Best Tree Swing for Your Kids

You most likely have fond memories of spending long summer days out playing in the tree swing. Maybe you want to relive this happy memory, or you want your kids to experience the same joy you did. Whatever the reason, buying a quality tree swing gives you a fantastic way to get your kids outside, enjoying the sunshine, and playing. These swings come in a range of sizes and materials, and this allows you to customize your order to suit your unique needs and preferences. 

Since it can be difficult to find the time to compare multiple products, I’ve done this for you. I’ve looked at dozens of different tree swings and narrowed down the choices to the top 10. Along with these short reviews, there is a buying guide at the end that you can use to find the best tree swing for your needs and wants. You can browse and pick out your new swing to thrill your kids below.

Swing 1 Start
The right swing is the perfect place for your entire family to make fond memories that last a lifetime. With so many options available, choosing just one is the hardest part. They can last for years and survive different weather conditions without a problem.

1. Royal Oak Saucer Tree Swing – Top Pick

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One of the biggest benefits of this giant flying saucer tree swing is that it has very simple instructions for the entire setup process, and it’s large enough to support a host of kids during their sleepovers. This is a swing-style saucer that is over 40-inches across, and it features 900D Oxford fabric with an industrial-strength frame that goes across the entire frame to ensure that there are no weak points. The whole thing can support up to 700 pounds, and it won’t puncture or snag with heavy use, and this allows lots of people to load up at one time without any problems. 


There is also a protective coating on this whole tree swing that helps keep it weather-resistant, so you can leave it out in rain, snow, heat, and humidity without worrying about it breaking down. You get ropes, hanger clips, detachable flags, and a protector included in the purchase, and it comes in 10 different colors that include both solid and patterned designs to make it eye-catching. The installation process is relatively simple and straightforward, and you get a full year warranty from the date of purchase to protect you against part failure. 



  • 900D Oxford fabric 
  • 40-inches across 
  • Holds up to 700 pounds 
  • Protective coating 
  • 10 color options 
  • Year warranty from the date of purchase 
  • Easy and straightforward to install 


  • No raised edges 

2. Trekassy Platform Tree Swing – Step- Up Pick

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When you think of a giant tree swing, you’ll get it with this option from Trekassy. This swing is 32-inches wide by 60-inches long, and it has a rectangular design to it. You’ll get woven 900D Oxford fabric that surrounds a sturdy steel frame. The frame is galvanized, so this means that it can support a large amount of weight up to 660-pounds without any bending or stress points forming. You get two packs of five-foot tree straps and two stainless steel carabiners that can safely support up to 2,000-pounds. 


The hanging ropes for this tree swing are 71-inches long, and they’re 12-millimeters thick. They feature a high-quality webbing with metal rings, and you can easily adjust them from 47 to 71-inches to fit your space. The galvanized frame resists rust and corrosion, and it won’t tarnish with exposure to the elements. The whole tree swing is also resistant to fading or damage due to UV rays, and the seated portion is high-quality textile material that won’t wear out or fade with repeated use. You get step-by-step picture instructions with this swing to make it easy to put together, and it comes with all of the mounting gears and hardware. 



  • Larger rectangular design 
  • 900D Oxford fabric 
  • Supports up to 660-pounds 
  • 71-inch hanging ropes
  • Can adjust the height easily 
  • UV-resistant 
  • Picture instructions included 


  • Not extremely durable

3. BLUE ISLAND Tree Swing – Mid-End Budget Pick

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Blue Island’s tree swing is easy to put together as long as you follow the included directions, The steel frame on this tree swing ensures that this big saucer has enough support to hold several riders at once, and it has 600D Oxford fabric that will stretch around 40-inches across the frame to give you a secure seating area. Also, the interior of this swing goes down a bit, and this gives you more stability when you sit it in, especially smaller kids. There are very strongly woven straps on this swing as well, and there is light padding by the steel frame that allows you to hang your legs over without being uncomfortable. 


You can easily attach this tree swing to your maple trees or to any sturdy trees in your yard that have an open area for your kids to swing in without hitting anything. The bright colors are very inviting, and it comes designed to encourage group play because it can support up to several hundred pounds without breaking. You get a 100% satisfaction guarantee of your money back with no questions asked when you buy it, and it’s easy to store between uses in your garage or garden shed. 



  • Bright colors
  • Padding around the edge
  • Steel frame
  • Easy to put together
  • Strong 600D Oxford fabric 
  • Tightly woven straps 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee 


  • Stitching tends to unravel

4. Flying Squirrel Giant Rope Swing – Bargain Budget Pick

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You get a classic look with a well-balanced design when you choose this tree swing for your kids. It has a very simple design to it, and it comes outfitted with a heavy-duty steel frame that has foam padding surrounding it to make it extra safe for your kids to play on. The seat features a quality material that will prevent your kids from falling through while keeping them comfortable as they play. It also resists major wear and tear to help it last much longer with heavy use. It is 40-inches across, and it can hold up to 200-pounds without a problem. 

This size restriction makes it perfect for a few small children to play on this tree swing it once, or an average-sized adult can take a whirl on it. You can attach it to a tree, or it allows you to attach it to an existing swing set, jungle gym, or playset without any problem.  It’s designed for ages three and up, and you get adjustable ropes that are between 48-inches and 84-inches long. The ropes attach to four metal loops that are attached right to the frame to ensure they don’t break, rust, or corrode if you leave the tree swing outside all year-round. 


  • Simple but classic look 
  • Heavy-duty steel frame 
  • Foam padding on the edge
  • Durable fabric interior 
  • 40-inch across
  • Comes with adjustable rope
  • Can attach it to an existing swing set


  • Parts can loosen with heavy use 

5. Swurfer Surfing Swing – Best For Practicing Balance

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When you have your next family gathering or barbeque, break out this tree swing and see how well your kids can balance on it. It has a very cool design to it, and you can either sit and swing like normal or stand and balance as it moves. The adjustable handles allow you to get them to your preferred height to keep you standing as the swing moves. The wood is maple, and it has a slightly curved design to it that lets you get the best range of motion and stability possible as you play. It’s 33-inches long by 10-inches wide, and it can hold up to 200-pounds without an issue. 


You get 60-feet of braided rope when you order this tree swing, and you can easily adjust it to your preferred height. It’s also mildew and UV-resistant to help prevent it from wearing out or fading, and it can help to tone your legs, arms and work your core muscles. It can also improve hand-eye coordination and balance as you get better on it. It works well for kids ages six and up, and it has a very bright yellow-tinged coloring to it that makes it stand out. 



  • 60-feet of rope 
  • Holds up to 200-pounds 
  • Slightly curved design
  • Encourages hand-eye coordination 
  • Can sit or stand and swing 
  • UV-resistant 
  • Can adjust the handles


  • Can show water damage on the board

6. Swinging Monkey Products Web Chair – Best For Relaxing

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If you’re looking for a tree swing that you can have your kids play on but you can sit on and relax for a few minutes, this is a good pick. Safety is the core feature of this tree swing, and the swing’s curvature is a testament to this. You get a very heavy-duty steel frame with durable nylon webbing that helps the swing last a long time without showing a lot of wear and tear. The seating area of this swing is 35-inches in diameter, and this makes it spacious enough for an adult to grab their favorite entertainment media, sit back, and relax as you gently swing. It works well as an improved seat or as a swing. 


You get a decently quick setup process when you pick out this tree swing, and it comes universally designed to attach to a range of stands, trees, or posts. It adheres to very strict safety standards with quality engineering to ensure it won’t break easily, and you get a one-year warranty from the date of purchase to protect you from part failure. The customer service team is always very responsive, and you can assemble it within minutes of getting it. 



  • Curved design
  • Can sit or swing
  • Heavy-duty nylon webbing
  • Corrosion-resistant steel frame 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Can withstand different environments 
  • Bright colored wrapping around the frame


  • Only holds one person at a time

7. WV WONDER VIEW Tree Swing – Best For Younger Kids

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You can invite a few friends over, fire up the portable pizza oven, chat, and allow the kids to play on this fun tree swing. It’s a very durable pick, and it features very sturdy materials in the build like 900D Oxford polyester fabric in the swing seat that won’t wear out or stretch with repeated use. The seat is also resistant to water, and this allows it to stay outside in different weather conditions without breaking down or showing wear and tear. It’s great if you live in a more humid or wet environment and you don’t necessarily have storage space available when the weather takes a turn. 


This tree swing is 40-inches in diameter, and this is big enough for several different kids to ride on it at one time without running out of room. It has a sturdy steel frame with M9 screws and high-quality PE rope. The reinforced stitching can help reduce tears or rips with heavy use, and it ensures that it won’t start fraying right away. You also get a durable hanging kit with carabiners and straps to make installation quick and easy. You can hang it from a tree, jungle gym, or an existing playset without a problem. 



  • 40-inches in diameter 
  • 900D Oxford fabric 
  • Resists water damage
  • High-quality PE rope 
  • Hanging kit included 
  • Can attach to an existing playset 
  • Bright colors 


  • Cover material can break down 

8. Eastern Jungle Gym Bucket Swing – Best For Toddlers

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Your younger kids can get into the swing of things with this sturdy bucket-style swing. It features a flexible, durable copolymer plastic that will hold up to exposure to the different elements without cracking or fading, and this can make it last much longer. The deep bucket design on this swing comes with a high back on it to give your kid plenty of support as they play. You get 66-inch chains that have a zinc coating on them, and there are also 30-inches of plastisol coating that ensures your kids don’t pinch their fingers as they hold on and swing. 


This tree swing is a nice choice as a transitional swing for younger children or toddlers who can support their own weight but may need a wraparound seat for more security. You can attach it to almost any tree or swing set that is up to nine-feet high, and it comes fully assembled and ready to go out of the box. The zinc and plastic coating on the swing chains make them resistant to rust and corrosion, and this ensures that they last longer. It’s a commercial-quality product that can survive heavy use.



  • Bucket-style swing
  • Can attach to almost any swing set 
  • Higher back 
  • 66-inches of chains
  • Pinch-free plastic coating 
  • Comes fully assembled 
  • Easy to install 


  • Slightly smaller design 

9. M & M Sales Swing N’ Spin – Best For Older Kids

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This Web Riderz tree swing is an interesting addition to the list because it comes with a swing-and-spin set. So, your kid can safely spin in a 360-degree motion while they swing without a problem, and it’s a great choice to go on your playset or in a tree. This spinning motion comes from the Cyclone Swing Spinner that hooks to the top of the swing and connects all of the ropes together using a central point. It gives your kids a smooth ride that they can quickly and easily turn clockwise or counterclockwise without an issue. 


You also get highly-rated materials on this tree swing to ensure that your kids stay safe, and this includes a 5,000-pound carabiner made out of stainless steel, and you also get 10-feet tree straps. The strap is round two-inches wide, and this makes it a safer choice. The powder-coating steel tubing makes up the swing’s body, and you get a UV-resistant polyethylene rope that is slick and resists fraying. The 100% non-stretch polyester webbing makes up the seating area, and it can easily support up to 600-pounds without any problems. In turn, several kids can get on it and go for a ride at one time.



  • 360-degree spinning motion
  • Spins clockwise or counterclockwise 
  • 5,000-pound rated carabiner included 
  • 10-foot tree straps 
  • 100% non-stretch polyester 
  • Supports up to 600-pounds 
  • Multiple kids can play at once


  • Ropes can wear out quickly with heavy use

10. Sorbus Spinner Swing – Best For

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The final tree swing on the list comes from Sorbus. You get the swing, mounting accessories, and instructions to ensure you get it secured correctly and quickly. You get a heavy-duty spider web design on this swing that uses a very thick nylon rope in the seat that is 40-inches in diameter. You get a 220-pound weight capacity, and this is enough for a few smaller kids to get on and play at the same time without worrying about damaging the swing’s frame. The rope seat also is very comfortable, and this allows your kids to play for hours without getting tired. 


The frame on this tree swing comes from a sturdy steel tubing, and it can go up to 45-degrees all around. The top of the frame has sturdy steel rings that connect to your suspension ropes that level up to around 63-inches from the base. Your kids can swing or spin on this tree swing as they play, and you can easily attach it to an existing playground set in your yard. It’ll hang almost anywhere you have a sturdy connection point, and it comes recommended for children five and up. 



  • Connection suspension included
  • Easy to install 
  • 220-pound weight capacity 
  • High-quality materials 
  • 40-inches in diameter
  • Uses thick nylon rope 
  • 45-degree tilt 


  • Foam on the frame can show wear and tear quickly

Tree Swing Buying Guide 

When you start shopping for your new swing, there are several important things to watch for to ensure you get a good fit for your family and lifestyle. This is where this buying guide comes in, and I’ll highlight everything you need to know about buying one so you can shop with confidence. No matter if you plan on upgrading your patio or putting together a play area for your kids, you can’t go wrong with this addition. 


Pay close attention to your swing’s material because this will directly dictate how long it lasts and stands up to wear and tear. Iron or steel are popular for the frame because this is a heavy-duty material that won’t rust or corrode, and it also has a very high strength rating to support more weight. The seat should be a tightly woven fabric that is comfortable and resistant to UV and water damage. Double-check and see what the material rating is before you buy. 

Swing 2 Material
Paying close attention to your swing’s material is one of the most important aspects of shopping. If the material is too flimsy, it presents a danger for anyone who uses it. If it’s too rigid and not comfortable, the swing won’t get a lot of use. You want something that is a nice mix of functional and safe. 

Seat Type 

A lot of the swings I reviewed had a round mesh seat to them that allowed for several people to sit at one time and swing. Take the shape into account and try to match the seat to the number of people you have that will use it. People with more kids will most likely want a larger seat so more kids can play while people with few or no kids can get away with a slightly smaller one. 


Tree swing straps are something you really have to consider when you shop for your new swing because you want it to be safe while looking modern. You can get chains or fabric straps. Contemporary straps usually come made out of polyester with a strong webbing to it, and they have alloy carabiners that can hold between 1,500 and 3000-pounds. If you want a vintage style, you can still go for traditional chains. They come with ¼-inch links or 3/16, and you’ll get reinforced and galvanized designs that make them durable. The smooth finish is for safety. 


Most of the swings in the list are compact enough to slip into your outdoor shed and not take up a lot of room when you want to store them. However, some are slightly bulkier, and this can be a problem if you’re short on space. Check and see how the swing comes apart for storage. This will help narrow down your choices relatively quickly. 


Safety is huge with any type of equipment. The rope has to be sturdy enough to support the swing and riders, and it should be able to be out in different weather conditions without breaking down. The attachment points should be very secure and attach directly to the metal frame. The frame should have some type of padding on it in case someone accidentally bumps into it. Many swings come safety rated. 

Swing 3 Safety
Any swing you pick should be sturdy and safe for large and small kids or adults to sit on and use without fear of it breaking. Pay attention to the attachment points, the materials, and the straps. 


Can you adjust your swing? Unless you know exactly where you’re going to put it and the height of the ropes or chains, you’ll want something you can adjust. If not, you’ll have trouble when it comes time to adjust it to suit your preferred height requirements. At a minimum, you should be able to adjust your swing 10 to 15 inches in either direction, and you should be able to do so without compromising the structural stability of the rope or chains. 

Weight Capacity 

Different tree swing styles can safely hold different amounts of weight. For example, if you have a traditional swing set at the park, it could support upto 800-pounds due to the heavy-duty steel chains. A hanging swing chair you put up in your backyard can usually hold between 300 and 350 pounds. The seat also factors in here because steel chains attached to flat swings can hold between 600 and 750 pounds. If you have rope holding up the swing, this drops to 300 to 400 pounds. 


Your budget will play a role in which swing you buy. Even if you plan to use it with a larger group, you have to set a budget before you shop. This way, you won’t get hooked on a swing that is too much and out of your price range. The swings in the reviews range from around $30 up to over $100. The bigger the swing, the more it costs. However, it may be worth it to spend a little more to get more durable materials or a slightly larger design than you think you’ll actually need. 

Tree Swing Frequently Asked Questions 

Swing 4 End
While your swing doesn’t have to be extremely expensive, you shouldn’t sacrifice quality for price. Since you’re going to be using it a lot, it’s a good idea to pay a little more upfront and get high-quality materials.

  1. How do you tell if a branch is thick enough to support a tree swing?

The branch that holds your tree swing has to be thick enough so it doesn’t break. Generally speaking, you want to attach it to a branch that is at least eight-inches in diameter. The tree should also be in good health without any splits or cracks in the trunk. Avoid any trees with decayed or dead branches. 

  1. How do you attach your tree swing to the tree?

There is more than one way you can attach your tree swing to the tree. You can drill right through your chosen branch  and use carbine clips and eye bolts to secure it. If you’re using carabiners, make sure that the carabiners, and the eyes of your screw or bolt are perpendicular. Others have straps that you can loop around the branches. 

  1. Can you leave your tree swing outside all year-round?

You can leave your tree swing outside all year round, but this may have a negative impact on how long it lasts. Exposure to the elements can cause the materials to break down quicker, and this can shorten the life of your swing. 

 Bottom Line

A tree swing is a wonderful way to get everyone out of the house and have fun. They make excellent relaxation spots, and you can hang most of them indoors and out. My top 10 list with the buying guide ensures you can make an educated decision when it comes to your pick, and you’ll get a product that ticks all of your boxes while being fun and safe. 

Best Tree Swing for Your Kids

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