a place to reinvigorate yourself and relax. A bathroom is a

19 Types of Toilets to Upgrade Your Bathroom

You may be surprised to learn that deciding on a type of toilet can be challenging, especially if you’re on a tight timeline with your bathroom remodel. Since some toilets can last 50 years or more, this can be a huge decision to make. However, we’re gathered 19 types of toilets you can consider and

16 Types of Bathtubs to Upgrade Your Bathroom

For many people, being able to unwind with a book in a warm bath, especially when the colder weather hits, is an experience you have a hard time matching anywhere else. Bathtubs work to soothe while providing you with comfort to relax and unwind after trying days. However, not all types of bathtubs could work

12 Alternatives to Glass Shower Doors

Shower doors are a staple thing to have in your bathroom and shower, but actual doors may not always be necessary. Maybe you want something more unique or you’re pressed for space. Whatever the reason, there are several alternatives to glass shower doors available to consider. What works for your design style may not work

20 Types of Showers for Your Bathroom Remodel

An efficient and attractive shower can be a stunning focal point in any bathroom, and there are so many types of showers to choose from. Showers help to wake you up in the mornings, wind down after a long day, and help you present your best self to the world. No matter if you’re remodeling

16 Towel Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

When you renovate your bathroom, towel storage is typically one of the important factors you consider in your design. Although this may not be the most exciting aspect of designing and decorating your space, there are towel storage ideas that make all of your hand towels, washcloths, and bath towels look nice and keep them

What is the Average Toilet Installation Cost?

If you’re someone with a full or half functional bathroom in your home, you’ll have at least one toilet that removes your bodily waste products through a septic tank system or sewer. Eventually, your toilet will wear out or break down, and this will send you looking at various toilet installation costs to get a

How Much Does a Walk-In Tub Cost?

A walk-in tub has doors and gets installed in alcoves that allows you to avoid stepping up and over a ledge when you get in, and it doesn’t have a fixed barrier like traditional tubs. You may have to install plumbing and remodel your bathroom before you can have this type of tub, and this

Cost to Tile a Shower – Detailed Guide

Think about all of the traffic your bathroom usually sees. This traffic can cause a lot of wear and tear in a short amount of time, and this is why you should retile it once every three to five years to keep it looking nice and functioning at peak levels. The cost to tile a

What is the Average Cost to Add a Bathroom?

Adding a bathroom seems like a simple project, and this is why so many people are surprised at the average cost to add a bathroom to their home. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to build an extension and add a bathroom or convert an existing space, this can be an expensive project. Converting an

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost? Detailed Guide

With so many factors involved, trying to work out how much it costs to remodel a bathroom rarely feels like a straightforward process, but with this comprehensive and up-to-date price guide, we hope to make it that much easier. Below, we’ll breakdown the typical costs your average American homeowner pays for all aspects of bathroom

15 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas 

Designing a bathroom with the goal of achieving an aesthetically pleasing modern design isn’t difficult. As a matter of fact, updating your bathroom using modern design techniques is a lot of fun. Many people enjoy the visual appeal of modern bathroom designs. They find it alluring because contemporary styles are simple and minimalist. Instead of