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Almost everyone has seen a group of people playing horseshoes in a park, at home, or by a bar. This is a traditional game in the United States with a very long and rich history attached to it. It’s a very fun lawn sport that the entire family can play, especially if you have one of the best horseshoe sets available. It’s portable, fun to play, and it caters to all ages and skill levels. 

But, you’ll notice that the market has hundreds of sets available, and this can make it difficult to pick out the best horseshoe set. How do you make your choice, and which horseshoe set will work best for your needs? We picked out the 10 best horseshoe sets available on the current market for you to compare, and our horseshoe set buyer’s guide will help you narrow down your choices. 

Whether you want a simple horseshoe outdoor game set for backyard fun or a professional horseshoe set approved by the NHPA, we have them all below. 

Horseshoe 1 Start
The more durable your best horseshoe set is, the longer it’ll last. It can be worth it to pay more upfront and get something you can enjoy season after season. 

1. St. Pierre Royal Classic Horseshoe Set – Top Pick

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If you want to have a competitive but friendly game of horseshoes when you break out the pizza ovens and invite friends and family over, this is the one to consider. This set comes made in the United States and designed by world champion horseshoe pitcher, so you know you’re getting a high-quality product. It gets an ideal weight distribution with a nice non-slip finish that prevents corrosion, abrasion, chipping, and weathering from heavy or repeated use. This set can last for years, and it can quickly become your go-to whenever you want to play. This is an NHPA-approved horseshoe set, and they come with more weight forged into the top to give you better control and balance when you pitch them. 

You also get slightly longer tips with this horseshoe set with a tapered edge that allows your horseshoe to slide onto the stakes with a ringer breaker to help rotate the shoe. There is a finger positioner that helps you hold the shoe correctly when you first start out to get good form, and you get four forged steel American horseshoes in blue and red, two 24-inch solid steel stakes, a plastic storage tote, and a copy of the official rule book when you buy them. If you order them from Dazadi, you get a 60-day warranty that includes shipping in the cost. 


  • Finger positioner on each horseshoe 
  • 60-day warranty 
  • Slightly longer and tapered tips 
  • Very nicely balanced
  • Comes with two 24-inch stakes 
  • NHPA-approved
  • Designed by a champion horseshoe pitcher


  • Warranty is only two months 

2. Triumph Sports Horseshoe Set – Step- Up Pick

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Our step-up pick is a beautiful horseshoe set that is an upgrade from most amateur-level sets. It makes a great outdoor game for friendly competition, and you get a set of four horseshoes with dual 20-inch stakes. There is a finish on these horseshoes that makes them more durable to help them endure wear and tear, and it also makes them less resistant to rust and corrosion. In turn, you can play them in a huge range of environments without worrying about the set breaking down over time, and they feature cast iron and oxford for the materials. 

It comes in silver with gold hammer finishes that are very eye-catching, and that makes this horseshoe set a perfect gift. The two 20-inch stakes have a silver hammer finish that also make them very attractive and easy to see, and you get weighted horseshoes that make them easy to throw for beginners and experienced players. There is also a powder coating on them to make them more durable, the stakes come with a slight point on them to help you drive them down into the ground much better. 


  • Has a cast steel material 
  • Comes with gold and silver finishes 
  • Weighted design 
  • Has an instruction manual included 
  • Has two steel stakes 
  • Can choose from three color choices 
  • Suited for professionals or amateurs 


  • Stakes are slightly short

3. Franklin Sports Starter Horseshoes Set – Mid-End Budget Pick

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If you’re on a slightly tighter budget and looking for a no-frills, simple starter set that is great for large outdoor games with your family and friends, this is a great pick. This starter set comes with four cast-iron horseshoes that feature silver and gold colors, and they weigh in at 2.1-pounds. This puts them within the normal regulation size, but they’re on the lighter end of the spectrum when you compare them to some of the other professional-grade sets on the list. You get dual solid steel stakes that are 20-inches long, and the manual outlines the instructions on setting up the court and learning how to play the game. 

This is a nicely priced set that’s excellent for setting up a court right in your backyard so it’s ready to go when you want to as long as you don’t plan on moving it around much. There is no carrying case with it, and it’s a good pick for older or younger players since it’s a lighter set. All you have to do is plant the stakes 9 to 10-inches into the ground and you’re ready to go once you get the set, and you can choose from four styles when you order it that includes a professional-grade set down to a starter set. The other three sets come with a black carrying case to make it easy to transport. 


  • Four sets available 
  • Slightly lightweight at 2.1-pounds 
  • Comes with two 20-inch stakes 
  • Has an instruction manual 
  • Good pick for beginners 
  • Silver and gold coloring
  • Nicely balanced design 


  • Can chip easily 

4. GoSports Giant Horseshoes Game Set – Bargain Budget Pick

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Our bargain budget pick comes from GoSports, and this is a fun giant horseshoe set that is perfect for getting the kids involved in the game. It gives the game a nice fun twist, and they’re roughly twice as large as the regulation-size sets. The whole set weighs in at around 8.5-pounds, and this gives them some good heft while ensuring that they’re not too heavy for kids to toss around and play with. You get two larger wooden stakes when you order that are easy to drive into the ground, and there is a secure zippered bag with a carrying strap that makes it easy to take with you to parties. 

This horseshoe set comes made out of a heavy-duty plastic, and it holds up surprisingly well for a plastic-based set. You can bring these to the beach, park, camping, or almost anywhere without damaging it. Both adults and kids can use it without a problem, and the plastic design ensures that they can resist rust and corrosion. The customer service team is based in Orange County, California, and they’re very easy to reach if you need them. The horseshoes are blue and red, and this makes them easy to tell apart as you throw them. 


  • Double the size of regulation horseshoes 
  • Heavy-duty plastic material
  • U.S.-based customer service team 
  • Blue and red coloring 
  • Comes with two wooden stakes 
  • Easy to transport 
  • Suitable for kids 


  • Slightly heavier 

5. Challenger Professional Pitching Horseshoes – Best For Professional Use

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Challenger is one of the most universal horseshoe sets in this company’s lineup, and it comes with very straight, long, thin side blades that allow you to figure out the perfect grip for any possible turn. You also get a lot of room near the shoe’s rear to grip it in the dead center or to slide right or left as you play. If you choose to flip using an off-center grip, this set is a fantastic choice to ensure you get your grip to help you play the best you can without running out of room. There are double-sided, symmetrical cleats on the shoe’s tips to give you an excellent counterweight to make it easy to turn and flip as you play. 

This is an excellent horseshoe set to have if you want to set it up in your backyard by your greenhouses, but it’s also commonly used in tournament or league play all over the United States, and it’s especially popular in team or doubles competitions. It can take a beating without showing wear and tear, including at heavier professional-level usage. You get a two-year warranty from the date of purchase to protect you from chips, cracks, or breakage, and you get two official sized steel stakes that are cold rolled. You also get a guide booklet to help you play by all of the rules. 


  • Has long, thin side blades 
  • Can grip it in several styles 
  • Symmetrical cleats on the tips 
  • Commonly used in league or tournament play 
  • Resists wear and tear
  • Has a two-year warranty 
  • Cold-rolled steel stakes included 


  • May not be heavy enough for some players

6. Baden Champions Horseshoe Set – Best For Veteran Players

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This complete horseshoe set allows you to play the classic game without a problem, and you get a newly re-made set out of forged steel. This makes them eligible for league or tournament play for professional-grade horseshoe pitchers. You get two black forged steel horseshoes, two grey forged steel horseshoes, and two 24-inch steel stakes. The forged steel design allows them to resist rust and corrosion without a problem, and this includes when you leave them exposed to the elements like humidity or water. The National Horseshoe Pitchers Association (NHPA) has approved and tested this set, so you can use it in your yard or in tournaments without an issue. 

The nylon bag that comes with this horseshoe set allows you to pack it up to take it to different locations, or you can pack it up, hang it up, and store it during the off-season. The bag also has reinforced pockets and dedicated storage compartments to keep everything secure, and the velcro handle makes it easy to carry. Each horseshoe weighs in at 2.25-pounds, and this makes it easy for older players to pitch. You get instructions and rules included in each purchase to ensure you’re playing correctly. 


  • Nylon bag with reinforced pockets
  • Weighs 2.25-pounds each 
  • Professional-grade set
  • Easy for older players 
  • Get two black and two grey horseshoes 
  • NHPA tested and approved 
  • Easy to transport 


  • Can start to peel with heavy use 

7. Matty’s Toy Stop Deluxe Horseshoes – Best For Kids

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If your kids want to try horseshoes for their sleepover or you want a set that you can play inside, this is a good choice. You get two indoor pegs, four horseshoes, outdoor pegs, a rubber mat, and a mesh travel and storage bag in each purchase, and the mats give the indoor pegs more stability while providing a smaller shield for your floor to prevent scuffs from the flying horseshoes. You can have up to four kids playing at once in teams of two, or you can have two kids playing one-on-one. You will need space to set them 40-feet apart, but this can be easy if you have a hallway. 

This is a very lightweight horseshoe set that features a heavy-duty plastic design that can last for years at a time, and they’re very lightweight. This allows kids of a range of ages to easily toss it around the house or yard. The lightweight design also makes them easy enough to pack up and take with you. It also comes with a nylon bag that will hold all of your items and allow you to store or carry it around easily. The bright colors are very eye-catching and inviting, and the stakes are slightly thicker to make it easy to get the horseshoes around them. 


  • Bright colors
  • Slightly thicker design 
  • Uses thick plastic materials 
  • Nylon carrying bag included 
  • For indoor and outdoor use 
  • Has a rubber mat for each stake 
  • Easy to set up 


  • Uses plastic

8. EastPoint Sports Horseshoe Set – Best For Family Gatherings

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Anyone who routinely has gatherings with the kids or family should have a few lawn games on hand and ready to use, and this official-grade horseshoe set meets the official weight and size requirements. You get cast-iron horseshoes in this set that are very durable, and they weigh in at the official weight of 2.5-pounds that allow you to get the perfect throw each time you bring them out. The steel stakes included in this kit go 10-inches into the ground for excellent stability as you play, and there is a carrying caddy that lets you take this set with you without worrying about losing any pieces. 

You’ll get four cast-iron horseshoes with two steel stakes and one carrying caddy in each purchase, and the horseshoes are silver and bronze to make them easy to tell apart. Both casual and competitive players can easily use this set to play a few rounds, and you’ll get a weighted design that is easy to pitch. You’ll also get a full set of instructions and game rules included in each purchase to ensure you learn how to play correctly, and the caddy stores compactly between uses so you can fit it into your garden shed without a worry.


  • Horseshoes weigh 2.5-pounds 
  • Cast-iron material 
  • Steel stakes 
  • Hard-sided carrying caddy
  • Easy to set up
  • Comes with a full instruction manual and rule booklet 
  • For casual or professional players 


  • Stakes are very blunt

9. Outdoor Backyard Horse Shoes – Best For Yard Games

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If you’re more of a casual player, this is a set that is made out of heavy-duty rubber to make them durable without weighing them down. The lightweight design makes them easy to use, even for elderly or younger players. These rubber horseshoes can be easier to aim or throw than more traditional metal horseshoes, and you can use them both inside and outside without running into problems. They won’t scuff up anything as you toss them around, and they come with a design that is easy to grip in several different spaces so you can easily alternate your throws as you see fit. 

You get six horseshoes when you order this horseshoe set that measures 7.5-inches by 6.3-inches, and the dual rubber mats measure 12-inches in diameter. The center pegs are roughly six-inches high, and you get two plastic red stakes that are around 14-inches high. It’s easy and convenient to set up and tear down, and you can play on wooden flooring without worrying about any damage. Kids of all ages can play with this set without a problem, and it can have two to four players at a time. 


  • Rubberized material 
  • Slightly larger design
  • Works for indoor and outdoor use
  • Great for younger kids to play 
  • Has mats to help the stakes stay stable 
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Can transport it without a problem


  • Ground stake is very flimsy

10. Crown Sporting Goods Horseshoe Set – Best For Indoor/Outdoor Use

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The final horseshoe set on our list is by Crown Sporting Goods, and it’s another set that works well for playing inside or outside. If you want to play inside, you get two pegs to hold the mats into place to make the game fair. If you want to play horseshoes outside, you get sturdy plastic stakes that you can firmly plant both of your rubber mats into the ground at your selected distance. You do want to put them 40-feet apart outside to make it regulation-official, and you should angle them slightly toward one another. The stakes should stick up right around a foot. The foul line is between 27 and 37-feet away from the stake. 

This horseshoe set uses high-quality materials that ensure they won’t break, chip, or crack, and they go through durability tests. They’re designed to be unique and safe, and you get two different colored horseshoes in each order. It comes with four horseshoes, two plastic pegs, two rubber mats, a rule book, and two plastic stakes in each order. The bright yellow stakes are very easy to see, and the rubber mats are slightly wider to help ensure everything stays stable when you play.


  • Easy to set up 
  • Bright yellow stakes 
  • Uses a rubber material for the horseshoes 
  • Can use indoors and outdoors 
  • Horseshoes come in two colors 
  • Larger rubber mats
  • Has a rule book 


  • Horse shoes are very lightweight 

Best Horseshoe Set Buyer’s Guide

With so many manufacturers on the market claiming to have the best horseshoe set available, it can take time to narrow down your choices until you find the one that is in your budget and has all of the features you want. Instead of getting overwhelmed, we suggest you take a look at our reviews and use this guide to help you narrow down your choices. 

Professional-Grade or Casual

One of the first things you have to decide is whether or not your want to go with a professional-grade horseshoe set or a more casual horseshoe set. If it’s professional, look and make sure your best horseshoe set is NHPA compliant or approved. This means that the manufacturer followed the regulation standards for material, size, and weight when they made them. Professional sets are more expensive, but they use high-quality materials like forged steel to ensure their products last a lifetime. 

A casual horseshoe set is nice for those times when you want to set up a game in your yard, fire up the portable pizza oven, and have a friendly game between friends with good food. You’ll get a complete set with a carrying bag, stakes, and horseshoes for a relatively smaller price. You don’t need professional-grade here, but look for sets that are above-average. They can easily cost between $40 and $70. 

Horseshoe 2 Friends
You can spend hours out with your friends playing horseshoes in your backyard, and it’s a very fun party game for large groups of people.


When you play, even the best horseshoe set can take a large beating between hitting other horseshoes, the ground, or the stakes. This is why the materials are so important. You can find sets made out of rubber, plastic, cast-iron, or steel. A lot of the professional-grade sets come made out of forged steel. This is the preferred metal and method because they have a heavier build and you need precision weight distribution. 

Cast iron is very popular with professional and recreational users because it’s slightly more affordable. You can get a good experience and handle for the game using them, but they’re better for short-term use. It’s prone to rusting and breaking, so you should avoid them unless you’re a casual player. 

Families, kids, and newer, casual players usually gravitate toward rubber or plastic. Rubber is a lighter and safer alternative than metal, and it’s a good pick if you play to play with your kids or younger players. It reduces your risk of injury because it’s slightly more flexible. Plastic is nice for people who want to play indoors or for kids because it can break down quickly. 


How much do you want or have laying around to spend? Maybe you just priced out how much it’s going to cost you to rewire your home to make it safer, so you don’t have a lot of money left. Or, your kids want to try playing but you’re not 100% sure if they’ll like it. If this is the case, you’d most likely set a lower budget. The best horseshoe sets are slightly more expensive as a general rule, but you can find beginner sets for as low as $10. Professional-grade or a high-quality set for recreational use will run around $80. For a kid-friendly rubber set, prepare to spend around $30. 

Horseshoe 3 Budget
Higher-quality horseshoes are more expensive, but they can be worth it because they tend to last much longer overall.


Another important feature you want to consider when you shop for your horseshoe set is the weight of the horseshoes themselves. The NHPA recommends that your horseshoes should weigh roughly 2.5-pounds if you’re a professional-grade player. The ideal weight for you will depend on your preferences, and there are both heavier and lighter options available. If you have older or younger players that will use your horseshoe set, you may want to pick out a lighter option. 

Horseshoe Parts

There are three main sections to sport horseshoes with three features that have undergone several design requirements to meet the game’s rules. They include: 

  • Base – The base is the U-shaped middle portion on your horseshoe. 
  • Edges – Any sports horseshoe’s edges come rounded. This makes them more comfortable to throw or grip when you use them. 
  • Heel Calks – The calk refers to the flattened projection on each shank’s end. They’re more exaggerated and larger than traditional horseshoes. 
  • Hooks – The heel calk’s inside edge that hooks inward are the hooks. They can have a steep hook to them. The hooks function to help your horseshoes stay encircled around the stake when you manage to hit a ringer. 
  • Shanks – The straight legs on the horseshoes are the shanks. They extend out of the u-shaped base, and they’re a lot flatter and wider than traditional horseshoes. 
  • Thumb Cleat – You’ll get a raised ridge on both or one side of the base. You’ll notice them when you hold the horseshoe to do a flip throw. 

How to Care for Your Horseshoes 

It’s very common to see people leave their horseshoes scattered around the garden or yard after a few games. A lot of recreational sets come designed to withstand the elements, but a little care can help them go further. These tips include: 

  • Clean your horseshoes with dish soap and water after each use 
  • Dry the horseshoes thoroughly between uses 
  • Store your horseshoes in a storage or carrying case 
  • Your horseshoes should be upright and out of direct sunlight
  • Even though plastic or rubber horseshoe sets will survive the elements well, pets may like to chew them. So, it’s a good idea to pick them up and put them away between uses

Bottom Line

The best horseshoe set can help you improve or learn this traditional game. You can easily include the entire family and set up recreational games around your yard with your family and friends. We recommend looking at our 10 reviews and using our buying guide to sort them and find the best horseshoe set to suit your wants and needs that everyone can play. 

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