Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats

A big bonus with ultimate frisbee is that you don’t need a lot of equipment to get started, and this makes storing your toys and equipment between games easy. But the best ultimate frisbee cleats is a must. Companies now make ultimate frisbee-specific cleats, but you can also use soccer or lacrosse cleats without a problem. We’ve picked out the top 10 best ultimate frisbee cleats and reviewed them for you for men, women, and children. 

Although ultimate frisbee has been around since 1968, it’s quickly gaining popularity around the world as a fast-paced sport. You see high schools across the United States playing it, and it’s a fantastic alternative sport for people who aren’t into bigger sports like soccer, basketball, or football. 

You can compare them side by side before using our buyer’s guide to narrow down your choices for the best cleats for ultimate frisbee and pick the best ultimate frisbee cleats to keep you comfortable and safe when you play. 

Ultimate Frisbee 1 Start
The best ultimate frisbee cleats are essential for any amateur or professional player to ensure they can play to their best level while staying comfortable on different playing fields. 

1. Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleats

If your ultimate frisbee field is indoors, these best ultimate frisbee cleats are a solid choice. These cleats for ultimate frisbee are the turf version of the Copa Mundial brand, and this makes them one of the most popular cleats for ultimate frisbee available on the current market. The high-quality materials used in this shoe make them comfortable and durable, and the main component is Kangaroo leather that is extremely durable and long-lasting. There is a stitched suede toe with reinforcement that prevents your shoes from falling apart at the end with repeated use. 

Instead of having larger cleats, these soccer cleats have rows of smaller ones that allow you to get a great grip on the ground to give you better traction. They don’t work well for wet ground, but the die-cut EVA insole gives you all of the cushion you need to stay comfortable game after game. It has a black and white coloring that is very sleek, and they come in several full and half-sizes. 


  • Rows of smaller cleats grip the floor or turf
  • Die-cut insole is very comfortable 
  • Suede toe holds the shoes together


  • Not suitable for outdoor use
  • Foot can slide to the side
  • Slightly more bulky feel 

2. Nike Mercurial Victory VI FG Soccer Cleats

Maybe you want to build a larger garage and turn it into a practice area. If so, these by Nike are a great pick. These are very popular on the soccer pitch, and you can find both professional and amateur players wearing them. Although they are slightly more expensive, it comes packed full of nice features that help justify the costs and ensure that these cleats for ultimate frisbee last for years. It has a lightweight plate attached to the bottom of the cleat with chevron-pattern ultimate frisbee cleats. These cleats can improve your performance and it gives you excellent stability on wet and firm ground. They’ll help keep you upright while providing excellent traction. 

These frisbee cleats also come with Compression Fit from Nike. It has a very lightweight microfiber material that helps to create a comfortable fit because it compresses around your foot. You get several fun designs to choose from to customize your order to your tastes, and the synthetic leather upper helps mold the shoes to your feet while keeping you comfortable and the shoes secure. It comes in several different sizes, but each size does run narrow. This can make it uncomfortable for wider feet. 


  • Available in a few bright colors and patterns
  • Has Compression Fit that hugs your feet
  • Synthetic leather is durable


  • Runs very narrow to size
  • Heel takes time to break in to prevent blisters 
  • Can rub if you don’t have a tight fit

3. ASICS GEL-Provost Low Lacrosse Shoes

One great thing about playing this sport is that the frisbee cleats can come from different sports. Soccer cleats or football cleats are very lightweight and fast, but soccer cleats or football cleats lack protection. Lacrosse cleats come designed to move fast and be lightweight, but they offer slightly more protection than soccer cleats. It has a multi-function cleat plate that will work well on just about any terrain while giving you an excellent grip and traction that keeps you upright. The rear of the shoe has an innovative gel cushioning system to prevent blisters and keep you comfortable. 

The upper part of these frisbee cleats has very nice ventilation, and this prevents your feet from overheating when you play. You get a removable sock liner that you can pull out to wash to keep your shoes clean, and you get the choice of two different colors. There is excellent support with these shoes that reduces the chances of getting blisters with extended play. 


  • Cleat plate is multi-functional 
  • Available in two color combinations 
  • Gel cushioning is comfortable


  • Cleats can come loose 
  • Have a slightly harder body 
  • Difficult to break in

4. Under Armour Showstopper Football Cleats

If you have a large enough backyard, you can pick out a high-quality lawn fertilizer to manicure the lawn and turn it into your own course to use the frisbee cleats on. These Showstopper cleats from Under Armour give you an excellent blend of stability and traction all wrapped up in a low-profile design that is very lightweight and versatile. The comfort factor is very high with these cleats, no matter if you want to play several short games or a longer one. You’ll get a die-cut 4D foam lining in your cleats that cradles your foot and prevents blisters. 

Because they use foam, these cleats for ultimate frisbee get more comfortable the longer you wear them because the shoe molds more securely to your foot. They have a very durable build that will last through several seasons. You have to ensure that you lighten the cleats up before each game so they don’t accidentally fall out mid-play because they’re not integrated into the shoes themselves. The TPU plate gives you great traction on different surfaces. 


  • Die-cut 4D foam lining 
  • Gets more comfortable as time goes on
  • Very lightweight


  • Cleats can fall out
  • Run small and narrow to size
  • Takes a while to break in 

5. New Balance Baseball TPU Cleats

If you’re worried about skidding and falling while you play, these are some of the best cleats on the market that can help prevent it. You can choose from a classic black or a sleek grey color scheme, and they have a versatile fit that can keep you comfortable through extended play. They have a very durable build that helps them withstand different playing conditions without breaking down or falling apart like the double stitching and the synthetic leather. The sole is a very resistant rubber that can help absorb the shock. 

There is a debris-free construction on these cleats, and the upper and lower sections feature a durable bonding to hold them together. The comfort caller prevents the shoes from rubbing on your ankle as you play, and there is a toe guard that helps to hold the front of the shoe together. You get the choice of several different sizes, including wide sizes. 


  • Helps you keep your balance on different playing fields
  • Has a comfort collar to protect your ankle
  • Uses debris-free construction 


  • Cleats are slightly larger 
  • Has a more bulky build
  • May run too wide to fit

6. Nike Kids’ Football Cleats 

If you’re looking for a fun backyard game to play with your kids, buy them a pair of cleats and introduce them to the game. These shoes come designed to mimic soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo’s cleats, and these are more high-end cleats that come packed with nice features to keep your kid comfortable the entire time they play. The Nike Grip System is a great feature that helps prevent your kid from sliding around on different turf conditions, and this can keep them safe when they play. 

These cleats do fit tight compared to others, but they break in very quickly after a few games to be comfortable. There are 36 different color combinations, and the sizes start at four years old and go up to 8.5 in men’s. This means that these cleats can grow with your kid and they can keep upsizing as they need it. The low profile design stops the shoes from rubbing on your kid’s ankles and forming blisters. 


  • Available in a large size range 
  • Offers 36 different colors
  • Has a very comfortable design


  • Runs slightly longer in size
  • Can be difficult to run in
  • Can cause calluses to form

7. Adidas Performance Wheelhouse Cleats

Anyone who wants to give their best performance every time they step on the pitch should take a look at these cleats. These best cleats come very well made to ensure they survive playing in rough terrains, harsh conditions, and under constant strain with everyday use without breaking down. The toe features double-stitching on it that prevents it from falling apart when repeated use, and it has a very low cut design that is comfortable in extended play.  The upper portion of the shoe is very compact and lightweight, and it won’t restrict your movement on the course. 

There is a rubber sole on these best cleats that will give you excellent traction on dry and wet surfaces, and the rubber design resists warping, cracking, or losing shape with hard use. There is a ¾ length EVA midsole that will cushion your feet while you play to prevent fatigue. The back of the shoe has a molded area for your heel to fit and stay. 


  • Available in several sizes
  • Synthetic leather gives you a comfortable fit
  • Toe guard has double stitching


  • Runs slightly small to size
  • Feel slightly flat 
  • Can scuff easily 

8. Under Armour UA Spine Glyde

Anyone who likes to play on artificial grass should take a look at these cleats. They come with a very lightweight design that allows you to move very quickly and easily. They also give you more control over your stopping power and acceleration, and this can give you more confidence on the field in different weather conditions. They come in four color combinations that are sleek, and the cleats grip into the turf when you move. The synthetic upper is a very high quality, and it works to protect your feet from knocks, bumps, abrasions, and the sun. 

The inner lining on these cleats feels very smooth to increase your comfort factor, and it has an excellent breathability level that prevents moisture from building up in your shoes as you play. There is a toe piece that resists abrasions, and this helps to protect your toes as you play. The molded 4D foam insole gives you a non-slip interior that ensures your feet stay in place as you play. 


  • Has a non-slip insole 
  • High-quality material protects your feet
  • Gives you excellent stopping and running power


  • Cleats can bend on harder surfaces 
  • Runs slightly narrow to fit 
  • Toe piece can break or wear out

9. Adidas Men’s Ace FXG Soccer 

Although these ultimate frisbee cleats are slightly more expensive, they have updated technology that makes them more suitable for playing on different types of pitches. Your cleats should be able to keep a high level of traction on different surfaces, and these shoes can do that for you. They can lend you a lot of control and stability as you move across the field, and this can improve your overall performance. They don’t skimp on comfort, but they take a performance hit when you play on wet ground. 

The synthetic lining in these ultimate frisbee cleats keeps your feet comfortable while preventing blisters. Additionally, the lining also helps keep your feet stable in the shoes by preventing sliding. They come in three bright color options, and these cleats will shape to your foot for extended play. You’ll get the choice of several sizes, and this includes half sizes to give you the perfect fit. 


  • Works well on several different turfs 
  • Gives you higher levels of traction 
  • Molds to your foot for excellent comfort levels


  • Slightly more expensive 
  • Not good on wet surfaces 
  • May only last a single season

10. Vizari Unisex-Kid’s Stealth FG 

The final entry on our list is for kids, and they come from a less-known brand called Vizari. They give your kid a high level of traction and stability while protecting their feet from bumps and knocks. You can tuck the laces into the flexible tongue to keep them out of your way, and they’re comfortable enough for extended wear. These shoes run half a size higher than many companies offer, and this allows you the chance to let your kid grow into their shoes. 

The rubber sole is very durable, and it won’t warp with rough use. It has a synthetic upper layer that molds to your foot and offers excellent breathability to prevent your kid’s feet from getting too hot. They’re available in 12 bold color combinations, and these cleats come in both boy and girl sizes. There is an anti-stretch lining that will ensure you get a good fit. 


  • Available in three styles 
  • Has several bold color combinations 
  • Rubber sole is very thick


  • Sizing can be off
  • Laces can fray very quickly
  • Can cause blisters on the sides

Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats – Buyer’s Guide 

When it comes time to pick out your gear for ultimate frisbee, there are so many options available on the current market that it’s easy to get overwhelmed and pick the first one you see. However, getting comfortable and functional shoes is paramount with this sport because you do a lot of running. Not getting a comfortable and durable shoe can result in blisters and sub-par performance levels. 

Whatever the best ultimate frisbee cleats are to you, it’s essential that you go with a reputable brand. This is important because any high-quality brand will most likely have a track record of using durable materials and making sure they take care with their products. You’ll get more use for your money because they’ll last longer than cheaper ones, and it’s usually easier to get in touch with customer service. Brands like Under Armour, Puma, Adidas, and Nike are all solid choices. 

Ultimate Frisbee 2 Guide
Using a buying guide to choose the best ultimate frisbee cleats can ensure you get a durable option that will last season after season without breaking down. 

Buying Considerations 

The best ultimate frisbee cleats are easy to find once you know what to look for when you shop. You have to figure out where you’re going to spend the majority of the playing first. Do you plan to play indoors or on slippery ground like sod? What about artificial turf or real grass? Hard or soft? All of these small things will make a big impact on the cleats you choose. Other buying considerations include: 

  • Length of the Cleats – Ideally, your cleats for ultimate frisbee will be as close as they possibly can be to the end of your toe. This will help you grip as you run and ensure you have great traction. The gap between your toe and the end of the cleat should be ½ or ¼ of an inch at the most. If they’re farther, you won’t get as good of a grip. 
  • Cleat Material – As a general rule, you’re not allowed to have metal cleats or studs on the best ultimate frisbee cleats. They have to be either rubber or plastic. You could possibly get away with metal if you’re just playing around with friends, depending on how serious the game is. 
  • Laces – Your laces should be durable enough for you to tug on and tighten up your shoes to give you a snug fit. You could also tuck them into your shoes after you tie them to keep them out of your way when you run. 
  • Size – Many ultimate frisbee cleats run narrow, and you have to keep this sizing in mind when you shop so you get a comfortable fit. Look in the reviews and see if anyone mentions the sizing. Do they run small or large? How about wide or narrow? 
  • Design of Your Cleats – There are two types of studs on ultimate frisbee cleats. The first type are the permanent one that you find when you buy soccer or lacrosse shoes. The second type is a screwable cleat that is popular with football shoes. Both of them work for this sport, but it can take more time to double-check if your screwable cleats for ultimate frisbee are tight before each game. 

Ultimate Frisbee 3 Considerations
Ultimate frisbee is a low-impact game that requires you to develop a skill set without buying a lot of equipment. This makes it popular with amateur players. 

  • Weight – If you want lightweight shoes, go for soccer or lacrosse ones. Football shoes are much heavier and slightly bulkier. They’re heavier because they use metal cleats that you can screw into your shoes. 
  • Style – There are two main styles when it comes to the best ultimate frisbee cleats, and they are high-tops and low-cut. Low-cut cleats can give you better control, and this is the type you see in soccer and lacrosse. High-top cleats give you excellent ankle support, and you see them in football. 
  • Shape of the Studs – Studs come in hard ground, rounded or conical, and blades. Blades give you great traction and speed. If you play on hard surfaces, hard ground cleats work great. Rounded or conical cleats give you better stability. 
  • Flexibility – Depending on your position when you play, you may not find yourself moving around as much. However, flexibility is important. Make sure your cleats are able to bend with your foot. If they can’t, this can be very uncomfortable with extended play. 
  • Sole – The sole on the best ultimate frisbee cleats mold to your feet to help absorb the shock and keep you comfortable as you play. Look for a rubber sole that is durable enough to withstand wear and tear without breaking down.

Ultimate Frisbee 4 End
Anyone who wants to play ultimate frisbee needs a quality pair of cleats, and you can get them without breaking your budget online or in a sporting goods store. 

Bottom Line 

The best ultimate frisbee cleats help you dig into the turf, run faster, and have more stability as you play. Taking your time to pick out the best option available in your budget range will help you get a leg up on your competition. Our 10 top picks with reviews and our buying guide helps you narrow down everything and make a smart pick based on your circumstances. 

Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats