35 Brilliant Gifts for Gardeners

Gardening can be surprisingly therapeutic. Do you have a good friend, family member or neighbor who is an avid gardener? Here are 35 brilliant ideas for products and gifts for gardeners that will make them really happy.

1. Gardening Tools Set

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This gardening tool set consists of six (6) stainless steel planting tools, which are a shovel, rake, transplanter, weeding tool, and fork. It also comes with heavy-duty gardening gloves and a washable cotton garden tote bag for you to easily carry.

This gardener toolset is the perfect gift for both beginners and professional gardeners. Not to mention that having the right tools can allow even kids to enjoy gardening as well. Also, using a tote bag is really convenient for carrying tools while in the garden.

I bet your gardener friends will love an extra set of tools in case their primary tools rust in the long run!

2. Garden Tool Belt Apron Gift

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This tool belt gardener apron gives additional pocket storage for your tools. Using this can help you move around efficiently as you work in your garden. Not to mention that it is washable since it is made of heavy canvas material.

Having a lot of tools to carry while working in the garden can be such a hassle, especially if you have plenty of plants and herbs to care for! Gifts such as this ease out the work since you don’t need to worry if you have brought the right tools with you. You can just easily slip on every device that you need in this apron and continue with your work.

Beginner and professional gardeners knew the hassle of losing their tools while at work. So I bet they will be thankful for having all the things that they need wrapped around their waist.

3. Garden Genie Gloves

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Genie Gloves is a new gardener necessity in the garden. Its high-density ABS plastic claws allow gardeners to dig soil and plant seeds much easily, unlike with regular gloves. These gardening gloves with claws are washable and can be easily stored with the bag that comes with it.

Wearing the proper type of gloves while gardening does not only protects your hands from blisters and cuts, but it really does make the job easier. These genie gloves allow gardeners to effortlessly dig on soil rather than using any of the regular tools.

Digging soil using your hands is frankly more convenient since you can control the force and movement of your hands when digging as a gardener. With that said, you can avoid hitting and damaging the roots of other nearby plants.

4. Gardening Boots

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Rubber boots are waterproof, flexible, shock-absorbing, breathable, and have heat retention properties. Wearing ankle boots in the garden allows you to move freely and comfortably.

As every gardener knows, working in the garden can be messy and muddy, and it is hard to walk on muddy soil as a gardener! That’s why wearing the appropriate shoes is always a must to avoid dirt, but most of all, avoidable accidents. Rubber boots do not only protect your feet, but it also provides comfort while at work.

2 Gardening Boots

5. Coverall

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This gardener coverall is 100% cotton to make sure that you are protected and comfortable all at once. It also has deep pockets at the front and back for extra storage. Also, it can fit any body type since it has a cinched back elastic waistband.

If you know a lot of dedicated gardeners in your life, gifts like this coverall will be useful for them, especially if they spend working in the garden for the entire day! This coverall protects them from unnecessary dirt, heat, and chemicals if there is.

This is much convenient since they can easily slip it on and off when they work and not have their regular clothing get muddy after the day.

6. Gardening Knee Pads

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Knee Pads are made to make gardening more manageable and less painful, literally! These knee pads are lightweight and made of 0.5-inch thick ergonomic EVA for comfort. It is also waterproof and has adjustable straps to fit all sizes.

We wanted to protect our knees as much as our hands and feet when gardening. Like so, knee pads are recommended, so gardeners don’t need to suffer from blisters as they work. These gardener knee pads are also pretty durable and can withstand months of wear!

7. Garden Kneeler Gift

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This garden kneeler is padded with a one-inch foam pad that ensures protection and comfort. This kneeler is also lightweight and foldable, and so you can easily carry it in any part of your garden. It also comes with two pouches for extra storage.

If you think gardener knee pads are not for you, then why not consider this garden kneeler? It does not only function as knee protection, but it can be used as a chair when flipped over! Like so, garden kneelers can be used as a step as well. I bet gardeners would love this multi-functionality.

8. Harvesting Basket Gift

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The wire mesh in this harvesting basket allows harvested vegetables or fruits to be quickly washed directly from it. Since it is mostly made of wires and wood, it is indeed lightweight, yet it can carry heavy loads of harvests, for sure.

Why burden yourself when harvesting goods when you can easily carry it using a lightweight yet durable harvesting basket? For sure, a gardener will greatly appreciate it since work from harvesting to cleaning the goods can be done continually, all with the use of this one device. Like so, gardeners can also use it to carry other gardening tools or plants while at work.

9. Crate Wagon Gift

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This crate wagon is made of steel mesh that can carry up to 400 lbs of gardening tools, equipment, and plant supplies. Its sides can also be folded down to carry bulky tools as well. Since it has wheels, the gardener can effortlessly move it around the garden. 

Gardening requires a lot of tools and equipment that range from small hand shovels to bulky ceramic pots! And these tools and equipment can be such a hassle to carry when at work, especially when you have a full garden. Crate Wagon helps carry heavy loads of gardening tools with less effort and sweat.

10. Garden Scooter Gift

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This garden scooter is made of a heavy-duty steel frame that can carry up to 300 lbs of weight. It has trays at the back and underneath the seat for storage and an extendable steer handle for smooth mobility. Like so, its built-in seat is adjustable and rotatable suitable for any use.

Garden scooter is pretty much like a crate wagon only that it has a stool to sit on. It can also store and carry different tools and equipment from places to places. Garden scooter is made to avoid backaches, for example, among gardeners while working in the yard. Like so, it is made to provide not only assistance but comfortability as well.

11. Stackable Gardening Pots

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This gardening pot set comes with five (5) stackable planters with one bottom saucer. Its drainage system is designed to allow water to flow through from the top to the bottom pot—minimizing the work done when watering different plants.

Gifts like these stackable gardening pots are ideal for gardeners who have a small backyard garden or just anyone who wants all of their herbs placed in one area! You can plant different small plants or herbs in here like sage, thyme, parsley, rosemary, or mint.

Having all your herbs in one place is ideal for you to easily maintain them all at once. Also, having stackable gardening pots allows you to maximize the space in your garden and grow various plants as well.

12. Pocket Herb Garden Gift

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This pocket herb garden allows gardeners to grow up to eight (8) herbs or flower plants in one place. It is designed with an ideal working height and has a shelf underneath for storing gardening tools and equipment.  

Planting herbs in your backyard will not only provide you plenty of gardener supplies but will also save you money. Herbs in the market can get pretty pricey; that’s why having it grown at your garden will save you a lot of cash and time as well. This elevated pocket herb garden provides gardeners with efficient and suitable equipment for their gardening needs.

Include this pocket herb garden in your list of gifts and make your gardener friend’s life much easier! For sure, they will love the extra planters to plant their herbs!

4 Pocket Herb Garden

13. Vertical Pocket Planter

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This 7-pocket breathable vertical planter is ideal for small-spaced home gardens. It is made of felt cloth and has waterproof layering to avoid soil stains at the wall and in the ground. Like so, each pocket can hold up to 2kg of soil.

This vertical pocket planter functions similarly with the stackable planters and pocket herb garden only that it saves much more space. This vertical planter is lightweight, and you can easily hang it indoors or outdoors. Gardeners can grow different herbs, flowers, vegetables, or hanging plants on these pocket planters without having to worry about cleaning and organizing various individual pots.

Gardeners, for sure, will love to receive gifts that will make their job more efficient. Not to mention that this vertical planter maximizes the space of home gardens!

14. Vertical Raised Garden Bed Gfit

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One of the good space-saving gifts for gardeners is this vertical tiered planter that can hold five (5) different plants on its beds. Like so, this raised bed is designed with an efficient drainage system to minimize watering workload.

Just like the vertical pocket planter, this vertical raised garden bed saves plenty of space in your home gardens. As mentioned, it has 5 beds that can hold different kinds of vegetables or flower plants all in one small area. One more good thing about this product is that it has tiers that allow you to move the vertical planter in places with ease as a gardener.

15. Mobile Vegetable Patch Gift

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This mobile vegetable patch is not like your regular planter. It can hold ten (10) gallons of potting soil and three (3) gallons of stored water. It also comes with a trellis to assist with your growing vines.

Gifts like this mobile vegetable patch are ideal for gardeners who have other full time jobs or students who found passion as a gardener! As mentioned, this planter is self-watering, so you don’t need to worry about it in case you have forgotten to water it in the morning.

It also has tiers so you can move it to any place in your small garden where there is direct sunlight. You can also place it in your patio garden or balcony if you wish.

16. Vegetable Planting Bag Gift

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Vegetable planting bags are basically designed to efficiently plant and harvest vegetables that grow underground. This planting bag is made of non-woven fabric that allows the plants to freely breathe and receive appropriate maintenance for better produce.

If your gardener friend is obsessed with growing root vegetables in their backyard, then gifts like this planting bag would be best for them! Its convenient velcro window allows gardeners to quickly grow and harvest root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, radish, or onions directly on it.

Like so, it is lightweight and is made of fabric so you can easily fold and store it when not in use. Sounds really promising, isn’t it?

5 Vegetable Planting Bags

17. Pruning Shears Gift

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This pruning shear has a high-quality blade of premium titanium steel that can cut thick branches with a ¾ inch diameter size at most. Despite that, it is lightweight and has a non-slip ergonomically designed and comfortable handles.

Pruning shears are essential gardening tools, even for beginners. Basically, it functions as scissors for plants, especially for those thick branches. Gardeners also use pruning shears to maintain their plants by cutting, removing, and trimming unwanted parts like dried and damaged leaves.

18. Bulb Planting Auger Gift

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This bulb planting auger can fit any 3/8 inch drill and has a non-slip hex drive. It can also be used in drilling holes in different types of soil when planning to grow bulb plants.

If your gardener friend loves to grow bulb plants like tulips, garlic, daffodils, or lilies, then this is one of the gifts that you should prioritize! Bulb plants are plants that grow underground, and so it must have enough space underneath. Like so, bulb planting augers helps ease the process of preparing and creating bedding for such.

19. Electric Garden Tiller

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This electric garden tiller has a 13.5 amp motor that can work with hard clay soil. Its angled tines are made of steel that can withstand frequent use on different types of land soil. Like so, you can easily store it as well since its handle is foldable.

An electric garden tiller is used to break up or loosen up the soil ground. Gardeners use this when they want to create a new or additional plot for gardening. Its function is to dig up the soil to make it usable and suitable for planting and growing seeds.

20. Expandable Garden Hose

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This lightweight and expandable garden hose will make every gardeners’ job more manageable and efficient. It is wrapped with a durable interwoven elasticated fabric and has a ¾ inch solid brass fitting. Also, it comes with a free spray nozzle!

Watering your plants is another type of job, and it can take up a lot of your patience and time. And why settle with your regular watering hose if you can have a quality and efficient one for your daily needs? Gardeners will surely love this since it does not leak, it has intense water pressure, and it is expandable.

21. Watering Wand

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Made of high-quality aluminum, this 24-inch long watering wand is perfect for unreachable shrubs or hanging plants. It is lightweight and has a 661-hole nozzle head, which is suitable for delicate flower beds and seedbeds.

Watering wand is made to reach mostly hanging plants and full flower beds with much ease and little effort, unlike using a regular gardening hose. Its power handle is positioned far from the nozzle, so gardeners don’t need to extend their arms further when watering wall plants like they usually do.

22. Garden Hose Bin

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This 17 by 18-inch garden hose bin can hold up 100 feet of gardening hose. It is also made of wood and is covered in a UV-protected polyethylene.

There is something about a well-organized and clean-looking home garden that makes gardeners feel satisfied and accomplished. As much as you want every plant to look great, you may wish to have your tools and equipment have a designated area as well. A gardening hose can make the place look clutter when left bare in the garden, so why not give your friend this great gift of the garden hose bin?

23. Plant Ties Gift

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This rolled-up plant tie comes with a built-in cutter. It is made of high-quality coating iron plastic with a length of 100 meters per reel. Like so, it is durable and can hold a stack of plants or other materials.

Plant ties are used to hold or assist growing plants, especially if you are doing grafting. Gardeners also use this to tie up vines, flowers, or shrubs for additional support and security. It is also thin enough to be easily cut using regular scissors once done.

7 Plant Ties

24. Gardening Pins

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These gardening pins come in 100 pieces per pack. It is made of 2.99 mm thick carbon steel wire and has a U-shaped form. Its ends are beveled for easier mounting in the soil. Like so, it can be used in securing any gardening essentials.

Gardening pins are used to secure any gardening essentials or decors in the ground. Basically, gardening pins function as nails in soil grounds. Gardeners use these to fasten their irrigation hose or garden decors in place on their garden plots.

25. Plant Clips

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These plant clips come as a set that consists of 30 pieces 1-inch sized clips and another 30 pieces 1¾ inch sized clips. It is made of high-quality plastic and heavy-duty zinc-plated spring wire. These plant clips are lightweight and do not harm the plants when used.

Plant clips function the same with the plant ties only that these can be easily reused and stored for the long run. Also, the advantage of using plant clips is that it can be easily removed or repositioned without harming the plants since it is light in weight.

26. Potting Bench

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This wooden potting bench has an expandable sliding tabletop where gardeners can directly pot their seeds or mix their soils. It also has shelves above and under the tabletop for additional storage. Like so, it has hooks at the front to hold essential tools like shovels and rakes.

Gardeners love to have a designated area where they can initially prepare their seedlings. Having a designated area to work helps make the work be done efficiently. Especially if your friend has a kid, this potting bench can function as the kid’s learning and practice area as well!

27. Self-Watering Elevated Cedar Planter

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This elevated cedar planter has its own self-watering irrigation system and comes with a greenhouse cover. It has 3.7 cubic feet of soil capacity. It also has a 6-gallon reservoir to help maintain and moist your plants with enough water.

Gardening gifts like this elevated cedar planter is ideal for beginners or those who don’t have enough time to do gardening tasks for the entire day. What’s good about this is that it allows beginners to gradually get a grasp of how gardening works. Like so, it is ideal for small gardeners who want ready-to-grab veggies in their backyard!

28. Seed Germination Station

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This 72-cell seed germination station has a heat mat and a 2-inch humidity dome that helps the seeds to grow faster and healthier than usual since the temperature is controlled. It also comes with a base tray to collect discharges from the inserts.

Some gardeners use electric seed germination stations to double or triple the number of sprouts they can produce in a given period. Usually, they grow a high number of seedlings to sell. Indeed, seed germination stations can help generate income or increase production.

8 Seed Germination Station

29. Walk-In Greenhouse

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Produce healthier plants with this walk-in greenhouse that has plenty of shelves for your seedlings. It also has a high-quality clear PVC cover that protects your plants from unwanted pests and unstable climate. Like so, the package also includes rope, anchors, and zip ties to ensure safety and security.

Gardening gifts like this walk-in greenhouse is ideal for both beginners and professional gardeners. Both can choose to store their delicate seedlings or grown plants in this greenhouse to keep away pests from it. Herbs are sometimes stored in greenhouses if these will be used for cooking.

30. Greenhouse String Lights

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These greenhouse string lights have 32 LED bulbs, which has a growing power of 288 square feet. It also has a rubber cord and loops for easy mounting. Like so, the bulbs have only 12 watts, which makes it energy efficient.

Why not partner this string of lights with the walk-in greenhouse as gifts for the beloved gardeners in your life? We all know how important light is in growing and keeping plants alive and healthy, so make sure to equip your greenhouses with the right and energy-efficient lighting.

31. Compost Tumbler Gift

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This compost tumbler has a full capacity of 37 gallons for scraps and clippings. It is made of galvanized steel frame and has aeration holes and deep fins that help the mix the compost better. Like so, it has large openings and removable doors that make adding scraps easier.

Plants need fertilizers, and it can get expensive to some gardeners. For sustainability, consider giving your gardener friend gardening gifts like this one to save cost and to promote sustainable gardening altogether. According to some studies, organic compost is actually more effective than chemical fertilizers.

Gifts like compost tumblers are sustainable and can be used in the long run. Like so, gardeners can make use of their garden scraps for another better purpose.

9 Compost Tumbler

32. Leaf Waste Container

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This heavy-duty leaf waste container can carry up to 33 gallons of weight. It is durable and waterproof enough to load heavy items as well since it is made of military canvas fabric. Like so, it has rubber handles to make it easier and comfortable to carry.

Gardening produces a ton of scraps, especially from the plants itself. Gardeners remove dead leaves away from the healthy plants because it can infect those. Consider giving gifts such as this to encourage  your friends to clean out their home gardens more often!

33. Garden Netting

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This premium garden netting is made of high-quality and high-density UV-resistant PE material. You can use it in any season; just make sure that it is stored in good condition when not in use. Also, you can simply cut it to your desired length and width, which fits your gardening plots.

Most gardeners use garden netting to protect their plants from unwanted and destructive pests. Not only that but garden netting also protects plants from too much sunlight and changing climate. It is ideal for home gardens that have a spacious vegetable or fruit beddings.

34. Garden Fence

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This metal garden fencing has a simple yet elegant design that can help your garden look more aesthetically pleasing. It is rust-free and can be easily assembled and installed without requiring you to dig the soil. This garden fence is also foldable and moveable, so you can reposition it as you please.

Some gardeners love to showcase their home garden to the public. One of the best gardening gifts that you can give is this garden fencing that can function as a security tool and a backyard décor at the same time.

35. Soil pH Meter

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This soil pH meter can read moisture, light, and pH levels. What’s great about this product is that it doesn’t require batteries! You just need to simply put its sensor to the soil to get a precise and accurate reading that you need.

Knowing the moisture and pH level of the soil and how much light it gets is crucial for gardeners because these affect the growth and health of the plants. With the soil pH meter, gardeners can now have accurate data that can rely on when strategically planning for their home gardens.

Gifts like this soil pH meter can help ease the work of gardeners since they can now have the information that they need at the tip of the hands. Like so, gifts such as this change the landscape of gardening to a more modern and technology-adopting environment.

10 Soil pH Meter

There are plenty of new gifts for gardeners in the market. You can begin by merely giving new gifts that your gardener friend or family member can use for their personal and protective use. Like so, there are also plenty of specialized gifts that you can take note of, such as a seed germination station or a walk-in greenhouse.

When buying gardening gifts, always keep in mind what kind of lifestyle your gardener friend has. Also, it is best to anticipate whether those gifts have essential use in their lives.

I hope that this list of new products has helped you out in brainstorming gardener gift ideas. Other great new tools and products you can consider adding to the gardening tool set include new watering cans, gardening gloves, and more for those who have a green thumb. Happy shopping for the gardener in your life!

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