Best Sheds for Outdoor Storage

Sheds provide you with an excellent storage opportunity out of your home. You can get them in several shapes and sizes, and the best sheds come with multiple storage opportunities like shelving or wide open spaces that are perfect for both large and small items. You can store everything from large pieces of lawn equipment like a weed wacker or lawn mower, and they have space for smaller yard and gardening tools.

Since there are so many options available, finding the best shed for your needs can be a challenge. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the choices you have like size, shape, windows or no, single or double doors, locks, ramps, hard flooring, and more. This is why I’ve done the hard work for you and researched the 10 best sheds for outdoor storage. You can compare the different reviews, see examples of quality brands, and use the buying guide to make informed decisions.

Shed 1 Start
The best sheds fit into your aesthetic, have enough space for everything you need, and add a layer of security to your property. There are dozens to choose from, and you can choose to place them away from your home or right up against it.


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Having a huge range of summer outdoor items is great until you scramble during the fall months to find a place to store them, especially if you have an above-ground pool with a ton of noodles and floats to worry about and zero space in the garage. This shed for outdoor storage is great for storing everything from gardening tools and equipment to pool supplies as the temperature drops. During the summer, you can throw the doors open to create a stylish relaxation area. This shed is 10-feet wide, and this gives you plenty of extra storage space you need while accenting your backyard’s natural beauty. 

The doors on this outdoor storage shed feature a centralized installation, and this gives you quick and easy access to every part of the shed when you need it. It also comes outfitted with decorative shutters on the windows, simulated shingled roof, and molded wood-grain panels to give you a high-end look and feel that will last for years after you purchase it in all weather conditions. There are two large skylights, four small skylights, a shatter-proof polycarbonate window, two screened vents, two side windows, corner shelves, one large shelf, and floor hardware. You also get a 10-year limited warranty from the date of purchase. 


  • Offers plenty of storage space
  • Centralized doors 
  • 10-feet by 8-feet
  • Plenty of windows for natural light 
  • Double doors 
  • Shelving units included 
  • 10-year limited warranty 


  • Takes a decent amount of time to assemble 

2. Arrow WR1012 Woodridge EG – Step-Up Pick

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This shed for outdoor storage gives you an impressive 734cu of storage, and it measures 8-feet by 6-feet. It comes made out of electro-galvanized steel, and this makes it resist damage from UV exposure, insects, rot, and heat when you leave it exposed to the elements. This is a functional and attractive addition to any yard or garden, especially if you’re going for a more rustic look and feel with your decor. You’ll get a nice wood-grain print with a horizontal panel design to mimic the look of a rustic log cabin. In turn, you get the durability of steel with a wood aesthetic that is as unique as it is durable. 

The walls are extra-tall at six feet from the floor to the ceiling, and this helps to maximize your storage potential or fit bigger lawn equipment inside. You combine this height with the gable roof design to give you even more head room when you come inside or exit the storage shed. The door opening is a wider 55-inches, and it gives you plenty of room for riding lawn equipment. They’re built and designed by DIYers, so you should be able to assemble it in a weekend. It has a 12-year warranty against failure, and it’ll provide you with a secure storage area for years to come. 


  • Woodgrain look
  • Built out of steel 
  • UV and rot-resistant 
  • 12-year warranty attached 
  • Larger door openings 
  • Gabled roof
  • Six-foot high walls 


  • Take a few days to assemble 

3. Arrow EZEE Galvanized Steel Shed – Mid-End Budget Pick

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If you’re on a slightly tighter budget, this outdoor storage shed by Arrow is a great choice that is also easy to set up. It’s a six-foot by five-foot metal shed that features electro-galvanized steel, and this makes it up to two times stronger than other sheds on the market so it can withstand heavy use, wear and tear, and different planting zone conditions without worrying about it. It has unique panel geometry on it that is very impact-resistant, and it can result in less overall denting and damage. There is a Sp-It Quick Assembly system on this shed that will take your assembly time down by around half when you compare it to other options. 

The panels on this shed overlap every 12-inches, and this increases the overall strength and thickness of the walls to help secure your items. The newly improved roof assembly lets you put it together on the ground and lift it up to anchor it on. The doors feature a swing design on them that gives you easy access to your items with a heavy-duty framed out design on it. The doors have three hinges each for more stability, and you can padlock them to keep them secure. You should set aside at least six hours for two people to complete it, but it comes with a 12-year limited warranty from the date of purchase. 


  • Electro-galvanized steel design
  • Wider doors
  • Panels overlap every 12-inches for strength 
  • Can set up in six hours 
  • 12-year limited warranty 
  • Each door has three hinges
  • Lots of head room inside 


  • Metal is thinner

4. Hanover Galvanized Steel Woodshed – Bargain Budget Pick

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Anyone looking for a way to keep firewood protected and dry should look at this sturdy steel structure that will stand up to virtually any weather conditions. It has a rust-resistant design on it with a very modern and simple look. It’s an indoor/outdoor firewood rack, and it can fit nicely in your patio, yard, deck, porch, or garage. You’ll get a very orderly but convenient way to stack and store around 69 cubic-feet of wood in one go as long as it’s split. It’s very strong and durable, and it won’t let go and spill your firewood all over the ground. 

The outer layer is a powder-coated galvanized steel, and it resists corrosion and damage due to UV rays. The open design gives you easy access to your firewood, and it allows for great air circulation to keep the wood dry and ready to use. The metal base is raised to keep your split firewood pieces off of the ground, and the gutters with the sloped roof allow for the water to run off quickly when it storms so there is no risk of leaking or pooling. You can confidently use it all year round without an issue. 


  • Stores up to 69 cubic-feet of firewood 
  • Durable design 
  • UV-resistant galvanized steel body
  • Bottom is raised off the ground
  • Gutters help rain run off
  • Able to use all year round
  • Very open design 


  • Edges of the roof can be sharp 

5. Keter Premier Tall Resin Shed – Best For Taller Garden Equipment 

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An outdoor shed is the perfect play to store your holiday decor and taller garden tools like weed wackers, pole saws, rakes, or shovels. You’ll get a sleek charcoal gray storage locker that can easily sit upright on your patio or in the corner of your yard without drawing a huge amount of attention or taking up valuable floor space. You do want to sit in on stable ground due to the taller design to ensure that it’s completely stable. You can keep everything neatly organized and in place until you need it, and this can remove some of the stress from your life. 

You get 62.05-cubic feet of interior storage space for your items, and the body comes made out of a polypropylene resin plastic with steel reinforcement to lend more durability and strength to the structure. It’s UV-protected, waterproof, and weather-resistant, so you can leave it outside in any weather without a problem. It won’t rust, rot, or peel year after year, and this can keep it looking nice. You get adjustable brackets that support dual wooden planks for shelving, and the durable metal hinges on the door will hold up beautifully to heavy use without showing wear and tear. 


  • Taller design 
  • Shelving brackets included
  • Metal hinges 
  • UV-protected 
  • Waterproof design 
  • Smaller footprint 
  • Easy to organize 


  • Hinges are relatively easy to bend

6. Goplus Fir Wood Storage Shed – Best For Lawn Tools

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For your smaller pieces of equipment like your rakes or shears, this outdoor storage shed is plenty large enough. The vertical shape on this shed is perfect for any tools that come with longer handles on them, and it features solid fir wood construction that ensures you get long-term durability. It resists mold and mildew buildup, and it can survive getting wet or being out in the sleet and snow without a problem. You get shutter-style doors that allow you to ventilate the shed to stop it from getting extremely hot when the scorching summer days come around. 

You can adjust the feet on the bottom of this outdoor storage shed to help keep it well-balanced on rough or uneven terrain if you don’t have a flat surface to put it on. The pitched roof will encourage water to run off the structure to avoid puddling, and there are adjustable clapboards that you can move around as you see fit to accommodate different items. The wooden shed comes with a nice latch to keep everything safe and secure when you’re not around, and the smooth wooden surface is gentle enough on your hands that it won’t leave splitters if you run them over the sides. 


  • Vertical build 
  • Shutter-style doors
  • Lockable latch for security 
  • Solid fir design 
  • Pitched roof to encourage rain runoff 
  • Adjustable feet 
  • Smooth wooden surface 


  • Can be wobbly unless it’s completely flat

7. ShelterLogic Outdoor Storage Shed – Best For Bicycles

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To store your prized bicycles, you don’t have to purchase a hugely expensive shed. Instead, you can get this popup-style shelter that will fit neatly beside your home, on your deck, or on your patio without taking up a lot of space. They come in several sizes, and this allows you to tailor your purchase to suit your needs. This outdoor storage shed comes designed for portability and easy assembly, and it’s a nice way to store everything from bicycles or motorcycles to ATVs or lawn and garden tractors to shield them from the harsh season changes and prevent damage. 

This particular outdoor storage shed measures 6-feet by 6-feet by 6.5-feet, and you get a high-quality steel frame construction. The frame also comes with Dupont powder coating on it that prevents corrosion, rust, peeling, and chipping. It has a rugged Ratchet Tite tensioning system to ensure the walls are tight, and there are ShelterLock Stabilizers included to help keep it in place. The triple-layer cover ensures that it’s waterproof, and you get a woven polyethylene construction with UV treatment both inside and out with anti-aging agents and fade blockers. There is also a white interior to create a nice contrast. 


  • Can store larger ATVs or smaller bicycles
  • Triple woven polyethylene material 
  • Waterproof design 
  • Ratchet Tite Tensioning System 
  • ShelterLock Stabilizers included 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Very portable 


  • Part numbers can wear off quickly 

8. Good Life Outdoor Garden Shed – Best For Hand Tools

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Even though this is technically a storage cabinet instead of a storage shed, it’s the perfect size to put on your patio or right next to your garden and store all of your smaller hand tools until you need them. You get two deeper shelves when you open it to put your pots, tools, and soil to keep them dry and out of the elements, and there is a very convenient flat top design on this product that makes it easy to plant your seedlings or work with containers all in one area. You don’t have to carry your tools to the soil. Instead, you can bring the pots and soil to you. 

When this outdoor storage shed is empty, it only weighs in at 38-pounds, and this makes it easy to move around to find the perfect spot. It features solid fir wood design that is durable while being intended for outdoor use. The natural wood color blends seamlessly into your garden, and it’s very easy to put together in a few hours when you get it with clear instructions. It works as a multi-function locker or a locker with a workstation table on top, but you will need an electric drill to get it ready. 


  • Workstation included
  • Deeper shelves 
  • Weighs 38 pounds
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Multiple functions 
  • Sleek design 
  • Weatherproof 


  • No locking mechanism 

9. Keter Store-It-Out Shed – Best For Seasonal Items

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Anyone who has a lot of seasonal items like succulent soil, pots, or pool items, they struggle to find space for will like this horizontal outdoor storage shed. It’s an affordable option if you’re on a tighter budget, and it features a polypropylene resin plastic with steel. These are heavy-duty materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions, but it’s lightweight enough for you to pick up and move around your yard or garden as needed. This is a sleek and attractive container that can complement your outdoor decor when you get it in place without drawing too much attention to it. 

You’ll get neutral colors with a wood-like texture on this outdoor storage shed, and it has easy access to any items you put inside. You can open the dual front doors or the top part to get your items, and this also allows you to quickly and easily stash your items in a hurry if the weather takes a turn. There is no maintenance or special care required for this shed to keep it looking nice, and you can simply wipe it clean. It’s big enough to store two 32-gallon trash cans, and you can install optional metal hinges to lift the top. There is a sturdy floor panel and shelving brackets too. 


  • Polypropylene resin plastic and steel construction 
  • Opens in front or from the top
  • Shelving brackets included
  • Sturdy floor panel 
  • Neutral colors with a wood-like texture 
  • Lightweight enough to move easily 
  • Simple design 


  • Can dent relatively easily 

10. Rubbermaid Outdoor Storage Shed – Best For Organizing the Garage

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Rubbermaid manufactures the last outdoor storage shed on our list, and this is a seven-foot by seven-foot shed that is slightly more roomy and able to store more items in one go. It can fit a riding lawn mower or lawn and garden tools without running out or space. You get a double-wall construction that gives you security and safety for all of your tools to keep them where you put them, and you can add utility hooks, shelving, and pegboard to support a broad range of tool options. This is a maintenance-free shed that won’t dent or rust, and you don’t have to do anything special to keep it looking nice. 

You’ll get a very sturdy outdoor storage shed with a straightforward construction on it when you buy it, and it won’t leak when it rains. You get a pitched roof that encourages water to run off instead of puddling, and it comes with 332-cubic feet of storage room. There are two windows in the door that make it easy for you to let natural light in to see, and the wall-anchor system helps you keep everything organized until you need it. It’s lockable for added security, but you do have to purchase the lock yourself. 


  • Won’t dent or rust
  • Lower maintenance needs
  • Wall-anchor system 
  • Dual windows in the doors
  • Double doors 
  • Pitched roof 
  • Cute design aesthetic 


  • Doesn’t come with a lock

Best Shed for Outdoor Storage – Buyer’s Guide 

Before you even start shopping for the best storage shed for your home, check your local ordinances and give your landlord a call if you rent. If you have an HOA, you also want to get in touch with them to ensure that it’s okay for you to erect a shed on your property. The goal is to make sure no one comes to your door later and asks you to remove it. Once you get the all clear, this best shed buying guide will help you narrow down your choices. 

Quality vs. Price

Don’t get discouraged by the price of your best shed, and don’t let it be the biggest determining factor when you shop. Some people make the mistake of going with the cheapest option available, and they end up not having enough room for their potting soil, gardening tools, or whatever they want to store in it. The best sheds may cost a little more, but they come packed with high-quality materials with a durable construction that will look better and last much longer than the cheaper alternatives. If you’re on a strict budget, focus on the well-built but simple sheds that come with basic materials instead of a lot of fancy details. 

Shed 2 Price vs Quality
When you pick out the best shed, try to find a nice balance between price and quantity. You want to have enough space for all of your items, but this could mean going with a plastic or wooden shed instead of a metal one. 

Build Materials 

When you look at the best sheds, you’ll choose from plastic, metal, or wood for the main build materials. Wood sheds come with walls that are stud-framed with plywood siding over them. You could also get a more expensive wood shed with a plywood sheath, and the roof usually has asphalt shingles with a wooden frame. A metal shed is more durable, and it uses either vinyl-coated or factory-painted metal walls and for the roof. Plastic sheds come with no coating or paint, and they’re typically PVC or vinyl. 

A wooden outdoor shed comes with just as much maintenance as you’d put into your home like repairing rotted or damaged parts, repainting or staining it, and tightening loose joints. Plastic and wood sheds usually have very little maintenance required, but metal can corrode if the protective layer gets scratched. Plastic is usually the least maintenance of the three, but it’s not as durable. 

Access Points 

How many doorways do you need to get into your shed? Can you get away with only one or do you need several? How about the access point sizes? For example, if you plan to store smaller items like garden scissors or kid’s toys, you might not have to worry about the doorways so much. However, if you want to put your larger items like your riding or zero-turn lawn mower, you’ll need doorways that are large enough for your items to pass through. Some of the best sheds have two different doorways that allow you to reach different portions of the shed quickly and easily. 

Shed 3 Doors
Some of the best sheds have double doors that give you plenty of room to maneuver things in and out of your shed, and some sheds come with single doors. You can also get multiple access points that allows you to get anywhere in your shed you need without shuffling things around. 


How big of a shed do you realistically need? The price can climb very high with these sheds, especially when you start getting into the bigger sizes. Before you start shopping for the best sheds, measure the area where the shed will go. This will give you a good idea on how large you can get without running out of space. Think about what you want to store in your shed too. This will factor in when you choose a small, medium, or large shed for your storage needs. 

Prefabricated or DIY

Are you a handy person who likes to tackle DIY projects on your own like staining wooden furniture or building an extension on your home? Maybe you’re someone who would rather have a professional do it for you. Either way, there are sheds for that. Some of the best sheds are prefabricated and ready to deliver to your location. Others come in a kit and you have to put them together yourself. Prefabricated sheds are usually more expensive overall, but they’re much easier than the kits to get up and running. 

Shed 4 End
Both prefabricated and DIY shed kits are great choices when you’re looking for the best shed to add to your home or office. They both have benefits and drawbacks, but the end result is a sturdy and secure storage area. 

Bottom Line

The best sheds for outdoor storage can provide a safe haven for everything you don’t have room for in your home or garage. Along with reviewing 10 great options for you, you can use the buyer’s guide to narrow down your choices and find the best shed for your wants and needs. Get it, set it up, and keep everything in its place and secure all year-round. 

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