Best Garden Scissors – How to Choose Scissors for Gardening

Whether you have flowers or a garden, you’ll need a host of tools to keep it neat and free of weeds. Garden scissors are a multi-use example of these tools, and you may have heard them called garden shears. Since they can take on a broad range of projects, they’re a vital tool to have on-hand each time you go out in your garden or in your flower beds to work. No matter if you want to trim along the fence or prune soft branches, garden scissors will ensure you have an easy time. 

Since the point of garden tools is to make your job easier, they’re getting more streamlined and ergonomic. But, what should you look for when you start to look for your first pair? Maybe it’s time to upgrade from your favorite pair of garden scissors and you don’t know where to look. Whatever the reason, our review roundup will help you find the best pair of gardener scissors available while our buyer’s guide will help you along your buying journey. 

Garden Scissors 1
Having a host of gardening tools on hand ensures you can tackle any project that comes your way during the warmer months to keep your yard neat and tidy. 

1. Gonicc Professional Bypass Pruning Shears

Gonicc’s garden scissors are a great balanced option that will fit anyone looking for clippers to use in their garden or for something that can trim the smaller bushes and hedges around your yard. They come with a non-slip handle that is easy to operate, and the bypass motion of the blades give you a very clean cut each time you use them. The curved blade slices through branches and cradles your cut point so it doesn’t accidentally slip and give you a rough edge. 

The carbon steel blades are very durable, and they’ll hold an edge through repeated work. These garden scissors are very lightweight and compact, and this makes them easy to store between uses. The grooved design of the blade prevents them from sticking together if you get sap on them, and the ultra-fine polishing technology keeps the blades looking nice season after season. 


  • Handles have a comfortable and ergonomic grip
  • Can cut branches up to ¾-inch in diameter
  • Makes clean cuts without tearing your plants


  • Locking mechanism is very flimsy
  • Blades can get out of alignment with thicker cuts
  • Rubber coating on the handles isn’t very durable

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2. VIVOSUN Gardening Hand Pruner

VIVOSUN’s garden scissors are slightly larger, but they are still compact enough to easily store between uses and carry from project to project. The garden shears are 6.5-inches long and very lightweight. You’ll get a 2.1-inch blade with a strong spring system that makes it very quick and easy to open and close the blades to slice through your branches, vines, and grasses. When you’re carrying them or between uses, you can lock the blades closed so you don’t accidentally cut yourself by touching the open blades. Additionally, they work well for people who are left-handed or right-handed, and the non-slip handle gives you a firm grip. 

You can use these garden scissors indoors or outdoors without a problem. They’re compact enough to get into tight spaces, and the blades come with an extremely sharp edge that is ready to go. However, you may have to sharpen them after one or two uses to hone the edge. This is a cost-effective option that will do the work for you while saving your hands. 


  • Has more narrow blades
  • Locking mechanism keeps the blades closed
  • Non-slip handles are comfortable


  • Spring can make it difficult to close the blades
  • Have to repeatedly sharpen the blades
  • Feels slightly cheap

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3. Bibury Gardening Hand Pruners

These garden scissors are a 5-in-1 multitool that gives you several nice garden tools at your disposal all wrapped in a compact bundle. You’ll get a bark shovel, hook, wood saw, knife, and hedge shears that fold back into the main body of the blade when you don’t need them. They have a very durable design that will last through repeated use, but they’re also lightweight enough to carry with you without a problem. The scissors are very small, and you can easily tuck them into your bag or pocket until you need them. 

The stainless steel material on these garden scissors resists rust and corrosion, even in wet environments. You get a nice carrying case to place your scissors in to protect you from the blades. It measures 5.2-inches long when you close it up, and it weighs in at less than a pound. However, this also means that they’re not powerful enough for larger cuts. They can tackle twig cutting, light weeding, and tending to your bonsai trees


  • 5-in-1 multi-tool design
  • Made out of stainless steel
  • Has a carrying case included in the purchase


  • Not strong enough for big projects
  • Opening and closing the tool can be tricky
  • Edges dull quickly 

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4. Fiskars Steel Bypass Pruning Shears

These garden scissors by Fiskars are excellent for light pruning projects. They’re a very inexpensive option, and you get a lifetime warranty that will protect you from damage or defects. The biggest plants they can cut are ⅝-inch in diameter, but they can cut branches that are up to one inch in diameter without breaking or struggling to go through it. The blades have a nice low-friction coating on them to help them slice through your plants or branches without getting stuck, and it also wards off rust. 

These garden scissors have a self-cleaning groove for the sap that prevents the blades from sticking together. In turn, you don’t have to wipe the blades after each use because the tree sap will fall into this groove and slide off the blades. The handles have a slightly thicker rubberized coating on them that makes it comfortable to hold onto them, and it also ensures you get a good grip. 


  • Non-slip grip on the handle
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Non-friction coating on the blades


  • Not for professional use
  • Can’t tackle large projects
  • Blades won’t stay closed very easily

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5. Q-yard Pruning Shears

These mini garden scissors are a nice choice for anyone looking to trim and shape bonsais, weeds, and small plants. You get dual shears when you order, and they have two different blades on them. They’re more compact, and they’re only 5.5-inches long. The looped handle is very unique, and this doubles as a belt loop. You can easily carry these shears on your belt from project to project, or you can hang them up in your garage to make storage easy. 

The blades are made out of SK-5 high-carbon steel that resists corrosion and rust. This makes them very challenging to break, and it ensures they’ll survive repeated use. The handles have a plastic coating on them, and this coating gives the garden scissors an easy area to grip. You can buy a sharpener that makes keeping your blades in top shape an easy process, but they’re ready to go out of the package. 


  • Get two hedge shears in each order
  • Have a unique handle that clips to your belt loop
  • High-carbon steel is very durable


  • Not big enough for people with large hands
  • Difficult to sharpen the blades unless you buy the tool
  • Blades can slip and make ragged cuts

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6. Corona Forged Classic Bypass Pruner

These are a great pick if you’re on a tight budget but still want a quality pair of garden scissors. The blades come sharpened and ready to cut through everything from thick branches to vines and spindly plant stems efficiently and quickly. They have enough power to cut through ¾-inch branches with one hand, but this does require some effort on your part. You can get replacement blades, screws, and springs if yours should fail with repeated use, and they’re relatively inexpensive. 

The handles are slightly larger, and this is good for people who have bigger hands. You can buy three different sizes to suit your needs, and these garden scissors have a sap groove built into the blade to keep them clean and working. There is a locking notch that holds the blades together when you don’t use them for safety, and the handles have a textured coating to give you a good grip. 


  • Available in three sizes
  • Replacement parts are easy to find
  • Sap groove keeps them clean


  • Hedge shears are prone to rusting
  • Spring can be difficult to operate
  • Too large for small or medium hands

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7. Felco F-2 Classic Manual Bypass Hand Pruner

As one of the more expensive garden scissors on our list, the Falco F-2 model can cut through a large variety of items without an issue. It features a set of durable bypass steel blades that close and open with little effort, and you’ll only need to apply slight force to cut through thicker branches and gardening medium. It uses hardened steel on the blades that can withstand repeated sharpening and use without breaking, and the handles are a plastic-coated aluminum alloy that is lightweight. 

If you need replacement parts for these gardener scissors, they’re easy to find. This is a reputable brand that backs all of its products, and they come with the ability to survive over a decade. However, they do tend to crush smaller cuts instead of making clean cuts through, and they can spread open a little wide for people who have smaller hands. But, their flexibility and versatility makes them a great option for anyone looking to invest a little more in a pair of garden shears. 


  • Choose from three styles
  • Can cut through large branches with minimal effort
  • Replacement parts are easy to find


  • Spread wide
  • Rotating handle can be distracting 
  • Price – more expensive

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8. Haus & Garten ClassicPRO Titanium Pruning Shears

This is a higher-end option for anyone who is serious about the quality and brand of their gardening scissors and garden tools. For starters, you’ll get a non-slip, ergonomic grip that allows you to tackle big projects without fatiguing your hands. The durable blades are a little larger to cut through thicker branches, and they come made out of Japanese-grade stainless steel that will resist breaking, rust, and corrosion. There is a protective titanium coating on the blades that reduce friction and help them open and close. 

The FitAdjust thumb lock ensures you get a very high precision rate when you cut, and there are shock-absorbing features that make it comfortable to use these gardening scissors. They have a one-inch cutting diameter, and there is a wire notch cutting system that will work to protect the blade from going blunt after you cut through several items. The sap grooves stop the shears from sticking together with messy jobs. 


  • Use Japanese steel for the blades
  • Shock-absorbing pads
  • Equipped with a FitAdjust thumb lock


  • May take more than one cut to go through
  • Small pins will break over time or fall out
  • Blades can crush rather than cut

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9. Gardenite Power Drive Ratchet Anvil Hand Pruning Shears

These are more durable and powerful gardeneer scissors from Gardenite. Since they’re a more heavy-duty option, you can easily use them to slice through thick branches, overgrown vines, and unruly hedges around your property. It has an additional mechanism between the blades that reduces the strain on your hands while increasing your cutting power. It automatically clicks and moves up to the next pressure level as it needs them to make the cuts. 

The blades on these gardener scissors are hardened steel, and this is a very durable option that resists breaking or chipping. It has a full inch cutting diameter, and the blades can mash, crush, tear, and cut through it. The handles have a rubber coating with a slim and ergonomic grip that allows you to cut through a lot of items without any operator fatigue. Finally, you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee with each purchase. If you’re not completely happy, the company will refund your purchase price. 


  • Built-in ratchet gives you five times the cutting power
  • Hardened steel blades are durable
  • Cuts up to one-inch diameter branches


  • Blades may be misaligned 
  • Customer service is poor
  • Rubber grip can wear off with repeated use

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10.  Garden Elite Razor Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears

The final pair of garden scissors on our list is by Garden Elite. These are non-stick steel blades that prevent sap from slipping into the mechanism and ruining them. The blades also resist corrosion and rust, and this helps to ensure that you get several seasons’ worth of uses out of each one. When you buy it, you’ll get an additional blade included in your purchase at no additional costs. These blades will cut through branches up to an inch in diameter without a problem. 

The handles of these garden scissors have non-slip rubber handles that are very comfortable to grip. The thumb lock is a nice addition that will lock the shears closed when you don’t use them to keep you safe. You get a limited lifetime warranty with each purchase that can help cover you in the event the shears break or crack with repeated use. You can use them on plants indoors and outdoors without a problem.  


  • Non-stick steel blades
  • Thumb lock keeps the blades closed
  • Get an additional blade with each order


  • Slightly more expensive 
  • Edges aren’t that sharp
  • Too large for smaller hands to comfortably use

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Best Garden Scissors – Buying Guide

Now that you know 10 excellent options for the best garden scissors, we’re going to outline how you decide between one and the other. It can be difficult, but this short buying guide will outline all of the buying considerations you need to keep in mind when you start shopping. 

Decide on a Type 

Take a look at your garden or yard. What do you have to trim? If you want to trim trees or higher hedges, you’ll need a pair of garden scissors that have a longer reach. If you’re only going to trim grasses or plants, you can get away with smaller and more compact shears. Think about how often you’ll want to use your garden scissors as well, and make note of the things you want to shape. This will help you decide if you can go with a compact hand shear or if you need a larger one with a longer reach. 

Garden Scissors 2 Type
These shears come in compact and larger sizes. The larger ones have a longer reach for branches, and smaller ones can fit into tight areas around your flower beds. 


The blade on your garden scissors is one of the things you really want to pay attention to. Every pair of shears come with a sharpened edge. The thing that matters is how long your blades will stay sharp once you start using them. Higher-quality scissors will have blades that last longer, and they’ll be more resistant to corrosion and rust. Look for blades with a non-stick coating that stops sap from creating a problem. Ideally, your blades will be a high-tempered steel or a carbon steel. 


Pruning plants for a few hours can wreak havoc on your hands and wrists if you have low-quality tools. This is especially true if you don’t have a comfortable handle to hold onto. You want them to fit comfortably in your hand, and they shouldn’t spread so wide that it’s uncomfortable for you to use them. The handles should have a non-slip or rubber coating on them because this increases your comfort levels while making it easier to hold onto them. Additionally, it ensures that the garden scissors don’t dig into your hand if you have a larger branch you’re trying to cut through. 

Safety Lock

Any garden tool that has blades on it can be potentially dangerous for you, especially if you plan to carry them on your person from project to project. Even if you’re very careful, it’s best to find a pair of shears with a safety lock on them to avoid accidentally cutting yourself. These locks will hold the blades closed until you take it back off and use it. 

Garden Scissors 3 Safety
The small black mechanism on these shears will lock the blades in a closed position to make them safe to carry. 


If your garden scissors can take on both large and small branches, they have to be able to adjust to fit so they don’t end up crushing the branches instead of cutting cleanly through them. Some shears have dual adjustments built into the cutting mechanism that will change the tension when you open and start closing the blades. Being able to adjust will save you from having to buy more than one pair of shears, and they allow you to seamlessly switch between jobs. 

Weight and Size

The weight and size of your garden scissors will depend on the scope of the jobs you want to take on. Obviously, smaller and lighter garden scissors are easier to carry and store when you use them, and they don’t put as much strain on your hands and wrists. The goal is to find a balance between compact and lightweight without sacrificing power. Compare the size and weight of the various shears to find the one that matches best with your needs and capabilities. 


Sooner or later, you’ll have to sharpen the blades to continue to use your garden scissors. Depending on the blade, this can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. You want to make sure that you don’t need a specific tool to sharpen your blade, or you’ll be in trouble if you don’t have it and they go dull. Consider having a file on hand to make the edges sharp again between projects. 

Cutting Capability 

Finally, consider your garden scissor’s cutting capability. Do you need to cut smaller twigs or plants on your ornamental trees, or do you need to tackle overgrown shrubs? Some shears can only cut through smaller branches, and others can power through branches over an inch thick. You should note that the shears with a higher cutting capability can be more difficult to squeeze shut and open again. 

Garden Scissors 4 Cutting Capability
Ideally, you’ll only need one pair of shears to take on all of your projects, and this is why you have to double-check your cutting capability.

Bottom Line 

Choosing a high-quality pair of garden scissors doesn’t have to be a stressful project. We did the research for you and pulled 10 excellent options for you. When you combine this with our buying guide, it’s easy to narrow down your search to pick out the best option to keep your yard looking neat and tidy all year round. 

Best Garden Scissors