Best Concrete Paint for Your Patio, Garage, or Basement

From cinder block retaining walls and garages to patios, cement and concrete surfaces need paint that can withstand heavy wear and tear while holding up to the elements. The best concrete paint is durable, and it creates a waterproof seal to make your concrete last longer. This is especially important if you’ve just poured the foundation for a new garage, put in a new driveway, or you just want your basement to be more waterproof. Whatever the reason, the best concrete paint can help. Along with providing needed protection, it can improve the overall look of the concrete or cement surface. 

But, how do you pick out the best concrete paint? What makes one brand better than the other, and what are the reputable brands available? I’ve picked out 10 of the best concrete paint types and brands available on the current market. You can match the best concrete paint for your needs and wants, and you can choose to have it shipped straight to your door. This way, you’ll have it on-hand when you’re ready to tackle your next project and extend the life of your concrete surfaces.
1 Painting the Floor Inside

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Liquid Rubber Foundation and Basement Sealant – Top Pick 

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First up is our top pick for the best concrete paint, and it’s a product that comes from Liquid Rubber. You can get a one or five-gallon bucket, and it works on foundations, basements, ICFs, deck or fence posts, shower liners, metal, planter boxes, concrete, and wood. It will form a sealant membrane that prevents taring, cracks, and adhesion failure to make it stick to the concrete better in one or two coats. In turn you’ll get a durable surface that won’t chip or peel in different weather conditions or with a lot of traffic. 

There is no mixing required with this best concrete paint, and you can easily apply it with a roller, brush, and a paint sprayer with even results. You can close the container to keep any leftover paint ready to use on later projects, and this is a water-based paint that has no solvents. There are also no harmful odors or VOC’s, and this makes it safe to use around pets and humans. You can use indoors and outdoors without wearing any specific breathing apparatuses. 


  • One or five-gallon sizes available 
  • Can use it on a huge range of surfaces 
  • Forms a sealant membrane 
  • No mixing required 
  • Water-based solution 
  • No harmful odors or VOCs
  • Can use indoors and outdoors 


  • Have to apply it very thick

Seal-Krete Epoxy-Seal – Step-Up Pick 

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My step-up pick for the best concrete paint comes from Seal-Krete. This product is up to three times more durable and long-lasting that traditional floor or porch paint, and this means that it can survive the elements, heavy use, and wear and tear without failing. It is nice to use in your workshop or garage because it can resist grease, gas, oil, and salt without scratching or sustaining damage. This can help it last longer while it resists chipping or peeling, and this can make your floor look like new for longer periods after you pour a new one or fix any cracks. 

This best concrete paint will easily resist blistering, peeling, and hot tire pickup when you put it down, and this reduces the overall maintenance you have to perform to keep it looking like new. You can use it on interior or exterior surfaces without a problem because it stands up to heavy traffic and different weather conditions. For cleaning it up, you can use soap and water to scrub at it without worrying about chipping it off. It’s a low VOC formula that doesn’t have a strong scent associated with it, and this means that you don’t have to wear protective gear. 


  • Can use on horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Resists oil, gas, grease, and salt 
  • Resists blistering and peeling 
  • Interior or exterior use 
  • Low VOC formula 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Comes mixed and ready to go 


  • Have to use more than one coat 

FIXALL Skid Grip Anti-Slip Paint – Mid-End Budget Pick

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This is the best concrete paint for slick areas like your patios or garden walkways, and it gives you a skid-grip with an acrylic texture. This can turn any surface you put it on into a skid-resistant one, and it creates a high-grip finish on indoor and outdoor surfaces. It can help make any high-traffic areas safer, especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain or a high humidity. It’s also nice to add around your pond or pool to make it safer for any guests to walk over. 

You can use this best concrete paint for domestic or commercial use, and it works well on a huge range of surfaces like wood, cement, asphalt, concrete, and wood. It’s commonly found on playground equipment, ramps, steps, decks, patios, driveways, and basketball courts. You should clean the surface to remove any debris before using a roller or brush to apply this best concrete paint to create a flat and even texture. You should give in at least 10 to 12 hours to dry after you apply it. It comes in several colors to match your decor, including crimson, cobalt, camel, plain, jet, emerald, and slate. 


  • Gives a high-grip finish 
  • Safe for wet and high-traffic areas 
  • Domestic or commercial applications 
  • Apply with a brush or roller 
  • Available in several colors 
  • Interior or exterior use 
  • Easy to use


  • Can take up to 12 hours to dry 

KILZ L573611 Latex Floor Paint – Bargain Budget Pick 

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Anyone who is on a strict budget but still wants one of the best concrete paints should take a look at this product from Kilz. The goal of this paint is to keep your patio or porch floor resistant to scuffing. It creates a seal that prevents it from peeling, cracking, and fading under different conditions. It also has a mildew-resistant film that is great for areas with high humidity levels where mold growth is common. This is an acrylic paint that offers a very low luster enamel surface when you apply it, and it comes specially formulated for patio, porch, and deck floors and siding. It’ll help these areas survive variable weather conditions. 

You can put this best concrete paint on previously painted or prime surfaces, including masonry and wood. You can also apply it to siding, trim, and trellises without a problem. It dries to the touch within 60 minutes of the first application, and you should apply the second coat four to six hours later. You’ll get a full gallon of paint in every purchase that can cover up to 300 square-feet on rough surfaces and 400 square-feet on smooth surfaces. You can apply it with a sprayer, brush, or roller and get professional-grade results. 


  • Budget-friendly
  • Covers between 300 and 400 square feet 
  • Mildew-resistant film 
  • Low luster enamel finish
  • Dries to the touch in one hour 
  • Apply with different tools 
  • Works for indoor and outdoor use 


  • Colors runs very light

In The Swim Patio and Deck Paint – Best for Wet Areas

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Anyone who has a pool or pond with concrete, wood, or other masonry flooring around it should use this best concrete paint from In The Swim. This paint helps you restore your worn-out concrete surfaces, and it can create a nice sealant to protect them from further damage. Once this paint dries, it’ll leave a slightly texture surface that creates a non-slip grip for anyone that walks over it. In turn, this makes it much safer to use your pool or walk around your pond without worrying about accidentally slipping and falling. As a bonus, you can apply this paint to damp surfaces without it bubbling up or smearing, and it’ll dry in an even layer that looks nice. 

On the initial application of this best concrete paint, you’ll have to apply two coats after the first one dries. Depending on the concrete’s porosity, one gallon of this paint will cover between 90 to 125-square feet. It’s best for smaller areas or projects or you’ll find yourself buying multiple gallons to have enough to cover your square footage. Once you apply it, it’ll cure overnight before you apply the second coat. It comes in a white hue that makes the area look clean and new. 


  • Restores surfaces 
  • Adds a non-slip grip 
  • Apply to damp surfaces 
  • Cures overnight 
  • Slightly thicker formula 
  • Won’t peel or blister 
  • White color


  • Only covers a small area per gallon

Rust Bullet DuraGrade Concrete Paint – Best for Workshops

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Workshops go through a lot of wear and tear, especially if you use it for automotive projects. It’s easy to spill oil or gas on the floor, and this can be corrosive to paint. This is why Rust Bullet’s best concrete paint is the premier choice for garage and workshop floors. You should apply it straight to your concrete without having to acid etch it, and this can save you valuable time while going a long way with saving or restoring your flooring to like-new condition. It can easily resist chipping, scratching, UV damage, and chemical spills, and this can make it last longer overall. 

Before you apply this best concrete paint, you should clean the surface so it doesn’t leave any debris. However, you won’t have to apply a topcoat, basecoat, or primer. It works well on indoor and outdoor surfaces, and you can choose from a quart, gallon, or five-gallon bucket when you buy it to match the size of your project. It comes in 18 different color options, and this allows you to let your flooring stand out or match with your overall design aesthetic and decor. Additionally, you can apply it with a brush, roller, or a spray gun to get top-notch results. 


  • Can apply straight to the concrete 
  • No basecoat, topcoat, or primer needed 
  • Resists chipping and scratching 
  • Use indoors or outdoors 
  • Available in three sizes
  • 18 colors available 
  • Apply it with a brush, roller, or spray gun


  • Hot tire pickup possible 

RUST-OLEUM 225359 Epoxy Shield – Best for New Garages

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This best concrete paint works exceptionally well for garages or driveways, and you’ll get a concrete floor kit when you purchase this product. It has an elegant design that goes on easy, and you get a very smooth finish that looks professional. It’s very easy to apply with a spray gun, brush, or roller without it rippling or looking uneven. This product is made in the United States, and this means that it uses very high quality control standards throughout the production process, and ensures that you get a long-lasting paint that will help seal your floors. 

This best concrete paint comes with an advanced acrylic technology that ensures it adheres to the surface when you apply it. It’s durable enough to use outside without it chipping or washing away, and you can also use it indoors without a problem. When it comes time to clean it, all you have to do is use soap and water and a light scrub brush to get rid of the stains or spills. It’s a sleek grey color that fits into most garages or driveways, and it won’t fade or raise up with hot tires running over it. 


  • Made in the United States 
  • Resists staining 
  • Goes on easy 
  • Gives you a smooth finish 
  • Acrylic technology 
  • Resists chipping or raising 
  • Goes a long way 


  • Can fade 

RTG Concrete Floor Paint – Best for Shop Floors

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If you’ve just built a porch and are looking for the best concrete paint to cover your steps, try this product. It’s a very durable choice that gives you a skid-resistant finish with anti-slip paint that can work on interior or exterior surfaces. It has high abrasion resistance, excellent color retention against UV rays, and it resists water damage. Once you apply it, it’ll create a nice coating that protects your surfaces from damage, and it can boost your home’s curb appeal. It works well on patios, walkways, or on stairs, especially areas that are very high traffic. 

This best concrete paint is very fast drying, and it’ll effortlessly seal any cracks in your flooring or walls to create an even look and feel. This can reduce your chances of tripping, and each gallon can cover between 80 and 120-square feet. You should only apply this paint when you know it’s going to be dry out for a few hours to give it time to cure correctly. You’ll want to look at the label for application tips and the proper preparation steps you should take to ensure it sticks and survives years of constant use. 


  • Skid-resistant finish 
  • Interior and exterior surfaces 
  • Excellent color retention 
  • Protects against UV rays 
  • Boosts your home’s curb appeal 
  • Fast-drying formula 
  • Easy to apply 


  • Only covers up to 120-square feet per gallon 

KILZ Concrete and Garage Floor Paint – Best for Concrete Driveways

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The final product on the best concrete paint list comes from Kilz. This is easy to clean, highly durable, and it won’t crack, fade, scuff, or blister easily from heavy activity or hot tires. This is a water-based floor paint that comes formulate to last in garages or basements, and it resists chemical damage as well as damage from gasoline or oil. You can put it on coated or uncoated concrete, brick, stone, and other masonry materials, and it’s ideal for any area of your flooring that sees a lot of traffic. It applies smoothly and evenly to your flooring to give you a professional-grade finish. 

This best concrete paint has a satin finish with a slight shine, and it works well on horizontal and vertical surfaces. It’ll dry to the touch in two hours, and you can apply a second coat in four hours to make your project most smoothly. It works on interior and exterior surfaces, and it can cover between 300 and 500 square-feet. Smooth surfaces will make the paint go further than any rough surfaces will, and this company has a long history of producing high-quality products. 


  • Won’t scuff, blister, fade, or crack
  • Nice for high-traffic areas 
  • Works on brick and stone 
  • Satin finish 
  • Goes on smoothly 
  • Dries in two hours 
  • Covers up to 500-square feet 


  • Need more than one coat

Best Concrete Paint Buyer’s Guide

When you start shopping for the best concrete paint, what should you look for to ensure you get a high-quality product? With so many styles and brands available, it can be difficult to pick out the best concrete paint to suit your needs, especially if you have more than one project lined up. This buying guide will help you make the best choice. 


What surface do you intend to put your best concrete paint on? Some paints are only suited for concrete or masonry, but other paints work well on trim and wood. If you have more than one area to cover like your workshop and storage shed and your garage, you’ll want to ensure your paint sticks well. Double-check any materials when you buy your paint to ensure that it’s going to last. Also, check how many coats you need to apply for it to look like a professional-grade finished product. 

Drying Time 

How long do you have to wait for your coats of paint to dry between layers? Some of the best concrete paint will dry within a few hours, but others need overnight or a full 24-hours between coats. Consider the environment too. Many of the best concrete paint choices need to stay completely dry until they finish curing. If you’re going to apply them outside, this can be a problem. If they get wet, they won’t cure properly and they will bubble up and peel away. 

2 Outdoor Patio Painting
DSC03178 by Nicolas Karim / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


Depending on the best concrete paint you pick out, they all offer different coverage areas, and this is usually in square feet. The goal is to cover as much of your surface areas as possible with a single gallon of paint. If you’re going to cover a larger area around your new pond design, look for something that will complete it in a single coat. If you have smaller areas, you can get away with using thicker paint formulas that don’t cover as many square feet per gallon. How porous the material is will also play a huge role in how much coverage you get. 


Finally, the best concrete paints come with a durable finish that will seal the floor and lock moisture out of your concrete. A satin finish is very popular, and it usually goes on very smooth. Flat finishes are popular for garage or shop floors because they are usually harder to scuff. Take a look at the finish on your chosen best concrete paint and see if it matches up with your surface. If it does, this can make it last much longer with raising up off the floor or chipping. 

3 Finishing a Deck
Exterior Deck Refinishing in Maplewood New Jersey by Olger Fallas / CC BY-SA 2.0

Bottom Line 

I invite you to look at my list of the 10 best concrete paints and compare them. You’ll be able to find one to match your next project, and it’ll create even and smooth coverage that looks like you had a professional do it. You can use most of them indoors and outdoors, and they’ll last for years. As a bonus, they’ll boost your home’s curb appeal and protect your floors for years to come. 

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