How to Install and Maintain Shag Carpet

The right carpet can add style and beauty to your lovely home. Soft, luxurious shag carpet, will serve as the beautiful backdrop for the rest of your room. Although it is an excellent option for nearly any space (excluding the bathroom and kitchen of course) it can take a beating. It will get a lot

How To Wire A Ceiling Light Correctly

So you want to learn how to wire a ceiling light? It’s a pretty straightforward process – assuming you are prepared to follow instructions and safety guidelines. It is a handy skill to possess. Knowing how to wire a light gives you the opportunity to take your decorating shenanigans to another level. Feel free to

15 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas 

Designing a bathroom with the goal of achieving an aesthetically pleasing modern design isn’t difficult. As a matter of fact, updating your bathroom using modern design techniques is a lot of fun. Many people enjoy the visual appeal of modern bathroom designs. They find it alluring because contemporary styles are simple and minimalist. Instead of

Orchids 101: Guide to Orchid Care

The world of orchid care can be intimidating for a newbie. Maybe you’ve heard of people complaining that they can never get their orchids to grow. Perhaps you want to grow orchids but you have no idea where to start or how hard it will be, yet rest assured that it’s not as tough as

How to Soundproof Floor – Soundproofing Floor Guide

This soundproofing guide will teach you how to soundproof floor and floorboards properly. Hearing screaming babies and the loud thud of furniture moving around comes with the territory of apartment living. You know how noisy it can get when your neighbors upstairs decide to throw a party and pump music so loud you feel like

How to Clean Brass and Make it Look Brand New

In this guide we teach you how to clean brass the right way. Brass brings a warm layer of gleam to common household items. Its light golden color elevates the look of furniture and accessories. Vintage lamps, cabinet pulls, decorative vases, flatware, and coffee tables instantly look posher with a bit of brass. Unfortunately, as

How to Clean Vinyl Siding 

Looking for a guide on how to clean vinyl siding? Spring is upon us. The weather is getting warmer and that makes it easier to take care of outside chores. With social distancing being the norm, for now, we have more time on our hands to tend to oft-neglected tasks around the house like cleaning

20 Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas  

Looking for teen boy bedroom ideas? Decorating for teen boys is fun. You have so many cool designs, colors, and styles to choose from. Then there are the themes. From rock and roll to sports-inspired, there’s a theme that’s sure to keep your teenage boy happy. It’s no secret that teens are hard to please.

15 Laundry Room Ideas for Maximizing a Small Space

Looking for laundry room ideas? Overlooking laundry room design is easy to do. It’s not the place where you eat, watch TV, or sleep. The laundry room is the small space in your house that you may visit once a week for a few minutes at a time between shows you’re binge-watching. It’s all about

Types of Paint – Everything You Need to Know

In this guide we walk you through everything you need to know about the different types of paint. So the painting bug bit you and you’re interested in slapping a fresh coat of paint on a drab wall in need of some serious livening up. Or it could be any number of paint projects that

How To Get Rid of Paint Smell

Want to learn how to get rid of paint smell? Painting is such a fun, easy, and quick way to spruce up anything from nightstands to kitchen cabinets or your entire living room. But it does have a downside – the smell. You feel a sense of triumph for a job well done but that

DIY Vase Decorating Ideas – Beautiful DIY Flower Vase

Looking to make a DIY vase? It’s taking longer for the sky to turn dark and the chilling bite of icy weather is fading away. Spring is in the air. A great way to welcome the season is to make your delightful home a haven for all things bright and cheery. The easiest and most

How To Chalk Paint Furniture

Are all of those lust-worthy before and after chalk paint pictures on Pinterest getting you in the mood to do some serious DIY makeovers to your decor? Using chalk paint is trending big time right now and for good reason. It’s an amazing technique to use if you’re low on time, energy, and money. Maybe