The Best Weed Puller Tool – 10 Best Reviewed

Having a garden packed with cheerful flowers and plants makes the whole space look more beautiful and livelier. However, with all of the perks, there is also one big unfavorable component that goes with it, and this is weeds. Getting rid of weeds can be very frustrating as it can take a lot of time

The Best Garden Journal – 10 Best Reviewed

Getting organized when it comes to your garden can seem like a huge task to take on, but a gardening journal helps to make the whole process easy. We’ve picked out 10 of the best garden journals available on the current market and reviewed them for you so you can compare them side-by-side to see

How to Create a DIY Hose Reel – Step by Step Guide

You never want to underestimate the importance of a good garden hose, especially if you have a bigger garden or a lot of flower beds to tend to. However, despite this importance, garden hoses can be a nuisance, especially if you don’t have a solid garden hose reel on-hand to store them when you’re not

10 Best Raised Bed Covers – Reviews and How They Work

As a gardener, you are most likely very protective when it comes to your plants, and they need a lot of protection to thrive. Taking plants out of their native habitat allows them to grow dozens of fruits, vegetables, and herbs at your home, but new problems and issues cropped up because of it. Gardens

10 Best Self Watering Planters for Your Garden

No matter if you use a watering can or hose, watering is one of the most important parts of gardening when it comes to determining how healthy your plants are. Even though it sounds like a simple chore, there are so many things that can go wrong. The container can have inadequate drainage, and this

31 Types of Pocket Knives + Popular Uses

You may think pocket knives have fallen out of favor, but this simply isn’t true. In fact, there are currently lots of different types of pocket knives on the market that you can pull out and use for anything that requires a quick cutting task, like opening a box or getting some of your gardening

12 Types of Axes to Help Clean Up Your Yard

Various types of axes are ancient tools that have a very rich history attached to them, and they were originally used as weaponry, hunting animals, and felling trees. Today, the axe is very commonly used out in outdoor pursuits or in the yard, and many people take them camping. However, the type of axe you

14 Types of Shovels for Your Garden Projects

There are so many types of shovels available that choosing the correct one for the job can make the difference between an easy and simple task and a long day of hard labor. Shovels are fantastic garden tools, and some get specially designed to tackle one job while others are more versatile workhorses that you

11 Tree Cutting Tools to Keep Your Trees Neat and Safe

Trying to cut down a tree is something that you should probably leave to a professional company. This is usually the case when it comes to large hedge trees, rotten trees, trees that are too near a structure, or if you’re not comfortable taking it on yourself. However, if you have a smaller tree and

11 Essential Digging Tools for Your Garden Projects

A critical step in gardening is to dig the right hle. You don’t want to hinder your plant’s growth or suffocate the roots with holes that are too small or too shallow. In the same vein, many garden beds give you excellent results if you dig deeper holes. You’ll need the correct digging tools to

26 Types of Scissors to Use Around the Garden

Scissors are any tool that you use to cut materials like cloth, paper, hair, grass, and much more. A pair of scissors usually has two sharp blades that connect in the middle with a screw with dual extending levers that work like handles, and this general design works for most types of scissors. The handles

Types of Sprinkler Heads: Which is Best for Your Garden?

Choosing the best types of sprinkler heads for your gardens’ water management can feel impossible. There are so many different kinds, and some stores have dedicated aisle upon aisle to stocking every sprinkler ever made. But just because options exist doesn’t mean they’re viable or worth considering. In fact, we’re going to skip right over

79 Most Useful Garden Tools Names – The Complete List

Gardens are great places for creative expression. There’s unlimited free reign to create unique and unusual designs in every corner of your garden, from the flower beds to the groundcover. How great is it to step back from your creation and look down at your soil-covered hands, and know that you brought your design to

Best Lawn Mower for Small Yard

If you have a lawn that is 10,000 square feet or less, you don’t need a huge, fancy lawn mower to keep it trimmed and looking nice. All you need is one of the best lawn mowers for small yards that is affordable and compact. We wanted to help you shop, so we’ve picked out

Best Hedge Trimmer for Overgrown Hedges

Hedges make a wonderful privacy fence around your home, but they require care and maintenance to look nice and stay healthy. A hedge trimmer is a must-have tool for anyone who has large or small hedges on or around their property. You can get them in a broad range of sizes, weights, and power levels.

Best Hydroponic System for Healthy Plants

Using a hydroponic system to grow plants isn’t new, but it’s really catching on in commercial operations around the world. People are starting to take notice of it too, and they’re incorporating hydroponic systems into their own home gardens because it can help streamline the growing process while ensuring your plants grow organically. Additionally, most

Best Raised Planter Boxes for a Small Garden

Creating a garden in areas with hard or clay-like soil can be challenging because it’s difficult to dig it up and it’s lacking in nutrients. You could say the same for very sandy soil. Raised planter boxes give you the chance to have the garden you want without having to dig up the yard. They’re

Best Sprinkler Controller to Irrigate Your Yard

Remembering to water your lawn or flowers is a huge part of keeping them growing healthy and strong all season, but it can be difficult to manually do this every day. This is especially true if you plan on going on vacation or you’ll be away for a few days. You can’t leave them without

The Best Blood Meal for Lush Indoor Plant Growth

You want to keep your indoor plants healthy and thriving all year round, but they can be a challenge when they start lacking nutrients. Since they survive in containers, they’ll eventually pull all of the nutrients out of the soil and start to weaken, rot, and die unless you fix it. You can help them

The Best Whetstone to Sharpen Your Garden Equipment

Your gardening tools will naturally grow dull with repeated use, and it can make it frustrating or even dangerous to continue to try to use them in this dull state. If you’re always working around your yard or garden and use weeding tools to help you cut away weeds or stray grass, you appreciate how

Best Pole Saw for Keeping Your Trees Trimmed and Healthy

The best pole saw acts like a convenient mix of a stepladder and a traditional chainsaw. They allow you to cut down branches and trim trees or shrubs from a good distance away. There are many models that will easily trim leaves or trees, they’re also capable of cutting away unwanted branches or twigs in

Best Wheelbarrow for Gardening Projects

A wheelbarrow is a very useful tool to help you haul soil and other garden equipment and tools around your yard and garden. They’re durable, versatile, and you can get them in a variety of sizes and styles from traditional horizontal designs to vertical ones. They help you easily cart larger loads around, and the

Best Pump Sprayer to Fertilize Your Plants, Lawn, or Garden

If you have a large lawn, garden, or a lot of plants, it’s not feasible to spend hours trying to fertilize them without the help of the correct tools. The best pump sprayer is a fast and efficient way to give your plants or lawn an even dose of fertilizer in a relatively short amount

Best Potting Benches for Your Garden

Potting benches are better known as gardening tables. These outdoor workbenches help you complete all of your planting tasks and gardening by giving you a convenient place to store your tools like your scissors or potting soil right next to your work station. This is a dedicated and elevated workspace that makes it easy to

Grow Lights for Plants – Buying Guide and Reviews

Sometimes, you need grow lights for plants if you plan to winter them indoors. These lights can provide a boost that they would normally get from the sun. LED grow light for plants are very popular, but there are several types you can try. It can be slightly overwhelming when you try to decide which

Best Weeding Tool for a Tidy Garden

Weeds can be an unsightly problem in your yard or garden, and the best weeding tool is something you want to have on hand. This tool can help reduce the strain on your body and make weeding much quicker. Some tools can even pull the roots and the plant out in one go to prevent

Best Garden Hose Reel to Store Your Hose

You need your expandable garden hose to water all of your plants and vegetables to keep them healthy and happy throughout the growing season. But, this can lead to having a very bulky tool laying around your yard that easily becomes a tripping hazard if you’re not careful. Storing it can be a hassle if

Best Watering Can to Water Your Flower Pots

Looking for the best watering cans? A watering can or a watering pot is a quick and easy way to water plants manually. They come with a spout and a handle, and most standard-sized cans can hold between 1 and 2.5-gallons of water. You can get the best watering cans in metal, ceramic, or plastic.

Best Plant Stands for Your Home

Part of the joy of being able to shop on the internet is the sheer number of choices you have available right at your fingertips, and plant stands are no different. The number of independent retailers and shops available is staggering, and you get tons of beautiful plant-related products to choose from each time you

Best Garden Carts to Hold Your Gardening Tools

Working in your yard and gardening requires moving around a lot of heavy items, and this can put a lot of stress and strain on your back, hands, and joints. This is especially true if you have a large yard or garden to tend, and garden carts are one nice way to help you complete

What Does a Sprinkler System Cost to Install?

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time manicuring your landscape so your perennial and annual flowers thrive and look beautiful all year round, you may want to look into a sprinkler system cost to automate a lot of the watering processes. Modern systems allow you to quickly and easily zero in on your

Best Greenhouse Kits to Become Self-Sufficient

Are you a gardener who wants to extend your growing season? Maybe you want a way to enhance your current container garden. Either way, a greenhouse kit gives you an easy way to cultivate your plants for longer periods in the season, and this can increase your overall yields. Greenhouse kits optimize your growing conditions

Best Lawn Sprinklers to Irrigate Your Yard

Keeping your flower beds, lawn, or container gardens healthy and thriving requires that you routinely water them. This is especially true during those longer, hot, sunny summer days. The best lawn sprinklers are effective, simple, and they help you complete this task without eating up a lot of your time. Many times, you can simply

Best Garden Hose for Larger Gardens

One of the biggest aspects of keeping your plants alive and healthy is watering them, and this can be challenging if you have a large or sprawling vegetable garden layout. You have to find the best garden hose that is long enough to reach every area of your yard, flower beds, or gardens, and it

Best Orchid Pots to Help Your Plants Thrive

Orchids are beautiful flowers that many people are very intimidated to grow because they think they’re challenging. But, having the correct orchid pots can take a lot of stress out of the growing process, and there is a slight learning curve associated with growing these plants. Once you get past this, get the correct supplies,

Best Brush Cutters to Clear Your Yard

It’s easy for your yard to get overgrown, especially if you have a busy day-to-day life with your kids, pets, or work obligations. Maybe you used the wrong groundcover years ago when you tried to xeriscape your yard is now a tangled and snarled mess of grass, ornamental flowers, and ground cover. It could also

8 DIY Aquaponics Systems for Every Budget

An aquaponic system is the dream for many people these days because they allow you to keep fish in a clean and closed system while growing plants with minimal maintenance. You use a natural cycle to raise your fish and keep your hydroponic plants healthy, and you can get systems in every budget. I’m going

Best Battery Powered Lawn Mower for Yard Work

The best battery powered lawn mower is a versatile tool that has enough power to take on large and small projects around your yard. It gives you the freedom and flexibility that comes with using a gas mower without the harmful emissions, and this is better for the environment as a whole. You can get

What is The Best Riding Lawn Mower?

Choosing the best riding lawn mower to spend your hard-earned money on is no small decision. Even if you opt for one of the more budget-friendly options, you’re still looking at a significant investment, so it pays to do your research and find a model that not only represents great value for money but also

Best Log Splitter for Firewood

Having a log splitter on-hand is a great idea if you want to upgrade from splitting wood with a traditional axe. You may hesitate to spend money on bigger tools because you have no idea how much time it will save you. The simple fact is, splitting wood is a very labor-intensive job that is

Best Reel Mower for Small Yards

While reel mowers are widely considered to be old-fashioned, they’re making a big comeback with homeowners around the United States. You may hear them referred to hand mowers, manual mowers, push mowers, or cylinder mowers. They’re a nice choice for anyone who wants a mower that puts out zero emissions and only uses your push

Best Self Watering Pots for A Low Maintenance Garden

Everyone wants a beautiful garden, but it’s a lot of work. Many people don’t realize how much work it is to plant and maintain your garden. Along with applying the correct fertilizer, you have to carefully watch the water amounts and keep them damp to prevent drought damage. The amount of water you give your

Best Expandable Hose

There are several great reasons why you’d want the best expandable hose at your disposal. Whether you’re washing down your car, watering your lawn or garden, running the sprinkler for your kids, or spraying down your patio, you’re going to have a high-quality hose to get your water to the furthest corners of your yard.

Best Mowers for Hills

Mowing your lawn can be a chore, but it turns into an even bigger project if you have hills to deal with. A lawn mower can get very heavy when you have to push it up and down hills, especially larger ones. You can’t very well leave them to grow long while you keep the

Best Long Handled Lawn Shears

When you take care of your yard, it can be hard to bend and reach for every small piece of grass, twig, or branch you want to get rid of. Long handled lawn shears can take the stress and hassle out of these projects. They’re versatile, lightweight, and you can get them in a variety

The Best Shovel for Digging and Yard Work

Do you have projects to tackle around your yard this spring and summer? Maybe you plan to get the most out of your garden. Either way, you’ll have a tough go at it if you don’t have the best shovel available in your arsenal. To spruce up your garden or yard, the best shovel is

Best Garden Scissors – How to Choose Scissors for Gardening

Whether you have flowers or a garden, you’ll need a host of tools to keep it neat and free of weeds. Garden scissors are a multi-use example of these tools, and you may have heard them called garden shears. Since they can take on a broad range of projects, they’re a vital tool to have

35 Brilliant Gifts for Gardeners

Gardening can be surprisingly therapeutic. Do you have a good friend, family member or neighbor who is an avid gardener? Here are 35 brilliant ideas for products and gifts for gardeners that will make them really happy. 1. Gardening Tools Set This gardening tool set consists of six (6) stainless steel planting tools, which are

Best Stump Killer

We love our trees, but we don’t love when damage or disease kills the tree and forces you to cut them down. When this happens, you typically have a stump left over, and this can be an unsightly problem. Additionally, it can cause a host of problems down the road by inviting pests into your