Best Sheds for Outdoor Storage

Sheds provide you with an excellent storage opportunity out of your home. You can get them in several shapes and sizes, and the best sheds come with multiple storage opportunities like shelving or wide open spaces that are perfect for both large and small items. You can store everything from large pieces of lawn equipment like a weed wacker or lawn mower, and they have space for smaller yard and gardening tools.

Since there are so many options available, finding the best shed for your needs can be a challenge. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the choices you have like size, shape, windows or no, single or double doors, locks, ramps, hard flooring, and more. This is why I’ve done the hard work for you and researched the 10 best sheds for outdoor storage. You can compare the different reviews, see examples of quality brands, and use the buying guide to make informed decisions.

Shed 1 Start
The best sheds fit into your aesthetic, have enough space for everything you need, and add a layer of security to your property. There are dozens to choose from, and you can choose to place them away from your home or right up against it.

1. Rubbermaid Horizontal Storage Shed

Rubbermaid is a well-known household name, and they produce everything from the best sheds and totes to garbage bags or plastic baggies. This shed comes in seven sizes with both horizontal and vertical orientations, and you can get a piece of patio furniture that doubles as a storage unit. There are single and dual compartment designs that ensure you have more than enough room for all of your items. You can add a single wood shelf to it to give yourself space to store your smaller items, and it comes with a handy lock and key to keep it closed and your items safe when you’re not around. 

This best shed features a thick plastic design that won’t rust or corrode, and it’ll withstand wear and tear very well. It has dual-wall construction with an impact-resistant floor that easily stands up to tough weather conditions, and the top and two doors all flip open to give you plenty of room to add or find your tools. This unit goes together very quickly, and it has a broad base that adds stability. 


  • Can add a shelf for more room
  • Top and dual doors open 
  • Locks on the top to keep your items secure


  • Has a plastic build 
  • Key hole can easily fill with water and rust
  • Lid slopes and may not close on taller items

2. KETER Manor Resin Storage Shed Kit

Anyone who needs a secure place to store their landscaping tools like shovels should check out the best shed from Keter. Once you have it set up,  you’ll get a generous 131. 8 cubic feet of storage space that is large enough for a push lawn mower, multiple tools, gardening equipment, and much more. It uses a polypropylene resin plastic for the body, but this lightweight material comes reinforced with a stainless steel frame that adds weight while making it much more durable. It won’t rust, rot, or peel, and this means that you won’t ever have to worry about it looking anything less than its best. 

This best shed comes with a UV protected layer that ensures it won’t break down due to exposure to the sunlight, and it’s also weatherproof. It’ll create a waterproof seal between the environment and your things to keep them safe and secure. The windows, vents, and skylight provide both great airflow and natural light, it comes with a simple sliding lock that ensures the door doesn’t accidentally blow open in the wind. The hinges are coated stainless steel, and it has a wood-like texture. 


  • Comes with a stainless steel frame
  • 131.8 cubic feet of storage space
  • Weatherproof and UV-resistant 


  • Has a very narrow design 
  • Can take a few hours to assemble
  • Directions can be misleading 

3. Suncast Horizontal Outdoor Storage Shed

Anyone who has garbage bins they want to store or gardening tools they don’t want to leave out in the rain should try this best shed from Suncast. It’s a horizontal setup that has two doors that swing open in the front and the roof opens. The roof will stay up until you close it due to the hinge design. You get multi-resin wall panels that are thicker and more durable than a lot of sheds, and you can easily lift the lid with one hand to prop it open. This gives you plenty of room to add, remove, or rearrange your tools until you need them, and it’s very easy to close to protect your items from the elements. 

This best shed comes with all-weather construction that will help seal moisture out to keep your items dry. It also prevents the UV rays from fading or damaging the plastic as it sits outside season after season. There is a triple locking system that ensures you can easily lock all three doors to keep your items secure when you don’t need them, and the locks are stainless steel and resistant to rust. 


  • Triple-door locking system
  • Easy to open the lid and prop it up
  • UV-resistant design


  • Screw holes are prone to stripping
  • Can’t fit anything over 96 inches tall
  • No shelving included

4. EZ Shed Instant Shed Framing Kit

This best shed kit is for the DIYer who likes to put things together themselves, and it creates a smaller 7-foot by 8-foot shed. You get plans that are very easy to follow with each kit, and it gives you a full material list, detailed instructions, and a step-by-step guide with photographs. This way, you can easily follow along and make sure that you build a shed that is very sturdy. You can use wood or composite to create this shed, and you can add siding and roofing materials to match your own home to create a seamless look and feel. It uses a galvanized steel base with angled brackets that won’t rust or corrode if they get wet. 

To create this best shed, all you’ll have to do is cut 90° angles, and this reduces the number of saws you have to use. It has instructions to make three different shed sizes, and it’s perfect for all of those small gardening gifts you get over the years. You’ll be able to add double doors that swing wide to give you more than enough room to store your larger pieces of lawn equipment. 


  • Only have to make 90° cuts
  • Stainless steel brackets included
  • Very detailed construction 


  • Have to buy the wood or construction medium
  • Parts of the instructions are vague
  • Needs additional bracing due to thin brackets

5. YardStash IV: Storage Shed Tent

If you’re after the best shed that sets up in minutes and comes with a convenient carrying bag, this one from YardStash is a perfect fit. This is a collapsible fabric tent that has a large opening, and the vinyl tarpaulin resists wear and tear, UV rays, and water. It comes built to withstand use all year round, and it comes with a guarantee to keep your items dry in all weather conditions. It easily fits two adult bikes, and you get an integrated floor that allows you to stash more items to protect them from the elements. There are storm flaps included in the design that add another layer of durability. 

There are several mesh panels on this best tent to allow air to flow through, and you can even lock your bikes up and thread the chain through it for added security. The entire tent zippers closed, and you can lock them shut. The sloped roof allows water or snow to slide off before it gets too heavy and weights the tent roof down, and you get several connection points to durable and rugged support poles to keep the tent upright and ready to use wherever you need. 


  • Uses durable vinyl tarpaulin
  • Has an integrated floor for more storage 
  • Weatherproof and fade-resistant 


  • Slightly smaller design
  • Doesn’t have a lot of support
  • Difficult to fold up and put into the bag

6. Suncast Cascade Storage Shed

This best shed by Suncast is large enough to protect your weeding tools, landscaping gear, toys, and much more. This shed comes with polypropylene resin panels and a multi-wall construction that is extremely durable and locks out the elements while protecting your items. It’s an attractive shed that has a steeply sloped roof that allows water, debris, and snow to slide off without causing any damage. The durable reinforced floor on this shed can withstand a lot of abuse, wear, and tear without breaking down, and it’s thick enough to support a heavier lawnmower without a problem. 

There are two larger windows in the door that allow for a lot of natural light to flow in, and both doors swing wide open to provide enough space to move your larger items in and out without getting stuck. There is a sliding bolt closure on the door that ensures it stays shut when you’re not using it, and you can add a padlock for additional security and protection. There is a small vent at the top of the shed that allows air to flow in and out of the space. 


  • Doors provide natural light
  • Reinforced flooring 
  • Can lock the doors with a padlock 


  • Runs slightly smaller to size
  • Have to by additional shelving and hooks
  • Can fade after a few seasons

7. Arrow Steel Storage Shed

If you want something a little more durable than plastic or wood, this is the best storage shed available because it features a thick steel design with steel panels for the walls. You can choose from four different sizes, and each shed is slightly larger. When you order this shed, it comes with pre-drilled holes and pre-cut parts that make it easy to assemble it in a few hours without any specialized tools on-hand. The vinyl-coated steel is up to five times thicker than other sheds, and this ensures that it’ll withstand harsh winds, heavy snow, a lot of rain, and anything the environment can throw at it. 

You get 734 cubic feet of storage with this best shed, and it has reinforced doors that won’t break or be easy to get into to protect your things. It has a slightly sloped roof that is easy to clean off, and it comes in a neutral color scheme that will fit into almost any backyard. There is a slightly taller height to this shed that means you don’t have to bend over when you organize your tools, and you can also easily store bigger items without running out of space. 


  • Gives 734 cubic feet of storage space
  • Made with thicker steel
  • Pre-drilled holes and pre-cut materials


  • Easy to strip the screws
  • Difficult to assemble due to vague instructions
  •  Can rust and corrode 

8. LIFETIME Dual Entry Shed

For larger items like lawn mowers for hills, you’ll need a bigger shed. This best shed by Lifetime has dual entrances, and both entrances have two doors that swing open wide to give you enough room to store large and small items. The doors have locks on them for security, and the entire shed features high-density polyethylene that resists breakage, rust, corrosion, and fading due to UV rays. It has a UV-protectant layer that stops the sun’s rays from weakening the plastic as it sits outside season after season, and the sloped roof lets debris slide off instead of accumulating. 

The roof of this best shed comes with heavy-duty steel trusses that give it extra support against heavy loads, and there are several windows to allow good natural light in. There are also skylights on the roof, and the vents let air in and out so it doesn’t get hot and stuffy. There is a shelving system with peg strips included that make it quick and easy to hang your items up to keep your shed neat and tidy. The design looks like a miniature house, and it’s very aesthetically pleasing. 


  • Has dual openings with large doors
  • Skylights and windows let in natural light
  • Vents have screens to keep bugs and critters out


  • Very difficult to put together due to unlabeled parts
  • Instructions are vague 
  • Floor is very thin and tends to bend

9. MCombo Outdoor Wooden Storage Shed

Available in two colors, this vertical best shed features a wooden design that is very attractive. It’s a medium-sized garden shen that has plenty of storage space included, and it comes with a taller section and three built-in shelves that will hold your watering cans, hoses, and smaller tools. The feet on the bottom of this shed stop it from sitting directly on the ground, and this can help prevent moisture from seeping straight through it and rotting the wood. 

The roof on this best shed is flat, but it has a waterproof fabric that allows the water to slide right off it without settling into the wood. There are base anchors that ensure this shed stays sitting upright in harsh wind and weather conditions, and there is a small lock on the doors to keep them closed. There are double handles, double locks, and double doors in the design, and the wood features a light stain that seals moisture out and protects it from decay or warping. The door stopper prevents the door from accidentally slamming shut. 


  • Each door has an individual lock
  • Stain seals out moisture 
  • Plenty of storage space included


  • Need to be reinforced
  • Needs 100% flat ground 
  • Wood can eventually rot or splinter

10. TITIMO Outdoor Garden Storage Shed

The final product on my list of the best sheds for outdoor storage is by Titimo. This vertical shed is excellent for storing all of your miscellaneous tools like long-handled lawn shears, pruners, and extra bags of potting soil or gardening equipment. It uses a high-quality fir wood that resists warping or decay, and it has a light layer or stain on it that seals out the elements. The asphalt roof protects the shed from rain and moisture, and there are base anchors on the bottom of the shed that hold it firmly in place when you get it where you want it. It comes specially designed for outdoor use. 

There are three shelves included in this best shed that are of varying sizes to store your miscellaneous items, and there is also a taller storage area with no shelving. The front of the shed uses a unique shutter design that allows for maximum airflow without letting water in, and there is a wooden latch that holds the doors closed when you don’t need anything from the shed. You can easily use it to store multiple items at once, and it has small feet to keep it from sitting directly on the ground. 


  • Has shelves and a larger storage space
  • Roof has an asphalt layer to seal out moisture
  • Can attach it directly to the ground


  • No security lock available
  • Front is partially open due to the shutters
  • Not very sturdy 

Best Shed for Outdoor Storage – Buyer’s Guide 

Before you even start shopping for the best storage shed for your home, check your local ordinances and give your landlord a call if you rent. If you have an HOA, you also want to get in touch with them to ensure that it’s okay for you to erect a shed on your property. The goal is to make sure no one comes to your door later and asks you to remove it. Once you get the all clear, this best shed buying guide will help you narrow down your choices. 

Quanlity vs. Price

Don’t get discouraged by the price of your best shed, and don’t let it be the biggest determining factor when you shop. Some people make the mistake of going with the cheapest option available, and they end up not having enough room for their potting soil, gardening tools, or whatever they want to store in it. The best sheds may cost a little more, but they come packed with high-quality materials with a durable construction that will look better and last much longer than the cheaper alternatives. If you’re on a strict budget, focus on the well-built but simple sheds that come with basic materials instead of a lot of fancy details. 

Shed 2 Price vs Quality
When you pick out the best shed, try to find a nice balance between price and quantity. You want to have enough space for all of your items, but this could mean going with a plastic or wooden shed instead of a metal one. 

Build Materials 

When you look at the best sheds, you’ll choose from plastic, metal, or wood for the main build materials. Wood sheds come with walls that are stud-framed with plywood siding over them. You could also get a more expensive wood shed with a plywood sheath, and the roof usually has asphalt shingles with a wooden frame. A metal shed is more durable, and it uses either vinyl-coated or factory-painted metal walls and for the roof. Plastic sheds come with no coating or paint, and they’re typically PVC or vinyl. 

A wooden outdoor shed comes with just as much maintenance as you’d put into your home like repairing rotted or damaged parts, repainting or staining it, and tightening loose joints. Plastic and wood sheds usually have very little maintenance required, but metal can corrode if the protective layer gets scratched. Plastic is usually the least maintenance of the three, but it’s not as durable. 

Access Points 

How many doorways do you need to get into your shed? Can you get away with only one or do you need several? How about the access point sizes? For example, if you plan to store smaller items like garden scissors or kid’s toys, you might not have to worry about the doorways so much. However, if you want to put your larger items like your riding or zero-turn lawn mower, you’ll need doorways that are large enough for your items to pass through. Some of the best sheds have two different doorways that allow you to reach different portions of the shed quickly and easily. 

Shed 3 Doors
Some of the best sheds have double doors that give you plenty of room to maneuver things in and out of your shed, and some sheds come with single doors. You can also get multiple access points that allows you to get anywhere in your shed you need without shuffling things around. 


How big of a shed do you realistically need? The price can climb very high with these sheds, especially when you start getting into the bigger sizes. Before you start shopping for the best sheds, measure the area where the shed will go. This will give you a good idea on how large you can get without running out of space. Think about what you want to store in your shed too. This will factor in when you choose a small, medium, or large shed for your storage needs. 

Prefabricated or DIY

Are you a handy person who likes to tackle DIY projects on your own like staining wooden furniture or building an extension on your home? Maybe you’re someone who would rather have a professional do it for you. Either way, there are sheds for that. Some of the best sheds are prefabricated and ready to deliver to your location. Others come in a kit and you have to put them together yourself. Prefabricated sheds are usually more expensive overall, but they’re much easier than the kits to get up and running. 

Shed 4 End
Both prefabricated and DIY shed kits are great choices when you’re looking for the best shed to add to your home or office. They both have benefits and drawbacks, but the end result is a sturdy and secure storage area. 

Bottom Line

The best sheds for outdoor storage can provide a safe haven for everything you don’t have room for in your home or garage. Along with reviewing 10 great options for you, you can use the buyer’s guide to narrow down your choices and find the best shed for your wants and needs. Get it, set it up, and keep everything in its place and secure all year-round. 

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