15 Beautiful Cascading Plants for Retaining Walls

Retaining walls have come a long way in the past couple of decades, going from simple cinder block or concrete one-dimensional structures to elaborately engineered, multi-dimensional hardscapes with style options to fit every aesthetic. While the need to cover up unsightly walls may not exist like it used to, training plants to cascade over walls

Best Terrarium Plants for an Open Terrarium

Terrariums are seeing a huge wave of popularity recently, and you can easily find internet galleries packed full of eye-catching setups behind glass. A lot of terrariums feature a sealed design to give you a steamy junglescape, but open terrariums are also extremely popular, especially when you start looking for terrarium plants. Open terrariums are

23 Types of Dracaena – Facts, Names, and Photos

Dracaena plants are actually tropical trees or shrubs that are very popular houseplants. If you pick out an indoor variety, this plant will do exceptionally well in bright to low light, and they’re very attractive plants that are tolerant to drought. Many types of dracaena have long pointed leaves that arch gracefully, woody stems, and

How To Grow And Care For a Sago Palm Plant

The sago palm (Cycas revoluta) is prehistoric. It has been around since the dinosaurs.  Despite the name they are not true palms but are cycads.  The main difference between cycads and palms is that cycads do not flower and palm trees flower or produce fruit.  Sago palm (Cycas revoluta) are slow growers.  The sago palm

How to Grow Candy Tuft Plant

Candy tuft is a lovely, low-growing plant that works well as a carefree groundcover, edging plant, or at the front of the border. It blooms abundantly with masses of white flowers and is a perennial evergreen (semi-evergreen in certain regions). There are lots of reasons to add candytuft to your garden, especially if you enjoy

How to Care for the Lemon Grass Plant

The tropical lemon grass plant (Cymbopogon citratus) is known for its strong citrus flavor. A grassy herb that grows in tall clumps, up to 5 ft in height, it is just as suited to use in an ornamental border as in a herb garden. Commonly used in teas, soups, seafood dishes and Asian cuisine, this

How to Grow and Care for Dracaena

Dracaena is a very beginner-friendly plant more commonly known as the dragon tree. This is a stiff-leaved and attractive plant that has sword-like leaves with red edges. You’ll get a plant that has slender and narrow grey stems with shiny arching leaves. During the spring months, outdoor Dracaena can develop small white flowers with a

How to Grow and Care for Ornamental Peppers

Ornamental peppers are sure to add a splash of color to your garden. You can use them as a colorful and unique focal point or mix them into your landscape. Equally as good in a container garden as in the ground, you get to pick from a wide range of colors: reds, oranges, yellows, and

24 Fish Bowl Plants for Your Aquarium

Are you looking for an easy and practical way to jazz up your aquarium? Maybe you saw a fish tank that had a planted tank style that mixed fish and stunning greenery and you want to replicate it. Either way, certain fish bowl plants add a vibrancy to the tank while providing natural filtration. They

How to Grow and Care for the Oleander Plant

The oleander plant (nerium oleander) is a very versatile, beautiful shrub. This is why it’s so popular in coastal and southern landscapes. It can easily tolerate a large range of conditions like severe pruning, high pH levels, salt spray, difficult soil, drought, and heat reflected from the environment. However, it can’t withstand temperatures that drop

16 Easy Tips to Successfully Grow Pampas Grass

Few plants create such a striking presence as the mighty pampas grass. Reaching anywhere between five and fifteen feet depending on the climate, the towering ornamental pampas grass adds an arresting, dramatic beauty to any landscape and is often used to provide an organic alternative to fences and walls as a garden border. Yet that’s