The Best Pogo Stick for Kids and Adults

Are you looking for a way to introduce a fun and old-school way to get outside and exercise to your kids? A pogo stick can be a challenging toy your kids will have fun figuring out. Although it’s more than century old, pogo sticks have evolved over time to be a whole new breed.

The best pogo stick rides much more smoothly and flies a lot higher than the original ones did, and makes for excellent exercise. Younger kids, teens, and adults can all enjoy pogo sticks, and you can learn tricks and stunts to get a friendly competition going. Let’s jump right in and review the nine best pogo sticks on the market, and use our buyer’s guide to help you pick out the best pogo stick for your needs below.

Pogo 1 Start
You can get a pogo stick in almost any size, and this makes the best pogo stick fun for the entire family to enjoy.

Flybar Maverick 2.0 – Top Pick

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This product comes with a foam-covered metal frame, non-slip foot pegs, fully enclosed spring, and a thinner center pole that make this an excellent pogo stick for kids who are under nine and who want to ride their first pogo stick. This is a best-selling product with a classic design that is both ergonomic and rugged, and the lightweight frame gives your kids less resistance when they ride. The compact parts on this product fit perfectly for lighter, smaller bodies. 


There are several nice safety features that reduce the chances that your child will sustain minor injuries, and the spring comes covered to avoid skin injuries. The main case has a fully enclosed foam design on it that gives your kids a resilient, soft buffer, and there is a very narrow center pole that prevents cramped legs and scuffed knees. The slip-resistant rubber base cap on this pogo stick with skid-free foot pedals will help your child land their jumps and more complex bounces with ease. As a bonus, this product comes in a range of styles and colors, and this can match any style or gender. 


  • Thinner center pole 
  • Ergonomic and rugged
  • Fully enclosed foam design 
  • Slip-resistant base 
  • Range of colors
  • Easy to use
  • Great for beginners


  • Rubber base can fall off

2. Foam Master Pogo Stick – Step-Up Pick

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If you’re looking for backyard games to play with your kid, consider this pogo stick. This is a classic flagship model pogo stick that is perfect for any intermediate riders you have. It’s a great product for tweens that have already had a pogo stick or two and are ready to fly higher each time they use it. There is a durable spring mechanism on this pogo stick that has a protective casing to prevent your kids from pinching their skin as they play. You also get a wider bounce tip on this product to give it extra stability. 


In turn, your child can build their confidence levels as they learn how to use this toy. The top to bottom foam casing helps prevent against injuries, and there are very grippy footpegs with textured handlebars to make it very secure. It does come with a tougher spring that requires heavier riders. It also has replaceable parts that allow you to use it for years. Your child can use this as a stepping stone before moving onto a more professional-grade product. You can choose from five colors to match your styles. 


  • Five colors
  • Works for intermediate riders 
  • Durable spring mechanism 
  • Foam casing 
  • Textured handlebars 
  • Replaceable parts available 
  • Grippy bounce tip 


  • Hard plastic piece under the handles

3. Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper – Mid-End Budget Pick

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Even though this isn’t a true pogo stick, it’s a fun toy to introduce very young children to pogo sticks. It works for children as young as three, and most kids at this age will be able to hold the handles, stand on the foam footpad, and jump around relatively easily. This is an inexpensive choice that won’t break our bank, and it comes from a very reputable brand. It’s made out of a durable foam that will withstand a lot of heavy use without showing a lot of wear and tear. 

You can use this pogo stick indoors or outdoors, and it’s a great tool to help your kids develop their balance, hand eye coordination, and gross motor skills. So, it gives your kids a head start, and it also encourages fitness. They’ll get up and jump around with it for hours of fun. You get a 30-day free trial with this product, and you can return it if you’re not 100% satisfied for a full refund. It comes in 13 fun colors that you can mix and match to suit your child’s preferences, and it features high-quality materials in the design. 


  • Durable foam 
  • Trains on balance
  • 30-day trial 
  • 13 colors available 
  • Indoor and outdoor use 
  • For kids three and up
  • Encourages fitness


  • Not really a traditional pogo stick

4. Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper – Bargain Budget Pick

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If you have a playhouse or shed for your kids, this pogo stick will fit in perfectly. This is a great budget pick if you want to get a beginner stick for your younger kids. This product comes designed to be used for kids three and up, and it’s completely safe. It doesn’t have a spring-loaded system in it, but it does have a cushioned foam base on it that helps your kids safely bounce around without a lot of strain. So, you get all of the fun as a regular pogo stick without the risk of injury. 

The foam base on this pogo stick makes squeaky noises when your kids bounce, and this will keep your kids interested and moving. It can accommodate children of virtually all sizes up to 250-pounds, so adults can take a spin on it too. There are comfortable handles on this product that are easy to grip, and there are no extremely hard pieces to get hurt on as you bounce. You can use it indoors and outdoors without scuffing up the floors, including hardwood flooring. 


  • Supports up to 250-pounds 
  • Cushioned foam base
  • Makes squeaky noises 
  • Comfortable handles 
  • Use indoors and outdoors
  • Won’t scuff flooring 
  • Easy to use 


  • Can’t jump high

5. Super Pogo Stick – Best For Intermediate Riders

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If you have any teenagers who like pogo sticks, this one offers a heavy-duty steel frame that is lightweight but durable enough because it has a stripped-back design to it. It’s a modern classic that is suitable for both teenage riders and technical pogo riders who are experts. This is also a favorite product for professional-grade riders who like to make spin tricks at ground level. It’s a great pick for people who want to start more extreme riding, and it comfortably lifts your kid off the ground. 

You won’t get huge heights with this pogo stick that you’ll get by using compressed air models. It has a retro, sleek frame with an exposed spring on it, wide foot pedals, a skid-free nitrile rubber tip, and nicely curved handlebars. The compact structure also makes it easy to transport and store, so it’s a versatile option for the school, skatepark, or driveway. Anyone 14 and up that weighs between 120 and 210 pounds can comfortably use this product, and it’s a great way to learn coordination and balance skills. The wide foot pegs also come coated in grip tape to make it easier to stay on. 


  • Sleek, retro frame 
  • 120 and 210 pound weight range 
  • Wide foot pegs
  • Learn balance and coordination skills
  • For 14 and up 
  • Foot pegs have grip tape 
  • Nitrile rubber tip


  • Doesn’t go high

6. Geospace Jumparoo Boing! – Best For Use on Different Terrains

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If your kid is into using a pogo stick to bounce their way around your porch, patio, or anywhere, this is the product for them. It comes designed for kids four and up to use it as long as their weight ranges between 50 and 90 pounds. It’s a good starter option because it features a non-slip grip tape on the foot pegs that helps them stay on. You can use it in any weather on any terrain without a problem, so they can easily move around your home or outside without worrying about falling off. 

This pogo stick is 36-inches tall, and it has a 10-inch handle on it. The foot pegs are four-inches long, so this gives you plenty of room to stand and get a good grip. You can choose from two colors to fit your preferences, and it’s available in a medium or large size that you can tailor to suit your needs. The foam grip won’t cause blisters with extended play sessions, and the foot is a tiny bit wider at the base to give you more support when you’re first learning how to use it. 


  • Non-slip grip tape
  • Foam handle
  • Two colors available 
  • Wider base tip 
  • Use on any terrain 
  • Two sizes available 
  • Less rigid spring


  • Can’t use if you’re over 90 pounds

7. Razor Gogo Pogo Stick – Best For Traveling

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Anyone who needs a pogo stick that they can pack up and travel with should look at this choice by Razor. It comes designed especially for travel. It’ll fold down to a much more manageable size when you’re on the go, and you can slide it into a bag to make it easy to carry with you. It’s made from aluminum, and this makes it both durable and lightweight. The folding footholds and handlebars give it a very compact shape. The handlebars also feature a foam covering for additional comfort, and the footholds are a textured material on them for better grip. 

The fully enclosed spring on this pogo stick will keep the spring protected as you use it to make the product last longer. It also stops the spring from accidentally getting caught on things when you travel or pinching your fingers. This is a very sturdy product for older, more experienced riders. If you’re looking for a pogo stick that both a teen and a child can use, this one will work. It can support a small adult’s weight without a problem, and lighter children can use it.


  • Lightweight aluminum design
  • Enclosed spring
  • Handlebars and footpegs fold 
  • Easy to slide into a bag for travel
  • Teens and kids can use it 
  • Very sturdy design 
  • Low-friction bushings 


  • Spring is too stiff for lighter kids

8. New-Bounce Ultimate Pogo Stick  – Best For Bigger Kids

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This pogo stick is perfect if you have some big kids or adults that want to learn or practice on it as it can safely support up to 160 pounds without a problem. The minimum weight requirement to make it work is 80 pounds, and this makes it great for intermediate or beginner riders, especially when they’re out on your concrete driveway. There is a durable but comfortable silicone grip on this product, and this makes it easy to hold onto the pogo stick without blisters forming from extended use. 

The frame also features padding on it for safety and comfort, and it also adds a stylish element to the pogo stick to keep it looking nice for years to come. The product comes with a specially designed wider stance to it that is much more stable, and this makes it easier to keep your balance. It comes with a satisfaction guarantee attached, so you can easily return it if it doesn’t meet your expectations. It has a metal encased spring with a smaller rubber tip to help improve stability and durability, and the sleek black and silver color scheme looks sharp.


  • Sleek color scheme 
  • Enclosed spring 
  • Silicone padding
  • Larger stance 
  • Holds up to 160 pounds 
  • Stiffer spring 
  • Satisfaction guarantee attached


  • Difficult to contact the company 

9. Kidoozie Foam Unicorn Pogo Jumper – Best For Different Age Ranges

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Do you have a broad spectrum of heights or ages you want to accommodate with a pogo stick? If so, this adjustable unit can be a good choice, and you can adjust it within moments for different riders. There is a cute soft unicorn head with soft handle grips, and the softer foam footrest lets your children get into a comfortable position as they use the pogo stick. It also produces a fun squeaky sound each time your kid lands on it, and this can keep them entertained and coming back for more for days at a time. 

This pogo stick can support children who are up to 250 pounds, and this is more than enough for a lot of adults too. It will give a good bounce, and it has a wider base that can be great for anyone who is just starting pogo sticking. It has a fun color combination with a unique unicorn design that will catch and hold your child’s attention. Also, the handlebars have a unique design that lets you accommodate a bigger height range so all of the kids can play. 


  • Unique unicorn design 
  • Bright colors 
  • Has a wider base on it 
  • Good for beginners
  • Supports up to 250 pounds 
  • Accommodates a great height range 
  • Easy to store 


  • Foam can break relatively easy

10. NSG Pogo Stick – Best For Encouraging Active Lifestyles

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If you’re looking for large group outdoor games that can improve your whole family’s fitness level, get a few of these pogo sticks and have a competition. This product combines modern technology with traditional methods to create a product that is good for aspiring professional-grade athletes and casual jumpers. It has low friction spring technology that lets you reach new heights while sticking precision landings, and it has a hydro-formed steel shell, welded diamond footplates, and an industrial-strength steel spring that will survive heavy use without a problem. 

Even though many people consider a pogo stick a toy for kids, this product comes designed for people aged nine and up. It can help you improve your fitness routine by giving you a fun, low-impact but intense workout. It weighs in at six pounds and it is 42-inches tall, and this makes it very easy to pack up and take with you as you go. It’s heavy enough to help you keep your balance while you use it, and it has molded rubber grips that are comfortable to use for hours at a time. 


  • Molded rubber grip 
  • Weighs in at six pounds
  • Easy to transport 
  • Durable design 
  • Steel shell with steel springs 
  • Slightly taller 
  • Works for a large height range


  • Rubber foot can break away 

The Best Pogo Stick Buyer’s Guide

When you start shopping for your new pogo, you want to make sure you pick out the pogo stick that will suit your kids or whoever is going to use it most. This is extremely important. Say you hosted a sleepover for your kids and they wanted to play, you have to make sure each kid can play without going over the weight limit and straining the toy. This buyer’s guide will ensure you get the best pogo stick available for your family.

Weight and Age

These pogo sticks come with a recommended weight and age limit. The pogo sticks targeted at a higher weight limit or age usually have a stiffer spring that can be difficult for smaller kids to use. Lower age and weight limits mean that the toy could bottom out or break if someone too big got on it. You can usually find regular and junior versions of the best pogo stick available. Consider your kids weight and ages. See if you can find pogo sticks that cover this range without excluding anyone. You may have to buy two pogo sticks if you have a large range between your kids, because many ranges start at 3 and up and go from 50 pounds up to over 200 pounds.

Pogo 2 Age
If you get the correct size and weight range pogo stick for kids, several kids can take turns playing on it at one time.

Build Material

Ideally, whatever pogo sticks you pick out will be a very durable material. Reinforced steel is very popular for the spring and the body. This resists rust and corrosion, and it can also take more wear and tear without wearing out or breaking down. Professional-grade models may come made out of aluminum alloy because this is much more lightweight without sacrificing durability, and this allows the riders to get more air. If you find yourself bottoming out in the spring, you need a stiffer build.


Sooner or later, you’ll have to have someplace to store your toy outside or inside. When this happens, you’ll have to take the toy’s size into consideration. Most are relatively lightweight, so this makes moving the pogo sticks from space to space easy. However, the heights of the best pogo sticks can vary significantly. Double-check your storage area and make sure it can accommodate another toy. Some come with foldable handlebars and feet pegs, and this makes it even more convenient to store the pogo sticks.

Safety Features

No matter how good you are, this can be a more dangerous toy simply by the nature of it. This is why you want to ensure that your choice has as many safety features on it as possible. Look for one that has a non-slip grip on the handlebars, and they should be a good size for your hands. The foot pedals should be wide and have a non-skid coating on them. The spring should be enclosed because this will prevent pinching or scratching. The wider the tip is, the better balance you’ll get when you use the pogo stick as well.

Pogo 3 Safety
Ideally, you take safety precautions when you use this toy like wearing helmets and safety pads, along with making sure it fits.


How much do you have in your budget for this toy? Children’s pogo sticks and pogo sticks for recreational use can start at $20 and go up to over $80. If you’re after a professional-grade option for yourself or your kid, you could easily pay over $100 for it. Before you start shopping for pogo sticks, set a price range. This way, you’ll be able to find something everyone likes without breaking your budget or falling in love with something you simply can’t afford.


Maybe you want someone to use this stick that is slightly taller, or you want to try it out at different heights on different surfaces like artificial grass or concrete. If so, you have to be able to adjust it. Most of the adjustments come from the handle bars of the pogo sticks. You should be able to loosen a screw and move them up or down based on your height requirements.

Parts of a Pogo Stick

Almost every design has seven main parts to it. This makes it easy to use and troubleshoot if something goes wrong. The seven main parts of pogo sticks include:

  1. Air Spring – This isn’t the metal spring, but it’s a small tube that allows air to pass through. You can’t see this spring from the outside of the device because the chassis houses it. If you want to perform long jumps with it, you’ll have to get a model that has height adjustments on the air spring.
  2. Cylinder – The cylinder is the foundation of the toy. The cylinder should feature a lightweight and sturdy material like aluminum. A lot of designs feature pneumatic cylinders. These types of cylinders use compressed air to generate reciprocating motion force. The handles attach to the top part.
  3. Shock Absorber – The shock absorber sits between your device’s slide shaft and the air piston. You can compress this material, and it works to soften your toy’s impact. In turn, you can land comfortably and safely every time you use it.
  4. Air Piston – This piston is directly responsible for how much air makes it into the air spring. The air spring is responsible for giving the down and up movement of the toy when you bounce once the air goes into it.
  5. Traction Pegs  – Also called foot pegs, you’ll find these fixed to the bottom of your stick. This is where you put your feet when you bounce. It usually has a non-skid or an anti-slip coating with a wide design to keep you comfortable.
  6. Grip Tip – This is what you find on the very bottom of the stick that meets the ground. It works to keep you stable when you bounce, and it’s usually a rubber design.
  7. Slide Shaft – This part is what forms the bottom of your stick below the foot pegs. Usually, it’ll be a stainless steel design with a fixed air piston located on the bottom.

Pogo 4 End
The entire family can spend the day outside and have a blast on their new pogo stick if you get the correct sizes. It’s a fun way to exercise while improving balance. 

How to Use Your Pogo Stick

Now that you know all of the parts, we’ll quickly go over how you use it. It can be a little intimidating at first, but you’ll be able to master it in no time with practice. Once you pick out the one that is a good fit, you may want to head to ground that has grass and is firm. Chances are, you’re going to fall a few times. We also recommend a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads.

Stand your stick up in an upright position. Put one foot on the footpeg and slowly press down. This will engage the spring in the inside of your device. When you feel stable, put your other foot on the second footpeg and jump. You should pull the shaft towards you and keep it slightly angled towards you to improve your balance. When you get comfortable bouncing up and down in place, you can try moving. Tilt your stick wherever you want it to go and press down to jump. This can be difficult at first, but you should get the hang of it relatively quickly.

Bottom Line

The best pogo sticks are an excellent tool you can use to get outside, have fun with the best pogo stick, and burn a few calories at the same time. They do have a learning curve associated with them, but you can practice and get good with it. Pogo sticks make excellent gifts, and we’ve given you examples of several quality options for all ages.

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