Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats

A big bonus with ultimate frisbee is that you don’t need a lot of equipment to get started, and this makes storing your toys and equipment between games easy. But the best ultimate frisbee cleats is a must. Companies now make ultimate frisbee-specific cleats, but you can also use soccer or lacrosse cleats without a problem. We’ve picked out the top 10 best ultimate frisbee cleats and reviewed them for you for men, women, and children. 

Although ultimate frisbee has been around since 1968, it’s quickly gaining popularity around the world as a fast-paced sport. You see high schools across the United States playing it, and it’s a fantastic alternative sport for people who aren’t into bigger sports like soccer, basketball, or football. 

You can compare them side by side before using our buyer’s guide to narrow down your choices for the best cleats for ultimate frisbee and pick the best ultimate frisbee cleats to keep you comfortable and safe when you play. 

Ultimate Frisbee 1 Start
The best ultimate frisbee cleats are essential for any amateur or professional player to ensure they can play to their best level while staying comfortable on different playing fields. 

1. Nike Men’s Phantom Vision Academy – Top Pick


This is a very snugly-fitting pair of cleats that has a decent price tag attached. This is a laceless shoe that looks like a boot, and it comes with studs that can endure heavy usage without breaking down. This shoe is perfect for anyone who likes a very snug fit and doesn’t want to worry about laces coming undone as they play and presenting a tripping hazard. This shoe mixes the aesthetics you get with a Chelsea boot with a nice pair of cleats, and it’s the perfect accessory to slip on when you play large group games

You get a tight grip that stays comfortable with long wear, and they give you exceptional balance and control in virtually any playing condition from dry and hot to wet and muddy. You won’t have to worry about slipping, and there is a Dynamic Fit collar around the ankle that will flex as you move, and the rubber outsole allows you to play on anything from dirt to synthetic grass without skipping a beat. The material is durable but breathable to stop your feet from getting too hot, and it comes in a large range of colors and sizes to match your preferences. 


  • Fits very snugly 
  • Laceless design 
  • Fits like a boot 
  • Durable cleats 
  • Dynamic Fit collar 
  • Rubber outsole
  • Durale while staying breathable 


  • Tends to run to a more narrow fit

2. Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial – Step-Up Pick


A lot of professionals don this footwear before their games, and you can slip into them before your next ultimate frisbee match. They’ve been available for over 50 years, and the company’s dedication to high-quality products shines through with this design that will help it outlive a huge range of the competitors. These shoes work best if you plan to play on grass or turf, and you can attach studs to use them on wet surfaces to give you excellent traction that ensures you don’t slide or slip around. You’ll get a rubberized sole that gives you fantastic contact with the ground to ensure you have sure footing throughout the whole match. 

This company is dedicated to using high-quality materials that won’t wear out or break with a few games, and this drives up the price a bit because you won’t have to replace them nearly as much. Additionally, these cleats accommodate people who have very wide feet, and you can wear them and be comfortable without worrying about them rubbing or fitting too tight. The leather construction makes these cleats sturdy while providing more stability and support. They’re currently available in 16 sizes ranging from size 4 up to size 16, and you get a sleek black and white coloring. 


  • Leather construction 
  • Has a very wide fit 
  • High-quality materials 
  • Reputable company 
  • 16 sizes available, including half sizes 
  • Sleek coloring 
  • Sturdy cleats 


  • Tends to run one size up

3. Vizari Unisex-Kid’s Stealth Shoes – Mid-End Budget Pick


This isn’t a hugely well-known brand in general, but it’s a great pair of ultimate frisbee cleats for your kids that will last more than one season. The brand takes great pride in offering high-quality products, and the cleats give your kid a nice amount of safety as they play because they help to stabilize the feet while providing excellent ground traction to prevent your kid from falling or sliding as they play. You can tuck the laces inside the shoe’s flexible tongue to prevent tripping hazards, and you can use them straight from the box without worrying about any additional preparation. 

These cleats also run a half of a size larger than a lot of other brands to help accommodate people who have wider feet, and it leaves room for your kids to grow into their shoes. You can outfit kids 1 to 12 with these cleats, and they come in eight different colors with a large range of sizes to find the perfect fit. They have a low-profile design with a padded ankle area to prevent rubbing, and the textured synthetic upper portion of the shoe is breathable without sacrificing durability to ensure everyone stays comfortable for longer tournaments. 



  • No adult sizes available 

4. New Balance Mid-Cut Lacrosse Shoe – Bargain Budget Pick

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If you plan to play downhill Ultimate Frisbee, these shoes are an excellent choice without breaking the budget. They’re officially made for Lacrosse, but the design allows you to easily and safely pace on a slope or downhill while chasing the frisbee without fear of falling. They give you an excellent mix of acceleration and protection when you play on uneven terrain, and this can ensure you do well while avoiding any nasty accidents. The upper part of the shoe features a textile fiber with synthetic materials that allows it to stretch to conform to your feet while keeping a solid build. 

The bottom portion of these Ultimate Frisbee cleats is a non-toxic thermoplastic rubber material, and this is an artificial plastic with the flex and rubber. This material gives the outer sole resistance to skidding, wear and tear, or slipping when you transition to different surface types. It won’t deform with heavy play because the material keeps the elasticity factor. The shoes also feature thermoplastic polyurethane to give you a great grip while you run. The shoe is very lightweight while being durable, and they resist splitting, abrasions, or deformation to ensure that they can last a few seasons. 


  • Unique plate allows for great push-offs
  • Anti-slipping design 
  • Thicker rubber sole is durable 
  • Best for uneven terrain 
  • Conforms to your feet
  • Upper portion offers a small amount of stretch 
  • Won’t deform with heavy use


  • White coloring gets dirty quickly 

5. Under Armour Mc Football Shoe – Best For Ankle Support


Any pair of high-top cleats can give your feet more protection and support around your ankle area to prevent sprains. This cleat comes from Under Armor, and this brand is very well-known for producing high-quality items that will last for years while being supportive, affordable, and lightweight. There is a soft textile with engineered synthetic materials on the upper parts of the shoes that is breathable while allowing the shoe to flex with your feet when you run on everything from sod to dirt. This makeup also makes them much more breathable to ensure your feet don’t get too hot as you play. 

Even though you get a high-top design with these cleats, they’re not any heavier than traditional cleats with the added ankle protection and supportive design. The 4D molded foam footbeds allow the shoes to conform to the shape of your feet to reduce stress while providing a more comfortable fit. There is a cleat plate on these shoes that offers greater UA Scatter Traction to allow you to move in any direction. They come in 15 color combinations ranging from bright and bold colors to more traditional black and white, and they also come in a huge range of sizes. 


  • Molded 4D foam footbed
  • High-top design 
  • UA Scatter Traction 
  • Conforms to your foot 
  • Breathable and flexible
  • Durable stitching 
  • Nice range of colors


  • Sizing can be inconsistent 

6. Mizuno 9-Spike Advanced Franchise Cleats – Best For


Anyone who is on a budget but still searching for the best Ultimate Frisbee cleats should take a look at this pick. They can give you excellent comfort and support with great traction for any type of field, including turf or clay surfaces. They have a lower price tag on them without sacrificing quality, and they have a very low-cut design that is comfortable to wear. They feature durable uppers with synthetic materials, and the studs and spikes feature a rubber material to give you more comfort when you move while helping to keep you stable and ensure you get excellent traction on wet or loose surfaces. 

The inside of these cleats are very well padded and feature built-in insoles that are very cushioned. You’ll get a baseball-specific cleat pattern with this shoe, and they come in two color combinations with two sizes to help you find a secure fit. They tend to run wide with the sizing, so they may not be the best for people with more narrow feet. However, they will last through several seasons to ensure that you are ready to hit the tournaments whenever they happen to pop up. 


  • Rubberized cleats 
  • Low-cut design 
  • Two color combinations available
  • Baseball-specific cleat pattern
  • Breathable upper layer 
  • Runs wide to fit 
  • Lower price tag 


  • Not as durable as some on the list

7. Under Armour Men’s Nitro Low Cleats – Best For Narrow Feet


If you have narrow feet and like to play Ultimate Frisbee on artificial turf, these shoes are an excellent choice because they have a molded TPU plate with much skinner studs on them that allow you to have more stable acceleration and cuts. They also work well on natural surfaces, both solid and ones with more give. The upper portion of these cleats feature a coated textile with synthetic strikes running through them that give you great stability and grip without sacrificing comfort. The tongue is a breathable mesh material, and there are die-cut EVA sock liners included below your feet to add more comfort. 

The molded toe cap on these cleats gives you more protection as you play if you should get stepped on, and it all comes wrapped in a stylish and simple design. You’ll choose from a decently large range of colors, and they come in 18 different sizes that include half sizes. These shoes create a support cage around your feet, and the plate comes designed to be very lightweight. There are secondary cleats that engage to give you more grip to help you move better. 


  • Molded TPU plate 
  • Die-cut EVA sock liner 
  • Molded toe cap
  • Creates a support cage 
  • Multiple sizes available 
  • Lightweight and durable 
  • Breathable mesh tongue 


  • The tongue has a shorter design 

8. ASICS Men’s GEL-Provost Cleats – Best For Sensitive Skin


These are high-quality cleats that you can wear for Ultimate Frisbee tournaments, and they have a sporty and sleek look to them. They come made out of nice synthetic materials that are suitable for almost any field-type sports, and they’re both functional and comfortable to wear for extended periods. They’re relatively lightweight without sacrificing support, and the cushioned collars around the ankles ensure that they don’t rub and create sore spots when you play. There are also breathable uppers on these shoes that ensure your feet don’t get too hot when you wear them for hours at a time. 

There is Rearfoot Gel cushioning tech built into these Ultimate Frisbee cleats with a DuoMax midsole and a 55° Solyte to ensure you stay comfortable and supported. They give you the all-terrain traction you come to expect with cleats with the cushioning level you expect from traditional sneakers. The sock liners in these shoes are removable, and they work very well for wide and flat feet. You get extra room inside so nothing rubs or is too tight, and they have a very stylish silhouette. You can choose from eight sizes and two color options when you order to get a good fit. 


  • Synthetic design 
  • Low profile 
  • Cushioned ankle collars 
  • Rearfoot Gel cushioning technology 
  • DuoMax midsole 
  • Sock liners 
  • Sleek and stylish 


  • Back of the shoe may be too high to be comfortable

9. Puma Universal FG Soccer Cleats – Best For Women


These Ultimate Frisbee cleats work to ensure that female players can stay comfortable while getting great support as they play, and you get striking and bold colors that make them stand out when you compare them to the traditional black and white cleats many people wear. You’ll get synthetic uppers that are highly resistant to abrasions from normal play, and this allows you to get long-lasting wear out of each pair of cleats you get. These shoes also come with ComfortLast tech that will conform to the natural shape of your foot to give you a snug and secure fit. 

The padded tongue and collars on these shoes give you more support and cushioning to ensure you don’t get any sore spots. You can use them on natural or hard fields, including grass, clay, or dirt. They come designed for seasoned players, but they are a little bit undersized. You can get great traction that helps you move seamlessly from one area to the next, and there is a durable rubber sole with rubber cleats that are more comfortable to walk on. 


  • Very bright colors
  • Rubberized sole and cleats
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Comes with ComfortLast tech 
  • Synthetic, durable uppers 
  • Comes in 13 sizes, including half sizes 
  • Lower profile


  • Tend to be undersized 

10. DREAM PAIRS Low-top Soccer Cleats – Best For 


The final pair of Ultimate Frisbee cleats on the list features a synthetic textured upper layer that lets you move better. They’re also extremely breathable to keep your feet aerated and cool as you play. The toe has a rounded shape to it that gives you more space to move around while providing great protection. You’ll get an excellent grip with these shoes on a large range of terrains, and they have a synthetic outsole that allows you to stop quickly on different surfaces without an issue. You’ll also be able to run more confidently and firmly with them, and this is important if you routinely play on uneven terrain or in wet conditions. 

You’ll get conical studs on these cleats that give you more traction, and the insoles of these shoes are padded to give you more cushioning so that you don’t experience fatigue or aches and pains. The shoes have a pretty gradient color combination that gives you a great visual experience while looking stylish. It has a very lightweight construction to it that lets you move more gradually, but they’re durable enough to survive round after round of play without an issue. 


  • Great underfoot support
  • Comes in several colors 
  • Low profile design 
  • Excellent traction and grip 
  • Very breathable design 
  • Conical studs allow quick stopping
  • Adjustable shoestrings create a nice fit


  • Not extremely durable materials

Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats – Buyer’s Guide 

When it comes time to pick out your gear for ultimate frisbee, there are so many options available on the current market that it’s easy to get overwhelmed and pick the first one you see. However, getting comfortable and functional shoes is paramount with this sport because you do a lot of running. Not getting a comfortable and durable shoe can result in blisters and sub-par performance levels. 

Whatever the best ultimate frisbee cleats are to you, it’s essential that you go with a reputable brand. This is important because any high-quality brand will most likely have a track record of using durable materials and making sure they take care with their products. You’ll get more use for your money because they’ll last longer than cheaper ones, and it’s usually easier to get in touch with customer service. Brands like Under Armour, Puma, Adidas, and Nike are all solid choices. 

Ultimate Frisbee 2 Guide
Using a buying guide to choose the best ultimate frisbee cleats can ensure you get a durable option that will last season after season without breaking down. 

Buying Considerations 

The best ultimate frisbee cleats are easy to find once you know what to look for when you shop. You have to figure out where you’re going to spend the majority of the playing first. Do you plan to play indoors or on slippery ground like sod? What about artificial turf or real grass? Hard or soft? All of these small things will make a big impact on the cleats you choose. Other buying considerations include: 

  • Length of the Cleats – Ideally, your cleats for ultimate frisbee will be as close as they possibly can be to the end of your toe. This will help you grip as you run and ensure you have great traction. The gap between your toe and the end of the cleat should be ½ or ¼ of an inch at the most. If they’re farther, you won’t get as good of a grip. 
  • Cleat Material – As a general rule, you’re not allowed to have metal cleats or studs on the best ultimate frisbee cleats. They have to be either rubber or plastic. You could possibly get away with metal if you’re just playing around with friends, depending on how serious the game is. 
  • Laces – Your laces should be durable enough for you to tug on and tighten up your shoes to give you a snug fit. You could also tuck them into your shoes after you tie them to keep them out of your way when you run. 
  • Size – Many ultimate frisbee cleats run narrow, and you have to keep this sizing in mind when you shop so you get a comfortable fit. Look in the reviews and see if anyone mentions the sizing. Do they run small or large? How about wide or narrow? 
  • Design of Your Cleats – There are two types of studs on ultimate frisbee cleats. The first type are the permanent one that you find when you buy soccer or lacrosse shoes. The second type is a screwable cleat that is popular with football shoes. Both of them work for this sport, but it can take more time to double-check if your screwable cleats for ultimate frisbee are tight before each game. 

Ultimate Frisbee 3 Considerations
Ultimate frisbee is a low-impact game that requires you to develop a skill set without buying a lot of equipment. This makes it popular with amateur players. 

  • Weight – If you want lightweight shoes, go for soccer or lacrosse ones. Football shoes are much heavier and slightly bulkier. They’re heavier because they use metal cleats that you can screw into your shoes. 
  • Style – There are two main styles when it comes to the best ultimate frisbee cleats, and they are high-tops and low-cut. Low-cut cleats can give you better control, and this is the type you see in soccer and lacrosse. High-top cleats give you excellent ankle support, and you see them in football. 
  • Shape of the Studs – Studs come in hard ground, rounded or conical, and blades. Blades give you great traction and speed. If you play on hard surfaces, hard ground cleats work great. Rounded or conical cleats give you better stability. 
  • Flexibility – Depending on your position when you play, you may not find yourself moving around as much. However, flexibility is important. Make sure your cleats are able to bend with your foot. If they can’t, this can be very uncomfortable with extended play. 
  • Sole – The sole on the best ultimate frisbee cleats mold to your feet to help absorb the shock and keep you comfortable as you play. Look for a rubber sole that is durable enough to withstand wear and tear without breaking down.

Ultimate Frisbee 4 End
Anyone who wants to play ultimate frisbee needs a quality pair of cleats, and you can get them without breaking your budget online or in a sporting goods store. 

Bottom Line 

The best ultimate frisbee cleats help you dig into the turf, run faster, and have more stability as you play. Taking your time to pick out the best option available in your budget range will help you get a leg up on your competition. Our 10 top picks with reviews and our buying guide helps you narrow down everything and make a smart pick based on your circumstances. 

Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats

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