15 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas 

Designing a bathroom with the goal of achieving an aesthetically pleasing modern design isn’t difficult. As a matter of fact, updating your bathroom using modern design techniques is a lot of fun.

Many people enjoy the visual appeal of modern bathroom designs. They find it alluring because contemporary styles are simple and minimalist.

Instead of a stark or dull design, this simplistic style provides a clean, comfortable, and modern vibe. The good news is that you don’t have to do a lot of heavy lifting or over-the-top renovations to achieve the modern look you love.

Small touches can go a long way toward constructing a sleek, contemporary style. If designing your bathroom in a modern design feels confusing or overwhelming, don’t despair.

Although there are a plethora of amazing bathroom design ideas to choose from you don’t have to feel overwhelmed or anxious about which one to select. This article will help you narrow down the styles that will work best for your bathroom so the design process will run smoothly.

How is Modern Design Defined?

The modern design reflects the mid-century decorating style that was prominent in the ‘50s and ‘60s. It has a theme as all other styles do. A central feature of modern decor is minimalism.

It is associated with natural materials, neutral or basic colors, geometrical shapes, and little to no decorative flourishes. Modern bathrooms are all about simplistic design.

Take advantage of this style by using simple geometric shapes such as squares and rectangles in your space. You can also make a big statement by adding backsplashes and mirrors in these geometric configurations.

1 example of modern minimalist bathroom

This is a perfect example of a modern bathroom. This simplistic design focuses on the use of natural materials, neutrals, and minimum decorative embellishments.

Mixing more squares and rectangles with monochromatic colors creates an ultra-modern look. If that’s your preference, get the most out of that style by keeping furniture to a minimum and invest in a floating vanity or sink.

Modern features such as sharp and straight lines work well in any size space, large or small. If you have a small bathroom, you’ll be pleased to know that it lends itself well to a contemporary vibe.

Modern styles are all about presenting a clean, uncluttered look. You can easily do this by keeping everything to a minimum.

Colors, furnishings, and decorations should not dominate the room. A great way to create an aesthetically pleasing room that is on the smaller side is to opt for closed bathroom storage.

Hiding bathroom necessities like bottles of cleaner and bathroom tissue will smarten up a room. Clutter is not allowed in a minimalist bathroom.

If you want to create a truly chic experience, you need to invest in some built-in storage. It really is going to be your best option for achieving a no-mess look.

A simple, well-built piece of furniture will look marvelous in a beautiful wooden design.

2 wood bathroom furniture
Notice how easy it is to hide bathroom necessities in the drawers and wicker baskets. There’s no clutter in sight. This simple, beautiful wood vanity is glorious. 

A contemporary space calls for a few well-placed floor to ceiling cupboards with a simple design that will allow them to blend into the rest of the room. Feel free to add a bit of color to your cupboards with a splash of paint.

Another hallmark of modern style is an open floor plan. When you’re dreaming up your modern bathroom, make it a top priority to create an open and spacious feel. A streamlined layout is best.

You can always create zones to distinguish areas apart from each other without taking away from the open floor plan. A great stylish solution for a contemporary bathroom is to encase showers in transparent glass walls.

Doing so is a great way to visually enlarge your bathroom. This look emanates a feeling of airiness. Incorporating wall-sized windows will make the bathroom seem like it’s part of the landscape outside.

Plus, using mirrors that go up to the ceiling will make the bathroom seem incredibly spacious.

Challenges to Decorating with Modern Design

There are some challenges to styling a space in a minimalistic design. However, there are ways to remedy those issues.

For instance, square and rectangular shapes can feel rigid. Add curves by using candles to soften the space without taking away from the minimalist style.

Monochromatic or neutral themes lack color. Add some liveliness to the room to keep it from looking stark by incorporating fresh flowers into the design. Modern bathrooms handle color very well so adding a burst of color with a coat of paint will do wonders for your space.

3 bathroom wall color
As you can see, this beautiful bathroom has been enlivened with a splash of warm color. Otherwise, the area would lack color and appear cold. It’s proof that modern bathrooms can look amazing with a burst of color.

But do keep it in a single, bright shade. A saturated blue, green, yellow, or red used as an accent will enhance your modern design.

Your bathroom will look more welcoming and less like a sterile waiting room at a doctor’s office. You want a space that isn’t just modern. You want a space that is warm, inviting, and welcoming.

Where to Find Professionals

For professional help turning your ideas into reality, here’s a good resource that will help you find the best qualified professionals in your area:

What Are the Best Bathroom Design Ideas for a Modern Space?

1. Add Solid Wood Accents to Your Space.

Bring in nature by adding solid wood accents. It will infuse warmth to a minimalist design that could appear cold.

Light wood furniture brings an organic feel to the room that feels very relaxing and comforting. You can incorporate wood into the bathroom design by using it in your ceiling beam, shelves, vanity, or towel bar.

You’ll create a vibe that reads warm, casual, and modern. Soft, whitewashed woods make for a refreshing look as well. They are lovely additions to lighter and brighter bathrooms.

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Imperative Decor’s floating wood shelves add just the right touch of rustic naturalness to a contemporary bathroom. The wood adds warmth and charm.

Also, the floating design would blend perfectly with a modern space. Mounting brackets are not visible so it gives off a sleek vibe.

2. Get Bold With an Unexpected Accent Wall.

Always wanted to try out an accent wall but never had the nerve to do it? Now’s your chance. The bathroom is a perfect place to experiment with a bold style.

After all, it’s probably the room you spend the least amount of time in any way. You can throw a strong splash of color on the wall knowing you won’t have to spend hours looking at it.

A modern bathroom does not have to be void of color. It’s okay to incorporate bright accents to an otherwise neutral landscape.

4 yellow wall with niche
If painting an entire wall with a bold color goes against your minimalistic grain, you can add bold color strategically. Notice how this yellow warms the space without overpowering it.This is how you add bright accents to an otherwise flat, monochromatic bathroom. 

Bold, eye-catching yellows and oranges will look amazing and give your bathroom an intriguing design. You could also add contemporary artwork or a gallery wall full of striking photographs and prints.

It’s a marvelous way to inject personality into a modern bathroom that might otherwise appear clinical and dull. You can also create a stunning focal point by adding an intricate monochrome wall mural.

3. Decorate With Marvelous Mosaics and Tiles.

Also, you can add a decorative tiled accent to create a mosaic masterpiece. A perk of using stylish mosaic tiles is that they function well in bathrooms that have high humidity levels.

For this reason, attractive and practical ceramic wall tiles are popular choices for modern bathroom design. Mosaic tiles add visual interest and dimension to the bathroom.

But the way you lay down your tiles can make or break the style of your bathroom. Install your tiles vertically, rather than horizontally to create a sense of space and height.

Hexagon tiles are perfect for modern bathrooms because they reinforce the use of geometric patterns. Once you choose the shape you want, decide on the color of the tile.

A neutral tone will provide a more natural and serene look to your minimalist design. If you desire a more rustic look, go for beautiful stone tiles.

Opt for glass tile if you want a truly modern and unique aesthetic. Ceramic tiles will work better if you want to add a traditional flair to your space.

Other tiles that are compatible with modern design are pebbles, slate, and quarry. An added benefit of using tiles is that they have non-slip properties to ensure your safety.

5 tiles for bathroom
These large, square tiles are just right for modern bathrooms. Take note that you don’t have to stop at the floor. Carry the tiles up the wall in a lovely neutral tone to create a seamless and serene look in your minimalist space.

Terrazzo finishes are also a popular style for modern bathrooms. Terrazzo is a super stylish flooring material that consists of marble or granite chips set in concrete and polished to give a smooth surface.

You could bring a modern feel into any bathroom by using terrazzo tiles. Get creative and use this stylish material in more subtle ways.

Add a terrazzo bathroom wall light for a delightful dose of unexpected texture. Regardless of the style you choose, you’ll have a winning combo when you add your magnificent tiles with a modern bathtub and sink.

Get creative with your designs. Modern doesn’t mean boring. Add trendy colors to spice up an otherwise cold bathroom.

Wall tiles in vivid, Mediterranean inspired blues or warm sun kissed orange and yellow shades will enliven your space. Even if you choose to stick with white, grey, or pastel colors, you can make things more interesting by choosing a theme for the pattern of your tiles.

For example, large floor and wall tiles with ancient, ethnic, exotic, traditional, futuristic, or nature-inspired patterns will lend a distinct flair to your bathroom. You can also include personal touches in your designs.

Adding your favorite flowers and animals to the mix will make your space feel charming and cozy. Incorporating such stand-out contemporary details will give your modern bathroom more impact.

Also, bringing living greenery into your bathroom will add freshness to the decor scheme. It will balance out the use of colorful tiles as well.

4. Re-create Your Spa Experience With a Freestanding Soaker Tub.

6 freesoaker tub
Behold the transformative power of this sleek freestanding soaker tub. It turns an otherwise simple bathroom into a setting fit for a spa. The curvy silhouettes and smooth edges fit perfectly with this posh, modern bathroom.

What is more modern than a gorgeous, sleek freestanding soaker tub? It evokes luxury. You’ll feel as if you turned your bathroom into your personal spa.

Why would you need to check into a resort for a spa day when your master bathroom makes you feel like you just stepped into an oasis of relaxation? A freestanding soaker tub can be a beautiful focal point in a simplistic modern bathroom.

Having a square or sleek tub gives your eyes something attractive to behold. Positioning your freestanding bath in the middle of a large bathroom will create a striking focal point.

Design elements that have simple silhouettes and smooth edges go hand-in-hand with a polished, modern bathroom. Step it up another level by taking a cue from other modern luxury bathrooms and place your bathtub on a bed of pebbles.

Natural stones will look very contemporary when combined with other wooden elements and plants. Adding house plants has been proven to promote wellbeing.

It is a must for any modern bathroom to keep it from looking cold and lifeless. You can turn your plants into statement pieces or make them a subtle design feature.

This will work particularly well in a room that is mostly white or one that features pots or plants with bold colors. By adding a potted plant to your sophisticated decor scheme, you’ll make your space look more interesting and inviting.

7 potted plant in bathroom
A well-placed potted plant adds just the right touch of greenery. The plant in this picture keeps the bathroom from feeling lifeless with its fresh green leaves and bright yellow container. It’s a subtle way to bring in nature and create an air of serenity.

5. Get Shower Chic.

But what if you don’t have room for a freestanding soaker tub? You can still create a modern look with the use of a rain shower. It will bring a contemporary edge to your space.

Plus, it is super relaxing. Lean into the modern look with a metallic showerhead and hardware to add industrial flavor.

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Dreamfall’s rainfall shower comes with an extra large nine inch face for shoulder-to-shoulder water flow coverage.The design allows you to alternate between the overhead and handheld shower. With the push of a button you can enjoy luxurious waterfall settings, high-power rain, and a relaxing aeration massage.

Avoid framed glass doors because like shower curtains they look heavy and divisive. Maximize your space by installing frameless glass doors.

A great option for a modern bathroom is a walk-in shower surrounded by transparent, glass walls. It works especially well in a monochromatic room. There are a variety of options to choose from such as sliding doors and ones that open up in various directions.

You’ll create a seamless, continuous look from wall to wall. As a result, you will visually enlarge your space.

Glass creates a sense of openness that other materials can not compete with. The great thing about glass is that it works very well on a variety of surfaces.

You can use it on counters, faucets, wall and floor tiles, sinks, shelves, and vanities. Polished glass is an ideal style element for a modern bathroom.

6. Try the Pattern-On-Pattern Style.

With so many bathroom design ideas to choose from, you can feel overwhelmed. When that happens, it helps to pick a starting point. One of the best places to start is at the bottom.

Get your foundation done for the room and work your way up from there. Playing with patterns isn’t just for your wardrobe. You can do the same with your floor design.

8 patterned floor and wall
This image shows that you can have a pattern in your modern bathroom that is subtle and tasteful. The pattern is the same. Yet, notice how the pattern is laid vertically on the floor but horizontally on the wall. This pattern-on-pattern style creates visual interest without being overwhelming.

The trick is to use color and style to your advantage. Get the pattern-on-pattern look right by keeping everything in the same color family.

Enhance the look further by using a similar pattern on your rug that’s on the tiles. A modern bathroom will look more inviting with the addition of a well-chosen rug.

Go for a more contemporary style by using a rug that has a colorful or strong look. Make sure that your floors are safe by adding a non slip rug to prevent any painful slip-and-falls.

You’ll have a design that’s safe, beautiful, and well-blended for a harmonious style. Make sure to maintain the same flooring material from your main floor into the shower.

You’ll create a seamless, minimalistic look. The room will also appear bigger without any visual interruptions.

7. Streamline Your Bathroom With a Floating Vanity.

Floating vanities are modern and practical. You’ll free up space which will make your room feel grand and streamlined. Opening up the floor space will create a high-end feel.

Capitalize the floating effect by installing a light beneath the bath panel. Place a tiny faux fur stool underneath the vanity on both sides to add an air of elegance.

8. Upgrade Your Outdated Sink.

You can top off your chic space with a simple stone sink for a luxurious touch. Also, a marble countertop makes a rich addition to a fashion-forward look.

9 granite sink
Make your bathroom modern with small touches. This elevated, white bowl screams modern. The beautiful stone countertop compliments the style perfectly.

It also makes a sleek and polished contrast with black cabinetry and golden hardware. Why not make it look really modern with an elevated glass bowl for washing your hands?

No products found.

This tempered glass bowl has a simple style that will echo the minimalistic theme of your modern bathroom very well. Its glossy surface makes it easy to clean up. Another perk is the thick tempered glass which is durable and hard to break.

9. Add Chic Gold Finishes.

If gold is your cup of tea, then let it overspill into your bathroom. Adding gold touches makes the area feel chic.

Go glam with gold touches on handles, faucets, towel hooks, and light fixtures. Combining gold with other timeless color combinations like black, white, and grey will enhance the contemporary style of the bathroom.

A neutral palette will never go out of style. You’ll get the most use of your money by sticking with a timeless design.

Painting accents black is a great way to add more luxury to your gold finishes. Another cool tip is to paint the inside of the bathroom door black.

Paint is a simple tool to use to completely transform your bathroom space. Black is strong and great at grounding a minimalist design. It is also sophisticated and modern.

10 black wall in bathroom
Notice how incredibly chic this minimalist bathroom looks with a wall drenched in high-gloss, black paint. It makes a bold statement without making the room feel too dark or small. Plus, it blends well with the black and white floating vanity.

Another great way to use black paint is to use it to cover exposed pipes to create a modern industrial feel. Like that idea?

Keep it going by choosing matching black fixtures and dark grout for a look that is both modern and striking. In addition to leaving pipes exposed you can also leave bricks bare to create a feature wall that has a contemporary industrial look.

Go a step further with factory-style light fittings. To prevent an industrial style from feeling hard and cold, add lots of fluffy towels and underfloor heating beneath the tiled floor. It’ll raise the temperature and make it easier for you to get dry.

10. Mix Metals for a Trendy Look.

If you want to make your bathroom feel layered and on-trend then you should mix metals. Done well, this style hack will make your bathroom look designer inspired.

The trick is to do it in small doses. Why not pair brushed brass light fixtures with polished nickel faucets?

If you have smooth grey tiled walls they will play nicely against the heat of shiny copper tone fixtures. Add mirrors to the mix to anchor the luxe modern effect. You’ll create a striking bathroom by adding such unexpected elements.

11 mixed metals in bathroom
What’s not to love about this striking look? You have smooth marbled walls that play nicely against the warm glow of brass light fixtures. Silver faucets add a striking contrast. The double mirrors glam up the space while adding symmetry to the room. 

11. Give Wallpaper a Whirl.

A simple and quick way to update your bathroom is to add a minimalist wallpaper design. Old fashioned wallpaper was heavy on floral prints and stripes.

But new moisture-resistant wallpaper is quite chic and the options on the market are as varied as seashells on a beach shore. You can go with a neutral color that has texture or select a polished, bold geometric print.

Modern wallpaper with designs that re-create the look of wood, natural stone, or brick surfaces brings a very interesting vibe that looks realistic and surprising. Light colors such as white, cream, or light beige will reinforce the appearance of a natural look.

Today’s wallpaper plays up the variety of 3D textures and interesting surfaces. You’ll find that textured wallpaper plays well with metallic hardware and lighting fixtures.

Plus, if you get tired of your wallpaper, it’s very easy to change it out anytime you want to. Combining natural stone textures with shiny or glossy mosaic tiles is a great way to create a striking bathroom design.

Throw in some elegant and simple bathroom fixtures along with the right lighting and you’ll have one expressive and rich looking bathroom on your hands.

No products found.

This marble style wallpaper screams modern. The combination of crisp white and grey looks incredibly chic.

Also, the edges are carefully designed to avoid misalignment of the pattern. Therefore, you can work with multiple marble rolls without dealing with the unpleasant experience of color or pattern mismatch.

It looks realistic and works on a variety of surfaces. Get creative and use it to cover outdated vanities and cabinets.

12. Opt for an Atmospheric Glow.

Proper lighting is a hallmark of all modern bathrooms. Did you know that you can add color with lights?

Grab some color-changing LEDs so you can add some warmth and glow with ambient lighting. Good lighting can transform the most cold-looking bathroom into a cozy haven full of warmth.

12 lighting in bathroom
Soft overhead lighting casts a warm glow on this contemporary bathroom. You won’t find fluorescent lights in this space. It’s all about adding flattering overhead lighting to create an inviting and relaxing space.

Create a more intimate ambiance by placing LED lighting behind a mirror. Make sure that you hide the LED strips so you don’t throw off the bathroom’s clean and subtle minimalist look.

Do not use fluorescent lights. Not only do they add an unnatural tone to your skin, but they also give off sad vibes. Be smart with your lighting options.

Opting for warmer lighting choices over bright, overpowering lights will lend a more understated feel. When you do it the right way, you’ll design a relaxing environment that makes your bathroom feel like a private sanctuary away from a maddening world.

Styling your bathroom in elegant shapes, classy colors, beautiful lighting, and luxurious natural materials will elevate your space to new heights. Also, using different types of lighting in your space will create an overall brighter appearance.

As a result, the room will look much bigger. During the daytime take advantage of natural lighting from windows and skylights that allow sunlight to pour into your space.

To get the most out of natural lighting, it is best to have large windows so the light can flood your room. However, if your bathroom has smaller windows, you can capitalize on the use of reflective surfaces such as mirrors to help give your room a well-lit look.

When it comes to mirrors, the bigger the better. An oversized mirror is your contemporary bathroom’s best friend.

Not only will it make the room look bigger, but it will brighten the space and make it look more modern. A pro design tip is to use mirrors to add symmetry to your space.

13 modern mirror
The mirror in this room has been strategically placed to compliment the modern design and enlarge the space. It does an excellent job of reflecting the trees outside making it feel like you’re bringing the outside world inside your bathroom.

Whether you have a double sink or not, you can place two oversized circular mirrors above a vanity unit or a smaller sink for a striking design that’s pleasing to the eyes. Another way to make your bathroom look bigger is to choose window treatments that are minimalistic.

Keep it simple with something such as a white Roman blind. You could also opt for a window film to preserve your privacy while allowing in plenty of light.

Keep in mind that the less dressed a window is, the more likely it is that your bathroom will feel a bit cold. You can add warmth and comfort by employing the use of lovely accessories and plush, quality towels.

13. Include Non-Bathroom Furniture in Your Design.

A super sleek monochromatic look isn’t your only option for styling a modern bathroom. You can mix softer neutrals and natural materials to create an inviting, contemporary space.

A bathroom washed in a neutral color scheme can come alive in a most interesting manner with the right mixture of textures. The addition of materials such as granite, marble, or wood help to create a serene modern space.

Adding non-bathroom furniture to the mix will help your modern bathroom decor flow with the rest of your house. The luxurious blend of wood furniture with classic and contemporary bathroom sinks will make your modern bathroom look expensive and exclusive.

The beauty of natural wood truly shines in the form of stunning classic bathroom furniture. Wood furniture mixes exceptionally well with elegant mirrors and lighting to create warm, bright, and visually appealing bathrooms in modern style.

14 wood piece
This quaint, classic white bathroom is well-accented with the natural beauty of sleek wood cabinets. They mix incredibly well with the elegant, circular mirror and soft lighting to create a warm and bright bathroom fully loaded with charm and style. 

Your bathroom will seem like a natural extension of the rest of your house. You’ll demonstrate that you have a clearly defined personal style that is effortlessly cool and modern.

Don’t hesitate to add a sisal rug, plants, or even a cute side table to hold that glass of wine you enjoy drinking while soaking in the tube. Be practical and add multi-functional furniture such as a bench seat. It is a great place to sit and pile clean towels.

14. Install a Built-in Shower Niche to Reduce Clutter.

A built-in shower niche is a lovely addition if you are doing a complete bathroom remodel. A shower niche is highly functional because it allows you to store all your soaps, lotions, and shampoos into built-in shelves for a very sleek look.

It’s an amazing way to reduce visual clutter from your shower area. Since you can custom build it to your liking, you get to position the niche anywhere on the wall at any height that works for you.

Create a beautiful accent by using different colors and materials from the ones you use in the rest of your bathroom. You also have the option to install a prefabricated style with a size and shape already designed.

You can purchase it from a tile store, online, or from Home Depot for less money than you would spend having a contractor build one to your exact specifications.

No products found.

Alfi created a shower niche in brushed stainless steel that brings you all the glory of a sleek storage area for your bathing needs without the extra labor and expensive tile work. This beauty is fully finished. All you have to do is mount it to your wall opening.

15 shower niche
Notice how the built-in shower niches blend flawlessly with this contemporary shower. It’s the perfect size for shampoo and soap. The geometric patterns in square, rectangular, and hexagonal shaped tiles further enforce the modern design. 

15. Have Fun With Color and Neutrals.

A calling card of modern bathroom designs is a simple and minimalist style. Using a white palette for the bathroom is a great way to achieve a straightforward design.

Placing furniture that has simple geometric shapes like a square or rectangle is perfect for enhancing a sleek style. Adding a touch of black will amp up the modern factor.

Black is a strong neutral that is often added to rooms to anchor the space. In order to pull off this kind of style, you want to make sure that you create a balanced look.

Add another neutral such as grey to add more visual interest. Go deeper by adding in dark colors for a delightfully modern twist.

Create balance by adding light-colored furniture that has stimulating geometric shapes such as squares and rectangles. A neutral, warm color scheme combines well with such sharp lines and geometric patterns.

A bathroom can be modern without being cold and sterile. Warm up the area with a palette of light colors. Also, consider using white in large doses.

It never goes out of style and is the perfect solution for adding light and airiness to your bathroom. White has a classic appeal.

A lot of people feel drawn to the clean simplicity of white. Plus, it has the added benefit of enlarging a small space which is perfect for compact bathrooms.

White is a cost-effective option since it is typically cheaper than its brighter hued counterparts. Refreshing your bathroom with a coat of white paint is economical.

16 white bathroom
Notice how white does such a marvelous job of adding space, light, and airiness to this modern bathroom. It is an amazing compliment to the smooth grey cabinets, sleek glass encased shower, and minimum flourishes of decor. 

Another perk is that it’s the perfect neutral to use to attract prospective buyers when you decide to sell your place. Although using white has its distinct advantages, it can end up looking cold and rigid if it isn’t styled the right way.

Adding warmth to the room is as simple as incorporating timber cabinetry into the bathroom. Timber is fantastic at playing up earthy neutrals. You don’t have to go timber crazy.

Add small touches of wood. Take a small timber stump and repurpose it as a rustic stool. This is a great way to add warmth to the area.

Bringing in natural elements makes people feel at ease and comfortable. Timber will make a warm and whimsical addition to your modern bathroom.

Plus, it can double as a cute place to rest your bath essentials. Your spouse may also appreciate having a stronger masculine touch to your bathroom.

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