Best Brush Cutters to Clear Your Yard

It’s easy for your yard to get overgrown, especially if you have a busy day-to-day life with your kids, pets, or work obligations. Maybe you used the wrong groundcover years ago when you tried to xeriscape your yard is now a tangled and snarled mess of grass, ornamental flowers, and ground cover. It could also have larger rocks scattered around your yard, and this removes the use of a string mower to clean it up and cut it down. If you hit something, it can damage your equipment and you can be out hundreds of dollars. This is where a brush cutter comes in, and this is an upgraded version of a weed wacker. 

Brush cutters are usually handheld, and they can slice through some of the toughest and thickest vegetation, no matter how long it’s been tangling. It’s especially important to pick out a brush cutter if you’re worried about rocks or other obstacles hidden in the overgrown brush. I’ve picked out 10 high-quality brush cutters and reviewed them for you below. You can compare them side by side and use the short buying guide to make your final decision to help you take your yard back. 

1 Brush Cutter Start
Once your yard gets overgrown and tangled, you need the correct equipment to tidy it up. Brush cutters are powerful tools that allow you to slice through the tangled brush and loosen it up so you can remove it later.
Honolulu, Hawaii by Sharon Hahn Darlin / CC BY 2.0

Husqvarna Bike Handle Pro Brushcutter – Top Pick 

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This professional-grade brush cutter from Husquvarna comes with a line, brush, and a saw blade to help you tackle all of your projects and get your yard back into tidy shape. The saw blade will slice through thicker branches, and the trimmer head and grass blade will help you cut down weeds and tangled undergrowth around your raised planter boxes. You’ll get a X-Torq engine that gives you excellent fuel economy and enough raw power to complete even the toughest jobs without stalling or bogging down, and you get a balanced harness that distributes the weight to your chest, back, and shoulders. 

This brush cutter comes with bevel gear that is designed for high torque operations, and you should put the cutting equipment parallel to the ground when you use it for the best results. The engine puts out up to 60% fewer emissions to make it more environmentally-friendly, and it pulls air from the carburetor and fuel system to make starting it a breeze. There is a stop switch that will automatically return to the start position when you switch it off for your convenience, and you get a cutting attachment guard that you can use with the trimmer head or the grass blade without an issue. 


  • Tap n’ Go line feed system 
  • Has a saw blade, brush, and line 
  • X-Torq engine is powerful 
  • Bevel gear
  • Harness evenly distributes the weight 
  • Easy start system 
  • Fewer emissions 


  • Instructions can be confusing 

EARTHQUAKE 28463 M205 Trimmer – Step-Up Pick 

My step-up pick for the best brush cutters comes from Earthquake. This is a walk-behind string mower that uses a 150cc four-cycle engine that makes it an excellent tool to use on all-terrains without it faltering or refusing to cut. This product comes designed to go where traditional push mowers and string trimmers have difficulty, and this can help you reach every area of your yard. Since this is a push behind model, it can help eliminate the strain on your body when you use it, and it has a never-kill engine design that ensures it runs until you finish clearing your yard. You can quickly and easily disengage the cutting head to remove branches and sticks from your cutting path too. 

There is a one-piece steel deck and a heavy-duty nylon line on this brush cutter that allows you to slice through dense foliage and weeds quickly and easily, and it has larger diameter wheels that will keep you moving over uneven terrain without a problem. When you’re ready to store it, you can simply fold down the handlebars to create a compact cutter that doesn’t take up a lot of room. The customer service team is in the United States, and each purchase gets you a full five-year warranty from the date of purchase to protect you against defects, breakage, or part failure. 


  • 150cc four-cycle motor 
  • Push-behind model reduces body strain 
  • Never-kill engine design 
  • One-piece steel deck 
  • Large diameter wheels 
  • Handles fold down for storage 
  • Five-year warranty attached 


  • String replacement is challenging 

Craftsman Gas Powered Brush Cutter – Mid-End Budget Pick

Craftsman’s brush cutters are a great option if you have a slightly more restricted budget but you want to get a quality piece of equipment to help tame the area around your koi pond. This is a 27cc, two-cycle gas-powered straight shaft product that is easy to use and lightweight. You’ll get a full crank engine that gives you less vibrations to keep you comfortable when you use it while not compromising on power. The larger 18-inch cutting width allows you to use it on bigger yards or spaces without having to make dozens of passes, and this can help your project go by much quicker from start to finish. 

There are quick-change heads on this brush cutter that lets you convert to a blade from a bump head in minutes without interrupting your momentum. The easy-start technology makes you have a three-step pull start system that is very convenient, and it comes with a weedwacker trimmer attachment that makes it easy to tackle a variety of projects without having to switch out tools. There is an adjustable handle that gives you precision control with right or left-handed use, and you get a two-year limited warranty from the date of purchase. 


  • Gas-powered design 
  • Full crank engine 
  • Easy pull start system 
  • 19-inch cutting width 
  • Quick-change heads 
  • Weedwacker attachment 
  • Two-year limited warranty 


  • Can produce a lot of emissions 

MOCOHANA Cordless Grass Trimmer – Bargain Budget Pick 

This is a lightweight brush cutter by Mocohana that comes with three types of cutter heads and plastic blades that can help you tackle slightly overgrown areas in your yard. You’ll get a stainless steel blade that will help you trim your shrubs, get rid of weeds, and mow the lawn, and it has a Manganese steel round saw blade that will slice through overgrown branches. This is a budget-friendly product that is great for anyone who needs to keep their yard in check, and it has an adjustable machine head that allows you to switch it to match your mowing environment. 

This brush cutter comes with a protective guard that can stop grass from splashing up or spraying everywhere when you work, and this makes cleanup much quicker. The copper motor is a 650w model that produces a very small amount of noise. It’s cordless and battery-powered to give you greater ease of movement, but it also works better for small yards or projects. It’ll change in one or two hours and run for up for 40 minutes on a single charge, and you get an adjustable handle with a telescopic pole that allows you to reduce the strain on your body while making it match your height. 


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Battery-powered 
  • Adjustable handle and height
  • Three cutter heads 
  • Steel rounded blade 
  • Protective guard 
  • 650w motor 


  • Batteries die quickly 

Southland Field Trimmer – Best for Large Spaces

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Southland’s brush cutter is easy to start, easy to use, and very quick to put together out of the box. You’ll get a 150cc OHV engine that is capable of putting out 5.75-foot pounds of torque to help you cut through the toughest and most dense foliage around your outdoor bench on your patio with ease. There is a manual recoil on this product with an easy start fuel delivery system that ensures it fires up every time you need it too with minimal fuss or time. You’ll get a quad line trimmer head that will give you a 22-inch cutting swatch at 1.4-inches to tackle larger spaces with ease. 

The grip on this brush cutter comes outfitted with anti-vibration foam to help keep you comfortable and reduce the strain on your wrists and hands when it runs. When it’s time to store this product, you can fold the handle down to make it more compact. It works well to slice through deep dry or fresh weeds and grass, and you can use it on steep hills or uneven terrain without a problem. When you purchase this product, you’ll get a two-year limited warranty against part failure or damage, and the customer service team is very responsive to any questions or claims you may have. 


  • 150cc OHV engine 
  • Puts out 5.75-foot pounds of torque 
  • 22-inch cutting swatch 
  • Handle folds for storage 
  • Foam grip on the handle 
  • Two-year limited warranty 
  • Lightweight 


  • Can adjust the cutting height

HUYOSEN Gasoline Brush Cutter  – Best for Detail Work

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If you have a lot of small spaces or detail work to handle in your yard, this brush cutter is the tool you need to complete the job. You’ll get a 38.9cc four-cycle engine that gives you more power to cut through dense tangled foliage, and it has a maximum engine speed of 7,000 r/min that allows you to complete your projects quickly and efficiently, no matter the scale. There is a nice debris shield that comes mounted just about the cutting attachment on this brush cutter to help protect you from deflecting debris that may fly up toward you as you cut them. 

This brush cutter runs on unleaded gas, and this means that you’ll never have to mix gasoline and fuel to make it run more efficiently. The quieter engine design allows you to use this tool in suburban areas without disturbing your neighbors, and it has a high safety valve throttle protection to guard against accidental starts. There is an adjustable U-handle that is very ergonomic, and it has a slip-free design on the shoulder strap that makes it very maneuverable and balanced. The reliable and effortless starting system ensures that it fires up when you need it with minimal struggling. 


  • Ergonomic U-handle 
  • Throttle protection 
  • Larger debris shield 
  • 38.9cc four-cycle engine 
  • Slip-free shoulder strap 
  • Balanced and lightweight 
  • Uses unleaded gasoline


  • Manual is confusing 

PROYAMA Brush Cutter – Best for Slightly Overgrown Areas

Do you have slightly overgrown areas around your hot tub enclosure that you’ve finally found time to tackle? If so, Proyama’s brush cutter is the tool for the job. It comes with an EPA certified engine that discharges less fuel per use to save you money while reducing the emission levels. You get a two-horsepower two-cycle 43.7cc engine on this product that gives you more than enough power to cut down those areas in your yard that are starting to get out of control. It has an easy starter system so you don’t spend a lot of time pulling and cranking it every time you want to use it, and thi can make your whole project go along faster and more smoothly from start to finish. 

There is a handlebar design on this brush cutter that is very ergonomic, and it comes outfitted with a quick-release split shaft that makes it easy to pull apart to transport from point A to point B or storage. It also has a padded shoulder strap that is comfortable to use, and it helps to prevent vibrations from making you uncomfortable when you work. You also get gloves, ear protection, and a face shield that can help keep you safe from flying debris when you work. This product has a full year warranty from the date of purchase with very responsive customer service agents. 


  • EPA certified engine 
  • 43.7ccs
  • Easy start system 
  • Handlebar design 
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Handle pulls apart to store 
  • Full year warranty 


  • Metal components are very thin 

PanelTech 52CC Brush Cutter – Best for Routine Maintenance

PanelTech’s brush cutter is a good choice if you plan to do routine maintenance on your yard to prevent it from being overgrown because you get five tools in one. When you purchase this product, you’ll get a trimmer, pruner, brush cutter, hedge trimmer, and an extension pole. With all of these tools, you can easily take care of your yard, flowers, hedges, trees, and bushes without having to bring multiple items out. This is a CE certified kit that has every key component made out of a durable stainless steel that won’t rust, corrode, or bend with heavy usage. 

The 52cc, 16.5KW power boost vortex engine is efficient and powerful without being too noisy, and this is important if you live in a more crowded area. You’ll get a three-tooth metal blade brass cutter, 10-inch bar chainsaw, and more when you order this kit. It can save you energy and time when you tackle projects around your yard or garden, and it comes with a harness that helps to distribute the cutter’s weight and keep it well balanced to reduce the stain on your body. You also get eye and ear protection when you order to keep you safe while you work. 


  • Five tools in one
  • CE-certified 
  • 52cc, 16.5KW engine 
  • Low noise 
  • Padded shoulder strap 
  • Eye and ear protection included
  • Balanced and lightweight 


  • Attachments are not interchangeable 

Remington Gas Powered Brush Cutter – Best for Large Projects

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Remington’s brush cutters feature a 27cc, two-cycle gas-powered design that is easy to use and lightweight without being too light. It has a full-crank engine on it that gives you less vibrations, greater power output, and it can extend the equipment’s life. You can easily get under bushes and shrubs or in hard-to-reach places in your yard or garden without a hassle with this tool, and it gives you an impressive 18-inch cutting width on a single pass. There is a quick-change head on this product that allows you to switch from a large string trimmer bump head to a brush cutter in minutes without stopping your momentum. 

The quick start technology on this brush cutter gives you easier and smoother pull starts every time while reducing strain on your body, and you’ll get it up and running with little effort. There is an adjustable handle that gives you additional comfort and control when you use it to work around your forest garden, and you can use it left or right-handed without a problem. You can also convert it with other Remington products like an edger, blower, or hedge trimmer. The two-year limited warranty will protect you from part failure or other problems, and you get two-cycle oil included in each purchase. 


  • Gas-powered design 
  • Powerful 27cc motor 
  • Full crank engine 
  • 18-inch cutting swath 
  • Quick start technology 
  • Adjustable handle 
  • Two-year limited warranty 


  • Difficult to swap out attachments 

Roeam Electric Grass Trimmer – Best for Small Yards

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The final brush cutter on the list is from Roeam, and this is a lightweight tool that is great if you have small yards or gardens to work around. It’s an edger and a mower in one tool, and all you have to do is press one button for it to convert from one to the other to allow you to knock out more projects during the weekend. You can use it to edge or trim on sloped yards, and it easily reaches into smaller areas that are hard to get to. You’ll get four plastic blades that will slice through tangled foliage or dense grass before leaving a neat and clean area when you finish. 

You also get one metal blade to cut through brush or thin branches. The pole has a button that allows it to telescope out to reach high up areas, and you can also adjust it to your height and posture to reduce the strain on your body. It has a 450W motor with 21-volt 3,000 mAh rechargeable batteries that will keep it running for a decent amount of time. There is a five-inch cutting diameter, and it’s very lightweight and balanced. You’ll get a battery indicator light that tells you how much longer you can continue to work before you have to stop and charge the batteries. 


  •  Lightweight design
  • Cordless 
  • Telescoping handle 
  • 450W motor
  • Edger and trimmer 
  • Battery indicator 
  • Bright coloring 


  • Takes a while to charge 

Best Brush Cutter Buying Guide 

What should you look for when you buy your new brush cutter? Maybe you need something smaller to work around your garden shelving, or you need something more powerful to help you tackle that overgrown area at the back of your yard. Whatever you need, it can be expensive and frustrating if you don’t get the correct product. This short buyer’s guide will highlight everything you should consider when you start comparing products to ensure you get the best one possible. 

2 Larger Equipment
Knowing what features are and aren’t important when you shop for your new equipment ensures that you get something that is going to fit your wants and needs while being powerful enough to cut through your overgrowth.
Whacking Commission (1) by trinisands / CC BY-SA 2.0

Power Levels

The power levels are the deciding factor for most people who decide to buy one of these products. After all, the goal is to get a piece of equipment that can cut through the dense overgrowth and stray branches on your property, and some won’t make the cut. Generally speaking, you can get gas-powered brush cutters, or you can get cordless and corded models. Gas and corded are going to be more powerful than cordless, and they run longer. However, gas puts out emissions, and corded ties to you to your outlet. Look at the amps, horsepower, or ccs of the engine on your brush cutter and pick the one that matches your needs. 


You can put your equipment through a lot of trials and hard use, and this can really wear on the equipment if you’re not careful. This is why it’s vital that you pick out a cutter that has very high-quality materials. Just like your miter saws are from reputable brands, your brush cutters should be too. Look for metal parts in aluminum or stainless steel over plastic. Yes, they’ll add weight to your equipment, but they’re also less likely to bend, crack, or break with heavy and repeated use. 


A lot can go wrong when you’re using your brush cutters, and this can be a very expensive investment if you go for a high-end model. Look and see whether or not the company offers a warranty. It should be at least a year, but it could be up to 5 or 10 years. Also, the warranty should be a full warranty over a limited one because full warranties cover more issues like accidental breakage than limited ones do. 

3 Warranty
The warranty on your equipment will protect you if something fails when you use it. It’s nice to have if you have a very dense yard you want to tackle and you can’t really see what you’re working on because you may accidentally hit something and damage it. A warranty will protect you from that.
Weed Wacking II by Kojach / CC BY-NC 2.0

Ease of Use 

The last thing you want to do is buy a new piece of equipment and find that it’s extremely complicated to use. If you do, it can make you hesitate when it comes to breaking it out and getting it going. Ideally, it’ll have a balanced design that is easy to move around, and it’ll have a quick-start system that reduces the time you spend cranking or pulling on it. Your maintenance needs should also be part of this category, and you want equipment that is easy to break down and care for, no matter if you use it for commercial-grade projects or around your vegetable garden layout to control the weeds. 

Bottom Line 

The best brush cutters are very versatile tools that can help you accomplish a broad range of tasks around your home or business. I’ve picked out 10 high-quality options that you can compare side by side, and my buying guide laid out all of the most important qualities to consider when you shop. Take your time, pick the one that is best for you, and enjoy taking back your yard. 

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