Best Trampoline

If you’re searching for the best trampoline as a fun gift or surprise for your kids, this is going to be your definitive guide. Not only did we do a lot of research to find the best trampoline for sale, but we’re going to do short reviews on each one so you can compare them. 

Along with the reviews, we’ll break down what you want to consider when you shop to ensure you buy the safest option for your family to enjoy.

You want something high-quality, sturdy, top-rated, and affordable for a range of budgets. This is what we’ll give you and so much more below. 

1. ExacMe Round Trampoline

Available in seven sizes, the ExacMe Round Trampoline can fit into small, medium, and larger backyards. This comes with a basketball hoop built into the side to give your kids more fun activities to do. Each pole has two quick clamps attached that work to secure the trampoline legs and make it much more stable and safe than other types of trampolines. The poles come with padding that prevent kids from getting injured when they fall on the net poles. 

This trampoline goes through the TUV quality and safety features certification. It has a durable galvanized steel frame that gives the larger models of this trampoline a weight limit of 335 pounds. The 6.5 to 7-inch springs give kids a great bouncing experience. You get a three-year limited warranty from the date of purchase, and there is a one-year warranty for the springs, safety pad, net, and jumping mat. The customer service team is on-hand and ready to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. 


  • Foam padding creates a barrier on the net poles
  • Available in several different sizes
  • Galvanized steel frame is very durable


  • Hoop is challenging to attach
  • Easy to bend the frame if you’re not careful
  • Ladder is very slippery

2. Merax Trampoline with Enclosure Net

This 15-foot trampoline comes with a six-foot high enclosure that helps to prevent your child from falling off the trampoline when they play. It uses galvanized steel that is resistant to rust, and the trampoline comes with six W-shaped legs that give it excellent stability. There is foam padding around the poles, and your kids can enter and exit the trampoline using a four-step steel ladder. 

As one of the best trampoline available, it uses 108 galvanized springs that attach securely to the woven jump mat to offer excellent bounce. The blue frame pad covers all of the gaps along the edges to keep your kids safe. There is a built-in basketball hoop that has a protective netting that stops the basketball from flying out. The rust-proof design ensures that this trampoline can handle rain and wet conditions without a problem. It can support up to 375 pounds at a time without bending or tearing, and the jump mat will work to repel water. This is beneficial if you live in an area that gets a lot of rainwater


  • Basketball hoop has a net behind it
  • Heavy-duty frame resists rust and corrosion
  • Ladder is slightly thicker and more robust


  • Customer service is slow
  • Challenging to put together
  • Net zipper is very thin and fragile

3. BCAN Foldable Mini Trampoline

The BCAN model is the best trampoline if you want a simple but heavy-duty design. It uses commercial-grade steel for the frame that resists rust and bending. The PP material will easily support up to 330 pounds without tearing. It has an adjustable foam handle that moves to four different levels so both adults and kids can jump on it. It comes covered by foam to keep you comfortable as you grip it. 

This trampoline offers a very unique design that allows you to fold it in half twice to make it compact and easy to store between uses. The closed design has dull edges that won’t rip or tear anything you put it by. The trampoline has an anti-slide rubber material with a waterproof design that makes jumping quiet while increasing the safety factor of the trampoline. You can use this trampoline indoors and outdoors, and will make an excellent addition to your kid’s room.


  • Customer service is available 24/7
  • Comes with a full year warranty from the date of purchase
  • Easy to adjust the handle to four different heights


  • Only big enough for one person at a time
  • Not extremely springy
  • Difficult to fold for storage

4. Giantex Trampoline

This is Giantex’s trampoline that comes in six different sizes. The trampoline comes supported by three U-shaped legs that give it a very stable base, and every size but the smaller eight-foot one comes with a metal step ladder. The safety enclosure netting attaches right to the steel tubes and to the trampoline itself with the spring cover. There are no gaps between the net and the mat that your child could slip through. The mat can comfortably hold up to 200 pounds, and the heavy-duty mat is resistant to water. 

When you order this trampoline, you’ll get all of the accessories you need to set it up, including the frame, safety enclosure, and mat. The instruction booklet comes with both numbered directions and pictures to make it easy to follow. There are 42 springs that help to hold the trampoline together, and the galvanized steel frame resists bending or warping with extended use. The zipper locks closed for an additional safety measure – one of the great safety features this trampoline has. 


  • Zipper is larger and has a secure lock
  • No gaps between the enclosure and the net
  • Comes in two sizes


  • Tool to stretch the spring isn’t durable
  • Enclosure clips are flimsy
  • Blue outer netting retains a lot of water

5. Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure

Skywalker’s trampoline has a patented enclosure that works to eliminate gaps, pinch points, and openings for children of all sizes and ages. This trampoline with enclosure goes through rigorous testing for durability and safety features, and they meet or exceed ASTM standards. It uses 5.5-inch steel springs all around the outside of the enclosure net. There are upright foam padded poles that give the safety net stability, and there is a thick, woven design coupled with a locking zipper to ensure it stays closed. 

The basketball hoop is soft play materials that won’t hurt if you accidentally hit it, and it has a hook-and-loop rim that will break away to minimize any damage to the poles or enclosure if you grab it. Along with one of the best trampolines available, you’ll also get two foam basketballs with each order. The frame has a three-year limited warranty attached to it, and all other components come with a year limited warranty. 


  • Meets ASTM standards for safety
  • No gaps between the jump pad and frame
  • Zipper locks closed to prevent accidental openings


  • Instructions are difficult to follow
  • Blue pad is very thin and prone to tearing
  • Weight limit is 175 pounds

6. Avenor Toddler Trampoline 

This is one of the best trampolines for toddlers available, and you won’t need to have any additional tools on hand to assemble it. The trampoline’s fee has a rubber coating that prevents it from scratching the floor as your toddler plays on it, and there is a blue mat that goes over the springs to prevent your kid from getting pinched or accidentally stepping through them. 

There is a small safety bar on the front of this trampoline that gives your kid something to hold onto as they jump for added stability. The trampoline is only nine inches off the ground, but it has a tightly woven mat to provide extra bounce. The steel frame can support up to 150 pounds, and this trampoline works well for kids aged two and up. It’s small enough to be easy to store between uses if you have restricted space, and the bright coloring is welcoming and fun for any smaller kid who wants to play on it. 


  • Doesn’t require any additional tools
  • Safety bar on the front of the trampoline
  • Lower to the ground


  • Instructions can be challenging
  • Foam on the handle is flimsy
  • Spring cover is thin

7. Wamkos Dinosaur Mini Trampoline

Featuring a woodland camo design, this is one of the best trampolines for toddlers. It has a fun dinosaur print on the center of the jumping mat that stands out against the black background. This trampoline is slightly more robust than others as it can support up to 220 pounds without the frame bending or the mat developing stress points. The product goes through rigorous safety tests to ensure it meets the US safety standards, and this can give you a greater peace of mind knowing your kid is safe. 

The foldable design makes it easy to store between uses, and this trampoline weighs just 18 pounds. This makes it very easy to move around and transport from place to place. It has a steel frame, 30 tension quiet bands attached to the jump mat, rubber-tipped legs, and a foam-covered handle. It has excellent shock absorption and bounce that will keep your kid entertained for hours at a time. 


  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry
  • Has several legs to make it very sturdy


  • Handrail is difficult to attach
  • Has a strong odor when you first open it
  • Foam tends to rip and tear away

8. GYMAX Trampoline for Kids

This is one of the best trampolines available if you’re looking for ground-up protection. There is a padded protective frame with a thin net that prevents your kids from falling and getting injured. There are tight and wide ties that securely connect the net to the poles to hold it in place. There are detailed assembly instructions with instructions and photos included that make setting up this trampoline a quick and easy project.

This is one of the best trampolines if you’re looking for something large but lightweight enough to move from space to space. It has a collapsible design that makes it easy to transport and store in the off season. This gives your kids more space to play when they’re not using it. There is a zippered entrance that your kids will use to get in and out of the trampoline, and the six larger legs will disperse the weight to keep the trampoline solidly in place. It can safely hold up to 110 pounds at a time. 


  • Easy to move and transport
  • Zippered entrance/exit is very safe
  • Thick padding prevents accidental injuries


  • Difficult to stretch the net attachment ropes
  • Can take a while to assemble
  • Can only have one person in at a time

9. ORCC Trampoline

If you want a very sturdy trampoline that will withstand wear and tear, this is one of the best trampolines available. The manufacturer uses a hot-dip galvanizing process when they make the tampoline’s net poles and frame. Each of ORCC’s trampolines meet or exceed safety standards set by ASTM, and they have safe certifications attached to each one. The jump mat is fade resistant, UV resistant, and it has a waterproof weave that helps to extend its life. 

This is a great trampoline for several people to enjoy at one time because it can support up to 400 pounds. You get everything you need to set it up right out of the box, including the frame, jumping mat, anti-skid ladder, safety enclosure, rain cover, safety pad, instructions, wind stakes, two pairs of T-hooks, and two pairs of gloves. Everyone that purchases this trampoline gets a lifetime support guarantee that makes it easy to get replacement parts or troubleshoot any issues you may have. 


  • Ladder has an anti-skid design
  • Rain shield fits snugly over the jump mat
  • Lifetime support guarantee with each purchase


  • Weight capacity varies by size
  • Need two people to set it up
  • Very heavy design

10. Springfree Trampoline

This is the trampoline available if you’re looking for something more unique. The net support poles are on the outside of the trampoline, and they hold the net up at the top. In turn, there are no large poles running up the side you can accidentally hit. The mat has 30 times more shock absorbency than traditional pads, and this gets rid of the hard edges you see on most traditional trampolines. Each purchase will get you a 10-year warranty on all of the trampoline’s parts. 

The galvanized steel frame on this trampoline has a double powder coat that makes it able to withstand rust and corrosion. The nets and mats are resistant to damage by UV rays, and the rods come made out of a composite fiberglass.  It has U-shaped legs spread out along the bottom to give the trampoline excellent stability, and there is a small ladder hidden under the frame that makes it easy to get on and off the trampoline. 


  • No poles running up the sides of the safety net
  • Has a hidden ladder on the bottom of the frame
  • Very secure and sturdy


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Plastic spring connectors can damage the mat
  • Difficult to get in touch with customer service

How to Choose Trampolines

What should you keep an eye out for when you start to shop for a trampoline?  They’re not all the same, and this is where it can be overwhelming. This can be an expensive investment, and this is why it’s a good idea to take time and compare different models, brands, and sizes. We’re going to outline the important pieces you want to keep in mind when you start shopping for the best trampoline to suit your space and needs below. 

Best Trampoline 1 Guide
Carefully sorting through the different trampolines available will ensure that you get one that matches your family’s needs, and it’ll be durable enough to withstand all of the use it gets. 

Choose a Shape and Size

One of the first things you do when you look at the best trampolines is decide on a size and shape. Obviously, the larger the trampoline is, the more it’ll cost to buy it. Your budget will play a large role at this point. But, setting a budget right away can help you narrow down your choices right out of the gate. Popular shapes include: 

  • Round – Round trampolines are the most popular style, but they tend to make jumpers move toward the middle when they’re on it due to jump force. This can be dangerous if there are more than two jumpers on at a time. Round trampolines start at 6 feet and go up to over 14. 
  • Oval – The slightly elongated form of the oval trampoline is great for multiple jumpers because there are several areas that don’t influence the others, so it won’t funnel everyone to the middle. These are usually some of the best trampolines for people looking for heavy-duty models. They start at 10 feet and go up to 16 feet. 
  • Rectangle – Popular in gymnastics and gyms, rectangle trampolines start at 7 feet and go up to 17 feet long. However, these are some of the most expensive trampolines available, especially when you start getting into professional-grade setups. 
  • Square – Square trampolines allow the jumpers to stay in place when they jump because they have more surface area. They make great use of your space, especially if you have a smaller backyard. For sizes, square trampolines start at 9 feet and go up to beyond 16 feet. 

Best Trampoline 2 Size and Shape
Square and round trampolines are two of the most popular types available for residential use. Professional-grade trampolines trend toward the larger, rectangular models. 

Pick a Brand 

Once you have a shape in size in mind, the next logical step is to pick out a reputable brand. There are several trampoline manufacturers around the world, and the most popular include but are not limited to: 

  • SpringfreeWith the best trampolines sold in over 25 countries, Springfree is a company leading the pack on innovation and safety. They build and test every unit before they send it out, and they have a world-class customer service team. 
  • Skywalker – Established in 2004, Skywalker has quickly become an industry leader in trampoline manufacturing. They offer a huge range of the best trampolines available in different styles and sizes that appeal to the whole family, and they use high-quality materials. 
  • Zupapa – This German company builds and supplies some of the best trampolines in the market, and there are an estimated 120,000 Zupapa trampolines in use. They put each trampoline through rigorous safety standards, and they all come TUV certified for safety and durability. 
  • SkyBound – Headquartered in California, SkyBound offers both backyard trampolines and performance trampolines. You’ll find a huge range of sizes and styles that suits everyone from professional jumpers to toddlers. 
  • ExacMe – Founded in 2011 and based out of Portland, Oregon, ExactMe offers a range of large trampolines for residential use. They believe in having a very short shipping and processing time, and their customer service team is very responsive. 

Best Trampoline 3 Brand
Choosing a reputable brand for your trampoline is a great way to ensure you get a high-quality product, and it’s usually easier to get in touch with customer service if anything goes wrong. 

Buying Considerations

Now that you have the shape, size, and brand of the best trampoline in mind, it’s time to start comparing products and narrowing down your choices. To do this, you’ll have to keep a few buying considerations in mind. 


How difficult is the trampoline to assemble? Will you need two people or can you do it on your own? Many of the smaller trampolines you’ll be able to put together by yourself with minimal difficulty. However, larger trampolines may require at least two people or more to set them up. Double-check all of the parts included in your purchase, and see if you have to have any additional tools when it comes. Typically the best trampoline will have everything you need to put it together included in the purchase. 

Frame Material

Your frame is arguably one of the most important parts of your trampoline. If it bends, you won’t be able to safely use it anymore. Galvanized steel is a very popular frame material. Ideally, your frame will have a powder coat on it to protect it from rust and corrosion if it gets wet. Check and see how thick the frame is, what the material is, and if it has any protections on it. 

Safety Precautions

The best trampoline comes with safety precautions built into the design. For example, they may have a safety net around the bounce area that helps to catch your kid if they should accidentally fall while they’re jumping. Maybe the trampoline has a non-skid ladder or very durable legs that give the trampoline excellent stability. Look and see if your trampoline comes with any safety certifications because this will usually give you a big clue as to whether or not the manufacturer uses high-quality materials and tests their trampolines before they send them out.


If you get a larger trampoline that you plan to use outside, it should be UV-resistant. The sunlight can weaken the jump mat’s fibers if it doesn’t have this coating on it. As long as it has this coating, it can help extend the life of your trampoline’s jump mat. This UV coating should also include the safety padding and safety net if your trampoline has one. 

Weight Limit

The weight limit on your trampoline is arguably one of the biggest things you want to consider because this dictates how many people can get on and enjoy the trampoline at the same time. Your trampoline’s size will also play a role in the weight limit with larger trampolines being able to handle more weight. Most residential trampolines have weight limits that range between 150 and 400 pounds. 

Best Trampoline 4 End
The entire family can enjoy your new trampoline, and it’s a great way to get exercise into your daily routine. 

The best trampolines are an excellent investment for your family. They can provide hours of fun and minimal upkeep, and you can customize your choice based on your needs. This review round-up and buyer’s guide outlines everything you need to know about picking out the best trampoline available. 

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