Best Pump Sprayer to Fertilize Your Plants, Lawn, or Garden

If you have a large lawn, garden, or a lot of plants, it’s not feasible to spend hours trying to fertilize them without the help of the correct tools. The best pump sprayer is a fast and efficient way to give your plants or lawn an even dose of fertilizer in a relatively short amount of time. Instead of spending hours on this task, you can free up your time to tackle other projects around your home to keep it looking neat and tidy all summer and fall long. Also, your plants will benefit from routine fertilizer applications to help them grow and thrive. 

Since it can be very overwhelming when you first start to pick out your best pump sprayer, I’ve done the work for you. I’ve picked out 10 of the best pump sprayers on the market and reviewed them for you. You can see them below and compare them side-by-side. The short buyer’s guide at the end of this article will highlight everything you want to consider when you shop for this product, and it’ll help you narrow down your choices to the best one to suit your needs. 

Pump Sprayer 1 Start
Tailoring your pump sprayer to your wants and needs will help ensure that you get one that is large enough to tackle your projects without running out of fertilizer. However, it should also be small enough to maneuver around your space. 

1. ITISLL Garden Pump Sprayer

This best pump sprayer by Itisll is a multi-purpose device that you can use to irrigate plants, clean cars, clean your home, bathe your pets, and more as long as you don’t use an acidic or corrosive cleaning solution in it. The brass nozzle is very high-quality, and you can easily adjust the water’s intensity from a fine mist to a direct injection spray to clean different surfaces like your patio or grout. The brass nozzle won’t rust or corrode with repeated use, and there is an ergonomic handle on this sprayer that can keep you comfortable for large projects. The handle has a locking trigger on it to help reduce your fatigue levels. 

This best pump sprayer features a PE material that is very durable, but it has a transparent look that allows you to see the cleaning solution levels at a glance. There is a safety valve on this sprayer that will automatically relieve the pressure when it surpasses 2.5 to 3Bar, and this can prevent the sprayer from malfunctioning. It has wear-resistant seals, anti-clogging filters, and wear-resistant rings that make it very easy to clean and maintain while extending how long it lasts. It comes with a full year warranty against damage or defects. 


  • Multi-purpose design
  • Trigger locks in place to reduce fatigue 
  • Brass nozzle is very durable and resistant to rust


  • Has a slightly smaller size
  • Pressure can fluctuate 
  • Trigger can be too sensitive 

2. Chapin International Bleach Sprayer

Chapin International’s best pump sprayer comes in a larger one gallon size that allows you to easily cover big lawns or gardens, and you’ll be able to fertilize all of your indoor and outdoor plants without having to refill it. It comes with a thicker PVC construction that ensures you can use a host of fertilizing solutions in it without worrying about it breaking down the sprayer or eating through it. It works well with fungicides and bleach solutions, but you can use it for other formulas. Since this pump sprayer comes from the United States, you know they use strict quality control standards with high-quality materials in each product. 

The adjustable cone nozzle on this best pump sprayer lets you quickly choose how powerful you want the spray to be, and you can twist it to change it. There is a reinforced wand holder and hose that will make the entire unit last longer, and there is a comfort-grip poly shut-off that allows for precision applications. The anti-clog filter will keep it spraying smoothly from start to finish, and you get a wide funnel top to prevent accidental spills when you fill it. 


  • Comes with an adjustable cone nozzle
  • Uses a thicker PVC material 
  • Larger, one-gallon reservoir


  • Wand is slightly shorter
  • Can have a strong smell
  • Difficult to spray higher plants

3. ITISLL Yard & Lawn Sprayer

Another entry from Itisll, this best pump sprayer has a very high-quality brass rod with a brass nozzle that you can easily use to reach your raised planter boxes as it gives you an extra 19 inches of height and reach. It won’t withstand corrosive or acidic solutions, but it’s strong enough for your regular fertilizer mixes. There is an adjustable nozzle on the end of the brass rod that will put out everything from a fine mist spray to a direct injection stream of water. The hose is an impressive 50 inches long, and this helps to increase your reach to ensure you get every area of your lawn or garden. 

There is an ergonomic handle that reduces your fatigue on this best pump sprayer, and the handle will lock into place to allow you to cover larger areas with the same quantities of fertilizer without having to hold it steady on your own. The adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy to support a full container and walk around your yard or garden at the same time. The design on this sprayer lets you easily see the fluid level so you know when it’s time to refill it, and the safety valve helps to relieve any pressure before it builds up. 


  • Safety valve built into the design 
  • Longer brass handle with a long tube
  • Shoulder strap


  • Has a smaller nozzle on it
  • Warranty only lasts a year 
  • Manual is difficult to read

4. Field King Professional Backpack Sprayer

Field King’s four gallon best pump sprayer has an internal no-leak design that helps to ensure you don’t waste any of your fertilizer or make a mess when you use it. It stops any chemicals from leaking down your back as you wear it, and there is an internal piston pump that will deliver up to 150 PSI for a powerful but even coverage. The 21-inch poly wand will extend your reach to help you cover plants above your head or in the middle of your yard or garden, and it’s a very durable piece of equipment that won’t break down or corrode with repeated use. There are Viton seals that prevent any leaks from forming. 

You can use wettable powders and liquids in this best pump sprayer without it clogging, and it has a lockable shutoff with brass components that won’t slip, rust, or corrode. The easy access pump makes it quick and painless to change the seals without any extra tools, and you get four nozzles. You’ll get a brass adjustable nozzle, two flat fans, and a foaming nozzle that you can swap out as you work. If you have TeeJet nozzles laying around, you can use them too. 


  • Sits comfortably on your back 
  • Has an internal no-leak design 
  • 21-inch poly wand with four nozzles included


  • Pump handle won’t fold up for storage 
  • Higher pressure is weak 
  • Shoulder straps have minimal padding 

5. MY4SONS Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

Anyone who has a large patch of perennial vegetables will want to try this best pump sprayer to help keep everything fertilized and growing. This innovative sprayer will spray for six to eight hours on a single battery, and it can easily spread over 200 gallons of fertilizer without worrying about pumping. There is a variable pressure switch that allows you to go from 20 to 60 PSI quickly and easily. You can use this product for a broad range of applications like fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, deck stains, and concrete sealers. You get an acid bleach wand and a stainless steel wand in every purchase that resist rusting or corroding. 

There is a handle with a locking mechanism on this best pump sprayer that allows you to get an even application without fatiguing your hands. The large mouth with a screen filter makes it quick and easy to add more fertilizer to the reservoir without spilling it, and you get a fan tip, cone, and fog tip in plastic and brass when you order. The battery gives you up to four times the battery life, and it charges in eight hours. There are triple thick shoulder pads and organizer pockets for accessories. 


  • Thick shoulder pads for comfort 
  • Spreads up to 200 gallons of fertilizer on a charge
  • Comes with plastic and brass wands and nozzles


  • Can leak by the hose
  • Battery takes eight hours to charge 
  • No supports to secure the want between uses

6. Sprayers Plus Battery Sprayer

This thinner best pump sprayer from Sprayers Plus uses a 12-volt Lithium-Ion battery to work, and you can go through up to 18 tanks on a single charge. This allows you to cover bigger spaces at one time like a big vegetable garden or a commercial plant operation. It uses high-grade materials that will stand up to harsh chemicals and fertilizers without breaking down, and you can easily use it with powder or liquid-based fertilizers. When you order this product, you’ll get a powder coated brass wand with an adjustable nozzle included in your purchase that is very durable, and it safely extends your reach. 

This best pump sprayer gives you a constant stream of 30 PSI working pressure that sprays your fertilizer wider and farther to speed up your application time. This is a lightweight and ultra-portable design that weighs in at just 6.5 pounds before you fill it, and this makes it easy to carry from place to place when you use it. The shoulder strap loops comfortably around your body, and it has a slightly wider design that won’t cut into your shoulder with extended wear. The tigger system is slightly wider and easy to grip. 


  • Battery lasts through 18 tanks 
  • Lightweight and portable design 
  • Constant 30 PSI stream of fertilizer


  • Can leak around the hose 
  • Battery takes hours to charge 
  • Customer service is challenging to contact 

7. VSE Garden Sprayer On Wheels

VSE’s best pump sprayer uses a power 12-volt Lithium-Ion battery with an AC wall charger that can hold a charge for up to 40 gallons. It’s a nice tool to have for your rooftop garden because you can easily guide it through your plants without straining your body. The five gallon tank is more than enough to spread fertilizer over smaller areas without having to refill it, and it’ll deliver a powerful 45PSI or up to one gallon per minute when you switch it on. The heavy-duty switch allows you to quickly and easily turn it on and off, and there is a bib-style pump that captures debris to stop them from clogging up your tank. 

There is a nine-foot heavy-duty hose on this best pump sprayer that has a variable flow with a squeeze trigger handgun and a fully adjustable nozzle. This pump will spray up to 10-feet vertically and 20-feet horizontally, and the sprayer handle is 39 inches tall when you fully extend it. There are clips on the side of this sprayer to help you safely store the wand when you’re not using it, and you get a full five-year warranty from the date of purchase to protect you from defects or damage. 


  • Has a five-year warranty 
  • Features a durable rolling design 
  • Can spray up to 20-feet 


  • Battery can charge slowly
  • Hose can come off easily 
  • Handle clips are very thin

8. Husqvarna Handheld Sprayer

This best pump sprayer from Husqvarna comes in four sizes ranging from 48-ounces to four gallons, and it is a professional-grade design that works well for sanitizing, commercial cleaning, lawns, and applying harsher chemicals. The tear-shaped tank gives you a very low center of gravity that ensures it sits securely on your back while giving you maximum stability as you walk around. The vertical storage compartment for the wand helps to keep all of your pieces together between uses, and the ergonomic handle is very comfortable to carry from garden to garden. 

The stainless steel wand on this best pump sprayer won’t rust, corrode, or break down with harsh chemicals or strong fertilizers, and there are Viton seals throughout the device to prevent the chemicals from leaking out or ruining it. There is a lock-on feature to reduce hand fatigue, and the filter line is very easy to clean between uses to prevent clogging. You get a five-year limited warranty from the date of purchase with this product, and this will help protect you from part failure or defects. The shoulder straps have a decent layer of padding to protect you from irritation, and it’s very easy to store this product between uses. 


  • Comes in three sizes 
  • Low center of gravity for stability 
  • Stainless steel wand is durable


  • Pump handle is farther back 
  • Handle can lock up
  • Hole to fill it is very small 

9. Roundup Lawn and Garden Sprayer

Roundup’s best pump sprayer is excellent to help you tackle all of your home and garden needs like controlling weeds or insects and cleaning siding and decks. You get a very quick and easy one-step assembly process that requires you to fill it, pressurize it, and start spraying. There is a safe pressure-release cap that sends liquids and vapors down before you open it, and this prevents the fertilizer from accidentally spraying back in your face. You’ll get a high-efficiency pump that requires you to put in 25% less strokes to get it to work, and this can reduce your fatigue levels while saving you energy and time. 

There is a premium shut-off valve on this best pump sprayer with a comfortable grip and a lock-on feature that enables you to spray for extended periods. You’ll get three nozzles that can help you with all of your spraying needs. You’ll be able to use a low-volume flat fan, high-volume flat fan, and poly adjustable nozzle, and the durable metal wand won’t rust or corrode with exposure to harsh chemicals or fertilizers. You can choose from three sizes when you order this product to tailor it to your needs. 


  • One-step assembly process 
  • High-efficiency pump included 
  • Get three nozzles with each purchase 


  • Hose is a thinner plastic 
  • Instructions are vague 
  • Hose is on the shorter side

10. VIVOSUN Lawn and Garden Pump Sprayer

The final product on the best pump sprayer list comes from Vivosun, and you can choose from a 0.8-gallon model, 1.3 gallons, 1.85 gallons, or 2 gallons. It offers a multi functional use that works well both indoors and outdoors. It has a super large bowl mouth with a sleek funnel design that reduces the risk of you spilling anything when you fill it with your fertilizer. You get a translucent bottle with a calibration scale that shows you when it’s time to refill it to prevent it from running dry. It’s also very easy to set up and get running, and all you have to do is unscrew the lid, fill it, close the lid, and pump up the pressure. 

This best pump sprayer gives you a 22.2-inch wand that helps you reach higher or further away from you when you fertilize your plants, and there is a heavy-duty shoulder strap included that helps you easily carry this device from one place to the next. There is a shut-off valve on the comfort-grip handle that allows you to keep a constant flow as you walk, and the thickened bottom on this product helps improve the stability and durability if you have to set it down. There is a one-year warranty included that starts from the date of purchase. 


  • Available in four sizes 
  • Large bowl mouth makes filling it easy 
  • Translucent bottle


  • Spray pattern is inconsistent 
  • Can leak around the valves 
  • Handle is slightly smaller 

Best Pump Sprayer – Buying Guide 

What should you consider when you start searching for the best pump sprayer? Are there products that are better than others? It’s important you know which components the best pump sprayers will have over others, and I’ll highlight them so you can compare products and narrow down your choices. 


One of the first things you want to decide on with the best pump sprayer is the type you want to buy. This will depend on how large your lawn or vegetable garden is and the type of fertilizer you use. You can choose from several designs, including: 

  • Hose End – These compact sprayers attach directly to the end of your garden hose and mix the fertilizer as the water flows through it before exiting out the nozzle. They’re nice for smaller areas or plants. 
  • Tank – Tank sprayers are more heavy-duty, and they can obviously hold more fertilizer per fill. They’re some of the best pump sprayers for slightly larger operations, and many of them use a high-efficiency pump to work. 
  • Backpack – FInally, if you plan to do a lot of walking with your sprayer, try a backpack model. It comes in several sizes and straps directly to your back. 

Pump Sprayer 2 Type
Deciding on a type of pump sprayer will help you narrow down your choices from the start, and it can take some time off searching for the correct product. The type you get will dictate how quickly you get your fertilizing done, and all three work well for home or commercial use. 


Take a good look and see which nozzles your best pump sprayer comes with because this will dictate how well it allows you to spread the fertilizers or herbicides in an even layer. Many options on the list came with at least three or four nozzles, and you can easily swap them out as you work to increase your spraying area and speed. Double-check the materials while you’re at it to ensure that they’re durable. 


The most popular materials for the best pump sprayers are durable enough to withstand harsher fertilizers and chemicals without breaking down. Stronger PVC-type plastic is common for the body, but the wands and nozzles can be anything from plastic to brass and stainless steel. You may pay a little more for more durable materials, but this can help to ensure that it lasts much longer than it traditionally would. Brass and stainless steel won’t rust, corrode, or weaken with repeated exposure to chemicals. 


The size of your best spray pump will play a large role in how long you can use it between fills. If you only have a small area to cover in your flowers while you have artificial grass that doesn’t need upkeep, you can get away with a smaller size. However, you may want to look into getting a multi-gallon pump sprayer if you have a larger area to fertilize regularly because this will ensure you don’t have to repeatedly stop and refill it as you go. It’s always a good idea to have more space than you need. 

Pump Sprayer 3 End
Think about how far you need your fertilizer to travel when you spray it. If you have a small area, you won’t need nearly as much pressure as you’d use if you had a huge greenhouse or acre of vegetable garden to cover. 

Adjustable Pressure 

If you’re spraying up close to your plants or garden, you don’t want to have a very powerful jet of fertilizer going because you can accidentally damage your plants. However, if you want to reach further away from you, you’ll need more pressure. Having a spray pump with an adjustable pressure on the nozzle gives you a much greater degree of flexibility than you’d get if you only had a single pressure system. 

Bottom Line 

The best pump sprayer can help shave hours off your lawn, plant, or garden maintenance routine, and I’ve shown you 10 high-quality options. You can use the short buyer’s guide to compare them, narrow down  your choices, and pick the one that works best for your needs. 

Best Pump Sprayer to Fertilize Your Plants Lawn or Garden