Best Tree Swing for Your Kids

You most likely have fond memories of spending long summer days out playing in the tree swing. Maybe you want to relive this happy memory, or you want your kids to experience the same joy you did. Whatever the reason, buying a quality tree swing gives you a fantastic way to get your kids outside, enjoying the sunshine, and playing. These swings come in a range of sizes and materials, and this allows you to customize your order to suit your unique needs and preferences. 

Since it can be difficult to find the time to compare multiple products, I’ve done this for you. I’ve looked at dozens of different tree swings and narrowed down the choices to the top 10. Along with these short reviews, there is a buying guide at the end that you can use to find the best tree swing for your needs and wants. You can browse and pick out your new swing to thrill your kids below.

Swing 1 Start
The right swing is the perfect place for your entire family to make fond memories that last a lifetime. With so many options available, choosing just one is the hardest part. They can last for years and survive different weather conditions without a problem.

1. Little Tikes Swing

This tree swing is perfect for your younger children and babies that need a little more support than a traditional swing will give them to keep them safe. The stay-put shoulder straps ensure your child stays firmly put, and it’s the perfect thing to have when your kids have sleepovers and you have to entertain their younger siblings. There are two straps for added security, and the back of the swing gives optimal support to ensure that your child stays comfortable the entire time they use it. As your kid gets a little bigger and doesn’t need the T-bar straps anymore, you can store them out of the way. 

This set doesn’t come with anchors, so it’s best to add it to an existing swing set. This way, you’ll know it’s stable and safe. It’s made in the United States to strict quality control standards, and it’s required to have a maximum fall protection height of seven feet. It secures to your swing set with two durable ropes that loop through the sides of the swing before attaching to your anchor points. 


  •  Double shoulder straps
  • Provides excellent support 
  • Anchors to an existing swing set


  • Slightly narrow design 
  • Has very short attachment ropes
  • Difficult to secure the shoulder straps

2. Climbing Rope Tree Swing

Every time you purchase this tree swing, you participate in the ShareTheMeal program to help end child hunger around the world. This rope climber comes equipped with a circular rubber disc that your kid can stand or sit on to swing. There are also small wooden platforms your kid can use to climb up the rope as they play. Using this swing is a great way for your kid to develop their core and muscle strength. The disc is 12-inches in diameter, and it can safely hold up to 120 pounds. It has a very thick braided rope that is gentle on your kid’s hands, and it won’t cause rope burn or other issues when your kids hang on it. You get a 6.6-foot climbing rope for your kids to enjoy when you purchase this product. 

This tree swing allows you to quickly adjust the rope length by tugging on the rope inside the disc. You can shorten it up 4.3-feet. There is a 4.2-foot tree strap you can use to secure it to the tree and make it slightly longer. This is a very durable tree swing that will last for years, and it’s strong enough to survive weather conditions like high humidity, snow, or dry and arid environments. It won’t fray, crack, or become unsafe for your kids to play on for years. 


  • Easy to adjust the swing height
  • Can safely support up to 120 pounds
  • Allows your kids to climb 


  • Steps are slightly too far apart
  • Leans to one side
  • Can be difficult to get on and off

3. Spider Web Tree Swing Net 

Your kids can sit or stand on this tree swing, and it can easily support up to 660 pounds without an issue. The webbing gives your kid an awesome nest to strand on and support them, and it comes with an extra large frame that is made out of sturdy steel that won’t rust or corrode. There is a layer of padding over the steel frame that protects your kid if they accidentally fall on it, and it’s large enough for several kids to play on it at one time. The rope is a durable polypropylene material that helps build core strength for your kid, and it attaches secure to any tree you have in your yard like a maple tree

You can hang this tree swing in minutes either in a tree or attach it to an existing swing set. It’s easy to install and maintain, and it’s compact enough to make storage easy. It promotes teamwork and social skills because multiple kids can play at the same time. It has a weather-resistant design that ensures it won’t break down, wear, or crack with moisture, cold temperatures, humidity, or hot weather. The sleek black coloring fits into any decor without a problem, and you get all of the mounting hardware you need when you buy it. 


  • Holds up to 660 pounds safely 
  • Won’t rust or corrode
  • Has a larger netted center with a steel frame


  • Challenging to put together 
  • Screws are very short 
  • Rope can be rough 

4. PACEARTH Swing Seat

Perfect for residential use, this tree swing works well for adults and children, and you can easily hang it from a beam or tree limb. The weight capacity of this swing set reaches 660 pounds, and this makes it easier for bigger kids and adults to sit on it and enjoy it. You get chainlinks to attach it to your tree or beam, and each one is 68.9 inches long. You can easily adjust the swing to suit your height requirements, and there are hanging straps included to give you a secure attachment point to keep everyone safe. The chains have a zinc plating on them that makes them more durable and comfortable to grip. 

The plastic coating helps to repel rust and corrosion to ensure that the tree swing lasts longer. Each swing passes the pull test before shipping, and it meets ASTM standards for safety. The seat is a thicker EVA plastic that will mold to your body and help you feel comfortable. It is resistant to chemicals, breaking, wear, tear, and cracking. It has a bright red coloring with a non-slip design, and this coating also makes it easy to wipe clean when it gets dirty. 


  • Non-slip coating
  • Comes with additional safety clips
  • Holds up to 660 pounds


  • Plastic can wear off the chains
  • Attachment straps are short 
  • Seat can be slightly rigid 

5. WV WONDER VIEW Tree Swing

When you have your next BBQ party and invite all your friends over, you can use this tree swing to help entertain the kids for hours at a time. It uses an extremely strong 900D Oxford polyester, and this is very durable and resistant to wear and tear. It’s 40-inches in diameter, and this gives your kids more than enough room for multiple people to play at the same time. There is a hanging kit included with adjustable ropes that you can install in minutes. You can hang it from an existing swing set, treehouse, limb, beam, jungle gym, or pergola. The steel frame has foam padding. 

The netting in the middle of this tree swing resists rays from the sun and it’s waterproof. The attachment points screw right into the steel frame to ensure they don’t accidentally slip out or break, and you can easily adjust the length to make it higher or lower as you need. If you need to take it down or move it for the season, it’s very easy to store it due to the flat design. Anyone who needs longer attachment straps can purchase them from the same manufacturer. 


  • Has a larger size
  • Easy to adjust the height 
  • Steel frame with durable attachment points


  • May slide down from your selected height
  • Foam is slightly thinner
  • Material in the middle tends to bend

6. Giant Flying Saucer Hammock

If you’re looking for something fun the entire family can do, look no further than this tree swing. It has an elongated design that can hold up to 600 pounds. It’s very easy to put up and take down, and each purchase will help support a child by feeding them for a day through the ShareTheMeal program. It works well for both large and small kids, and it uses a foam-covered steel frame to make this a safe choice. The foam handles give your kids an excellent grip to ensure they don’t fall, and there is a reinforced stitching on the seat that ensures it doesn’t tear or fray with heavy use. 

This tree swing comes with simple instructions that detail the installation process step by step, and you get the complete hanging kit included when you buy the swing. Each swing receives excellent attention to detail and rigorous safety testing before it goes out. There is a satisfaction guarantee on this product, and they’ll give you a full refund if you’re not happy with your purchase. The bright colors are nice and eye-catching, and customer service is very responsive. 


  • Holds up to 600 pounds
  • Has an elongated design for more people
  • Precise attention to detail 


  • Putting the foam on is difficult
  • Instructions are vague 
  • Difficult to contact customer service 

7. Jungle Gym Kingdom Tree Swing

You can break out the portable pizza oven, invite friends over, and have a fun time on this rope tree swing. This is a disc-style swing that has three-inch leg protectors with four-inch platforms that attach to a strong climbing rope. The rope is durable while being soft on the hands, and this can help prevent rope burn while your kids build their core strength. It’s a climber and swing combination that encourages your kids to get outside, play, use their imaginations, and socialize. It encourages coordination and balance skills, and this can help build up your kid’s confidence levels. 

You can easily adjust the rope length on this tree swing by slipping it through the disk and tying a secure knot. If the rope is too short, the adjustable attachment straps can give you up to four additional feet of room. This product comes designed for residential use, and children aged three and up can use it. There is a 150 pound weight limit on this tree swing, and this is slightly lower than other options on the list. You get an eBook installation manual, the attachment kit, and the swing when you buy it. 


  • Available in several different colors
  • Easy to adjust higher and lower
  • Lets your kids swing and climb


  • Only goes up to 150 pounds 
  • Can retain water 
  • Rope can fray with hard use

8. Y-STOP Hammock Chair Macrame Swing

This is a comfortable but durable tree swing that can withstand weights up to 320 pounds at one time without breaking. It’s large enough to stretch out, swing, relax, and enjoy a lazy afternoon. The company uses 100% cotton that comes hand-woven to a very sturdy frame that ensures it doesn’t tear, wear out, or fray with heavy usage. The cotton makes this a lightweight chair that is easy to move, and it’s suitable for both kids and adults to use. This is a nice bohemian-chic interlacing pattern that looks stylish, and there are elegant draping tassels hanging down the front and back of it. 

The arched backrest on this chair makes it very comfortable to sit in for extended time, and you can easily hang it on your patio, terrace, balcony, outside, inside, and more without a problem. Four ropes and a durable S-hook make this a very sturdy choice that won’t fall, and it comes with everything you need to hang it as soon as you get it. The white coloring fits into any decor and has a timeless look. 


  • Has a slightly wider seat
  • Comes with an arched backrest 
  • For use indoors and out


  • Can’t adjust the height 
  • Not sturdy enough for larger people
  • No mounting hardware included 

9. Trekassy Saucer Tree Swing

If you have a playground set you want to add too, try this tree swing by Trekassy. It is 40-inches in diameter, and it has a large steel frame that resists bending, rust, and corrosion. The interior where you sit is a tight weave textliene fabric that can fit two adults or three kids at once comfortably. Combined, it can support over 700 pounds, and this makes it a great choice for people who have more than one kid because it can hold both of them. There is a two pack of 10-foot tree straps with two stainless steel carabiners included in each order, and the tree straps have a rating of 2,000 pounds. 

The seat of this tree swing resists damage from UV rays, wear, tear, and it won’t fade with repeated sunlight exposure. There are 71-inch long ropes included that you use to attach it to the tree, and they’re made out of PE webbing with metal rings that allow them to securely fasten. You can adjust the length of the ropes from 47 inches to 71 inches. The step-by-step instructions make it easy for you to set up this tree swing when you get it, and it’s easy to take down to store. 


  • Available in a few color options
  • Large enough for multiple kids and adults
  • Resists UV damage 


  • Difficult to tighten the nuts
  • Instructions aren’t very clear 
  • Can tear with rough use 

10. Juegoal Saucer Tree Swing

This tree swing by Juegoal is 40-inches in diameter, and this size allows multiple people to enjoy it at the same time. Your kids can lay back, relax, and watch the clouds pass by. It features 900D Oxford fabric that has two times the UV resistance to prevent weakening and fading. The iron pipe that surrounds the swing is durable, and it resists corrosion and rust with exposure to humid environments, rain, or snow. The PE rope allows you to attach this tree swing to any sturdy tree and let your kids play. It will support up to 440 pounds, and you screw the handles on to ensure they stay in place. 

The saucer detaches when you’re ready to store this tree swing, but you should make a point to routinely check the tightness and fix them as needed because they can work loose. It uses fun and bright colors to make it an attractive choice and you can quickly adjust the height of the frame if you need too. You get all of the mounting hardware you need in each purchase, and the iron frame comes with foam padding to make it safe for your kids to play with. 


  • Has four sturdy attachment points
  • Uses bright colors 
  • Holds up to 440 pounds


  • Foam is difficult to attach to the frame
  • Rope is thin 
  • Fabric is very thin and flimsy 

Tree Swing Buying Guide 

When you start shopping for your new swing, there are several important things to watch for to ensure you get a good fit for your family and lifestyle. This is where this buying guide comes in, and I’ll highlight everything you need to know about buying one so you can shop with confidence. No matter if you plan on upgrading your patio or putting together a play area for your kids, you can’t go wrong with this addition. 


Pay close attention to your swing’s material because this will directly dictate how long it lasts and stands up to wear and tear. Iron or steel are popular for the frame because this is a heavy-duty material that won’t rust or corrode, and it also has a very high strength rating to support more weight. The seat should be a tightly woven fabric that is comfortable and resistant to UV and water damage. Double-check and see what the material rating is before you buy. 

Swing 2 Material
Paying close attention to your swing’s material is one of the most important aspects of shopping. If the material is too flimsy, it presents a danger for anyone who uses it. If it’s too rigid and not comfortable, the swing won’t get a lot of use. You want something that is a nice mix of functional and safe. 

Seat Type 

A lot of the swings I reviewed had a round mesh seat to them that allowed for several people to sit at one time and swing. Take the shape into account and try to match the seat to the number of people you have that will use it. People with more kids will most likely want a larger seat so more kids can play while people with few or no kids can get away with a slightly smaller one. 


Most of the swings in the list are compact enough to slip into your outdoor shed and not take up a lot of room when you want to store them. However, some are slightly bulkier, and this can be a problem if you’re short on space. Check and see how the swing comes apart for storage. This will help narrow down your choices relatively quickly. 


Safety is huge with any type of equipment. The rope has to be sturdy enough to support the swing and riders, and it should be able to be out in different weather conditions without breaking down. The attachment points should be very secure and attach directly to the metal frame. The frame should have some type of padding on it in case someone accidentally bumps into it. Many swings come safety rated. 

Swing 3 Safety
Any swing you pick should be sturdy and safe for large and small kids or adults to sit on and use without fear of it breaking. Pay attention to the attachment points, the materials, and the straps. 


Can you adjust your swing? Unless you know exactly where you’re going to put it and the height of the ropes or chains, you’ll want something you can adjust. If not, you’ll have trouble when it comes time to adjust it to suit your preferred height requirements. At a minimum, you should be able to adjust your swing 10 to 15 inches in either direction, and you should be able to do so without compromising the structural stability of the rope or chains. 


Your budget will play a role in which swing you buy. Even if you plan to use it with a larger group, you have to set a budget before you shop. This way, you won’t get hooked on a swing that is too much and out of your price range. The swings in the reviews range from around $30 up to over $100. The bigger the swing, the more it costs. However, it may be worth it to spend a little more to get more durable materials or a slightly larger design than you think you’ll actually need. 

Swing 4 End
While your swing doesn’t have to be extremely expensive, you shouldn’t sacrifice quality for price. Since you’re going to be using it a lot, it’s a good idea to pay a little more upfront and get high-quality materials.

 Bottom Line

A tree swing is a wonderful way to get everyone out of the house and have fun. They make excellent relaxation spots, and you can hang most of them indoors and out. My top 10 list with the buying guide ensures you can make an educated decision when it comes to your pick, and you’ll get a product that ticks all of your boxes while being fun and safe. 

Best Tree Swing for Your Kids