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Almost everyone has seen a group of people playing horseshoes in a park, at home, or by a bar. This is a traditional game in the United States with a very long and rich history attached to it. It’s a very fun lawn sport that the entire family can play, especially if you have one of the best horseshoe sets available. It’s portable, fun to play, and it caters to all ages and skill levels. 

But, you’ll notice that the market has hundreds of sets available, and this can make it difficult to pick out the best horseshoe set. How do you make your choice, and which horseshoe set will work best for your needs? We picked out the 10 best horseshoe sets available on the current market for you to compare, and our horseshoe set buyer’s guide will help you narrow down your choices. 

Whether you want a simple horseshoe outdoor game set for backyard fun or a professional horseshoe set approved by the NHPA, we have them all below. 

Horseshoe 1 Start
The more durable your best horseshoe set is, the longer it’ll last. It can be worth it to pay more upfront and get something you can enjoy season after season. 

1. St. Pierre American Professional Series Horseshoes Set

First up on our list of the best horseshoe sets is The St. Pierre Professional Series complete set. You get a pair of stakes, four steel horseshoes, plastic carrying case, rule book, and a full two-month warranty attached to it. You get a lot for what you pay for it, and the stakes and horseshoes come made out of stainless steel. The steel horseshoes are rugged enough to withstand tough use, and the carrying case makes moving them easy. There is more weight in the tip of each horseshoe that gives you better control and balance, and the design includes a notched finger positioner . 

This best horseshoe set does come with stakes, but they are slightly shorter. This adds a challenging element, but you can still play on a variety of turfs ranging from artificial grass to dirt and concrete. This is an American-made horseshoe set 100% approved by the NHPA. The horseshoe set is an excellent choice for new players who want to practice their throws, and they’re very easy to clean and maintain between uses. The bag helps keep everything together for storage. 


  • NHAP approved set
  • Get everything you need to start playing
  • Weighted ends give balanced throws


  • Steel horseshoes prone to rusting 
  • Slight weight variations from horseshoe to horseshoe
  • Stakes have a shorter design

2. Gordon Professional Pitching Horseshoes

If you want to add more gear to the best horseshoe set, try these professional-grade pitching horseshoes. Sanctioned by the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association, you get two high-quality horseshoes in each purchase. No matter if you’re a new player or an industry pro, these have a nice weight on them that can help with your aim. They use carbon steel in the horseshoe set design, and this makes them a heavier option that is very durable and resistant to rust and corrosion. The drop-forge technique ensures you don’t end up with any warps or air bubbles in the finished product. 

When you purchase these products to add to your best horseshoe set, you get a powder coat that gives you a better grip. These horseshoes come in several stylish colors, including blue, black, red, rustic bronze, green, and yellow. You won’t get any stakes or carrying case with this order, but it does offer very high-quality merchandise to add to your growing collection. There is a full year warranty from the date of purchase attached to these horseshoe set items that protects against breakage. 


  • Used drop-forge techniques 
  • Powder coating gives you a nice grip
  • Full year warranty against damage


  • Doesn’t come with stakes or a case
  • Very expensive for two horseshoes
  • Less quality control in the manufacturing process

3. GoSports Giant Horseshoes Set

If you’re after the best horseshoe set that your kids can break out for a fun sleepover idea, this giant yard game set is the perfect choice. It’s excellent for casual players, and the pieces are around two times larger than the standard sets. The entire thing weighs in at over eight pounds, and this gives you good throwing ability without being too heavy for kids to play with. The extra-large stakes are nice, and there is a carrying strap to keep everything stored away until you need it again. 

The horseshoes feature heavy-duty plastic, and you can easily bring them to the beach, park, or camping without worrying about losing them. This best horseshoe set comes from a United States company, and they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on each purchase. It’s easy to get in touch with customer support if you have an issue, and they’ll work hard to help you solve it quickly and easily. It’s also an extremely reasonably priced horseshoe set. 


  • Two times the size of a traditional horseshoe set
  • Comes with a carrying strap 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Horseshoes are plastic
  • Color can wear off with repeated use
  • Difficult to get in touch with customer service

4. Viva Sol Premium Horseshoes

If you want a bit of style with a high-quality product, try this best horseshoe set by Viva Sol. It has a wooden storage and carrying case with a heavy-duty rope handle. The interior of the carrying case features foam padding to keep your items from jostling around when you travel. You’ll get a set of four 2.5-pound regulation-weight horseshoes in this set, the wooden case, and two stakes that are resistant to rust. It’s the perfect set to use when you stand on your newly redesigned patio and toss them into your yard. 

The stakes and horseshoes feature a steel construction that is very durable, and you can play with this best horseshoe set outside or inside. There is a thick powder coating on the horseshoes that protects them from wear and tear while giving you an excellent grip. They won’t rust or corrode, and they have a blue and light teal coloring that is very eye-catching. It’s a modern horseshoe set perfectly designed for the amaterur or competitive horseshoe player. 


  • Comes in a durable carrying case
  • Case has padding to protect the pieces
  • Features a fun teal and light blue color


  • Stakes are below regulation height 
  • Challenging to find them after you throw them
  • Not suited for professional play

5. Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoe Set

Anyone who wants the best horseshoe set for kids should take a look at this rubber set by Champion. If you have a tight budget, this is also a nice beginner set or for recreational use. You get two rubber mats, two horseshoes, and two red plastic dowels for stakes. The horseshoes are a durable but soft rubber, and this adds a little weight that allows adults to use them while not being too heavy for kids. The horseshoes will travel a fair distance with a little effort, and this makes it nice for kids. 

Additionally, this best horseshoe set is easy to put up and tear down. The set is around half the standard regulation weight, and there isn’t any carrying case. However, it’s compact enough to store easily between games. It uses very vibrant and bright colors that make the horseshoes easy to stop in the grass, and it’s very quick to set up for a backyard game. You can play it indoors also without damaging your walls or flooring, and this is great for rainy days. 


  • Can set it up both indoors and out
  • Rubber is slightly weighted 
  • Easy for adults and kids to use


  • No carrying case included
  • Stakes are very short 
  • Rubber can slowly bend and warp

6. Franklin Sports Horseshoe Sets

Do you have a bare spot by your kid’s playground area and you’re not sure what to put there? Maybe you want to set up an area for the adults to relax. If so, this best horseshoe set by Franklin Sports is a great option to consider. The horseshoes come made out of high-grade steel that is very durable and resistant to corrosion and rust. This is a professional-grade set that works for NHPA-based events and competition, but there are four versions available including family, starter, and American. This means you can tailor your buy to suit your wants and needs. They have two pegs included that you drive into the ground. 

You can start playing very quickly, and the whole set goes up easy. Each horseshoe in this best horseshoe set weighs in at around 2.5 pounds, and this is great for seasoned players. Two of the horseshoes are black and two are grey, and this makes keeping track of who threw easy. The durable carrying case is a nice touch to help you keep all of  your items safe and together between rounds. 


  • Available in four styles 
  • Two different colors on the horseshoes
  • Easy to play and set up


  • Bag is a thinner material 
  • Powder-coated finish will chip off
  • Can rust if you don’t clean them

7. Mustang Professional Pitching Horseshoes Set

Mustang is a very well-known brand when it comes to the best horseshoe sets on the market. These are excellent for professional play, and they use a lightweight alloy in their build. However, these horseshoes still fall within the balance and weight category for professional NHPA-approved horseshoes. They have a sturdy and strong build that resists warping and deformation with repeated use in trying environments. Each horseshoe comes in at 2.5 pounds.

The sky blue color makes it easy to distinguish this best horseshoe set from your competition, and they come with a full year guarantee from the date of purchase. If something happens inside this year, the company will replace them at no extra cost to you. You can buy just the horseshoes, or you can buy the full set with four horseshoes and two stakes. You can choose from red or blue coloring, and the weighted ends ensure you get a balanced throw every time. 


  • Available as a full set or just the horseshoes
  • Comes in two bright colors 
  • Alloy is lightweight but durable


  • Price – expensive for just horseshoes
  • Stakes have no tapered ends
  • Paint can fade with repeated use 

8. AmazonBasics Rubber Horseshoe Set

You can set your kid’s swing set up in one corner of your yard and this simple best horseshoe set up in the other. AmazonBasics is Amazon’s private label, and this is the entity that makes this horseshoe set. They have a rubber design and structure that makes them a nice amateur or kid set, and they come in blue and green rather than the more traditional red and blue coloring. They’re very easy to clean between uses, and you can leave them to air dry before packing them away. 

Since this best horseshoe set is rubber instead of metal, you won’t have to worry about them corroding or rusting on you. You get four horseshoes, two indoor dowels, and two outdoor pegs in each order that allow you to play both indoors and outdoors. Each horseshoe with this product weighs below professional standards at 12 pounds. This lightweight design makes it easy for kids to play and learn the game. You get a one-year limited warranty with each purchase. 


  • Equipped for indoor and outdoor use
  • Weighs 1.2 pounds each 
  • Easy to clean and maintain 


  • Below professional standards
  • Stakes are flimsy and will bend
  • No carrying or storage case included

9. Trademark Games Professional Horseshoe Set

This best horseshoe set features professional-grade pieces of equipment, and you’ll get a very sleek and high-quality design with them. The metal used to make the horseshoes is a ductile iron. While this isn’t the most durable option available, it will do for practicing. If you accidentally hit other horseshoes with it, it could snap or crack. They weigh 2.22 pounds each, and they come in silver and black so you can tell them apart. The company manufactures these horseshoes using NHPA standards. 

The pegs in this best horseshoe set have a sharp edge that allows you to quickly and easily push them into the ground to your desired height. When you’re ready to pack it up and store or transport it, everything goes into the included carrying bag. The handle makes it easy to carry, and it zippers closed so you won’t accidentally lose pieces when you travel. You can play with this set on soft surfaces like grass, dirt, or sand without an issue. 


  • Designed using NHPA standards 
  • Weighs in a 2.2 pounds 
  • Carrying case included in the purchase


  • Metal is prone to cracking and breaking
  • Can scuff or chip the stakes 
  • Ends of the stakes can snap off in harder ground

10. Sport Beats Rubber Horseshoe Set

Summer is coming, and that means firing up the smoker, showing off your favorite BBQ recipes, inviting friends over, and finding games to keep the kids entertained for hours at a time. That’s exactly what this best horseshoe set from Sport Beats will do. The horseshoe set has a nice balance of price and quality, and it’s very safe for kids to play without sacrificing the durability factor. They’re heavy enough to get a good throw in, but they’re not heavy enough to seriously hurt someone if they accidentally get hit. 

You get indoor dowels, outdoor pets, and eight washers in place of traditional horseshoes. The rounded edges are blunt, so they won’t chip paint or scuff walls if they hit them, and the simple box will fold up and hold all of the pieces between use to keep them all in one place. It’s very fast and easy to set up or tear down, and there is a convenient carrying handle attached to the wooden base. If you need extra washers, you can buy them for a low price. 


  • Has a durable wooden base
  • Uses washers instead of horseshoes
  • Has high-quality materials that last


  • Hard to attach the PVC tubing
  • Paint can chip around the box
  • Clasp can rust if you don’t wipe it down

Best Horseshoe Set Buyer’s Guide

With so many manufacturers on the market claiming to have the best horseshoe set available, it can take time to narrow down your choices until you find the one that is in your budget and has all of the features you want. Instead of getting overwhelmed, we suggest you take a look at our reviews and use this guide to help you narrow down your choices. 

Professional-Grade or Casual

One of the first things you have to decide is whether or not your want to go with a professional-grade horseshoe set or a more casual horseshoe set. If it’s professional, look and make sure your best horseshoe set is NHPA compliant or approved. This means that the manufacturer followed the regulation standards for material, size, and weight when they made them. Professional sets are more expensive, but they use high-quality materials like forged steel to ensure their products last a lifetime. 

A casual horseshoe set is nice for those times when you want to set up a game in your yard, fire up the portable pizza oven, and have a friendly game between friends with good food. You’ll get a complete set with a carrying bag, stakes, and horseshoes for a relatively smaller price. You don’t need professional-grade here, but look for sets that are above-average, They can easily cost between $40 and $70. 

Horseshoe 2 Friends
You can spend hours out with your friends playing horseshoes in your backyard, and it’s a very fun party game for large groups of people.


When you play, even the best horseshoe set can take a large beating between hitting other horseshoes, the ground, or the stakes. This is why the materials are so important. You can find sets made out of rubber, plastic, cast-iron, or steel. A lot of the professional-grade sets come made out of forged steel. This is the preferred metal and method because they have a heavier build and you need precision weight distribution. 

Cast iron is very popular with professional and recreational users because it’s slightly more affordable. You can get a good experience and handle for the game using them, but they’re better for short-term use. It’s prone to rusting and breaking, so you should avoid them unless you’re a casual player. 

Families, kids, and newer, casual players usually gravitate toward rubber or plastic. Rubber is a lighter and safer alternative than metal, and it’s a good pick if you play to play with your kids or younger players. It reduces your risk of injury because it’s slightly more flexible. Plastic is nice for people who want to play indoors or for kids because it can break down quickly. 


How much do you want or have laying around to spend? Maybe you just priced out how much it’s going to cost you to rewire your home to make it safer, so you don’t have a lot of money left. Or, your kids want to try playing but you’re not 100% sure if they’ll like it. If this is the case, you’d most likely set a lower budget. The best horseshoe sets are slightly more expensive as a general rule, but you can find beginner sets for as low as $10. Professional-grade or a high-quality set for recreational use will run around $80. For a kid-friendly rubber set, prepare to spend around $30. 

Horseshoe 3 Budget
Higher-quality horseshoes are more expensive, but they can be worth it because they tend to last much longer overall.

How to Play Horseshoes with the Best Horseshoe Set

How do you play horseshoes? Even if you buy the best horseshoe set available, you have to know the general rules of the game so you can practice and get better. The goal of the game is simple. You get your best horseshoe set, pick out a horseshoe, and try to pitch or throw the horseshoe so it’ll wrap around the stake. If it does, you get a ringer. You can still get points if you don’t get it around the stake as long as you get it closer than your competition does. 

Recreational and professional players use a few different pitching styles to throw their horseshoe. A lot of the time, the person grips the horseshoe by the rounded end where the two shafts meet and connect. They throw the horseshoe so it flips in the air in a pitch called flipping. For casual players, this is very popular because it’s easy. 

Professional players use a 37-foot court, so they try and turn their horseshoes when they pitch. To do this, you hold the horseshoe on it’s side and grip by the back weighted end. As you bring your arm up to toss it, you turn the horseshoe so it’s laying flat before you release. The first one to the set amount of points wins. 

There are two ways you can keep score when you play with the best horseshoe set. If you’re playing a recreational game with family and friends, your ringers are worth three points each, shots where your horseshoe leans up against the stake (leaners) are worth two points, and any horseshoe that lands within six inches of the stake is one point. 

For competitive play, the score is a little different. Ringers are still worth three points, but if both players get one, they cancel each other and you get no points. Only the person who manages to get their horseshoe closest to your stake gets a point. They only get a point if both of their horseshoes land closer to the stake than their opponents. This can make the game go on for hours, especially if you set a high final score. 

Bottom Line

The best horseshoe set can help you improve or learn this traditional game. You can easily include the entire family and set up recreational games around your yard with your family and friends. We recommend looking at our 10 reviews and using our buying guide to sort them and find the best horseshoe set to suit your wants and needs that everyone can play. 

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